How to Search

Greetings and welcome to the TIST Newsletter Search! Here you can easily search all TIST Newsletters in any language.

Here is how to use the search:

1) Insert your search terms in the Search box and click/tap the green "Search" button.

You can use this search for any of the languages TIST Newsletters are published in, so if you want resources in Kiswahili put your search terms in Kiswahili. If you want English results, search in English, etc for all available languages newsletters are published in.

2) You will receive search results that include the terms you search for along with some text around it to show the context the search terms are found in.

3) When you see something you want to look at, click on the big green link above the text to view the full text of the newsletter.

4) Once you are on the full newsletter page, you can access the original PDF of the newsletter at the top of the page in the area labeled "Newsletter PDF (Large File!)".

Please note that these PDFs are large files so if you are on limited bandwidth, it is best to just read the text on the page and not download the entire PDF file.

Note: To make this search as fast and low-bandwidth as possible, we have not included the images in the newsletters when displayed on this website, but you will see them if you click to view the original PDF, just remember these are big files and will use several megabytes of bandwidth.

Tip: If you want to download the newsletter and not just view it in the web browser, right click (desktop) or tap and hold (mobile) the PDF link until you see an option to download it to your device. By downloading it instead of viewing it, you only have to use the bandwidth one time and you can then access the PDF on your device without using further bandwidth.

5) If you require more advanced searching, please follow these guidelines:

  • Search looks for exact, case-insensitive keywords; keywords shorter than 2 letters are ignored.
  • Use upper-case OR to get more results. Example: cat OR dog (content contains either "cat" or "dog").
  • You can use upper-case AND to require all words, but this is the same as the default behavior. Example: cat AND dog (same as cat dog, content must contain both "cat" and "dog").
  • Use quotes to search for a phrase. Example: "the cat eats mice".
  • You can precede keywords by - to exclude them; you must still have at least one "positive" keyword. Example: cat -dog (content must contain cat and cannot contain dog).

6) If you want to search again, you can either insert your new terms directly in the "Search Again" box at the bottom of the page or click the "Search" link in the top menu to start over.

Important: If you want to find content specific to one country, simply add that country name in along with your search term.

Best of luck finding what you are searching for!