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February 2021

InnerWheel Club 

InnerWheel Club members from Adyar and other neighbouring clubs join together each year to do good to the environment and to the farmers through TIST Program. This year too they planted 2,000 trees through TIST farmers. 

On 4th Febraury 2021, group of InnerWheel Club members visited Kilar Village at Kanchipuram District and planted 2,000 different tree species like teak, mahogany, redsanders, vengai, etc.

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Soil improvement 

Trees and plants need good soilconditions if they are to give thegood yield. Try to improve the soilwith a lot of organic matter in theform of compost which helpsdrainage and aeration on hard soilsand preserves moisture in it. Animalmanures, green plant material,compost and mixture of shrub andtree leaves are especially good forimproving soil condition. Tilt the soiland apply these organic materialsand allow it to decay. Do not usematerials which decay very slowly.Never use chemical fertilizers toimprove your soil. The chemicals inthe fertilizers will spoil your soil andduring rainy season the chemicalsflow through drainage to yourneighours land and their land soilwill also get spoiled.

Good yield from fruit trees

1. Trees should be healthy toproduce good quality fruits

2. Keep the trees free from insectsand diseases 

3. Trees need good sunlight toproduce good fruits

4. Give good spacing betweeneach tree for the root system togrow well 

5. Pruning is good, but lot ofpruning will increase uprightgrowth and decrease flowerproduction and reduce yields