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March 2021


Womens Day Celebration 

TIST India Organized Womens Day Celebration in Thiruvallur Disrict. Several women from TIST Small Groups and outside TIST Program too participated in the celebration. 

1. A lecture on Women Rights was organized for the village dwelling women to know about their rights 

2. Fun games were organized for the women to feel free and come out with their great ideas for the improvement of the program 

3. Drawing competition was organized for girl children to display their talents and to encourage them on environment sustainability. 

4. Women participants were honoured for their participation and displaying their talents in drawing competition and fun games.

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Apart from trees and conservative farming what else can be done in your land to get additional income?

One of the best practices is earthworm manure production, poultry farming for egg & meat, duck &other small bird keeping, beekeeping, silkworm production and breeding fish, any of these activitieswhen carried out in your land you will get good income. To follow these activities, you need goodtraining and information. Meet your TIST Coordinator in the Node meetings and ask for requiredtraining to carry out such good activities, they will help you. 

Planting trees is a good practice. Planting useful trees will give you several benefits. The writeup onSapota trees is given in Tamil.