TIST India Newsletter - September 2020

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September 2020 

Few most demanding and profitable farm-based business ideas Dairy farming The demand for milk and milk products is higher always. Small groups can plan to do dairy farming for good profit. Mushroom farming Mushroom farming can give more profit in less time for the small groups. Mushroom farming can be done in less expense and less space. Now a day, the demand for mushroom is increasing. Beekeeping As many people today have become health-conscious, the demand for honey is also increasing and the small groups can plan to start beekeeping. TIST would be happy to provide training on beekeeping. Request your Node/Cluster coordinator for training on the above subjects. All the above three best practices doesn’t need much money, or labour or space, can be practice along with your daily activities. 


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Tiruvannamalai District We, the members of Rajiv Gandhi small group from Pudhupattu village, Chengam Center, Tiruvannamalai District have 8 acres of land, in which, 5 acres we are practicing groundnut, corn, black gram, and paddy. In three acres of land we are practicing redsanders, vengai, mahogany and sandalwood. Presently, we have 950 trees in our grove. We are participating in TIST India Node and Training programs and learning best practices like use of biofertiliser, more yield with less expense, practice intercrops in between the trees, and following the same in our groves. We request other small groups to follow the best practices of using bio-fertilisers to get benefits. TIST tree stipend is of good benefits to us and we thank TIST for this. 

Vellore District We, the members of OmSakthi Small Group of Dhurgam village, Vellore center, Vellore districts have 6,941 trees in our land. Now, during the rainy season, we are using 10 feet ladder to trim side branches upto 10 feet. Once the trees are trimmed to use the sunlight, we are practicing fodder for cattle in between the trees. We are receiving tree stipend from TIST continuously. Also, we are requesting other small group members to use such ladder to grow trees without unwanted branches and when there is no much shade in between the trees other short time crops can be practiced.