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August 2011 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2011 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org English Version Chamener Cluster in Mara TSE: Small Group members in a cluster meeting. What the New Kenya Constitution Says about Environment. Page 2 Strong Cluster: Towards Success Page 3 Time to prepare your shamba for CF Page 4 Reporting cluster activities is an important responsibility for each cluster Page 5 Indigenous trees: What are they, and why are they important? Page 6 Inside: ENGLISH VERSION 2 Article 69, Part 2 of the new Constitution talks about environment and natural resources. Section 1 in this article reads;The State shall— a) Ensure sustainable exploitation, utilization, management and conservation of the environment and natural resources, and ensure the equitable sharing of the accruing benefits. b) Work to achieve and maintain a tree cover of at least ten per cent of the land area of Kenya; c) Protect and enhance intellectual property in, and indigenous knowledge of, biodiversity and the genetic resources of the communities; d) Encourage public participation in the management, protection and conservation of the environment; e) Protect genetic resources and biological diversity; f) Establish systems of environmental impact assessment, environmental audit and monitoring of the environment; g) Eliminate processes and activities that are likely to endanger the environment; and h) Utilize the environment and natural resources for the benefit of the people of Kenya. i) (2) Every person has a duty to cooperate with State organs and other persons to protect and conserve the environment and ensure ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources. Article 70 talks about enforcement of environmental rights and states; 

1. If a person alleges that a right to a clean and healthy environment recognised and protected under Article 42 has been, is being or is likely to be, denied, violated, infringed or threatened, the person may apply to a court for redress in addition to any other legal remedies that are available in respect to the same matter. 2. On application under clause (1), the court may What the New Kenya Constitution Says about Environment. make any order, or give any directions, it considers appropriate–– a. To prevent, stop or discontinue any act or omission that is harmful to the environment; b. To compel any public officer to take measures to prevent or discontinue any act or omission that is harmful to the environment; or c. To provide compensation for any victim of a violation of the right to a clean and healthy environment. 3. For the purposes of this Article, an applicant does not have to demonstrate that any person has incurred loss or suffered injury. Article 42 says that every person has the right to a clean and healthy environment, which includes the right; a) To have the environment protected for the benefit of present and future generations through legislative and other measures, b) Particularly those contemplated in Article 69; and to have obligations relating to the environment fulfilled under Article 70. Section 71 talks about agreements relating to natural resources and states 1. A transaction is subject to ratification by Parliament if it–– a. Involves the grant of a right or concession by or on behalf of any person, including the national government, to another person for the exploitation of any natural resource of Kenya; and b. is entered into on or after the effective date. 2. Parliament shall enact legislation providing for the classes of transactions subject to ratification under clause (1). ENGLISH VERSION 3 This article discusses the benefits of a well organized and strong cluster. It begins by sharing what a strong Cluster should look like. A strong cluster:

 o Has 30 to 50 active Small Groups (300-400 farmers) o Practices rotating leadership and servant leadership o Meets regularly every month, and meeting is well attended by Small Groups’ representatives. o Has land to plant at least 200,000 trees, and has Small Groups actively planting and caring for their trees. o Should have one or more members who assist Quantifiers actively to monitor each Small Group’s results. o Should have active trainers who share good, accurate, useful information at cluster meetings and on shambas. Additionally, a strong cluster should ensure: ü Small Groups are well quantified in a transparent, accurate manner annually. ü Small Groups receive their trees payments transparently quarterly. ü Each of the Small Groups meets weekly and practices rotational and servant leadership ü Each of the Small Groups receives Mazingira Bora newsletter every month. ü Small Groups receive training and they are voluntarily practicing, sharing best practices such as Conservation Farming, energy efficient jikos, soil erosion control measures, among others. Advantages of being a cluster. When a Small Group is in a Cluster, they have many benefits: § It is easy to come for regular Cluster Meetings § It is safe and convenient to get paid § You can schedule quantification § It is easy to learn Best Practices like Conservation Farming § It is convenient to get the Mazingira Bora each month § It is easy to participate in new TIST opportunities like improved stove jikos. Starting soon, there will be even more opportunities, including taking part in saving and lending communities. Based on the discussions at TIST Seminars over the last three years, it has been determined that each Cluster should have the ability to become self-governing. The Cluster will elect Cluster Representatives who will serve for a few months as the administrative team for that cluster.

 This will mean that many more Small Group participants have the opportunity to attend TIST Seminars for leadership training, for developing new Best Practices, and for continuing to help organize for TIST success. There will also be Trainers, Quantifiers, stove jiko experts, indigenous tree experts and many more opportunities for TIST Participants to develop and use their gifts. Some clusters near forest areas will become Community Forest Associations. Many clusters will start to develop their own businesses and create opportunities for further sustainable economic development. Many Clusters will start doing intensive work along rivers and streams to stop erosion, and to plant indigenous grasses, trees, and shrubs. Cluster Leadership: How it Works Clusters throughout Kenya have been holding elections for cluster representatives. Each cluster has a team of three volunteer servant leaders elected from Small Group members: a leader, coleader and an accountability person. These representatives help the cluster to grow, improve, and succeed. The Cluster leadership is rotational.The first three will serve their term and then the leader will step out. The co-leader will become the leader. 

The accountability person will become the co-leader. A new accountability person will be elected by the Cluster from Small Group members and trained by the new co-leader to take this opportunity. The cluster leader may stand for election as the accountability person after ‘sitting out’ for one 4 month period. The new accountability person should be elected from Small Group members in the cluster. They should be a Small Group member, Strong Cluster: Towards Success ENGLISH VERSION 4 be able to learn to use the Palm for reporting and accountability, and willing to rotate into co-leader and leader roles. Roles of a leader 1. Should be a servant to the whole cluster and exemplify TIST Values. 2. Leads/facilitates cluster activities: coordinates cluster meeting, quantification and training schedules with other servant leaders. 3. Helps bring and send important information to TIST Leadership Council. 4. Motivates Groups to achieve big results, including planting trees and practicing CF.

 Roles of a co-leader 1. Takes over when the leader is not there. A The Country and the region are currently facing drought and famine. Many farmers think that a solution to this re-current problem would be to practice CF. TIST Small Group members who have in the past practiced CF have testified that it does better than traditional farming especially when the rain is scarce. The holes help catch whatever rain falls and make it available to the crop. This article will help you understand better how to practice kilimo hai. Making sure you follow you do it in the right way for better yields this coming season. Preparing the land. Prepare your land at least 1 month before the rains. § Clear your plot of weeds and bushes. Do not plough. § Prepare your holes oblong (rectangle) shape. They should each be 15 cm wide, 35 cm long and 15 cm deep. Space holes at least 75 cm apart. § Take some manure and good topsoil and mix it together, or use compost manure. Fill the hole with the mixture up to 5 cm below the surface. Planting. § When you plant the maize seeds (1 -2 days before rains start), plant 4 seeds in the soil across the hole. § If you are planting sorghum, plant 5-6 seeds at each end of the planting hole after a good shower of rain. § Cover the seeds with 2.5 cm of the rich soil and manure mixture. After this the soil in the hole should be about 2.5 cm below the surface of the field. § The space at the top of the hole enables water to get to the plants when the rains come. 

• You do not need to use chemical fertilizer on the Conservation Farming plot. Your crops will still do better without chemical fertilizer, if you put enough manure. Weeding. § Weed around the holes regularly § Do not weed the entire plot completely. Just weed in and near the holes. Use a panga to clear weeds between the lines or spaces from one hole to the other. Make sure your plot is free from weeds all the time. § Leave the weed residue in the plot to rot.This will help add soil fertility. Post -harvest practices. § Do not burn off the remains on the plot. Leave the residue on the ground so that they make the soil more fertile. Crop remainders can also be used for compost manure. § Do not graze cattle in the plot. Please remember, we will be glad to celebrate your successful harvest through this newsletter as well during your cluster meeting. Start working now! Time to prepare your shamba for CF co-leader is to serve both the cluster members and the cluster leader 2. Helps the leader to consolidate the ideas in the cluster members Roles of the accountability person 1. Keeps an account of the meetings and the expenses. 2. Keeps the cluster records and reports on cluster meetings using the Palm or sending them via SMS. 3. Needs to know how to use the Palm so that he can be able to enter the cluster expenses and budget and access information about the Cluster. Small Group members, including quantifiers and trainers, can be elected to cluster leadership. ENGLISH VERSION 5 In TIST, each cluster needs to report every month on cluster meetings and cluster accounting. Cluster accountability people are responsible for sending accurate, honest information from their cluster. They may send these reports using forms on the Palm, or, if a Palm is not available, by using SMS messages from any cell phone. Here’s how to complete and send Cluster Meeting and Cluster Accounting Forms using SMS messages: Reporting cluster activities is an important responsibility for each cluster Cluster Meeting Record SMS

 • The “Cluster Meeting Record” SMS report is used to communicate with the TIST program the activities at your monthly cluster meeting. If you have a working Palm, complete the full Cluster Meeting Record Form. 

• Complete this report after every monthly cluster meeting and send your SMS to 0770353252. Report every monthly cluster meeting! 

• To begin each Cluster Meeting Record, type two hash marks followed by the word “MEET.” Then type a star and your cluster name. 

• Example: ##MEET*Sweet water 

• Make sure you use the name and other information from YOUR OWN CLUSTER! 

• Then continue to answer the following questions, each starting with a question ID letter(s) and separated by a star. Follow the example message using information from your own cluster! 

• D: Date of cluster meeting? 

• DN: Date of next cluster meeting? 

• SG: Number of TIST SGs present? 

• F: Number of female SG members present?

 • M: Number of male SG members present? 

• R: Number of cluster representatives present? 

• Q: Number of quantifiers present? 

• T: Number of trainers present? 

• TR: What topics did TIST trainers or staff train on in this meeting? (NOTE: Separate multiple answers with a period, ex: 3.5.7) 1. What is TIST, 2. TIST eligibility, 3. TIST values, 4. GHG contract, 5. Nursery development, 6. CF, 7. Improved stoves, 8. Tree species / indigenous trees, 9. Riparian buffers, 10. Erosion 11. HIV/AIDS, 12. Developing best practices, 13. Other 

• MB: How many newsletters were distributed? 

• FT: What trainings have cluster members requested for the future (NOTE: Separate multiple answers with a period, ex: 3.5.7) 

• P: Was this a SG payment meeting?

 • End the report with two more hash marks. Example SMS for Cluster Meeting report ##MEET*Kutete*D16.06.11*DN14.07.11*SG34*F61*M47*R3*Q1*T4*TR2.7.4*MB65*FT2.5*Pyes## Cluster Accounting Report SMS

 • The “Cluster Accounting Record SMS” is used to communicate with the TIST Program how your cluster is using its budget to support TIST activities. If your Palm is working, please complete the full cluster accounting Form on the Palm. If not, complete this report using any mobile phone every month after your cluster meeting.

 • Send your SMS to 0770353252. 

• To begin each Cluster Accounting Report, type in two hash marks followed by the word, “ACNT” followed by a star and then your cluster name.

 • Example: ## ACNT*Gitume

 • Remember, use the name and accurate, honest information FOR YOUR OWN CLUSTER.

 • Then continue to answer the following questions, each starting with question ID letter(s) and separated by a star. 

• D: Month and Year of Report? 

• R: Budget Received this Month?

 • B: Current account balance?

 • A:Airtime Expenses Amount?

 • F: Bank/MPESA Fees Amount? 

• BO: Bonuses Paid Amount?

 • O: Other Expenses Amount?

 • Q: Quantifier Incentive Amount? 

• T: Trainer Payment Amount?

 • TR: Travel Reimbursement Amount? 

• BOOK: Recorded in cluster account book? Yes/No 

• N: Is there a new accountability person? Yes/No 

• M: If there is a new accountability person, what is their mobile number? 

• End the report by typing two more hash marks. Example SMS Cluster Accounting report: To: 0770353252 Message:


 • If you have questions on SMS reporting, please call Naman Karani at 0729293352. 

• Remember, when you share information, you help your cluster and all of TIST get better and better! ENGLISH VERSION 6 Farmers in TIST plant hundreds of species of trees, including fruit and nut trees, trees for fodder, trees that improve soil fertility, and species that can be harvested for timber. More and more farmers are choosing to plant indigenous tree species for their many benefits. What is an indigenous tree? An indigenous, or native, tree, is well adapted to an area because it has grown and reproduced naturally there over a long period. Not all species that are familiar to us are indigenous. Many have been introduced by people from areas far away. There are over 800 species of trees that are indigenous to Kenya. Why are indigenous trees important? Because indigenous trees have evolved with the local environment, animals, plants, and other organisms around them, they are well suited to the area. Often, this means that they can grow well without expensive additional inputs like pesticides or fertilizers. They often require less maintenance than exotic, introduced species. They diversify our farms, so that risks of pest outbreaks can be lower. They provide habitat and food for wildlife and diverse benefits for us from their fruits, timber, Indigenous trees: What are they, and why are they important? leaves, and traditional medicine. Introduced, or exotic species, can provide many benefits, but some can become weedy and crowd out other trees or crops. When we plant indigenous trees on our farms, we are helping protect species that have been useful to our mothers and fathers, to our grandparents, and to the people and wildlife of Kenya for generations. We are still learning about the benefits of the many species around us. When we plant indigenous species, we can help ensure that the trees and their benefits are their for our children. In TIST, we have some additional incentives for planting indigenous tree species. Groups near rivers who follow TIST best practices for riparian areas and plant indigenous trees may qualify to receive an additional incentive through the TIST Riparian Initiative. TIST Small groups near protected forests who plant indigenous trees may be eligible to join CFAs to plant indigenous species and earn carbon income in these forests. Which tree species are indigenous? There are hundreds of indigenous tree species in Kenya, and many introduced species that also provide good benefits. Here are some examples of each: Indigenous trees for Kenya Introduced (exotic) trees in Kenya Cordia Africana Mango, (Mangifera indica) Meru oak, muhuru, (Vitex keniensis) Mexican Green Ash, (Fraxinus berlandieriana) Mugumo, Mirumba, (Ficus thonningii) Casuarina, (Casuarina equisetifolia) Podo, Muthengera (Podocarpus falcatus) Bottle Brush, (Callistemon spp.) Mwiria, (Prunus africana) Gravellia, (Grevillea robusta) Mutoo, mukeu, Dombeya rotundifolia Macadamia, (Macadamia spp.) Murubati, Muuti, (Erythrina abyssinica) Jacaranda, (Jacaranda mimosifolia) Sesibania, 

(Sesbania sesban) Cotton, (Bombax ceiba) Muuuku (Terminalia brownii) Orange, (Citrus sinensis) Mikongoro, (Acacia albida) Pine, (Pinus patula) Mihogoro, (Acacia abyssinica) Wattle tree, (Acacia mearnsii) Try planting some indigenous trees in your shamba today! Look around and see what species grow in the forests near you. Ask your neighbors and cluster members what trees they grow, and which trees in forests provide important benefits for them. If we work together, we can protect this great resource of diverse forests for our children and generations to come. Please call Jeniffer Kithure for information on indigenous trees or the Riparian Initiative at 0726319539. Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2011 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org Kimeru Version Chamener Cluster in Mara TSE: Small Group members in a cluster meeting. Uria katiba injeru ikuuga kwegie naria gututhiurukite. Page 2 Cluster irina inya: Kwerekera Uumbani. Page 3 Igita ria kuthuranira muunda jwaku niuntu bwa CF Page 4 Gucokia ripoti ciegie mantu ja cluster ni ngugi ya gitumi mono iria o cluster ibati kurita. Page 5 Miti ya gintwire: Nimbi, naniki iri nabata? Page 6 Inside: KIMERU VERSION 2 Mulango jwa mirongo itantatu na kenda, gicunci kia biiri ndene ya katiba injeru kiriariria naria gututhiurukite na into biria biario kuuma kaumo. Gicunci kia mbele ndene ya mulango juju nijuugite; nthiguru ika—

 • Menyeera ati naria gututhiurukite na into biria biriku kuuma kaumo bitithithitue ni muntu ni bigutumirwa na njira iria bitithira na kumenyeerwa na gukarua 

• Rita ngugi gukinyira na kumenyeera ati gicunci gia ikumi kiri igana kiri nthiguru ya Kenya nigikunikiri ni miti

 • Kumenyeera na kwaramia umenyo mono bwa gintwire mantune jegie gukaraniria kwa imera na nyomoo inyingi na into biria bitiganagirwa ndene ya ntuura

 • Gwikira inya antu babaingi ndene ya kubangira, kumenyeera na gwika naria gututhiurukite bwega 

• Kumenyeera into biria bitiganagirwa ni rurijo na gukaraniria kwa imera na nyomoo 

• Kuthithia mibango ya kumenya witi nambele bwa umenyeeri bwa naria gututhiurukite, utegi ngugi cia naria gututhiurukite na gutegeera mantu jegie naria gututhiurukite

 • Kuthiria mitaratara na mantu jaria jombikia kua anthu ba naria gututhiurukite

 • Gutumira naria gututhiurukite na into biria tuegi kuuma kiumo ta baita kiri antu ba Kenya. • (2) o muntu wonthe nabati kuritaniria nanthiguru ngugi na antu bangi kumenyeera naria gututhiurukite na kumenyeera ati kurina witi mbele bukumenyeera naria gututhiurukite na bugutumira into biria bituuraga o kumwe kaumo Mulango jwa mirongo mugwanja jwarairia kwegia kumenyeera ati mantu jegie naria gututhiurukite nijathingati na nigukumenyeerwa uria gukari;

• Muntu akariija kuuga ati uhuru bwa gukara antu atheru na aria gutituma thiria ya mwili ithuka untu buria buri kiri mulango jwa mirongo inna na ijiri butikuthingatwa kana nibukwenda kugitwa, muntu ou no aandikire koti nikenda ategerwa mantu jau na kinya akaewa mantu Uria katiba injeru ikuuga kwegie naria gututhiurukite. jangi jaria joombikia gutuma untu bou bwa gwatwa uhuru bou butikarike.

 • Woria ndene ya Clause ya mbele, koti no iuge kana ikaejana mantu jaria jakwonwa jabati––

 • Kumenyeera butigakarike, kurungamia na gutigithua gintu kiria kiumba kugitaria naria gututhiurukite; 

• Kua rutha muriti ngugi wa thirikari kujukia matagaria gutigithia kana kurungamia gintu kiria kiumba kugitaria naria gututhiurunkite; kana

 • Kuria muntu uria withirikua agitaritue ni gintu kiria gitumite aatwa uhuru bwa antu atheru na aria mwili jwawe juri thiria

 • Niuntu bwa mulango juju ndene ya katiba, muntu uria ukwandikira koti ti mwanka onanie ati kuri muntu witite hasara kana ugitarite Mulango jwa mirongo inna na ijiri nijugaga ati muntu wonthe nabati gukara antu atheru na aria thiria ya mwiri jwawe itigitarua, iria iri amwe na: 

• Kumenyeerwa kwa naria kumuthiurukite ta baita nandi na kiri rurijo gukurukira kumenyeerwa kwa mantu jaria jari kiri sheria,

 • Mono baria bar indene ya mulango jwa mirongo itantatu na kenda, na kwithirwa babatiri mantune jegie naria gututhiurukite kulingana na mulango jwa mirongo mugwanja. Mulango jwa mirongo mugwanja na imwe niaragia kwegie manetu ja gwitikaniria kwegia into biria birio kuuma kaumo biria bitithithitue ni muntu na nijugaga 

• Ngugi no irungamue ni thirikari kethirwa––

 • Nigwatene na mantu ja kuejana ruutha kana gwitikaniria na kana antu a muntu ungi, amwe na thirikari ya nthiguru, kiri muntu ungi niuntu bwa gutumira gintu kionthe kiria gitithithitue ni muntu kiria kiri Kenya; na 

• Niitonyithitue ntuku iu kana nyuma ya ntuku iria ibati.

 • Bunge ikamenyeera wiki bwa sheria ikinenkanagira biria ibati ngugine na nobarungamie igitene rionthe ndene ya clause ya mbele KIMERU VERSION 3 Aja nitukwariria baita cia cluster ibanganitue bwega na irina inya. Tukaambiria na kugaana uria cluster iri na inya ibati gukara. Cluster irina inya:

 • Irina ikundi bibinini biri moyo kuuma mirongo ithatu gwita itano (arimi magana jathatu gwita magana janna 

• Irina utongeria bwa kithiuruko na utongeria bwa uthumba. 

• Batirimanaga o mweri, na mucemanio ijwijagwa ni arungamiri ba ikundi babaingi 

• Barina muunda jwa kuanda nkuruki ya miti ngiri magana jairi na barina ikundi bibinini biria bikuanda na kumenyeera miti yao

 • Niibati kwithirwa irina mumemba umwe kana nkuruki baria bagatethia atari miti rionthe gutegeera mantu ja o gikundi gikinini 

• Niibati kwithirwa irina aritani bagwita ngugi baria bakugaana mantu jamega, jamma na jaria jagatethia arimi ndene ya micemanio ya cluster na ndene ya miunda Kwongeera, cluster ina inya nibati kumenyeera: 

• Ikundi bibinini nibitariri miti na njira ya weru, na ya mma o mwaka. 

• Ikundi bibinini nibikuriwa mbeca cia miti na weru o mieri ithatu.

 • O gikundi nigigutirimana o kiumia na gutumira utongeria bwa kithiuruko na utongeria bwa uthumba. 

• O gikundi gikinini nigikujukia gatheti ya Mazingira Bora o mweri.

 • Ikundi bibinini nibikuritanwa na guciritira gutumira na kugaana mitire iria miega buru ya kuthithia mantu ja urimi bubwega, mariko ja nkuu inkai, njira cia kunyiyia gukamatwa kwa muthetu amwe na jangi. Baita cia kwithirwa ri ndene ya cluster. Riria gikundi gikinini kiri ndene ya cluster, kirina baita inyingi:

 • Kuri na uuthu gutirimana o mweri niuntu bwa micemanio ya cluster. 

• Ni gukwega na kurina uuthu kuriwa. 

• No bubangire utari miti.

 • Kurina uuthu kuthoma mitire iria miega ja urimi bubwega.

 • Kurina uuthu gukinyirwa ni gatheti ya Mazingira Bora o mweri. 

• Kurina uuthu gutonya mibangone ya TIST Cluster irina inya: Kwerekera Uumbani. imieru ja mariko ja nkuu inkai. Mubango jukambiria rua, gukethirwa kurina twanya tutwingi nkuruki, amwe na ikundi cia gwika na kuejana. Tukithingatagira mantu jaria twariragia ndene ya semina cia TIST ndene ya miaka iu ithatu ithiri, nikumenyekene ati o cluster no mwanka yumbe guciatha. Cluster igatara arungamiri bayo baria bakarita ngugi mieri imikai ja gikundi kiria gigatongeria cluster iu. Bubu ni kuuga amemba bangi babaingi bakona kanya ga gwita semina cia TIST nikenda baritanwa ja atongeria, bathithia njira injega buru cia kuthithia mantu na beeta na mbele gutethia kumbangira uumbani bwa TIST. Gukethirwa kinya kurina aritani, atari miti, amenyi ba mantu ja mariko, ja miti ya gintwire na twanya tungi tutwingi twa arimi ba TIST gwitithia na mbele na gutumira biewa biao. Cluster imwe akui na miitu ikaa CFAs. Cluster inyingi cikaambiria gwitithia na mbele biashara ciao bongwa na barugure twanya tungi twa gutumira naria gututhiurukite na njira iria tukeendelea gwita na mbele. Cluster inyingi ikaambiria kurita ngugi ya inya mono nterene cia nduuji inene na inini na kuanda nyaki, miti na ithaka bia gintwire. Utongeria bwa cluster: Uria bwitaga ngugi Cluster cionthe ndene ya Kenya niciithiritwe cikithithagia ithurano bia arungamiri ba cluster. O cluster iri na gikundi kia aciritiri bathatu ba uthumba baria batarwi kuumani na amemba ba ikundi bibinini: mutongeria, mutetheria wawe na mwiki mantu na mauku ja cluster. Arungamiri baba nibatethagia cluster gukuura, kuthongoma na kuumbana. Utongeria bwa cluster nibwa kithiuruko. Bathatu bambele bakarita ngugi igita riao riu mutongeria akauma utongeriene. Mutetheria wa mutongeria akaa mutongeria. Mwiki ngugi na mauku ja cluster akaa mutetheria wa mutongeria. Mwiki ngugi na mauku ja cluster agatarwa ungi ni cluster kuumania na amemba ba ikundi bibinini na akaritanwa ni mutetheria wa mutongeria ou mweru nikenda omba kujukia kanya kau. Mutongeria wa Cluster no arungame na agatarwa kairi ta mwiki ngugi na mauku ja cluster arikia gukara oome ya utongeria mieri inna. Mwiki ngugi na mauku ja cluster umweru nabati gutarwa kuumania na amemba ba ikundi bibinini ndene ya KIMERU VERSION 4 cluster. No mwanka ethirwe ari mumemba wa gikundi gikinini uria ukomba kuritanika gutumira Palm niuntu bwa gutuma ripoti na kuuga utumiri bwa mbeca cia cluster na ugwitikiria kuthiuruka kua mutetheria wa mutongeria na mutongeria. Mantu jaria mutongeria abati kuthithia 

• Nabati kwithirwa ari nthumba kiri cluster yonthe na agitagira mantu jaria TIST ikiirite

 • Nagutongeria mantu ja cluster: natongagiria kubanga mucamanio jwa cluster, utari miti na moritani uria jakathingatana bari amwe na atongeria bangi ba uthumba.

 • Natethagia kuleta mantu jaria jari na bata kiri atongeria ba TIST ndene ya Kenya 

• Nekagira ikundi bibinini wiru bwa kuthithia mantu jamanene, amwe na kuanda miti na kuanda na urimi bubwega Mantu jaria mutetheria wa mutongeria abati kuthithia

 • Najukagia ngugi ya mutongeria riria ati akui. Nabati kuritira amemba ba cluster ngugi amwe na mutongeria wa cluster.

 • Natethagia mutongeria kugwatithania mathuganio ja amemba bonthe ba cluster Mantu jaria mwiki ngugi na mauku ja cluster abati kuthithia 

• Naandikaga mantu jaria jetaga nambele micemanione na utumiri bwa mbeca..

 • Neekaga rekondi cia cluster na ripoti cia micemanio ya cluster agitumagira Palm na gucituma gukurukira message cia thimu 

• Nabati kumenya gutumira Palm nikenda omba gwikira mantu jegie utumiri na ubangiri bwa mbeca na akinyira mantu jegie cluster. Amemba ba ikundi bibinini, amwe na Atari miti na aritani bomba gutarwa gutongeria cluster. Nthiguru na ntuura iji ciri na ugwati bwa mpara na uumo. Arimi babaingi bathuganagia ati kuthiria thina iji ni gukurukira urimi bubwega. Amemba ba ikundi bibinini bia TIST baria bageretie urimi bubwega au kanyuma nibakujirite ati niburetaga maketha jamaingi nkuruki ya urimi bwa gintwire riria mbura inyii. Marinya nijatethagia kugwata ruuji na kuruleta kiri kimera. Mantu jaja jagagutethia kwelewa nkuruki uria umba kuthithia urimi bubwega. Kumenyeera ati nukuthingata njira iria ibati kenda woona maketha jamega nkuruki ndene ya mbura iu iijite Kuthuranira muunda Thuranira munda jwaku no mweri jumwe mbele ya mbura yambiria.

 • Rita maria na mathaka jonthe muundene. Ukarima

 • Thuranira marinya jaku. Nijabati kwithirwa jarami 15cm, jarei 35cm na kwinama nthii 15cm. Jataranie na nkuruki ya 75cm

 • Jukia mbolea na muthetu jwa iguru jumuthongi na unganie, kana utumire mboleo ya kuthithia. Ujuria kirinya na munganio jou mwanka 5cm nthiguru ya aria muthetu jwa munda naangi juri Kuanda

 • Warikia kuanda mpempe (ntuku imwe kana ijiri mbele ya mbura yambiria), anda mpindi inya kiri muthetu ndene ya o kirinya.

 • Kethira nukuanda muya, anda mpindi ithano gwita ithanthatu o muthiene jwa kirinya ngai injega yarikia kuura.

 • Kunikira mpindi na muthetu jumunoru na mboleo mwanka 2.5cm. Warikia kuthithia bubu, muthetu jukethirwa juri2.5cm nthiguru ya nthigura ya kawaida gutiinji.

 • Kianya kiu kiri iguru nigitethagia ruuji gukinyira imera kwaura.

 • Ti mwanka utumire fertilizer cia kugura muundene jwa urimi bubwega. Imera biaku bikathithia bwega nkuruki bitina fertilizer, kethira ugekira mboleo yakung’ana Gukurira iria

 • Kuurira iria kuthiurukira kirinya o igita

 • Ukarimira munda junthe. Kurira iria akui na marinya. Tuumira kibanga gukurira iria gati gati kalaini na kuuma kirinya gwita kingi. Menyeera ati munda jwaku jutina iria igitene rionthe. 

• Tiga maria muundene joore. Bubu bugatetheria kwongera unoru bwa muunda Mantu ja kuthithia nyuma ya guketha

 • Ukaithia matigari ja imera. Jatige nthiguru nikenda janoria muunda. Matigari ja imera no jatumirwe kinya kuthithia mboleo. 

• Ukarithia ndithia ndene ya muunda jou. Itu ririkana, tukagwirua kugwiranirua iketha nagwe gukurukira kugaana ndene ya gazeti na kinya na cluster yaku.Ambiria kurita ngugi nandi! Igita ria kuthuranira muunda jwaku niuntu bwa CF KIMERU VERSION 5 Gucokia ripoti ciegie mantu ja cluster ni ngugi ya gitumi mono iria o cluster ibati kurita Ndene ya TIST, o cluster nibati gucokia ripoti o mweri yegie micemanio na utumiri mbeca bwa cluster. Akaria ngugi na ripoti cia cluster amwe na mauku nibo babati gutuma ripoti cia umma na mantu jaria jario jongwa kuumania na cluster yao. Nobatume ripoti iji bagitumagira fomu iria cirri kiri Palm na kethirabatina Palm, bagitumagira thimu ciao. Uju niu fomu cia ripoti cia micemanio ya cluster na cia utumiri mbeca cibati kuandikwa na thimu: Ntumwa ya kuandika thimuni kwegia micemanio ya cluster 

• Ripoti ya micemanio ya cluster gukurukira ntumwa ya thimu nitethagia kwaria na ofisi ya TIST kwegia mantu jaria jathithikaga ndene ya mucemanio jwenu jwa cluster jwa o mweri. Kethira burina Palm igwita ngugi, ujuriria fomu yonthe ya micamanio ya cluster 

• Andikeni ripoti iji nyuma ya micemanio yonthe ya cluster na butume ntumwa iu kiri thimu iji 0770353252. Ripoti niandikwe o mucemanio junthe jwa cluster jwarika! 

• Kuambiria rekondi ya mucemanio jwa cluster, andika ## ijiri riu “MEET”. Riu uandike * ithingatitwe ni riitwa ria cluster yaku.

 • Mung’uanano: ##MEET*Sweet water

 • Make sure you use the name and other information from YOUR OWN CLUSTER! 

• Menyeera ati riitwa riria watumira ni ria cluster yaku na mantu jaria waandika kinya jo ni ja CLUSTER YAKU! 

• Then continue to answer the following questions, each starting with a question ID letter(s) and separated by a star. Follow the example message using information from your own cluster! • Riu ita nambele gucokia biuria bibi, o kiuria kiandiki o ou kiandiki aja riu kithingati ni *. Tumira mung’uanano juju indi ugitumagira mantu ja cluster yaku!

 • D: Tariki ya mucemanio jwa cluster? 

• DN: Tariki cia mucemanio jou jungi jwa cluster? 

• SG: Ni ikundi bing’ana biri mucamanione jou jwa cluster? 

• F:Amemba ba ikundi bibinini eekuru ni bang’ana bariku? 

• M:Amemba ba ikundi bibinini akuru ni bang’ana bariku? 

• R:Arungamiri ba cluster ni bang’ana bariku?

 • Q: Ni Atari miti bang’ana bariku? 

• T: Ni aritani bang’ana bariku? 

• TR: Ni moritani jariku aritani ba TIST na atongeria baritanire kwegia mucemanione juju? (Menyeera: athurana maritani jamaingi na alama ya gikomo, mung’uanano: 3.5.7

 • TIST nimbi? 

• Mantu jaria jabati nikenda gikundi gitonya kiri TIST 

• Jaria TIST ikirite 

• Kandarasi ya GHG 

• Kuthithia minanda

 • Urimi bubwega, 

• Mariko jamega nkuruki, 

• Mithemba ya miti na miti ya gintwire, 

• Into bia kumenyeera naria kuthiurukite ruuji,

 • Gukamatwa kwa muthetu 


, • Kuthithia mitire iria miega buru ya kuthithia mantu,

 • Jangi 

• MB: Ni gatheti ing’ana ciaejanirwe? 

• FT: Ni moritani jariku amemba ba cluster boriitie kwija kuritanwa (Menyeera: athurana maritani jamaingi na alama ya gikomo, mung’uanano: 3.5.7 ) P: Ntuku iji niyari ntuku ya kuria mbeca cia miti? 

• Thiria ripoti na alama iji ijiiri ## Mung’uanano jwa ripoti ya mucamanio jwa cluster ##MEET*Kutete*D16.06.11*DN14.07.11*SG34*F61*M47*R3*Q1*T4*TR2.7.4*MB65*FT2.5*Pyes## Ntumwa ya kuandika thimu riria ugutuma ripoti ya utumiri bwa mbeca

 • Ntumwa iji itumagirwa kwaria na atongeria ba TIST kwegia uria cluster yenu igutumira mbeca iria babangirite kugwata mbaru mantu ja TIST. Kethira Palm yenu nigwita ngugi, itu ujuriria fomu yonthe ya utumiri mbeca ndene ya Palm. Kethira tiu, ripotu iji yujurirue ugitumagira thimu o iria ukenda o mweri mucemanio jwenu jwa cluster jwarika

. • Tuma ntumwa iu kiri 0770353252.

 • Kwambiria ripoti ya utumiri mbeca bwa cluster, andika ## ijiri ithingati ni riitwa “ACNT” rithingati ni * riu riitwa riaku ria cluster.

 • Mung’uanano: ## ACNT*Gitume

 • Ririkana gutumira riitwa na mantu ja CLUSTER YAKU jam ma na jaria jario jongwa. 

• Riu wite nambele gucokia biuria bibi, o kiuria kiandiki Ntemwa iu cirri mbele ya kiuria ciathurani na #

 • D: Mweri na Mwaka jwa ripoti 

• R: Mbeca iria ciabangiri mweri juju? 

• B: Mbeca iria itigere cia cluster? 

• A: Mbeca iria itumiri kiri thimu? 

• F: Mbeca iria itumiri kuria M-Pesa na banki? 

• BO: Bonus iria ciriitwe? 

• O: Utumiri bwa mbeca bungi? 

• Q: Mbeca iria citumiri kiri Atari miti? 

• T: Mbeca iria ciriitwe aritani? 

• TR: Mbeca Ijaandiki ndene ya iuku ria cluster? Ii/Ari 

• N:Akuri na mwiki ngugi, mbeca na mauku ja cluster umweru? Ii/Ari 

• M: Kethira numweru, namba yawe ya thimu ni iriku?

 • Thiria ripoti na kuandika ## ijiri o ou Mung’uanano jwa ripoti ya utumiri mbeca cia cluster: Kiri: 0770353252 Ntumwa: ##ACNT*Subuiga*D07.11*R900*B1900*A250*F50*BO200*O100*Q500*T200*TR400*BOOKyes*Nyes*M0704452436## 

• Kethira urina kiuria kwegie gutuma ripoti na ntumwa cia thimu, itu ringira Naman Karani na namba iji 0729293352 

• Rikana, riria wagaana mantu, niutethagia cluster yaku na TIST ikabua nkuruki na nkuruki! KIMERU VERSION 6 Arimi ndene ya TIST nibaandaga Magana ja miti ya mithemba mwanya, amwe na mitunda ya miti ya kandi, miti ya ndithia, miti ya kwongera unoru bwa muunda na mithemba iria yumba gutumirwa kiri waki.Arimi bangi na bangi nibagutaara kuanda miti ya mithemba ya gintwire iria iri na baita inyingi kiribo. Muti jwa gintwire ni juriku? Muti jwa gintwire ni juria jung’anirite buru antune ana niuntu nijuumite jungwa na nijuciarene jungwa ndene ya igita ririraja.Ti mithemba yonthe iria twiji iri ya gintwire. Imwe nireti ni antu kuuma kuraja mono. Kurina nkurukia ya mithemba Magana janana ya miti ya gintwire ndene ya Kenya Niki miti ya gintwire iri na bata? Nontu miti ya gintwire iumite yongwa au ntuurene, amwe na nyomoo, imera na tunyamu tungi akui naju, nithagirwa ing’anirite buru ntuurene iu. Maingi, guku nikuugaati ikomba gukura bwega guti na utumiri bwa into bingi bia goro ta ndawa na Fertilizer . jaria maingi itiendaga kumenyeerwa ta miti iria ya kuletwa ya ome. Miti iji niitumaga miunda yetu igatumirika nkuruki na tung’ianyo tutitonyangaga haraka. Niejanaga antu a gutauranira na irio kiri nyomoo cia kithaka na ikoongera baita cietu kuumania na matunda, mpao, mathangu na ndawa cia gintwire. 

Miti iria iletinithagirwa iri na baita inyini kinya yo indi imwe niumaga kunthe igakara ta iria igatuma miti na imera bingi bitiume Riria tuandaga miti ya gintwire ndene ya miunda yetu, nitugutethia kumenyeera mithemba iria ithiritwe iri baita kiri bababa betu na bamami betu, juju betu na kiri antu na nyomoo cia Kenya ndene ya igita ririnene. Notukuthoma baita cia mithemba imingi iria iri ituthiurukite. Riria twaanda miti ya gintwire nitutethagia kumenyeera ati miti na baita ciayo irio niuntu bwa aana betu Ndene ya TIST, turi na mbeca twongagira miti ya gintwire yaamdwa. Ikundi biria biri nterene cia nduuji na biria bithingataga miitire iria miega buru ya kuthithia mantu ndene ya TIST kiri miunda iria iri nterene cia nduuji na kuanda miti ya gintwire no biumbe kwongerwa mbeca gukurukira mubango juria jwaTIST jwa kumenyeera ntere cia nduuji. Ikundi bibinini bia TIST biria biri akui na miitu iria ikaragua ni thirikari nab aria bakaanda miti ya gintwire boomba gutonya ndene ya CFA nikenda baanda miti ya gintwire naboona mbeca kuumania na kwendia ruugo rwa miitu. Ni miti iriku iri ya gintwire? Kuri na miti ya gintwire Magana jamaingi ndene ya Kenya, na mithemba imingi iria ithagirwa iri na baita injega.Aja ni ming’uanano ya miti iu: Miti ya gintwire: Nimbi, naniki iri nabata? Miti ya gintwire ndene ya Kenya Miti iria ireti Kenya Cordia Africana Mango, (Mangifera indica) Meru oak, muhuru, (Vitex keniensis) Mexican Green Ash, (Fraxinus berlandieriana) Mugumo, Mirumba, (Ficus thonningii) Casuarina, (Casuarina equisetifolia) Podo, Muthengera (Podocarpus falcatus) Bottle Brush, (Callistemon spp.) Mwiria, (Prunus africana) Gravellia, (Grevillea robusta) Mutoo, mukeu, Dombeya rotundifolia Macadamia, (Macadamia spp.) Murubati, Muuti, (Erythrina abyssinica) Jacaranda, (Jacaranda mimosifolia) Sesibania, (Sesbania sesban) Cotton, (Bombax ceiba) Muuuku (Terminalia brownii) Orange, (Citrus sinensis) Mikongoro, (Acacia albida) Pine, (Pinus patula) Mihogoro, (Acacia abyssinica) Wattle tree, (Acacia mearnsii) Geria kuanda miti ya gintwire ndene ya muunda jwaku narua! Tega tega akui nagwe na wone ni mithemba iriku igukura ndene ya miitu iria iri akui nagwe. Uria aturi na amemba ba cluster yaku ni miti iriku ikuraga na ni miti iriku ndene ya miitu iretaga baita kiribo. Twaritaniria ngugi amwe, twomba kumenyeera gintu giki gikinene kia miiitu iri na miti mithemba imingi kiri aana na rurijo rwetu.

 Ringira Jennifer Kithure wenda kumenya mantu jegie miti ya gintwire kana mubango jou jwa ikundi biri birina munda nterene cia nduuji na namba iji 0726319539. Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2011 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org Kikuyu Version Chamener Cluster in Mara TSE: Small Group members in a cluster meeting. Uria katiba njeru irauga uhoro wigii maria maturigiciirie. Page 2 Cluster iri na hinya: Umithio. Page 3 Kahinda ga kuhariria mugunda waku niundu wa Kilimo Hai. Page 4 Kuheana uhoro wa cluster ni wa bata. Page 5 Miti yak i-nduire: nikii? Niya bata niki? Page 6 Inside: KIKUYU VERSION 2 Article 69, Part 2 thiiini wa katiba njeru kiriraririria maria maturigiciirie. Section1 iruuga uu; a) Uthukangia wa mari amturigiciirie na kuhuthira wega maria maturigiciiirie mamrnyrerwo. b) Gukinyiria gichunji gi ikumi hari igana kia miti. c) Kugitira ki-watho miti na umenyo wa ki-nduire. d) Keurehe muingi hamwe hari kumenyerera mititu. e) Kumenyerera indo cia ki-merera. f) Guthondeka mutaratara wa guthima maria maturigiciirie nakumamenyerera. g) Kunina maundu maria mangituaririria guthukangio kwa maria maturigiciirie, na h) Kuhuthira wega maria maturigiciirie. i) O mundu ari na itemi kunyitanira na honge ingi cia thirikari kugitira na kumenyerera maria maturigiciirie. Article 70 iraririria ihooto cia maria matuigiciirie 1. Mundu o wothe angiona ati ihooto cia maria maturigiciirie nicikirukitwo, ikaga kuheanwo na athii igoti-ini na andikithie ciira. 

2. Ungiandikithia ciira kuringana na (1, igoti noritue ciira ta uu a. Kugitira, kurugamia kana kunai undu o wothe muuru na wakunina maria maturigiciirie. Uria katiba njeru irauga uhoro wigii maria maturigiciirie. b. Riathe officer uria urumbuyanagia na maundu macio oe ikinya kurugamia maungdu macio. c. Kuriha mundu ungikorwo ahutitio ni undu ucio. 3. Niundu wa gicunji giki ciira ndwagiriirwo nikwonania kana mundu niathiite hathara kana akagurario. Article 42 irauga ati mundu o wothe ari na kihooto gia kugia na maria maturigiciirie matheru na ihooto ta ici; a) Kugitira maria maturigiciiirie ki-watho niundu wa njiarwa na njiarwa. b) Muno muno ihooto iria ciaririirio thiini wa article69 na kugia na ihooto iria ciritwo thiini wa article 70. Gicunji kia 71 kiraririria uiguithanio ukonainii na natural resources. 1. Marihi o mothe nimaguthuthurio ni bunge angikorwo; a. Kihhooto na uiguithanio wa mundu ka handuini haa mundu ucio kana thirikari niundu wa guthukangia maria maturigiciirie b. Marihwo kahinda karia kagiriire. 2. Bunge ikire watho wa guthurania marihi maria maguthuthurio thiini wa Clause (1). KIKUYU VERSION 3 Gicunji giki kiraririria uhoro wigii mawega ma cluster ihaririirio wega. Na yambagiriria na kumenya uria cluster icio ingi ireka na kihan ata uu; Cluster iri na hinya: o Ikoragwo na ikundi nini 30-50(arimi 300-500) o Makoragwo na utongoria wa guthiururukana na wa kwirutira. o Nimacemanagia o mweri na magakorwo mari oth o Mari na mugunda wa kuhanda miti 200,000, na iri na ikundi nini irahanda miti. o Makorwo na mundu umwe urateithiriria quantifiers hari uari wa miti. o Makorwo na arutani aria maheanaga uhoro wa ma na mukinyaniru micemanio-ini na migundaini. Makiria, cluster iri na hinya yagiriirwo nigutigirira: ü Ikundi nini igatarirwo niti na njira ya utheri na nginyaniru o mwaka. ü Ikundi nini ikamukira marihi maita mana o mwaka. ü Ikuni nini igacemania o kiumia na igakorwo na utungata wa kwirutira. ü Ikundi nini igakinyirwo ni Mazingira Bora o mweri. ü Ikundi nini ikamukira githomo na magakirutithia wira o hamwe na mitaratara ingi ta Kilimo Hai, Riiko ria kuhuthira hinya munini na mangi maingi. Mawega ma gukorwo na cluster. Riria ikundi nini iri thiini wa cluster ikoragwo na mawega ta maya; § Niuhuthu gukorwo na micemanio miingi. § Marihi nimagitire na ma na-ihenya. Cluster iri na hinya: Umithio § No mithondekere muthenya wa gutarirwo miti. § Ni uhuthu guthoma mitatatara ya TIST. § Niukwamukira Mazingira Bora na-ihenya o mweri. Kuringana na maundu maria maririirio thiini wa semina ya TIST gwa kahinda ka miaka itatu, nikwonete ati cluster nociirugamirire. Cluster niciguthura arugamiriri aria magutumika mieri minini. Niguo gutigirira arimi aingi nimathii semina cia TIST cia utongoria na uthii wa-nambere. 

Nigugukorwo na arutani,Atari a miti na ataalamu a jiko na a miti ya kinduire na angi aingi. Cluster iria iri hakuhi na mititu niikuhanda miti mititu-ini, cluster ingi nicikwambiriria biashara ciao. Cluster nyingi nicikwambiriria kugitira njuui na tiiri na kuhanda miti yak i-nduire. Utongoria wa Cluster: uria urutaga wira. Cluster thiini waKenya nimakoretwo magika ithurano. O cluster niikoragwo na erutiri atatu aria mathuritwo kuma ikundi nini: Leader, co-leader na Accountability person.Atongoria aya mateithagiriria hari gukura na kwagirithia maundu. Utongoria wa cluster niwaguthiururukana. Atongoria ambere atatu makurikia ihinda riao namacoke maume, Co-leader atuike Leader na Accountability person atuike co-leader na guthurwo accountability person ungi na athomithio. Mundu wari mutongoria no athurwo ringi gutuika accountability person thutha wa guikara nja mieri itanyihiire 4.Agiriirwo guthurwo kuma ikundi nini cia cluster na makorwo mari a memba aikundi nini na makorwo na uhi=oti wa guthoma uhoro wa mutambo wa palm na etikire kunean autongoria. KIKUYU VERSION 4 Bururi na guku gwitu nigukoretwo na ng’aragu.Arimi nimarona ta kihonia kia maundu maya matuire mecokerete tari urimi wa Kilimo Hai. Ameba a ikundi nini aria marimite urimi uyu nimaugite ati uri na maciaro gukira urimi wa kinduire na muno riria mbura iri nini. Marima nimateithagia kuiga maai. Gicunjio giki nigiguguteithia kutaukwo wega uria ungihuthira urimi uyu. Angikorwo niuraraumirira na ukarima na njira iria yagiriire. Kuhariria mugunda. § Hariria mugunda mweri umwe mbere ya mbura. § Tuguta mahuti na ndukarime. § Hariria marima matari ma githiururi. Maria magiriirwo gukorwo na warii wa 15cm na uraihu wa 35cm na uriku wa 15cm. na utaganu wa 75cm. § Tukania tiiri wa iguru na thumu na wikire irima nginya 5cm. 

Kuhada. § Riria wahanda mbembe(matuku 1-2 mbere ya mbura), handa mbembe inya irimaini. Kahinda ga kuhariria mugunda waku niundu wa Kilimo Hai. § Angikorwo ni muhia urahanda handa mbegu 5- o kona ya irima thutha wa mbura nene. § Humbira mbegu na tiiri na mutukanio wa thumu. Thutha wa uu tiiri thiini wa irima wagiriirwo gukorwo uri 2.5 cm. § Hau hangi nihakunyitirira maai riria mbura yaura. Ndurabatara kuhuthira fertilizer hari urimi uyu.Mimera yaku igukura wega muno ungihuthira thumu. Kurimira. § Rimira irimaini maita maingi § Ndukarimire mugunda wothe. Turuta mauti o hakuhi na irima, huthira ruhiu gutuguta na utigirire gutiri mahuti mugunda. § Tiga mahuti macio mugunda niguo mongerere unoru. Mbere ya kugetha. § Ndugacine mahuti niguo mongerere unoru. § Ndukariithie mahiu migunda-ini, nitugakena gukunguira magetha maku thiini wa ngathiti ino. Ambiriria wira riu! Mawira ma Leader. 1. Agiriirwo nigutungata cluster na maundu ma TIST. 2. Gutongoria na kuhariria maundu ma cluster: kuhariria micemanio na utari wa miti na itomo. 3. Gukinyia uhoro kuri kanju ya utongoria ya TIST. 4. Gwikira hinya ikundi niguo kugia na maciaro mega. Mawira ma co-leader. 1. Kuoya utongoria riria Leader Atari kuo. 2. Kuonganiriria meciria na Leder micemanio-ini. Mawira ma Accountability person. 1. Kuiga mathabu na kwandika maundu ma micemanio. 2. Kuiga rekodi cia cluster akihuthira palm kana gutuma sms. 3. Amenye kuhuthira palm. Amemba a ikundi nini hmamwe na Atari a miti na arutani nomathurwo utongoria-ini wa TIST. KIKUYU VERSION 5 Kuheana uhoro wa cluster ni wa bata. Thiini wa TIST, 

o cluster niyagiriirwo kuheana uhoro wayo o mweri thiini wa micemanio o hamwe na mathabu. Accountability person nagiriirwo gutuma uhoro mukinyaniri na wa kwihokeka. Nomatume kuhitukira palm kana matume SMS na thimu ciao. Uu niguo wagiriirwo gutuma SMS. SMS cia Rekodi cia micemanio.

 • SMS ya :Cluster Meeting Record: ihuthagirwo gikinyia uhoro kuri TIST uria mucemanio ukuhanaga. Angikorwo muri na palm, iyuria fomu .

 • Iyuria fomu ino o thutha wa mweri na utume SMS kuri 0770353252. Tuma o mweri. 

• Kwambiriria andika uu, ##MEET*Sweet Water 

• Andika maritwa ma cluster yaaku.

 • Thii na mbere gucokia ciuria ukiambiriria na namba ya kiuria ugitigithukania na * rumirira cionereria ici.

 • D: muthenya wa mucemanio

 • DN: muthenya wa mucemanio ucio ungi. 

• SG: namba ya aria mauma mucemanio. 

• F: namba ya atumia aria mauma mucemanio 

• M: namba ya athuri aria mauma mucemanio 

• R: namba ya arugamiriria aria mauma mucemanio 

• Q: namba ya Atari a miti aria mauma mucemanio 

• T: namba ya arutani aria mauma mucemanio 

• TR: maundu maria maririirio(tigithukania macokio na gaturumo ex: 3.5.7) 1. TIST ni kii? 2. Guitikirika TIST. 3. Values cia TIST 4. Kandarathi ya GHG 5. Tuta 6. Kilimo Hai 7. Riiko 8. Mithemba ya miti na miti yak i-nduire 9. Risparian buffers 10. Gukuuo gwa tiiri ni maai 11. HIV/AIDS 12. Mitaratara miega 13. Maundu mangi

 • MB: ni ngathiti cigana ciaheanwo 

• FT: ni ithomo iruku arimi marabatara(ugitigithukania na gaturumo)

 • P: uyu uuma mucemanio wa ikundi nini?

 • Rikia rifoti na ## 

• Example SMS for Cluster Meeting report  ##MEET*Kutete*D16.06.11*DN14.07.11*SG34*F61*M47*R3*Q1*T4*TR2.7.4*MB65*FT2.5*Pyes## Rifoti ya mathabu ya cluster. 

• SMS ya “Cluster Accounting Record SMS” ihuthagirwo gukinyiria TIST mathbu ma cluster. • Tuma SMS kuri 0770353252. 

• Ambiriria na kwandika # irumiriirwo ni riitwa ACNT na * na riitwa ria cluster 

• Example: ## ACNT*Gitume 

• Ririkana kuhuthira riitwa riria rio na uhoro mukinyaniru.

• Cokia ciuria ici. 

• D: mweri na mwaka wa rofiti 

• R: mathabu ma mweri icio

 • B: mbeca iria ciri ho; 

• A: Mahuthiro ma thimu 

• F: mbeca cia bengi kana MPESA

 • BO: bonus iria irihitwo

 • O: mahuthiro mangi 

• Q: muigana wa incentives

 • T: marihi ma arutani 

• TR: marihi ma ugendi 

• BOOK: maundu maya mari ibuku-ini? Yes/No. 

• N: kwina accountability person mweru? Yes/ No. 

• M: namba yake ya thimu. 

• Rikia na #

 • Example SMS Cluster Accounting report: 

• To: 0770353252 • Message: ##ACNT*Subuiga*D07.11*R900*B1900*A250*F50*BO200*O100*Q500*T200*TR400*BOOKyes*Nyes*M0704452436##

 • Angikorwo uri na kiuria araniria na Naman Karani na 0729293352.

 • Ririkana riria uraheana uhoro uyu niguo kwagirithia cluster yaanyu! KIKUYU VERSION 6 Arimi a TIST nimahandaga miti miingi hamwe nay a mtunda na irio cia mahiu, miti ya kwongerera unoru tiiri-ini na miti ya mbau. Arimi aingi nimarahanda miti yak i-nduire. Miti yak i-nduire ni iriku? Muti wa ki-nduire ni iria ikuritie gwa kahinda kanene. Ti miti yothe yuikaine ikoragwo iri yak i-nduire, ingi irehetwo ni arimi kuma kundu kungi. Kuri na mithemba ya miti makiria ma 800 ya ki-nduire Kenya. Bata wa miti yak i-nduire nikii? Niundu wa gukura na riera ria kinduire, ohamwe na nyamu niihotaga gukura wega. Uu nikuga noikure wega itakubatara indo ingi ta ndawa cia kunina tutambi. Ndibataraga umenyereri munenena niininaga tutambi. Niiheaga gwa guikara nairio cia nyamu 

o hamwe na matunda na mbau na dawa. Miti ingi noikorwo iri miega no igie na mahuti maingi ihumbire ino ingi. Miti yak i-nduire: nikii? Niya bata niki? Riria twahanda miti yak i-nduire migunda-ini iitunituteithagiriria kugitira miti ingi ikoretwo iri na uteithio kuri aciari aitu. No turathii na mbere na guthoma mawega mamithemba miigi ya miti. Riria ukuhanda miti yak i-nduire notuguteithiririe kuona ati maciaro mariho kkuri ithuii na ciana ciitu. Thiini wa TIST, turi na mawega mangi maingi ma kuhanda miti yak i-nduire. Ikundi iria iri hakuhi na ruui aria marumagirira mutaratara mwega wa risparian na miti yak i-nduire niciitikirikite kwamukira mawega maya thiini wa mutaratara wa Tist Risparian initiative. Ikundi nini cia TIST iria iri hakuhi namititu ncingire thiini wa CFA niguo kuhanda miti yak i-nduire na kugia na marihi kumana na mititu. Ni miti iriku ya ki-nduire? Kuri na miti miingi Kenya na ingi ya guka iri na maciao mega na imwe yoyo ni Indigenous trees for Kenya Introduced (exotic) trees in Kenya Cordia Africana Mango, (Mangifera indica) Meru oak, muhuru, (Vitex keniensis) Mexican Green Ash, (Fraxinus berlandieriana) Mugumo, Mirumba, (Ficus thonningii) Casuarina, (Casuarina equisetifolia) Podo, Muthengera (Podocarpus falcatus) Bottle Brush, (Callistemon spp.) Mwiria, (Prunus africana) Gravellia, (Grevillea robusta) Mutoo, mukeu, Dombeya rotundifolia Macadamia, (Macadamia spp.) Murubati, Muuti, (Erythrina abyssinica) Jacaranda, (Jacaranda mimosifolia) Sesibania, (Sesbania sesban) Cotton, (Bombax ceiba) Muuuku (Terminalia brownii) Orange, (Citrus sinensis) Mikongoro, (Acacia albida) Pine, (Pinus patula) Mihogoro, (Acacia abyssinica) Wattle tree, (Acacia mearnsii) Geria kuhanda miti yak i-nduire mugundai-ini gwaku umuthi! Tatora wone miti iria ingikura mititu-ini iria igukuhiriirie. Uririria miti iria miega na mugunda waku. Tunginyitanira, notugitire mititu niundu wa ciana ciitu na ruciaro ruguka. Niundu wa uhoro makiria araniria na Jeniffer Kithure -0726319539. Published by TIST-Kenya.

 Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2011 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org Kipsigis Version Chamener Cluster in Mara TSE: Small Group members in a cluster meeting. Mwoe ne ngatutiet ne lel nebo Kenya kotiny ge ak Timwek. page 2 Klasta che kimen: Bandab tai nebo borotet. page 3 Kasarta ne kichobei mbaretab minsetab ribsetab ngungunyek page 4 Pcheetab logoiwekab klasta k obo kamanut en klasta agetugul. Page 5 Ketikab gaa:Ne choton ak amune si kobo kamanut? page 6 Inside: KIPSIGIS VERSION 2 En kebebertab 69 komostab 2 nebo ngatutiet ne lel ko ngalalen agobo Timwek ak tugukab timin chebo kamanut. Komosta ne tai en ngatutioni komwae kole; 1. Serikali kowendi – a. Ko ger kole kakiboisien ko mie, kagikenda,kagibangan ak kerib timwek ak tugukab timin che bo kamanut ak ko ger kole kakibcheita komie borotet ne kakinyor kooyob chu. b. Ko bois asi konyor ak korib ketik chebo kebebertab 10 en 100 chebo ketik en emetab Kenya. c. Korib ak kotegis ngomnotetab tuguk ak ngomnotetab keny chebo kororindab emet ak mogornatetab tugukab timwek chebo bororiosiek. d. Kogomit boisietab bororiet en banganet,ribet ak kobois komie timwek. e. Korib borotetab timwek ak kororindab sobetab emet. f. Kogon banganet ne kisibtoi chigiletab emet ak kasibetab ribsetab emet g. Koisto boisionik che imuch kogon wechetab emet;ak h. Kendaetab tugukab timwek ak tugukab kamonut chebo timin si ko torret bikab Kenya. 2. Chito age tugul kotinyei boisiet ko gon gei kotoretge ak kebeberwekab serikali ak bik alak en ribsetab timwek ak koger kakiboisien komie asi kotoret bik ak en boisietab tugukab timin. Kebebertab 70 ko naglale agobo ngatutikab ribetab emet ak serikali; 

1. Ngot komwa chi kole kakireben imandanyin ne bo timwek che tililen ak che kororon che igochin ak koribe ngatutiet en kebebertab 42,ko wendi komuch keyeten anan kengem ana kebar,chichoton komuch kwo kotini konyor toretetab ngatutik che imuch komi kotiengei ak niton. 2. Yon kakosom en ngatutiet ne tai,komuch kotini kogon ngatutiet ne imuch koger kole nyalunota. koeten ,kotonosi anan ko ma testai boisiet age tugul ne imuch kowech timwek b. Ko ngat chitab serikali koib kakwoutik che imuch kotononsi anan ko ma testai boisiet noton ne imuch kowech timwek ;anan c. kogochi lipanet chi age tugul ne imuch koga gi wech imandanyi nebo timwek che tililen ago kororon. 3. Amun en boisietab kebeberi ,ko nyolu ko chito ne kasom en kotini kobor asenet ana ko ganyor wechetab borta. Kebebertab 42 komwaei kole chi age tugul kotinyei chmchinet konyor timwek che tililen ago kororon che boto imanda ne bo; a. Konyor timwek che ribotin si konyorunen borotet en ibinwek chebo nguni ak chebwonen koyob ngatutik ak banganutik alak, b. Missing che kagimwa en kebebertab 69; ak kosich boisiet che tinyegei ak timwek che kagon en kebebertab 70. Kebebertab 71 ko ngalalen agobo kaguiyosiek chebo tugukab kamanut chebo timwek ak serikali 1. Kaguiyosiek ko nyor chamchinet en kot ne kingate ngatutik ngota) ko boto chamchinet anan kagiuyet en chi age tugul,ne boto serikalit ne o, koitchi chi age tugul en boisietab tuguka komanut chebo Kenya;ak b) ka gi yonchin en anan ko kaibata tarikitab kanaametab ngatutiet. 

2. Kot ne kingatei ngatutiet kobendi kochobei ngatutik che konu banganetab kayonchononi che kaiyonchin kotiengei ak ngatutiet ne tai. Mwoe ne ngatutiet ne lel nebo Kenya kotiny ge ak Timwek. KIPSIGIS VERSION 3 Logoiwechu kongalalen agobo borotetab klasta ne banganat komie ak ne kim.Inamen pcheetab ole nyolu kou klasta ne kim. Klasta ne ki: 

• Kotinyei kurupisiek che mengechen che kimen 30 agoi 50(temik 300-400)

 • Che tese tai koyaei kandoinatetab sunguganet ak kandoinatetab ko kochinet. 

• Tuitos en kila arawa,ak tuiyet kobwanen bik che chang koyob kurupisiek che mengech

 • Tinyei mbaret ne Minchin ketik che ma regunen 200000,ak kurupit ne mingin ko tese tai koribe ak komine ketikwak 

• Kotinyei chito agenege anan ko aeng che toreti koitik koger kole kanyor borotet kurupit ne minigin. 

• Nyolu kotinyei kaneti che kimen che pchee logoiwek che bo iman ak chebo kamanut en tuiyosiekab klasta ak en imbarenik. En tesyinet,klasta ne kim konyolu koger kole: 

• Kurupisiek che mengechen ko ka kiit en oret ne togunot ak ne bo iman kila kenyit.

 • Kurupit ne mingin ko ka nyor rabinikwak chebo ketik en oret ne bo tagunet kila arawek somok

 • Kurupit ne mingin ko ka tuiyo ak konet gei kandoinatetab sungukanet ak kandoinatetab kakochinet

 • Kurupit ne mingin age tugul ko ka nyor gazetitab mazingira bora kila arawa. 

• Kurupit ne mingin ko ka nyor kanetisiet ak ko gonugei ko yai ak kopchei banganutikab kamannut che u temisietab ribetab ngungunyek,jikosiek che ribe maat.ribsetab laetab ngungunyek ak alak. Borortet ne bitu kemi en klasta. Yon miten kurupit ne mingin en klasta,kotinyei borotosiek che chang: 

• Nyumnyum kebwa tuiyosiekab klsata

 • Toreti ak konyumnyum libanet.

 • Imuche kebangan kaitisietab ketik. 

• Inyumnyumi kesoman banganutikab kamanut cheu temisietab ribetab kamanut. 

• Inyumnyumi kesich Mazingira bora kila arawa 

• Inyumnyumi kesich boroindo en TIST ke soman tuguk che jikosiek che ribe maat. O naam en chokchinet,bendi ko bitu borotosiek alak che chang che boto ke ek agenge en konoret ak sometab rabinik. Koyob ngalalet en tiyosiekab TIST en kenyisiek somok che kigosirto,ko kigiyonchin kele nyolu klasta age tugul ko nyolu kotinyei kamuget kotononchigei.Klasta ko wendi koleweni kandoikab klasta che toretisie en arawek che tuten che egu timitab kandoik en klasta.Inoni koboru kole membaek che chang chebo kurupit ne mingin kosiche boroindo konyor kanetisietab kandoikab TIST ,kochob banganutik chebo kamanut ago tesetai en kakimitet si ke nyor borotet en TIST. Kora komiten kanetik,kaitik,kanetikab jikosiek,kanetikab ktikab gaa ak alak che chang che nyoru kasarta en TIST ko boisien kokochinoikwak.Klastas che negitchin ak Timwek ko ibu Community Forest Associations.Klasta che chang ko tese tai ko name mungarengwan ak ko naam boroinwek che nyorunen borotosiek. Klasta alak che chang ko name ko yaei kassisiek che echen en ole negitchin ak ainosiek ak ainosiek che mengech kotonosi laetab ngungunyek ak komin ketikab gaa,suswek ak ketik che mengech. Kandoinatetab klasta:Ole boisioitoi Klastas en Kenya komugul ko ki yaei kakweisietab kandoikab klasta.Klasta age tugul kotindoi timitab bik somok che konugei koek kandoik che kikwee kongeten membaekab kurupisiek che mengech: kandoindet,rubeiywotab kandoindet ak chitab hesabu.Kandoikchu kotoreti klasta koet kotesak ak kobor.Kandionatetab klasta k obo sunguganet che tai somok koboisie en kasarta nywan ak koisto gei kandoindet.Rubeiwotab kandoindet koegu kandoindet.Chitab hesabu koegu rubeiywotab kandoindet.Chitab hesabu ne lel keleweni en klasta koyab membaekab kurupit ne mingin ak konyor kanetisiet koyob rubeiywotab kandoindet si koib kasari. Imuch kotonon kandoindetab klasta kelewen koek chitab hesabu ko kago istoge en kasartab arawek agwan.

Chitab hesabu ne lel ko nyalu kelewen koyob membaekkab kurupit ne mingin en klasta.Nyolu koyob kurupit ne mingin,imuch ko netgei koboisien Palm yon iyogtoi logoiwekab hesabu ak koyani kosungugan koek rubeiywotab kandoindet ak kandoindet. Klasta che kimen: Bandab tai nebo borotet. KIPSIGIS VERSION 4 Boisietab kandoindet. 1. Nyolu ko kandoindet ne konu gei kobaisiechi klasta komugul ak kosib tolochikab TIST 2. kondochi /kotoret boisietab klasta:kobangan tuiyosiekab klasta,kaitisiet ak kanetisiet ak kandoik alak chebo klasta 3. Ko toret koib ak koyokto logoiwekab kamanut koitchi kandoinatetab TIST (Leadership council) 4. Ko gimit kurupisiek ko nyor borotosiek che echen che boto minetab ketik ak temisietab ribetab ngungunyek. Boisietab rubeiywotab kandoindet 1. Koib baraindo yon mamiten kaindoindet., Rubeiywotab kandoindet konyolu koboisiechi membaekab klasta ak kandoikab klasta tugul. 2. Kotoret kandoindet ko gimit ngalek che pchee ak membaekab klasta. Boisietab chitab hesabu 1. Kosir banganetab tuiyosiek ak rabinik che kakiboisie. 2. Kosir banganetab kurupit ak riport che tuiyosiekab klasta en Palm anan koyobto koyob SMS. 3. Nyolu konai koboisien Palm si komuch kobangan boisietab rabinik chebo klasta ak banganetab rabinik ak konyor ngalek ak kobo klasta. Membaekab kurupit ne mingin , che boto kaitik ak kanetik,kimuche kelewen en kandoinatetab klasta. Emen yon ak ematinwek alak en kebeberi ko tese tai konyoru kemeut ak ribet. Temik che chang kobwate kole walunetab uini ko kotesetai ko boisien temisietab ribetab ngunguyek. Kurupisiek che mengech chebo TIST che kiboisien temisioni ko baorioni kole niton kogonu borortet kosir temisietab kila agot ko ma o robta. Keringonik ko totoreti kotach beekab robta ak kotoret minutik. Logoiwechu kowendi kotoretin missing iguiye ole ki temisoitoi en temisioni. Ker ile kesib iyai en oret ne noton asi inyoru kesutik che chang en kasarta ne nyonen. Chobetab imbar. Chob imbarengung arawet agenge kotomo ko robon 

• Swach chemasai ak ketik en imbar.Mat item 

• Bal keringonik che bo konaisiek.Nyolu ko 15cm baraindo 35 cm koindo ak 15 cm kwo orit.Keringonik ko nyolu ko 75cm besiet.

 • Ib keturek ak ngunguyekab barak ak ingol,anan iboisien keturek che kigirur.Inyit keringet ba ko nget 5 cm Minset. 

• Yon kemin bandek (betusiek 1-2 o ma robon ),imin bandek 4 en ngungunyek en konait age tugul. 

• Yon kemin mosongik,imin kesewek 5-6 en mwisho nebo keringat age tugul ye gaibata robta ne o.

 • Tuch keswek ak ngungunyek 2.5 cm chebo ngungunyekab barak anan ko keturek.Ye ibata ni ko nyolu ko kannget 2.5cm asi konyi keringet. 

• Bororindo ne ka nget en keringet asi konyi kotoreti kotaach beek ak kotoret minutik yon karobon. 

• Ma nyalu iboisien mbolea che bo kerichek en mbaretab ribsetab ngungunyek.Minutikguk komuch koyai komie agot yan mende mbolea chebo kerichek,yon kende keturek koyam. Semberet.

 • Sember ole negit ak keringonik abakora.

 • Mat isember imbaret ka tugul.Sember kityo ole negit ak keringonik.Boisien banget is swachen chemasai che mi kwenusiekab keringonik anan ko keringet age agoi age.Ker ile mamiten chemasai en imbarengung en kasarta age tugul. 

• Bakach chemasai che keswach asi kochorot en imbar.Inoni ko toreti ko tes kimnatetab ngungunyek. Yon kaibata kesisiet 

• Matibel mobeek che ka nget en imbar.Bakach en ngwony asi ko toret ngungunyek ko kimegitun.Mobeek kora kemuche keboisien en chobetab keturek. Matiyagen tuga imbaret.Kaikai ibwat ile,kiboiboenchini kesisiengung yon kenyoru koyob kasetini ak yon gitinyei tuiyetab klasta.Inaam iboisie ngunon! Kasarta ne kichobei mbaretab minsetab ribsetab ngungunyek KIPSIGIS VERSION 5 Pcheetab logoiwekab klasta k obo kamanut en klasta agetugul. En TIST ,klasta age tugul ko nyalu kopcheita ngalek kila arawa agobo tuiyetab klasta ak boisietab rabinik en klasta.Chitab hesabu nebo klasta ko ichek che nyolu koyokto logoiwek che choton ak ko bo iman.Nyolu koyakto koboisien banganet ne mi Palm ana ngot ko ma mi Palm ko boisien oretab SMS en simoit age tugul. Ireyu ko ole kibangandoi ak kiyakto tuiyetab klasta ak ngalekab hesabu keboisien oretab SMS :

 § “Tuiyetab klasta SMS keboisien kewal en pcheetab logoiwek ak banganetabTIST ak tuiyosiekab kila arawa.Ngot I tinyei Palm inyit banganetab tuiyosiek(cluster meeting record form) § inyit logoiwechu en kila arawet k iyokte sms kwo 0770353252 § Yon imaame en record ini inde ## ak kosib ngolyot “MEET” .kosib * ak kainetab klasta § Kou ##MEET*kutete § Ger ile keboisien kainet ak logoiwek alak koyob KLASTAINGUNG! § Itestai I walu tebutik chu ko naane ko baisie ID ak * Isib ngalek koyob klastaingung. § D. Tarikitab tuiyetab klasta? § DN:Tarikitab tuiyetab klasta ne isibu? § SG: Ki ne ten kurupisiek che mengech che kabwa tuiyet? § F:Kit ne ten kwonyik che bo kurupit ne mingin che kabwa tuiyet? § M:Kit ne ten murenik chebo kurupit ne mingin che kabwa tuiyet? § R:Kit ne ten kandoikab kurupit che mi tuiyet? § Q:Kit ne ten kaitik che kabwa tuiyet? § T:Kit ne ten kanetik che kabwa tuiyet? § TR:Logoiwek che kakinetis en tuiyet?(Ibwat walutik komiten en banganet age ne ter ne u 3.5.7) 1. TIST ko ne? 2. Magutikab TIST 3. Tolochikab TIST 4. Kayonchinetab GHG 5. Chobetab kabetit 6, Temisietab ribsetab ngungunyek. 7. Jikosiek 8. Ketik che ter ter chin/ketikab gaa 9. Ribsetab ainosiek 10. Ribsetab laetab ngungunyek 11. HIV/AIDS 12. Banganetab tugukab kamanut 13. Alak § MB;Kit ne ten kasetisiek che ka kipcheita? 

§ FT:Kanetisiet ne kateb membaekab klasta kinet en tuiyet ne nyonen?(ibwat miten walutik che u 3.5 P K o gi libanetab kurupit ne mingin?) Tar walutik ak ## Kaborunet nebo SMS en logoiwekab tuiyetab klasta ##MEET*Kutete*D16.06.11*DN14.07.11*SG34*F61*M47*R3*Q1*T4*TR2.7.4*MB65*FT2.5*Pyes## Pcheetab logoiwekab boisietab rabinik koyob SMS § Pcheetab logoiwekab boisietab rabinik koyob SMS keboisien kigoito logoiywek en banganetabTIST ko bor kit ne ten rabisiek che o boisien otoreten boisietab TIST.Ngot ko boisiei Palm iboisien banganet ne miten.Ngot ko metinyei iboisien simoittab neut iyoktoen en kila arawa ye ibata tuiyetab klasta 

• Iyokten sns kwo 0770353252 § Inaam logoiwekab boisietab rabinik ,isir ## kosib ngolyot”ACNT” kosib * ak kainetab klastaingung. § Kou ##ACNT*Kutete § Ibwat ,boisien kainet ne noton ak logoiwekab iman CHEBO KLASTAINGUNG § Itestai iwolutebutik chu,inaamen ID ak ibeshen * § D:Arawet ak kenyi ne iripoteni? § R:Boisietab rabinik che kiinyoru en arawani? § B:Rabinik che ngetunotin? § A:Rabinik chebo airtime cher kibois en arawani? § F: Rabinik che kiboi en Bank/MPESA? § BO:Bonus che kigiliban? § O:Boisietab rabinik alak? § Q:Rabinik che kigigochi kaitik? § T:Rabinik che kigochi kanetik? § TR:Rabinik chebo oret? § BOOK:Kigisirchi kitabutab account nebo klasta? Yes/No § N:Miten chitab hesabu ne lel? Yes/no § M:Ngot ko miten chitab hesabu ne lel,ko nambit nyin nebo simoit ko ata? § Tar ripot isire ## Ko SMS Klasta accounting report: Kwo:0770353252 Message


 • Ngot I tindoi tebutiet en walutika agobo sms ibirchi Naman Karani en 0729293352 Ibwat yon kepcheite logoiwek, ko ketoret klastaingung ak TIST komugul koet ak koet. KIPSIGIS VERSION 6 Temik en TIST ko mine ketik che terterchin che chang he boto chebo logoek ak alak, ketikan kiyagik, che tese ngungunyek, ak ketik che kimuche ketil koek bakoinik.Temik che chang ak che chang ko tesetai ko chenge komin ketikab gaa amun en borotosiekywak che chang. Ketikab gaa ko ne? Ketikab gaa ana ketit ne bo keny ko chenamegei ak komuche korut en olda komakisibto en kasarta ne koi.Ma ketik tugul che kingen k obo kipgaa.che chang ko kiibu biik koyob ematunwek alak che loen.Mi ketikab gaa che sirei 800 che miten en Kenya Amune si kobo kamanut ketikab gaa? Amun chamtos ak timwekab gaa.tiongik,ketika alak ak tiongik che mengech alak che negitchin,chamdos kora ak emenyon.Aba kora,niton koboru kole imuche korut komie omakitesyi tuguk alak cheu kerichek anan ko mbolea.Aba kora ko mache ribet ne mi ngwony ko sir ketikab chumbek.Igororite mbarenikchok si manyor kutik koam tuguk.Toreti kogochi amitwigik tiongyik che negitan ak borotosoek che terterchin en bik che u logoek,bakoinik,sogek ak kerichekab gaa.Ketik che kikiib anan chebo chumbek ko tinyei borotosiek che chang ngandan che chang komuch koek chemasai ak kochilgei ak ko terter ketik alak anan ko minutik. Yon Ka kimin ketikab gaa en imbarenikyok ketoreti kerib ketik che bo ka mannut che kibo sigigk chok ak bik ak tiongik en ibinwek che chang chebo Kenya.Kitesetai kinetege agobo borotosiek chebo ketikab gaa che gitinyei.Yon kakimin ketikab gaa ketoreti kerib ketik ak borotenywan en lagokyok . En TIST ke tinyei borotosiek yon ka kimin ketikab gaa.Kurupisiek che negit ainosiek che isibi banganet ne mie nebo TIST en ribetab ainosiek ak komin ketikab gaa kochute ak konyor rabisiek en baganetab TIST nebo ribsetab ainosiek.Kurupisiek che mengechen che neghitan ak timwek che kiribei ko much kochut CFA s asi komin ketikab gaa ak kosich borotet en aldaettab koristo en

 timwechu. Ketik ainchon chebo gaa? Miten bokolusiek chebo ketikab gaa en KENYA,ak alak che kikiib che konu kora borotet ne o.Ichechu ko che boto ketichoton: Yom imin ketikab gaa en imbarengung en raini!Ger olenegikyin ak icheng ketikab gaa che bwonen en timwek che negiten ak inye.Teben bikab kokwet ak membaekab klasta ketik ainchon che imuche kobwa ak ketik ainchon che mi timwek che imuche kogon borotet.Ngot keyai kasit kibagenge,kimuche kerib borotoni en karorindab timwek en lagokyok ak ibinwek che bwanei. Kaigai birchin Jenniffer Kithure en logoiwek che chang en ketikab gaa ana ko banganetab ribsetab ainosiek en 0726319539. Ketikab gaa:Ne choton ak amune si kobo kamanut? Indigenous trees for Kenya Introduced (exotic) trees in Kenya Cordia Africana Mango, (Mangifera indica) Meru oak, muhuru, (Vitex keniensis) Mexican Green Ash, (Fraxinus berlandieriana) Mugumo, Mirumba, (Ficus thonningii) Casuarina, (Casuarina equisetifolia) Podo, Muthengera (Podocarpus falcatus) Bottle Brush, (Callistemon spp.) Mwiria, (Prunus africana) Gravellia, (Grevillea robusta) Mutoo, mukeu, Dombeya rotundifolia Macadamia, (Macadamia spp.) Murubati, Muuti, (Erythrina abyssinica) Jacaranda, (Jacaranda mimosifolia) Sesibania, (Sesbania sesban) Cotton, (Bombax ceiba) Muuuku (Terminalia brownii) Orange, (Citrus sinensis) Mikongoro, (Acacia albida) Pine, (Pinus patula) Mihogoro, (Acacia abyssinica) Wattle tree, (Acacia mearnsii)