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Published by TIST-Kenya. W eb: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2013

 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org 

English Version Strong Cluster: Towards Success. Page 2 Small Group Best Practices: Action Steps and Action Planning. Page 3 Preparing Compost Manure - a natural fertilizer. Page4 Why should I want to be elected as a Cluster leader? Page 5 HIV and AIDS: Why and how we should give counseling. Page6 Opportunity to sell Croton Nuts. Page 6 TIST Small Group members from Pondo Cluster receive their tree payments during the last meeting. Photo by Sophia Wairimu. Inside: ENGLISH VERSION 2 T his article discusses what a strong Cluster should look like and the many benefits of a well-organized and strong Cluster: A strong Cluster: • Has 30 to 50 active Small Groups (300-400 farmers) • Practices rotating leadership and servant leadership • Meets regularly every month, and meeting is well attended by Small Groups’ representatives. • Has land to plant at least 200,000 trees, and has Small Groups actively planting and caring for their trees. • Should have one or more members who assist Quantifiers actively to monitor each Small Group’s results. • Should have active trainers who share good, accurate, useful information at Cluster meetings and on shambas. Additionally, a strong Cluster should ensure: • Small Groups are well quantified in a transparent, accurate manner annually. • Small Groups receive their trees payments transparently quarterly.

 • Each of the Small Groups meets weekly and practices rotational and servant leadership • Each of the Small Groups receives Mazingira Bora newsletter every month. • Small Groups receive training and they are voluntarily practicing, sharing best practices such as Conservation Farming, energy efficient jikos, and soil erosion control measures, among others. Advantages of being in a Cluster: When a Small Group is in a Cluster, they have many benefits: • It is easy to come for regular Cluster Meetings • It is safe and convenient to get paid • You can schedule quantification • It is easy to learn Best Practices like Conservation Farming • It is convenient to get the Mazingira Bora each month • It is easy to participate in new TIST opportunities like improved stove jikos. Starting soon, there will be even more opportunities, including taking part in saving and lending communities. Based on the discussions at TIST Seminars over the last three years, it has been determined that each Cluster should have the ability to become self-governing. The Cluster will elect Cluster Representatives who will serve for a few months as the administrative team for that Cluster. This will mean that many more Small Group participants have the opportunity to attend TIST Seminars for leadership training, for developing new Best Practices, and for continuing to help organize for TIST success.

 There will also be Cluster servants stove jiko experts, indigenous tree experts and many more opportunities for TIST Participants to develop and use their gifts. Some Clusters near forest areas will become Community Forest Associations. Many Clusters will start to develop their own businesses and create opportunities for further sustainable economic development. Many Clusters will start doing intensive work along rivers and streams to stop erosion, and plant indigenous grasses, trees, and shrubs. Cluster Leadership: How it Works Clusters throughout Kenya have been holding elections for Cluster representatives. Each Cluster has a team of three volunteer servant leaders selected from Small Group members: a leader, co-leader and an accountability person. These representatives help the Cluster to grow, improve, and succeed. Cluster leadership is rotational. The first three will serve their term and then the leader will step out and the co-leader will become the leader. The accountability person will become the coleader. A new accountability person will be elected by the Cluster from Small Group members and trained by the new co-leader to take this opportunity. Strong Cluster: Towards Success. ENGLISH VERSION 3 The Cluster leader may stand for election as the accountability person after ‘sitting out’ for one 4-month period. The new accountability person should be a Small Group member elected from Small Group members in the Cluster and able to learn to use the Palm for reporting and accountability, and be willing to rotate into coleader and leader roles. Roles of a leader 

1. Should be a servant to the whole Cluster and exemplify TIST Values. 2. Leads/facilitates Cluster activities, coordinates Cluster meetings, quantification and training schedules with other servant leaders. 3. Helps bring and send important information to TIST Leadership Council. 4. Motivates Groups to achieve big results, including planting trees and practicing CF. Roles of a co-leader 1. Takes over when the leader is not there and is to serve both the Cluster members and the Cluster leader. 2. Helps the leader to consolidate the ideas in the Cluster members. Roles of the accountability person 1. Keeps an account of the meetings and the expenses 2. Keeps the Cluster records and reports on Cluster meetings using the Palm 3. Needs to know how to use the Palm so that he can be able to enter the Cluster expenses and budget and access information about the Cluster. T IST groups do a lot of practical activities: planting trees and improving agricultural techniques.When there is a lot of work to be done, it is good to create action steps. Each group member should tell the group what they are going to achieve that week. We are going to teach you and your Small Group how to do action planning. Please share this with other members of your Small Group during your meeting. An action step is something that is: • Specific • Observable (a fly on the wall can see you do it!) 

• Measurable • Has a beginning and an end • Make sure your action step is realistic and that you can achieve it! For example, saying ‘I will plant trees’ is not an action step because it is too general.‘I will work on three mornings this week to transplant 75 seedlings into our new grove’ is an action step because it is specific (transplant 75 seedlings), observable (people can see you do it), measurable (75 seedlings, 3 mornings) and has a beginning and an end (at the end of three days you can see the results). When your group meets again, allow ten minutes near the end of the small group meeting for each person to report on his or her action step. Each person quickly: (1) Tells the group what their action step was for the past week. (2) States what they actually did. (3) States what action step they will take for the following week. If the person succeeded in his or her action step, the group celebrates the success. If, as often happens to start with, the group member met only part of his goal, the group encourages him / her and does not criticize or blame. When people are able to freely share their successes and failures they will be encouraged to do better each week.Encourage your Small Group members to Small Group Best Practices: Action Steps and Action Planning. ENGLISH VERSION 4 think of possible action steps. Make sure each is specific, measurable and realistic! Share and celebrate the action steps that your Small Group has accomplished. Action Steps for Action Planning A similar method can be used when planning. Here an example is given in brackets.When your group is planning what to do, make sure your plans are: Specific (Our TIST Small Group will plant 1000 trees at the local hospital by November 30) Measurable (How many? - 1000 trees will be planted) Achievable/Realistic (Our TIST Small Group can plant 1000 trees in 5wks – 100 trees per Tuesday and Thursday, 10 trees per person/per day) Time-bound (Has a beginning and an end - we will plant the trees between Oct 15 to Nov 30) Observable (A fly on the wall can see us planting) SMARTO! This is the guide and test of your action steps for your plan and helps you be specific: 1) What – (Planting 1000 trees) 2) Who – (TIST Small Group members by name) 3) When – (Oct 15 – Nov 30) 4) Where – (At the hospital) 5) How – (We meet every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon after the heat of the day and dig holes, then plant the trees) 6) Why – (To improve the area around the hospital, have more shade for patients and visitors, people can sit under trees and the shade will make the hospital cooler) Now, try to practice action planning in your next Small Group meeting. C ompost manure is a natural fertilizer that helps your crops grow. It is better than chemical fertilizer because it is natural, free, and will not damage crops and the environment as some chemical fertilizers can. There are many ways to make compost manure, but the following method has been useful in some areas. Ask your neighbors in your Cluster what has worked well for them. Preparation of compost. 

1. Choose an area for your compost pit measuring 4m by 4m 2. Clean the area 3. Dig a hole of diameter 3 - 4m and 1.5m deep 4. Collect all the remains of the crops you have (e.g. leaves and stalks of maize, millet, beans) and cut these remains into small pieces 5. Put these crops remains into the hole up to a depth of 0.5m 6. Add 5 liters of ash 7. Next add about 30cm (or as much as available) of animal dung (e.g. dung from pig, cow, goat or chicken). 8. Put another layer of crop leaves and stalks (0.5m) 9. Add another 5 litres of ash 10. Repeat adding the leaves and stalks again until the hole is almost filled 11. Finally add a layer of soil until the hole is filled 12. Whilst filling the hole with soil, put a long stick in the middle of the hole so it reaches the bottom. 13. Leave the compost pit for 90 days (3 months) 14. During this period use your dirty water to water the compost pit. For example, after cleaning your house or clothes, empty the used water over the compost pit. If you have animals, you can also pour animal urine over the pit. 15. This adds extra nitrogen to the compost. 16. Try to water the compost pit in this way every day, or whenever water is available. 17. After 90 days the manure will be ready. Use the stick as a thermometer – when the compost is ready it should be hot and you may even see steam coming from the stick after you have removed it. Use of compost. When you have dug your holes for planting maize, millet or other crops, add one handful of your compost manure to each hole. Watch for the results! Preparing Compost Manure - a natural fertilizer. ENGLISH VERSION 5 With over 160 Clusters now in TIST, we have the opportunity to have over 480 new leaders being identified each year by their fellow TIST participants.This is wonderful proof of how much capacity the TIST Program is developing in Kenya. 

It is a great opportunity for individual TIST participants. Someone who is elected as a Cluster Leader (Accountability Person, Co-Leader, or Leader) has a one-year opportunity to receive additional education, serve in Group of Clusters Council (GOCC) practice their leadership gifts, learn much more about the equipment and the techniques used for Quantification, understand the carbon business better, and serve their fellow TIST members in their area. They will have the opportunity to attend Seminars, to work with the Cluster Servants/Quantifier and visit each of the TIST Small Groups in their Cluster, to see the Best Practices that are being used in their Cluster, learn about improved stoves, learn about the benefits of many tree species, and many other topics. Of course, being a Cluster Leader is hard work. Going and visiting the Small Groups in your Cluster involves lots of walking, talking, watching, and learning. Also, keeping the records of the achievements of the Cluster requires time and concentration. Organizing so TIST Small Groups can get paid is also hard work. Learning to use the handheld computers, the GPS, the reporting systems, and organizing for excellent training and interesting monthly meetings—all of that is hard work and rewarding. As many of you know, when you go to a TIST Seminar you have a good time-but you also work very hard. You work the whole day, and then have homework at night! So you should only be interested in being elected as a Cluster Leader if you have a great desire to learn more, and work hard to be a good servant to the Small Groups in your Cluster. If you have those desires, and you do get elected, it can be the beginning of even more opportunities in the TIST Program. You decide. Why should I want to be elected as a Cluster leader? TIST Small Group members from Mithuri Cluster, Laikipia West during their July Cluster meeting. Many groups received their tree payments. Cluster Leaders who have help the Cluster grow strong and strong are Nancy Muthoni (Leader, Joseph Kariuki (Co-Leader) and Francis Njoroge (Accountability person) Photo by David Thuku ENGLISH VERSION 6 C ounseling means listening to someone and giving them helpful advice and hope. Each of us can help by taking the time to listen to friends, family and neighbors with HIV/AIDS, putting ourselves in their position, and giving words of comfort and practical help. The purpose of counseling is to:

 • Assist someone to understand the problems facing him/her • Help find ways of overcoming those problems • Making good, correct decisions concerning the problems at hand. It is true that some issues need trained counselors, but you can serve them by sitting with the concerned and listening to their questions, discuss their problems, and hear about their feelings and fears of what has happened to them. Give them correct and useful information depending on their needs, and give them hope and strength. Remember: it is fine if we do not know all the answers! Answer as best you can and get help from other people when you need it. Imagine you are counseling an AIDS patient. What would your words of comfort and advice be to: 1. Someone who has just tested HIV positive? 2. Someone with HIV/AIDS who is scared of death? 3. Someone with HIV/AIDS who wants to continue having sex? Ideas: 1. For someone who has just tested positive: • Reassurance that being positive does not mean the patient is necessarily going to die soon. Patients can live decades with the right treatment and care. • The patient is not alone, and many others have found ways to live with the illness. • Encourage the patient to abstain from sex so that the illness does not spread and to avoid re-infection, which can make the problem worse. • Encourage them to continue working while they are strong and continue making an investment for their family. People do not have to stop working just because they are positive. • Reminders of healthy eating and frequent check-ups at clinics. 2. For someone who is HIV positive who is scared of death: • Everyone has to face death whether having AIDS or not, and it is natural to feel afraid. • Draw on any religious hope the patient might have. • Remind the patient about how proper care and treatment can extend life and improve quality of life. • Encourage the patient to make steps to achieve some of their ambitions before they become too ill (e.g. making restitution with people, planting trees, forming self-help groups) 3. For someone who is HIV positive who wants to continue having sex: • Continuing to have sex can spread the illness on to other people. Even if the patient got AIDS by accident, making other people suffer will not bring happiness or change the situation. • There are many different strains of the HIV virus and continuing to have sex may expose the patient to different strains, which worsen illness and create complications. Avoid reexposure to HIV to remain as strong as possible. • How does the patient view deliberately infecting another person? What are the moral arguments against this? • Remind the patient that sex is not the only form of intimacy or enjoyment, nor the only expression of love. 

There are many other things in life that can bring fulfillment. HIV and AIDS: Why and how we should give counseling. A new market for croton nuts has emerged. A company in Naro Moru is buying croton seeds to manufacture biodiesel which can been used to run motor vehicles and other machines. Eco Fuels Kenya, Ltd is buying crotons seeds at Ksh 6.50 per Kg. Farmers are collecting these seeds from their own private farms or from the nearby forests. Many TIST farmers find that Croton Opportunity to sell Croton Nuts. megalocarpus, an indigenous tree, makes a good windbreak on their farm. This new market for Croton seeds is one more benefit to consider when you are choosing which trees to grow. Eco Fuels arranges for transport once the collection has been made. For more information, contact: Cosmas Ochieng: 0725398675. Email: Cosmas@ecofuelskenya.com.

 www.ecofuelskenya.com Published by TIST-Kenya. W eb: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2013 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org Kimeru Version Cluster iri na inya: Kuerekera kuumbana. Page 2 Mitire iria miega buru ya ikundi bibinini: Matagaria na kubangira matagaria. Page 3 Kuthuranira mboleo ya imera - Fertilizer ya gintwire. Page 4 Nimbi ituma mpenda kua mutongeria ndene ya cluster? Page 5 Mukingo: Niki na niatia tuumba kwatha ajii. Page 6 Kanya ga kwendia mpindi cia Croton. Page 6 Inside: TIST Small Group members from Pondo Cluster receive their tree payments during the last meeting. Photo by Sophia Wairimu. KIMERU VERSION 2 A ja nthi nikwariritie uria cluster irina inya ibati igukara na baita inyingi cia cluster ibangenie bwega na iri nainya: Cluster iri na inya: 

• Irina ikundi mirongo ithatu gwita mirongo itano bigwita ngugi (arimi magana jathatu gukinya janna) • Irina utongeria bwa kithiuruko na bwa uthumba • Batirimanaga rionthe o mweri na mucemanio nijwijagwa bwega ni arungamiri ba ikundi bibinini. • Irina munda jwa kuanda miti itikunyia kiri ngiri magana jairi na irina ikundi bibinini bikuanda na kumenyera miti. • Nibati kwithirwa irina mumemba umwe kana nkuruki wa gutetheria atari miti rionthe kumenya mantu jaria ikundi bibinini bikuthithia rionthe. • Niibati kwithirwa irina arimu bagwita ngugi ya kugaana mantu ja TIST jamega, jamma, jagutethia micemanione ya cluster na miundene. Kwongera, cluster irina inya nibati kumenyeera ati: • Ikundi bibinini nibikuujuria jaria bibati na njira ya weru, irio. • Ikundi bibinini nibigukinyirua ni mbeca cia miti na njira ya weru o mieri ithatu • O gikundi gikinini nigigutirimana o kiumia na nigikuthithia utongeria bwa kithiuruko na bwa uthumba • O gikundi nigigukinyirwa ni Mazingira Bora o mweri. • Ikundi bibinini nibigukinyirwa ni moritani na nibagutumira na kugaana mitire iria buru ya kuthithia mantu bakiendaga bongwa ta Urimi bubwega, mariko ja nkuu inkai na mitire ya kunyiyia gukamatwa kwa muthetu, amwe na jangi. Mantu jamega jakuumania na kwithirwa uri ndene ya cluster: Riria gikundi gikinini kiri ndene ya cluster, nikionaga baita inyingi: • Kuri na uthu gwita micemanione ya cluster ya rionthe • Kuriwa nigukaritue na kurina uthu • No bubangire utari miti • Kurina uthu kuthoma mitire iria miega buru ta Urimi bubwega • Burina uthu gukinyirwa ni Mazingira Bora o mweri • Burina uthu gutonya mantune jameru ja TIST ta mariko jamega nkuruki. Kwambiria ukui, gukethirwa kurina twanya kinya nkuruki, amwe na gutonya kiri ikundi bia gwika na gukobithania mbeca. Kuringana na kwaraniria ndene ya semina cia TIST miakene iu ithatu ithiri, nikwonekete ati o cluster nibati kuumba guciatha. cluster ikathuura arungamiri ba cluster baria bakaathana mieri imikai ja atongeria kiri cluster iu. Bubu nita kuuga ati antu kuumania na ikundi bingi bibingi barinza kanya ga gwita semina cia TIST niuntu bwa mathomo ja utongeria, kwambia mitire imiega ya kuthithia mantu na gwita na mbele gutetheria kubaangira uumbani bwa TIST. Gukethirwa kurina nthumba ingi cia cluster bingwa cia mariko, bingwa cia miti ya gintwire na twanya tungi tutwingi twa amemba ba TIST gukuria na gutumira iewa biao. cluster imwe iria ciri akui na miitu cikaa ikundi bia CFA (Community Forest Associations). Cluster inyingi ikaambiria kwanjia biashara ciao na kuthithia twanya twa witi bwa mbele buria bukoombika kimbeca. Cluster inyingi ikaambiria kuthithia ngugi inene nterene cia nduuji inene na inini gutigithia ukamati bwa muthetu na kuanda nyaki, miti na ithaka bia gintwire. Utongeria bwa cluster: Uria bwitaga ngugi Cluster Kenya yonthe niciithiritwe cirina ithurano bia arungamiri ba cluster. O cluster irina gikundi kia nthumba ciritirite ithatu ithuri kuumania na amemba ba ikundi bibinini: mutongeria, mutetheria wa mutongeria na mwiki mbeca na mauku ja cluster. Arungamiri baba nibatethagiria cluster gukura, gwita na mbele na kuumbana. Utongeria bwa cluster ni bwa kithiuruko. Bambele bathatu bakaathana igita riao riu mutongeria akauma na mutetheria wa mutongeria akaa mutongeria. Mwiki mauku na mbeca cia cluster akaa mutetheria wa mutongeria. 

Mwiki wa bibi umweru akathurwa ni cluster kuumania na amemba ba ikundi bibinini na aritanwe ni mutetheria wa Cluster iri na inya: Kuerekera kuumbana. KIMERU VERSION 3 mutongeria umweru nikenda ajukia kanya gaka. Mutongeria wa cluster no arungame ithuranone ja mwiki mauku na mbeca cia cluster arikia gukara oome ya utongeria mieri inna. Mwiki bibi umweru nabati kwithirwa ari mumemba wa gikundi gikinini athuri kuumania na amemba ba ikundi bibinini ndene ya cluster iu na ukuumba kuthoma na kumenya gutumira Palm gutuma ripoti na gwika mauku na ukeenda gwita mbele kua mutetheria wa mutongeria riu mutongeria. Ngugi cia mutongeria. • Niabati kua nthumba kiri cluster yonthe na oonanaie jaria TIST ikirite mitirene yawe. • Natongagiria mantu ja cluster, agatongeria micemanio ya cluster, kumenya uria mantu ja utari miti na uritani jageta na mbele amwe na atongeria bangi. • Natethagiria kureta na gutuma mantu jaria jarina bata kiri kiama kia utongeria bwa TIST. • Niekagira ikundi inya gukinyira mantu jamanene, amwe na kuanda miti na urimi bubwega. Ngugi cia mutetheria wa mutongeria. • Niatongagiria riria mutongerioa atio na niwa kuritira amemba bonthe ba cluster na mutongeria wa cluster. • Natethagiria mutongeria kureta amwe mathuganio jameru kuumania na amemba ba cluster. Ngugi cia Mwiki mauku na mbeca cia cluster. • Neekaga mantu jegie micemanio na utumiri mbeca. • Neekaga rekondi na ripoti cia cluster cia micemanio ya cluster agitumagira Palm • Nabati kumenya gutumira Palm nikenda omba gwikira utumiri bwa mbeca ni cluster na jaria babangirite na akinyirue ni mantu jegie cluster. I kundi bia TIST nibiritaga ngugi inyingi iria cionekaga: kuanda miti na kuthongomia njira cia kurima. Riria kurina ngugi inyingi cia kugita, nibwega kubangira matagaria. O mumemba wa gikundi nabati kwira gikundi nimbi bakomba gukinyira kiumia kiu. Tukaburitana na kuritana gikundi giaku uria matagaria jabangagirwa. Itu gaana bubu na amemba bangi ba gikundi giaku igitene ria mucemanio jwenu. Itagaria ni gintu kiri: • Gikwirungamira kiongwa • Gikwonekana (ngi iri ruthingone yomba gukwona ukithithia!) • Gikuthimika • Kirina mwambirio na muthia • Menyeera ati itagaria riaku rikombika na rikathithika! Mung’uanano, kuuga ‘Nkaanda miti’ ti itagaria niuntu giki ni gintu gikiarie. ‘Nkarita ngugi mithenya ithatu kiumia giki kuthamiria miti ya kuanda mirongo mugwanja na itano muundene jwetu jumweru’ ni itagaria niuntu ni gintu gikwirungamira (kuthamia miti mirongo mugwanja na itano), gikwoneka (antu bagakwona ukithithia uju), gikuthimika(miti mirongo mugwanja na itano, mithenya ithatu) na kirina mwambirio na muthia (nyuma ya ntuku ithatu ukoona maciara). Riria gikundi giaku gigatirimana kairi, ejana dagika ikumi muthiene jwa mucemanio jwa gikundi gikinini nikenda o muntu wonthe aejana ripoti ya itagaria riawe. O muntu wonthe nampwi: (1) Eere gikundi itagaria riawe ria kiumia kiu kithiri. (2) Akauga nimbi yongwa athithirie. (3) Akauga itagaria riawe ria kiumia kiu kithingatite. Kethira muntu uju noombanire kiri itagaria riawe, gikundi nikigwiranagirua amwe. Kethira, ja uria jaria maingi kwithagirwa gukari, mumemba wa gikundi nombire kuthithia gicunci kia uria eendaga, gikundi nikimwikagira inya na gitimuthumbagia. Riria antu boomba kugaana batigukirana kuumbana na kugwa kwao, bagekirwa inyo kuthithia bwega nkuruki o kiumia. Ikira inya amemba ba gikundi giaku kuthuganiria matagaria jaria boomba kujukia. Menyeera ati o itagaria nirikwirungamira, ni rikuthimika na rikoombika! Gaana na bugwirirue matagaria jaria gikundi kienu gikinini kijukitie. Mitire iria miega buru ya ikundi bibinini: Matagaria na kubangira matagaria. KIMERU VERSION 4 M boleo ya imera ni fertilizer ya gintwire iria itethagia imera biaku gukura. Ni injega nkuruki ya fertilizer cia kuthithua na ndawa niuntu ni ya gintwire, itina uguri, na itithukia imera biaku na naria gututhiurukite ja uria fertilizer imwe cia kugura ithithagia. Kurina njira inyingi cia kuthithia mboleo iji, indi njira iji nitetherie mono ndene ya ntuura imwe. Uria aturi baku ndene ya cluster yaku njira iria ibuite kiribo. Kuthuranira mboleo ya imera • Taara antu a kwija kirinya gia gwikira irina kithimi kia warie na uraja bwa mita inya • Theria antu au • Inja kirinya gia kithiururri kiri na warie bwa mita ithatu gwita inya na kwinama mita imwe na nusu. • Oja matigari ja imera jaria uri najo ( ta mathangu na mabua ja mpempe, ugimbi, mung’ao) na ugitange tunini tunini. • Ikira imera kirinyene kwaka gitigare nusu mita • Ongera Lita ithano cia muju • Riu wongere centimita mirongo ithatu (kana iria irio) cia ntaka ya ndithia ( ta mai ja ngurue, ng’ombe, mburi kana nguku). • Ongera mathangu ja imera na mabua kairi (nusu mita). • Ongera lita ingi ithano cia muju. • Cokera kwongera mathangu na mabua mwaka kirinya kiende kujura. • Muthiene ongera muthetu mwanka kirinya kiujure. • Ukiongagira muthetu kirinyene, ikira muturo jumuraja gati gati ga kirinya nikenda jukinya nthiguru buru. • Tigana na kirinya ntuku mirongo kenda (mieri ithatu) • Igitene riri tumira ruuji rwaku rwa ruuko kugera kirinyene. Ta, warikia kutheria nyomba yaku kzana nguo, ituura ruuji ruria watumira kirinyene. Kethira urina ndithia, no uture maumago jacio kirinyene. • Bubu nibwongagira nitrojeni mboleone. • Geria gwikira kirinya giki ruuji ntuku cionthe, kana riria ruuji rukuoneka. • Ntuku mirongo kenda ciathira, mboleo ikethirwa iri tayari. Tumira muturo kuthima mwanki.– riria mboleo yabua nibati kwithirwa irina mwanki na nowone muturo jugitoaga wajurita. Utumiri bwa mboleo iji Wenja marinya jaku ja kuanda mpempe, ugimbi kana imera bingi, ongera nkundi imwe ya mboleo kiri o kirinya. Tegera maciara! Kuthuranira mboleo ya imera - Fertilizer ya gintwire. Matagaria riria bukubangira mantu jaria bukathithia Njira ikwenda gukara uju no itumirwe kubangira. Aja mung’uanano nijuejani. Riria gikundi giaku gikubangira jaria gikathithia, menyeera ati mibango yenu iri: Specific- Yakuirungamira yongwa (Gikundi gikinini gietu gia TIST gikaanda miti ngiri cibitari iria iri akui igikinya mweri jwa ikumi na jumwe tariki mirongo ithatu) Measurable-

 Ikuthimika (Ing’ana? – Miti ngiri ikaandwa) Achievable/Realistic- Igakinyirika (Gikundi gikinini gietu gia TIST kiomba kuanda miti ngiri ndene ya biumia bitano- miti igana o Jumanne na Alhamisi, miti ikumi o muntu o ntuku) Time-bound- Ithimiri mathaa (Burina mwambirio na muthia – tukaanda miti gati gati ka Mweri jwa ikumi tariki ikumi na ithano na mweri jwa ikumi na jumwe tariki mirongo ithatu) Observable-Ikooneka (Ngi iri ruthingone igatwona tukianda) SMARTO! Jaja nijo ubati kuthingata kiri kuthithia matagaria ja mubango jwenu nijagutethagia kuuga jaria jongwa bukwenda jairungamirite: 1) Nimbi– (Kuanda miti ngiri imwe) 2) Nuu – (Amemba ba gikundi gikinini giia TIST) 3) Rii – (Oct 15 – Nov 30) 4) Naa – (Cibitari) 5) Atia – (Tugatirimana o jumanne na jumatano ugoro mwanki jwa ntuku jwathira na kwinja marinya, riu tuande miti) 6) Niki– (Kuthongomia aria kuthiurukite cibitari, kugia irundu bia aajii na ageni bibingi nkuruki, antu no bakare rungu rwa miti na kirundu gigatuma cibitari igie gapio) Nandi, gerieni bubangire matagaria jenu ndene ya mucemanio jou jungi jwa gikundi gikinini. KIMERU VERSION 5 K urina nkuruki ya cluster igana na mirongo itantatu narua ndene ya TIST, turina kanya ga kuthura atongeria baberu nkuruki ya magana janna na mirongo inana bakionekaga o mwaka ni amemba ba TIST. Giki ni gintu gikinene gikwonania jaria muradi jwa TIST jukumba gukinyira ndene ya cluster. Ni kanya gakanene kiri o mumemba ndene ya TIST. Muntu uria uthuragwa ta mutongeria wa cluster ( mwiki mauku na mbeca, mutethia wa mutongeria, mutongeria) arina kanya ka mwaka jumwe ga gukinyirwa ni kithomo gia kwongera, kurita ngugi ndene ya GOCC, kuritithia kiewa kiawe kia utongeria ngugi, kumenya biashara ya ruugo bwega nkuruki na kuritira amemba bangi ba TIST nturene yao ngugi. bakethira barina twanya twa gwita ssemina, kurita ngugi na nthumba cia cluster/ atari miti na kuriungira o gikundi gikinini gia 

TIST ndene ya cluster yao, kwona mitire imiega ya kuthithia mantu iria igutumirwa ndene ya cluster yao, kumenya kwegie mariko jamega nkuruki, kumenya kwegie baita cia kuanda miti ya mithemba mwanya amwe na mantu jangi jamaingi. Ni mma, kua mutongeria ni ngugi indito. Gwita kuriungira ikundi bibinini ndene ya cluster yaku nigukujukia gwita na maguru, kwaria, kwona na kuthoma. Kwongera, gwika rekondi cia mantu jaria cluster ikinyirite nigukwenda mathaa na gwika akili o. 

Kubanga uria ikundi bibinini bia TIST bikariwa kinya ku ni ngugi indito. Kumenya gutumira Palm, GPS, njira ya gutuma ripoti na kubangira uritani bwa iguru na micemanio ya o mweri irina mantu jagukenia antu - jaja jonthe ni ngugi indito irina macokio. Ja uria baingi benu baiji, riria weta Semina ya TIST niwithagira urina igita ririega- indi nuritaga ngugi nainya mono. Nuritaga ngugi ntuku yonthe, riu ukathithia ngugi ingi ugoro! Kwou ubati kwenda kuthurwa ja mutongeria ndene ya cluster kethira urina wendo bwa kumenya jangi nkuruki na kurita ngugi nainya kua mutongeria umwega kiri ikundi bibinini ndene ya cluster yaku. Kethira urina wendo bubu, na ukuthurwa, no kwithirwe kuri mwambirio jwa twanya tungi tutwingi ndene ya muradi jwa TIST. Ugwe Thuura. Nimbi ituma mpenda kua mutongeria ndene ya cluster? TIST Small Group members from Mithuri Cluster, Laikipia West during their July Cluster meeting. Many groups received their tree payments. Cluster Leaders who have help the Cluster grow strong and strong are Nancy Muthoni (Leader, Joseph Kariuki (Co-Leader) and Francis Njoroge (Accountability person) Photo by David Thuku KIMERU VERSION 6 Wathana ni kuthikira muntu na kumuatha uria oomba kuthithia na wirigiro. O umwe wetu no atethe gukurukira kujukia kanya ga kuthikira acore, antu ba nja na aturi baria barina mukingo, guciikira iratune biao, na kubaa nteto cia kunanoreria na utethio bwa kwoneka. Ngugi iji ya counseling. • Niitethagia muntu kwelewa thina iria imukinyirite. • Niitethagia gucwa njira ya kuumbana thinene iu • Kugita igamba ririega na riria ribati kwegie thina iu cirio. Ni mma ati mantu jamwe nijeendaga counselors bathomithitue, indi no ubatethie na njira ya gukara nthi na kuthikira biuria biao, kuariria thina ciao na kuthikira uria bakwigua na jaria bagukira kwegie buria bubakarikirite. Bae umenyo bwamma na buria bukabatethia kuringana na mahitaji jao, na ubae wirigiro na inya. Rikana, ni sasawa kethira tutiji macokio jonthe! Cokio o uria ukumba na ucue utethio kiri antu bangi riria ukubwenda. Ithuganirie uri na mwajii wa Mukino ukimwathaga. Ni mantu jeku umwira kumuboreria na kumwatha 1. Muntu uria uronekana arina Mukingo? 2. Muntu uria urina Mukingo na nagukira gukua? 3. Muntu urina Mukingo na nakwenda gwita na mbele kumama na antu? Mathuganio: 1. Kiri muntu uria wonenkana arina mukingo : • Kubekira inya ati kwithirwa urina mukingo tiku kuuga mwajii no mwanka akue ntuti. Ajii no bature miaka makumi barina ndawa iria ibati na umenyeri bubwega. • Mwajii ati wenka na kurina babaingi baria boonete njira ya gutuura na murimo juju. • Mwathe atigane na kumama na antu nikenda murimo jutigatambe na kwebera kujwongera, untu buria bumba gutuma thina ithuuka nkuruki. • Bekire inya gwita na mbele kurita ngugi riri barina inya na gwita na mbele gwika mbeca niuntu bwa nja ciao. Antu ti mwanka batige gwita ngugi niuntu nibaajitue. • Kubarikania kuria bwega na gwita kliniki o igita nyuma ya igita. 2. Kiri muntu urina mukingo ugukira gukuaa: • O muntu wonthe no mwanka ategane na gikuu ari mukingo kana atinaju, na ni muntu wonthe ukiraga. • Geria kumwoneria kuringana na wirigiro bwawe bwa kidini. • Murikanie ati kwimenyeraa bwega na gutumira ndawa iria abati no kureyie utuuro na gukathongomia muturire. • Mwikire inya mwajii kujukia matagaria gukinyira maroto jao mbele ya baajua mono ( mung’uanano kurekanira na antu, kuanda miti, kuthithia ikundi bia gwitethia) 3. Kiri muntu urina mukingo na nakwenda gwita na mbele kumama na antu: • Gwita na mbele kumama na antu gukatambia murimo kiri bangi. Kinya kethira mwajii agwatirwe ni murimo ja mutino, gutuma bangi bathangika gutimuretera gikeno kana kugarura uria gukari. • Kuri na Mukingo mithamba mwanya kuringana na aria mukingo jukinyite na gwita na mbele kumama na antu gukamurugurira mithemba mwanya, untu buria bukathukia murimo nkuruki na kureta mantu jangi jaria jakomia mantu. Ebera gucirugurira mithemba ingi uria umbukia. • Niatia mwajii akuthuganiria kugwatithia muntu ungi murimo aiji? Ni mantu jeku ja kimuturire umba kumwoneria nikenda atikathithie uju? 

• Ririkania mwajii ati kumama na muntu tiyo njira yonka ya gukaranira na kugwiranirua, na ti njira yonka ya kwendana. Kurina mantu jangi ndene ya uturo jaria jaretaga kung’anirwa. Mukingo: Niki na niatia tuumba kwatha ajii. T hoko injeru ya Croton niambitie. Kambuni imwe Naro Moru nikugura mpindi cia Croton nikenda ithithia maguta jaria jomba gutumika ngarini kana kiri mashini ingi. Eco Fuels Ltd nikugura mpindi cia Croton na shilingi ithanthatu na cumuni o kilo. Arimi nibakwojania mpindi iji kuuma miunda yao bongwa kana kuuma miitu iria iri akui.Arimi babaingiba TIST niboonete ati Croton megalocarpus, muti jwa gintwire, ni jutethagia kunyiyia ruugo aanene miundene yao. Kanya ga kwendia mpindi cia Croton. Thoko injeru ya mpindi cia Croton ni baita ingi imwe ya kuthuganiria riria ugutaara ni miti iriku ukwenda kuanda. Eco Fuels niibangaira gukamata mpindi iji ciarikia kuuthuranua. Wenda kumenya nkuruki, ringira Cosmas Ochieng: 0725398675. Email: Cosmas@ecofuelskenya.com.

 www.ecofuelskenya.com Published by TIST-Kenya. W eb: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2013 Newsletter 

Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org Kikuyu Version Cluster iri na hinya: Niundu wa uhotani. Page 2 Mitaratara miega ya ikundi nini: Makinya ma ciiko na makinya ma mibango. Page 3 Kuhariria thumu – fertilizer ya ki-nduire. Page 4 Nikii kingituma nyende guthurwo ta mutongoria wa Cluster? Page 5 Murimu wa Mukingo: Gitumi na uria tungiheana mataaro. Page 6 Mweke wa kwendia Nginduri. Page 6 Thiini: TIST Small Group members from Pondo Cluster receive their tree payments during the last meeting. Photo by Sophia Wairimu. KIKUYU VERSION 2 R ugano ruru rararia uria cluster iri na hinya yagiriirwo nigukorwo ihana na mawega mangi ma gukorwo na cluster bange wega: Custer iri na hinya: • ikoragwo na ikundi nini ciraruta wira 30- 50(arimi 300-400) • ikoragwo ikihuthira utongoria wa guthiururukana na wakwirutira. 

• Niicemanagia o mweri na micemanio igakorwo na arimi na arugamiriria aao. • Iri na mugunda wa kuhanda miti itanyihiire 200,000, na iri na ikundi nini iria cirahanda na gutungata miti. • Yagiriirwo gukorwo na memba umwe uria uraeithiriria atari a miti na kurora uria ikundi cireka. • Yagiriirwo gukorwo na athomithania marathomithia na njira nginyaniru, ya guteithia na yakuguna migunda ya arimi. Na makiria, cluster iri na hinya yagiriirwo nigutigirira: • Ikundi nini ciciatarirwo miti na njira ya utheri na nginyaniru o waka. • Ikundi nini niciamukagira marihi mao mwaka maita 4 na njira ya utheri. • O gikundi nigicemanagia o wiki na gigakorwo nautongoria wa guthiururukana. • O gikundi nikiamikagira ngathiti ya Mazingira Bora o mweri. • O gikundi nikiamukagira githomo na gikerutira gwika maundu maria mathomithio na kurima urimi wa Kilimo Hai ohamwe nakuhuthira riiko ria TIST na kugiira tiiri na mangi maingi. Mawega ma gukorwo thiini wa cluster: Ririagikundi kiri thiini wa cluster, nimakoragwo namawega maingi: • niuhuthugutii micemanio. • Niuhuthu kurihwo marihi na njira ya na-ihenya. • Niuhuthu kubanga uria miti igutarwo. • Niuhuthu guthoma maundu ta urimi wa Kilimo Hai. • Niuhuthu kwamukira ngathiti ya Mazingira Bora o mweri. Kwanbiriria ica ikuhi, nigugukorwo na mieke ingi miingi ta kuiga na gukombithania mbeca. Kuringana na maundu maria maririirio thiini wa semin cia TIST gwa kahinda ka miaka itatu, nikuonekete ati o cluster niyagiriirwo ni kwirugamirira. O cluster niiguthuura murugamiriri uria ugutungata gwa kahinda gwa kahinda ka mieri minini ari ta mutongoria wa cluster iyo. Uu nikuga ati ikundi ingi nyingi nicirikoragwo na mieke miingi ya guthii semina ya utongoria, guthondeka mitaratara mieru na kugacirithia uhotani. Ningi nigugukorwo na atungata athomithie a marriko ma TIST, miti ya ki-nduire na mangi maingi niguo tukurie iheo cia arimi. Cluster imwe iria iri hakuhi na mutitu nicigutuika Community Forest Associations. Cluster nyingi nicikwambiriria gukuria biashara an guthondeka mieke niguo gukuria wirugamiriri. Cluster ingi nicigutungata njuui niguo gwikira tiiri hinya na kuhanda miti ya ki-nduire na nyeki ya ki-nduire. Utongoria wa Cluster:uria urutaga wira. Cluster guothe bururi-ini wa Kenya nicikoretwo cigiika ithurano cia arugamiriri. O cluster niikoragwo na timu ya atongoria a kwirutira 3 kuuma amemba a ikundi nini: mutongoria, munini wa mutongoria na muigi mathabu.Arugamiriri aya nimateithagia gukuria, kygaciria na kwagirithia. 

Utongori awa cluser ukoragwo uri wa guthiururukana.Ambere 3 nimagutongoria kahinda kao mutongoria acoke athurukwo na munini wake athii na-mbere na gutongoria. Muigi mathabu atuike munini wa mutongoria na gucoke guthurwo muigi mathabu mweru uria uguthomithio utongoria ni munini wa muongoria. Mutongoria wa cluster noathurwo ari ta muigi mahabu angikorwo niaikarite nja gwa kahinda ka mieri 4. muigi matahbu mweru agiriirwo nigukorwo ari memba wa cluster kuma gikundi-ini kiri thiini wa cluster iyo na akoro noahote guthoma kuhuthira palm niundu wa reporing na na Cluster iri na hinya: Niundu wa uhotani. KIKUYU VERSION 3 acountability na akorwo nietikirite gutiururukia utongoria kuri munini wa mutongoria na mutongoria. Mawira ma mutongoria. 1. Agiriirwo gukorwo ari ndungata kuri cluster na akorwo na values cia TIST. 2. Atongorie maundu ma cluser, aharirie micemanio, utari wa miti na ithomo hamwe na atongoria angi. 3. Atume na akinyie ndumiriri cia Tist Leadership Coucil. 4. Gwikira ikundi hinya niguo kigie na maciaro maingi ma kuhanda miti na urimi wa Kilimo Hai. Mawira ma munini wa mutongoria. 1. kuoya utongoria thuth wa ihind ria mutongoria guthira. 2. Guteithiriria mutongoria thiini wa cluster. Mawira ma Muigi mathabu. 1. Kuiga mathabu ma cluster. 2. Kuiga rekodi cia micemanio ya TIST akihuthira Palm. 3. niagiriirwo nikumenya kuhuthira palm niguo ahote gwikira mahuthiro na budget ya cluster. I kundi cia TIST niciikaga maundu maingi makwoneka: kuhanda miti na kwagirithia urimi. Riria kuri na wira muingi wa kurutwo, niwega guthondeka makinya ma ciiko. O memba wa gikundi niagiriirwo nikwira aria angi uria magiriirwo ni gwika kiumia kiu. Nituguguthomithia ohamwe na gikundi kianyu uria muguthondeka mubango wa ciiko. Menyithia amemba aria angi uhoro uyu mucemanioini. Mubango uyu ni kindu ta giki: • Maundu ma bata. • Maundu maria maroneka • Maundu maria mangithimika. • Maundu maria mari na kiambiriria na muthia. • Tigirira makinya maku nomahoteke. Kwa muhiano, kuga niukuhanda muti ti giiko. Kuga (giroko ithatu niguhanda miti 75 mugunda-ini) ni giiko tondu undu ucio uri na bata na niurauga kaundu(kuhanda miti 75), niuroneka (andu nimakuona) nouthimike (miti 75, irooko 3) na uri na kiambiriria na muthia(thutha wa matuku 3 niukuona maciaro). Gikundi giaku giacemania ringi, itikiria ndagika 10 mucemanio ugithira niguo o mundu aheane mubango wake wa ciiko. Omundu naihehnya: 

(1) Ira gikundi mubango wao wa kiumia kihituku. (2) Hutia maundu maria mekite. (3) Uga mibango iria igukorwo kuo kiumia giukite. Murimi angihota gukinyaniria mubango wa ciiko aria angi nimagiriirwo ni kumukenerera. Na angikorwo, ta uria maita maingi gukoagwo andu makiambiriria ati mukinyaniirie ciiko imwe, gikundi nikiagiriirwo gwikira murimi hinya na matikamurute mahitia. Riria andu mari na kamweke ga kwiyaria na kuga maria mahotete na maria matanahota Mitaratara miega ya ikundi nini: Makinya ma ciiko na makinya ma mibango. KIKUYU VERSION 4 T humu ni fertilizer ya ki-nduire iria itithagia gukuria irio. Niikoragwo iri njega gukira fertilizer iria cithondeketwo na chemicals tondu niya ki-nduire, ndiri marihi nandithukagia mimera kana maria maturigiciirie ta fertilizer iria ingi. Kuri na njira nyingi cia guthondeka thumu. No ici nicio cihuthikite muno kundu kuingi. Uria aria murigainie thiini wa cluster njira iria makoretwo makihuthira. Kuhariria thumu. 1. Chagura haria uguthondekera thumu, irima ria 4mX4m; 2. Theria handu hau. 3. Enja irima ria 3-4m na uriku wa 1.5m 4. ungania matigari mothe ma mugunda(mahuti, mabebe, muhia, na maboco) na umatinangirie kuo. 5. Ikira matigari ma irio irima-ni nginya uriku wa 0.5m 6. ikira muhu 5lts 7. ikira 30cm cia mai ma mahiu. 8. Ikira mahuti mangi nginya (0.5m) Kuhariria thumu – fertilizer ya ki-nduire. 9. ikira muhu ungi 5lts. 10. Thii na mbere giwikira uguo nginya irima riihure. 11. Muthia ikira tiiri. 12. Riria urekira tiiri irima-ini, ikira muti gatagatiini ka irima ngira uhutie gitina kia irima. 13. Reke thumu uikare kahinda ka mieri 3, 14. gwa kahinda gaka, huthira maai ma giko guitiriria. Kwa muhiano, thutha wa guthambia nyumba, itiriria maai macio hau. 15. Njira ino niyongagirira nitrogen thumu-ini. 16. Geria guitiriria maai o muthenya, kana riria maai monekana. 17. Thutha wa thiku 90, thumu ugukorwo uri muhiu. Huthira muti uria uthecereirie gatagati ta githimi gia kana thumu ni mwega, wagiriirwo ni gukorwo uri muhiu na wone ukiruta ndogo waruta. Mahuthiro ma Thumu Riria wenja irima ria kuhanda mbembe, muhia na mimera ingi, ikira itaha rimwe ria thumu o irima. Eterara maumirira nimahotaga kugia na hinya wa guthii na mbere a kiumia. Hinyiriria arimi a gikundi giaku makorwo na mubango wa ciiko ungihoteteka. Tigirira ati mubango ucio niuraririria kindu! Araniriai na muonanie ciiko iria muhotete. Makinya ma mbango wa ciiko. Njira ihanaine no ihuthirwo riria urehariria. Haha hari na cionereria. Kwaririria kindu(gikundi gitu kia TIST nigikuhanda miti 1000 thibitari-ini tugikinyiria November 30) mangithimika(Miti iigana? Miti 1000 niyo ikuhandwo) Ingihoteteka (Gikundi gitu gia TIST nokihande miti 1000 hari ciumia 5 – miti 100 o wakeri na wakana, miti 10 o mundu o muthenya.) mahinda (turi na kiambiriria na muthia- nitukuhanda miti gatagati ka October 15 – November30) Ingioneka (nginya ngi niirakwona ukihanda miti) Smarto Giki nikigeranio giakuonania kana niurarumirira mubango waku: 1. Kii?(Kuhanda miti 1000) 2. Uu?(Riitwa ria memba wa TIST) 3. O ri? (October 15 – November 30) 4. O ku? (Thibiari-ini) 5. Atia(tucemanagia o wa-keri na wa-kana miaraho thutha wa kuruta wira na tukenja marima na tukahanda miti) 6. niki?(niguo kwagirithia thibitari niguo kuhe arwaru handu ha kiiruru) KIKUYU VERSION 5 K uri na makiria ma cluster 160 thiini wa TIST, turi na mweke guukorwo na atongoria 480 eeru aria makwoneka o mwaka kumana na amemba a TIST. Uu niundu wa magegania kwonania uria TIST ihotete guthundura iheo cia utongoria thiini wa bururi wa Kenya. Ni mweke wa bata muno kuri mundu kiumbe. Mundu uria wathurwo ta mutongoria wa TIST ari na mweke wa mawka 1 kwamukiraa githomo kia uria angihota gutungatira cluster na gukorwo thiini wa Group of Cluster Council(GOCC) niguo magacirithie utongoria wao ohamwe na kumenya kuhuthira indo cia utari wa miti, gutaukwo ni thoko ya carbon na gutungatira amemba a TIST kwao. Nimagukorwo na mweke wa guthii semina, kurutithania wira na atari a miti na guceerera o gikundi thiini wa cluster niguo kuona mitaratara iria marahuthira ohamwe na guthoma uhoro wigii riiko ria TIST na githomo kia miti mithemba miingi. Nima gukorwo uri mutongoria no muhaka wirutanirie. Guthii na guceerera ikundi nini thiini wa cluster nikubataraga rugendo runene, kwaria muno,kwirorera na guthoma. Na ningi, kuiga rekodi cia uria wona na maundu maria cluster irabataa. Khariria cluster niundu wa marihi ni undu ubataraga wira munene. Kumenya kuhuthira computers, njira ya gutuma uhoro ya GPS na kuhariria githomo gikinyaniru na micemanio-maya mothe mabataraga kwirutira.

 Ta uria aingi anyu muui, riria wathii thiini wa semina ya TIST ukoragwo na kahinda keega no ugakorwo ukiruta wira muingi muthenya wothe! Kwa uguo niwagiriirwo ni kwenda guthurwo ta mutongoria tondu noukorwo uri kiambiriria kia mieke ingi miingi thiini wa TIST. Tua itua. Nikii kingituma nyende guthurwo ta mutongoria wa Cluster? TIST Small Group members from Mithuri Cluster, Laikipia West during their July Cluster meeting. Many groups received their tree payments. Cluster Leaders who have help the Cluster grow strong and strong are Nancy Muthoni (Leader, Joseph Kariuki (Co-Leader) and Francis Njoroge (Accountability person) Photo by David Thuku KIKUYU VERSION 6 M otaaro nikuuga guthikiriria mundu na kumutaara na kumuhe kiirigiriro. O umwe witu noateithiririe na njira ya kwoya kahinda guthikiriria arata na andu angi aria marwarie murimu wa mukingo, kwiikira iratu-ini ciao na kumahe ciugo cia kumomiriria na kumateithia. Gitumi kia utaari uyu: • Teithiriria mundu ucio gutaukwo ni mathina maria mamunyitite. • Muteithiririe kugia na njira cia gutoria mathina maya. • Muteithie gutua matua mega kuringana na mathina make. Nima ati maundu mangi nimabataraga githomo no nouhote guikara na andu aya na umathikiririe na uigue ciuria ciao, mwariririe mathina na uigue meciiria maao na guoya wa uria mareciria kungithii. Tawicirie ugitaara mundu uri na murimu wa mukingo. Ni ciugo iriku ciakumumiriria ungimuhee. 1. Mundu wathimwo na onekana na murimu wa mukingo? 2. Mundu ukoretwo na murimu wa mukingo na niaretigira gukua? 3. Mundu uri na murimu wa mukingo na niarenda guthii na-mbere na kuonana ki-mwiri? Ideas: 1. Kuri mundu wathimwo na onekana na murimu wa mukingo. • Kumuririkania ati gukorwo namurimu wa mukingo tikuuga ati niagukua na-ihenya. Murwaru noature miaka miingi angikorwo akiamukira urigitani uria wagiriire. • Muririkanie timutiganirie na kuri na andu angi aingi mahotete gutura na murimu uyu. • Muhinyiririe atige kwonana ki-miri niguo murimu ndugathereme na kugiriria kwiyongerera mathina. • Muhinyiririe guthii na-mbere na kuruta wira riria ari na hinya na kwonjorithia niundu wa miturire ya andu a nyumba yake. Andu matitigaga kuruta wira tondu nimoneka na murimu wa mukingo.

 • Muririkanie kuria irio cia gwikira mwiri hinya na guthii thibitari maita maingi. 2. Kuri mundu urwarite murimu wa mukingo na niaretigira gukua: • O mundu nomuhaka agakua mutenya umwe, arwarite murimu wa mukingo kana aari murwaru. Kw uguo ndagetigire. • Muhe kiirigiriro kumana na mataro ma ki-dini. • Muririkanie uria urigiti mwega ungiongerera muturire wake na kuugaciria. • Muhinyiririe kuoya makinya gukinyaniria cioneki ciao mbere ya kuhootwo muno(Kunyitanira na andu, kuhanda miti, kwambiriria ikundi cia gwiteithia) 3. Kuri mundu murwaru murimu wa mukingo uria urenda guthii na-mbere na kwonana ki-mwiri. • Guthii na-mbere na kwonana ki-mwiri nigutheremagia murimu uyu kuri andu angi. Ona angikorwo murwaru anyitire murimu uyu ki-mutino, kuutheremia kuri andu angi gutingirehe gikeno kana kugarure maundu. • Nikuri mogwati ma murimu uyu riria wathii na-mbere na kwonana ki-mwiri na nomamunyite angika uguo. Witheme na mogwati maya. • Murwaru ari na mawoni mariku hari gutheremia murimu uyu kuri a ndu angi? Ni maundu mariku maumundu arona? • Muririkanie kwonana ki-mwiri toyo njira ya gwikenia, ona kana ya kwonania wendp. Nikuri na njira ingi nyingi cingimurehera gikeno na kuiganira maishaini make. Murimu wa Mukingo: Gitumi na uria tungiheana mataaro. T hoko njeru ya Nginduri niyumirite. Company iri Narumoro niragura nginduri cia guthondeka maguta ma gutwarithia ngari na machini ingi. Eco Fuels Kenya Ltd niiragura nginduri na 6.50/ kg. Arimi nimarongania mbegu ici kuma migundaini yao kan ithaka-ini. Arimi aingi a TIST nimonire ati miti ya mikinduri, iria niya ki-nduire niihotaga kunyihia ruhuho migunda-ini.Thoko ino njeru ya nginduri ni wega ungi wakurora riria urathuura miti ya kuhanda. Eco Fuel niigiraga nginduri riria cionganio. Kwa uhoro makiria, araniria na: Cosmas Ochieng: 0725398675. Email:Cosmas@ecofuelsk e n ya.com www.ecofuelskenya.com Mweke wa kwendia Nginduri. Published by TIST-Kenya. W eb: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2013 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org Kiswahili Version Cluster yenye nguvu: Kuelekea mafanikio. Ukurasa 2 Mienendo bora zaidi ya vikundi vidogo ya kufanya mambo tofauti: Hatua za kuchukua na kupangia hatua. Ukurasa 3 Kutengeneza mbolea ya mabaki ya mimea- Mbolea ya kiasili. Ukurasa 4 Mbona nitake kuchaguliwa kuwa kiongozi katika cluster? Ukurasa 5 Ukimwi: Kwa nini na jinsi ya kushauri. Ukurasa 6 Fursa ya kuuza mbegu za Croton. Ukurasa 6 Ndani: TIST Small Group members from Pondo Cluster receive their tree payments during the last meeting. Photo by Sophia Wairimu. KISWAHILI VERSION 2 M akala haya yanajadiri jinsi cluster yenye nguvu yafaa kuwa na faida nyingi za cluster iliyojipanga vizuri na yenye nguvu: Cluster yenye nguvu: • Ina vikundi vinavyojiunga na vitendo vya TIST thelathini kufikia hamsini (wakulima mia tatu hadi mia nne) • Kinatumia uongozi wa mzunguko na wa utumishi • Hukutana kila mwezi na mkutano una wawakilishi wa vikundi vidogo wengi. • Ina shamba la kupanda zaidi ya miti elfu mia mbili na lina vikundi vidogo vinavyopanda na kuchunga miti yao. • Iwe na mwanacluster mmoja au zaidi wanaosaidia wahesabu miti kujua yanayofanyika katika kila kikundi kidogo. • Iwe na walimu wanaofanya kazi wanaogawana taarifa nzuri, zilizopo na zinazosaidia katika mikutano ya cluster na katika mashamba. Kuongeza, cluster yenye nguvu yafaa: • Vikundi vidogo viwe vimehitimu kwa njia isiyoficha chochote na yenye ukweli kila mwaka. • Vikundi vidogo vimepata malipo ya miti kwa njia isiyofichika kila baada ya miezi mitatu. • Kila kikundi kidogo kiwe na mkutano kila wiki na kiwe na uongozi wa mzunguko na wa utumishi. • Kila kikundi kidogo kifikiwe na Mazingira Bora kila mwezi. • Vikundi vidogo vipate mafunzo na viyafuatilie, vigawane njia bora za kufanya mambo mbalimbali kama Kilimo hai, meko bora, na njia za kuzuia mmomonyoko wa udongo, pamoja na mengineo. Faida za kuwa katika cluster: Kikundi kidogo kinapokuwa katika cluster, kina faida nyingi: • Ni rahisi kufika katika mikutano ya cluster ya kila mwezi • Ni rahisi kulipwa • Waweza kupangia uhesabu miti • Ni rahisi kusoma na kujua njia bora zaidi za kufanya mambo kama kilimo hai.

 • Ni rahisi kupata Mazingira Bora kila mwezi 

• Ni rahisi kujiunga katika nafasi mpya za TIST kwa mfano Jiko Bora Kuanzia hivi karibuni, kutakuwa na nafasi hata zaidi, kama kujiunga na vikundi vya kuweka na kukopa. Kupitia majadiliano katika semina za TIST katika miaka mitatu iliyopita, kumejulikana kuwa kila cluster ina uwezo wa kujiongoza. cluster itachagua wawakilishi wa cluster ambao watatumika kwa muda wa miezi michache kama viongozi wa cluster hiyo. Hii ni kumaanisha kuwa wanavikundi wengi watapata nafasi ya kujiunga na semina za TIST ili kupata mafunzo kuhusu uongozi, kuanzisha njia bora zaidi za kufanya mambo mbali mbali na kuendelea kusaidia kupangia mafanikio ya TIST. Pia kutakuwa na watumishi wa TIST mabingwa wa Jiko Bora, mabingwa wa miti ya kiasili na nafasi zingine nyingi za walio katika TIST kukuza na kutumia vipawa vyao. Cluster zingine zilizopo karibu na misitu zitaingia katika vikundi vya CFA (Community Forest Associations). Cluster nyingi zitaanza kukuza biashara zao wenyewe na kuanzisha nafasi za kuendelea kibiashara kwa njia endelevu. 

Cluster nyingi zitaanza kufanya kazi nyingi mipaka ya maji ili kuachisha mmomonyoko wa udongo, na kupanda nyasi, miti na vichaka vya kiasili. Uongozi katika cluster: Jinsi unavyofanya kazi Cluster katika Kenya zimekuwa zikifanya uchaguzi wa wawakilishi wa cluster. kila cluster ina kundi la viongozi watumishi wa kujitolea watatu waliochaguliwa kutokana na memba wa vikundi vidogo: kiongozi, msaidizi wake na Mweka vitabu na hazina. Wawakilishi hawa husaidia cluster kukua, kboreka na kufanikiwa. Uongozi wa cluster ni wa mzunguko. wakwanza watatu wataongoza wakati wao halafu kiongozi atatoka uongozini na msaidizi wake atakuwa kiongozi. Mweka vitabu na hazina naye atakuwa msaidizi wa kiongozi. Mweka vitabu na hazina mpaya atachaguliwa na cluster kutoka kwa wanavikundi vidogo na afunzwe na msaidizi wa kiongozi mpya kuchukua nafasi hii. Kiongozi wa cluster anaweza kusimama kuchaguliwa kama mweka vitabu na hazina baada ya kukaa nje ya uongozi miezi minne. Mweka hazina na vitabu mpya anafaa kuwa mwana kikundi kidogo Cluster yenye nguvu: Kuelekea mafanikio. KISWAHILI VERSION 3 aliyechaguliwa kutokana na memba wa vikundi vidogo katika cluster na aweze kujua kutumia Palm kuripoti na kuweka vitabu na awe amejitolea kuwa msaidizi wa kiongozi halafu kiongozi. Kazi ya kiongozi. 

• Awe mtumishi kwa cluster yote na afuatilie maadili ya TIST. • Huongoza kazi za cluster, huongoza mikutano ya cluster, hupangia uhesabu miti na masomo ya cluster pamoja na viongozi wengine wa cluster. • Husaidia kuleta na kutuma taarifa muhimu kwa chama cha uongozi katika TIST. • Huhamasisha vikundi kufikia mambo makubwa, pamoja na kupanda miti na kutumia kilimo hai. Kazi za msaidizi wa kiongozi. • Huchukua usukani asipokuwa kiongozi na utumika kwa wanacluster na kiongozi wa cluster. • Husaidi kiongozi kuleta pamoja mafikira ya wanacluster. Kazi za mweka vitabu na hazina katika cluster. • Huweka rekodi za mikutano na matumizi ya pesa. 

• Huweka rekodi za cluster na ripoti kuhusu mikutano ya cluster kwa kutumia Palm • Uhitaji kujua kutumia Palm ili aweze kuingiza matumizi na mpango wa matumizi na kupata taarifa kuhusu cluster. V ikundi vingi vya TIST hufanya kazi nyingi zinazoonekana: kupanda miti na kuboresha mbinu za ukulima. Wakati kuna kazi nyingi inayohitaji kufanyika, ni vizuri kufanya mpango wa hatua zitakazochukuliwa. Kila mwanakikundi afaa kuambia kikundi ni kitu gani wataweza kufanya katika wiki hiyo. Tutawafunza nyinyi na kikundi chenu jinsi ya kufanya mpango wa hatua zitakachochukulia kufanya kazi hiyo. Tafadhali gawana haya na wanakikundi wengine wakati wa mkutano. Hatua ya Utekelezaji ni iliyo: • Maalum • Inayoonekana (Nzi iliyo ukutani yaweza kukuona ukifanya!) • Inayopimika • Iliyo na mwanzo na mwisho • Hakikisha hatua yako ya utekelezaji ni itakayowezekana na unayoweza kufikia! Kwa mfano, kusema ‘Nitapanda miti’ si hatua ya Utekelezaji kwa sababu ni taarifa ya ujumla. ‘Nitafanya kazi asubuhi tatu wiki hii kupandikiza miche sabini na tano shambani letu jipya’ ni hatua ya utekelezaji kwa sababu ni iliyo maalum (kupandikiza miche sabini na tano), inayoonekana(watu waweza kukuona ukifanya), inayopimika (miche sabini na tano, asubuhi tatu) na ina mwanzo na mwisho(mwishoni mwa siku tatu utaona matokeo). Kikundi chako kitakapokutana tena, ruhusu dakika tano mwishoni mwa mkutano ili kila mtu aripoti kuhusu hatua yake mwenyewe ya utkelezaji. Kila mtu haraka:

 (1) Aambie kikundi hatua yake ya utekelezaji ya wiki iliyopita. (2) Aseme ni nini chenyewe alichofanya. (3) Aseme hatua yake ya utekelezaji ya wiki inayofuata. Kama huyo mtu alifanikiwa katika hatua yake ya utekelezaji, kikundi kinasherehekea fanikio hilo. Ikiwa, kama mara mengi inavyotokea, mwanakikundi ameweza kufanikiwa kufikia kiwango fulani cha lengo lake, kikundi kimtie nguvu na kisimkosoe au kumtia lawama. Watu wanapoweza kugawana bila hofu kuhusu mafanikio na kutofaulu kwao, watahimizwa kufanya vyema zaidi wiki inayofuatilia. Himiza wana kikundi chako kufikiria hatua za utekelezaji zinazowezekana. Hakikisha kila mojawapo ni maalum, inapimika na inawezekana! Gawana na msherehekee hatua za utekelezaji kikundi chako kilichotimiza. Mienendo bora zaidi ya vikundi vidogo ya kufanya mambo tofauti: Hatua za kuchukua na kupangia hatua. KISWAHILI VERSION 4 M bolea ya mimea ni mbolea ya kiasili inayosaidia mimea yako kukua. Ni bora kuliko mbolea ya viwanda kwa sababu ni ya kiasili, haina malipo na haitaharibu mimea na mazingira kama mbolea zingine za viwanda zinavyofanya. Kuna njia nyingi za kutengeneza mbolea ya mimea lakini njia ifuatayo imesaidia sana katika maeneo mengine. Uliza majirani wako katika cluster yako njia iliyofanya kazi vizuri kwao. Kutengeza mbolea ya mimea 

• Chagua eneo la kuweka shimo lako la taka urefu na upana wa mita nne. • Fagia eneo hilo. • Chimba shimo la mduara lenye upana wa mita tatu au nne na mita moja unusu kushuka. • Kusanya mabaki yote ya mimea uliyonayo (kwa mfano majani na mashina ya mahindi, mtama na maharagwe) na ukate vipande vidogo. • Weka mabaki haya shimoni hadi kina cha mita nusu. 

• Ongeza lita tano za majivu. • Weka centimita thelathini (ama iliyopo) ya kinyesi ( kwa mfano kinyesi cha nguruwe, ng’ombe, mbuzi au kuku). • Weka safu nyingine ya mabaki ya mimea na mashina (nusu mita). • Ongeza lita tano za kijivu. • Rudia kuongeza majani na mashina hadi shimo likaribie kujaa. • Hatimaye ongeza safu ya udongo hadi shimo lijae. • Ukiwa unajaza shimo na udongo, weka kijiti kirefu kati kati ya shimo hadi kifike chini. • Wacha shimo likae hivyo siku tisini (miezi tatu) • Katika kipindi hiki tumia maji yako machafu kuweka shimoni hili la taka. Kwa mfano. ukishaosha nyumba au nguo, yamwage maji uliyotumia shimoni. Kama una mifugo, waweza pia kuongeza mkojo wa wanyama shimoni. • Mkojo huongeza naitorjeni katika mbolea. • Jaribu kuweka maji shimoni kwa njia hii kila siku au kila unapopata maji. • Baada ya siku tisini mbolea itakuwa tayari. Tumia kijiti kama kipima joto - mbolea ikiwa tayari lazima iwe na joto jingi na waweza ata kuona moshi wa joto ukitoka kijitini baada ya kutoa. Matumizi ya mbolea Ukishachimba mashimo ya kupanda mahindi, mtama au mmea mwingineo, ongeza mbolea ikiwa imejaa kwa mkono wako kwa kila shimo. Ngoja kuona matokeo! Kutengeneza mbolea ya mabaki ya mimeaMbolea ya kiasili. Hatua za utekelezaji unapofanya hatua za mipango Njia sawa yaweza kutumiwa unapopangia kitu. Hapa ni mfano katika mabano. Wakati kikundi chako kinapopanga kitakavyofanya, hakikisha mipango yenu ni: Specific- Maalum (Kikundi chetu cha TIST kitapanda miti elfu moja katika hospitali mtaani kabla ya tarehe thelathini, Novemba) Measurable-Inapimika (Ngapi? - Miti elfu moja itapandwa) Achievable/Realistic –Inayoweza kufikiwa (Kikundi chetu cha TIST chaweza kupanda miti elfu moja katika muda wa wiki tano- miti mia moja kila jumanne na alhamisi, miti kumi kwa kila mmoja kila kila siku) Time-bound- Inapimiwa muda (Ina mwanzo na mwisho- tutapanda miti kati ya tarehe kumi na tano, Octoba hadi tarehe thelathini Novemba) Observable- Inaonekana (Nzi ukutani yaweza kutuona tukipanda miti. ) SMARTO! Huu ni mwongozo na kipimo cha hatua zako za utekelezaji na unakusaidia kuwa maalum: 1) Nini – (Kupanda miti elfu moja) 2) Nani – (Wana Kikundi kidogo cha TIST kwa jina) 3) Lini – (Oct 15 – Nov 30) 4) Wapi– (Hospitalini) 5) Aje – (Tutakutana kila Jumanne na Alhamisi alasiri baada ya joto la siku na kuchimba mashimo, halafu tupande miti) 6) Kwa nini– (Kuboresha eneo linalozunguka hospitali, tuwe na kivuli zaidi kwa wagonjwa na wageni, watu waweze kukaa chini ya miti na kivuli kitafanya hospitali iwe baridi zaidi. ) Sasa, jaribu kujizoesha kufanya hatua za mipango katika mkutano wako wa kikundi kidogo ujao. KISWAHILI VERSION 5 K ukiwa na zaidi ya cluster mia moja sitini katika TIST sasa, kuna nafasi za kuwa na viongozi wapya zaidi ya mia nne themanini wanaochaguliwa kila mwaka na wanaTIST. Hili ni onyesho la kuajabisha kuhusu uwezo ambao mradi wa TIST unakuza katika Kenya. Ni nafasi kubwa kwa kila mmoja katika TIST. Mtu anayechaguliwa kuwa kiongozi katika cluster (mweka vitabu na hazina, msaidizi wa kiongozi, au kiongozi) ana nafasi ya mwaka mmoja ya kupata mafunzo nyongeza, kutumika katika chama cha GOCC na kupata mafunzo ya vifaa vya uhesabu miti, kuelewa biashara ya hewa chafu na kutumikia memba wenzao katika TIST. Watakuwa na nafasi ya kujiunga na semina, kufanya kazi na watumishi wa TIST/Wahesabu miti na kutembelea kila kikundi kidogo cha TIST katika cluster yao, kuona njia bora za kufanya mambo, kusoma kuhusu jiko bora, kujua faida za miti ya aina mbalimbali, na mambo mengine. Ni ukweli, kuwa kiongozi wa cluster ni kazi ngumu. Kuenda na kutembelea vikundi vidogo katika cluster yako hutaka kutembea kwingi, kuongea, kuangalia na kusoma. Pia, kuweka rekodi za mambo

 yaliyofanyika katika cluster huhitaji wakati mwingi na kujiweka kazini sana. Kupanga ili vikundi vidogo vya TIST vipate malipo pia ni kazi ngumu. Kusoma kutumia Palm, GPS, njia za kuripoti, na kupangia mafunzo ya hali ya juu na mikutano ya kila mwezi inayofana - haya yote ni kazi ngumu. Kama wengi wenu wanavyojua, ukienda katika semina za TIST unakuwa na wakati mzuri- lakini pia unafanya kazi kwa bidii. Unafanya kazi siku yote, halafu unapata kazi ya ziada ya jioni! Kwa hivyo unafaa kutaka kuchaguliwa kama kiongozi katika cluster tu kama una upendo mwingi wa kusoma mengi zaidi na kufanya kazi kwa bidii kuwa mtusishi mzuri kwa vikundi vidogo katika cluster yako. Kama unaupendo huo, na uchaguliwe, inaweza kuwa mwanzo wa nafasi zingine nyingi katika mradi wa TIST. Wewe Amua. Mbona nitake kuchaguliwa kuwa kiongozi katika cluster? TIST Small Group members from Mithuri Cluster, Laikipia West during their July Cluster meeting. Many groups received their tree payments. Cluster Leaders who have help the Cluster grow strong and strong are Nancy Muthoni (Leader, Joseph Kariuki (Co-Leader) and Francis Njoroge (Accountability person) Photo by David Thuku KISWAHILI VERSION 6 K ushauri kunamaanisha kusikiza na kuwapa ushauri utakaowasaidia na kuwapa matumaini. Kila mmoja wetu anaweza kusaidia kwa

 kuchukua muda kuwasikiza marafiki, familia na majirani walio na ukimwi, kujiweka katika nafasi zao, na kutoa maneno ya faraja na msaada wa vitendo. Madhumuni ya ushauri nasaha ni: • Kumsaidia mtu kuelewa shida zinazomkumba • Kumsaidia kupata njia za kuyakabiri matatizo hayo • Kufanya maamuzi mazuri na yanayofaa kuhusu matatizo yaliyo mkononi. Ni ukweli kwamba baadhi ya masuala yanahitaji washauri waliofunzwa, lakini waweze kuwasaidia kwa kuketi na mhusika na kuyasikiza maswali yake, kujadiliana matatizo yao na kusikiza kuhusu hisia zao na hofu kuhusu yaliyotendeka kwao. Wape taarifa ya ukweli na itakayowasaidia na uwape matumaini na nguvu. Kumbuka: ni sawa kama hatujui majibu yote! Jibu jinsi uwezavyo na utafute usaidizi kutoka kwa watu unapouhitaji. Fikiria kuwa unamshauri mgonjwa wa UKIMWI. Ni maneno gani ungetumia kumfariji na kumshauri: 

1. Mtu ambaye amepata majibu ya hapo kuwa ana UKIMWI? 2. Mtu aliye na UKIMWi na anayeogopa kufa? 3. Mtu mwenye UKIMWI anayetaka kuendelea kufanya ngono? Mawazo ya kusaidia: 1. Kwa aliyepata majibu kuwa ana UKIMWI: • Mpe uhakika kuwa kuwa na UKIMWI hakumaanishi mgonjwa atakufa karibuni. Wagonjwa wanaweza kuishi miongo wakitumia huduma na kutunzwa inavyofaa. • Mgonjwa hayupo peke yake, na wengi wengine wamepata njia za kuishi na ugonjwa huu. • Hamasisha mgonjwa kujitenga na ngono ili ugonjwa usienezwa na pia ili kuepuka uambukizi wa tena, ambao waweza kufanya shida kubwa zaidi. • Wahamasishe kuendelea kufanya kazi wakati bado wana nguvu na kuendelea kufanya uwekezaji kwa ajili ya familia zao. Watu hawahitaji kuacha kufanya kazi kwa sababu tu wao ni wagonjwa. • Wakumbushe kula vizuri na kuenda kwa kliniki kila baada ya muda. 2. Kwa mtu aliye na UKIMWI na anayeogopa kufa: • Kila mtu lazima afe wakiwa au wasipokuwa na UKIMWI, na ni kawaida kuhisi hofu. • Lenga matumaini yoyote ya kidini aliyonayo mgonjwa. • Mkumbushe mgonjwa kuhusu jinsi kujitunza na kupata huduma inayofaa kwaweza kuongeza maisha na kuyaboresha. • Hamasisha mgonjwa kuchukua hatua kuyafikia baadhi ya matarajio yao kabla ya kuwa wagonjwa 3. Kwa mtu aliye na UKIMWI na anayetaka kuendelea kujihusisha na ngono: • Kuendelea kufanya ngono kwaweza kueneza ugonjwa kwa watu wengine. Ata kama mgonjwa amepata UKIMWI kwa ajali, kuwafanya wengine kuteseka hakutaleta furaha ama kubadilishe hali hiyo. 

• Kuna aina tofauti au hatua za virusi hivi vya UKIMWI na kuendelea kufanya ngono kutamfungulia mgonjwa aina hizi tofauti, ambazo zitazidisha ugonjwa na kuleta matatizo. Epuka jambo hili ili kukaa na nguvu nyingi iwezekanavyo. • Mgonjwa na hisia zipi kuhusu kuambukiza mtu mwingine akiwa anajua? Ni hoja zipi za kimaadili zipo dhidi ya haya? • Mkumbushe mgonjwa kuwa ngono si njia ya kipekee ya urafiki au starehe, au njia ya kipekee ya kuonyesha upendo. Kuna mambo mengine maishani ambayo yaweza kutupa ukamilifu. Ukimwi: Kwa nini na jinsi ya kushauri. S oko jipya la Croton limejitokeza. Kampuni moja iliyo Naro Moru inanunua mbegu za Croton ili kutengeneza diseli ya kutokana na mimea ambayo yaweza kutumiwa kuendesha magari na ata mashine nyinginezo. Kampuni inayoitwa Eco Fuels Ltd inanunua mbegu za croton kwa bei ya shilingi sita na sumni kila Kilo. Wakulima wanaokota mbegu hizi kutoka kwa mashamba yao au misitu inayokaribia. Wakulima wengi wa TIST wanajua kuwa mti Fursa ya kuuza mbegu za Croton. huu wa Croton megalocarpus, Mti wa kiasili, huwa njia nzuri ya kupunguza upepo katika mashamba yao. Soko ili jipya la mbegu za Croton ni faida moja ya kufikiria wakati unapochagua miti ya kukuza. Eco Fuels hupangia usafiri baada ya kuchukua mbegu hizi. Kujua mengi zaidi, pigia Cosmas Ochieng: 0725398675. Email: Cosmas@ecofuelskenya.com. www.ecofuelskenya.com Published by TIST-Kenya. W eb: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2013 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org Kikamba Version Ngwatanio numu kwelekela kuvaulu. Page 2 Mawiko maseo ma tukundi tunini, matambya maosa na walany’o wa meko/wiko. Page 3 Kuseuvya vuu wa yiima – vuu utena sumu. Page 4 Niki nende kusakuwa ta mutongoi wa ngwatanio? Page 5 Uwau wa muthelo (hiv/aids) niki na ni ata tutonya unengane utao (counseling). Page 6 Vuso ya kuta mbaiki (Groton Nuts). Page 6 Nthini: TIST Small Group members from Pondo Cluster receive their tree payments during the last meeting. Photo by Sophia Wairimu. KIKAMBA VERSION 2 I thangu yii niyiunenea ngwatanio numu undu yaile kwitha yiilye na vaita wa kwia walany’o na ngwatanio numu: Ngwatanio numu: • Yithiawa na tukundi tunini ta 30 kuvika 50 (utalo wa aimi kati wa 300 na 400) • Kutumia nzia ya utongoi wa kithyululu

 • Kukomana kaingi ta umbano wa kila mwai aimi ma tukundi tunini mevo • Niyithiawa na kitheka kya uvanda iyiva miti ta 200000 na yina tukundi tunini tuuvanda na kusuvia miti • Niyaile kwithiwa na amemba kana member umwe ukutetheesya thini wa avitukithya kutetheesya na kusyaiisya tukundi tunini. Nikyaile ithiwa na amanyisya mena mawendi maseo na kunengane uw’o na kunengane uvoo wavata iulu wa mbumbano na miunda. Kwongeleela, ngwatanio numu niyailekuikiithya kana:- • Tukundi tunini nitwaile kuvitukithwa nesa na kwikwa kyenini na kwa nzia ya w’o kila mwaka. • Tukundi tunini kukwata ndivi yoo mavinda ana kwa mwaka kwa nzia yaw’o naya kyeni • Kila kamwe katiwa tukundi kukomana kila kyumwa na kuendeesya utongoi wa kumanisya na kithyululu • Kila kamwe ka tukundi kukwata ithangu ya “mazingira bora” ya kila mwai. • Tukundi tunini kukwata umanyisyo na kwiyumya kuatiia mawalany’o maseo ma tist ta uimi wa kusuvia (cf), maiko ma usuvia mwaki, nzia sya kusuvia muthanga kukuwa na angi maingi. Moseo ma kwithiwa nthini wa ngwatanio (cluster) Yila kakundi ke thini wa bgwatanio kethiawa kena vaita wa:- Nikatonya kuka umbanoni wa kila mwai vate kuselewa • Nikatonya kuivika kwa mituki na vatena thina • Nokavangiiwe muthenya wa kuvitukithwa • Ni laisi na mituki kuvindiw’a nzia nzeo sya tist tanima ya kusuvia (cf) • Nikatonya ukwata ithangu ya mazingira bora kila mwai • Ni laisi kutumia nzia nzeo sya tist ta kutumia maiko ma kusuvia mwaki. Kwambiia o mituki nivekwithiwa na mavuso maingi ta kwithiwa andu matonya kwia mbesa na kukova. Kwianana na undu yila kwai semina ya tist kweeiwe thini wa myaka itatu mivituku kila ngwatanio yaile ithiwa itonya kwiyiungamia. Kila ngwatanio (cluster) ikeethiawa isakuite mundu ula ukumithukuma myai mivuthu nthini wa utongoi na mawalanyo ma I ngwatanio. Kii nikwasya kana tukundi twinge tunini tukeethiwa tutonya uvika seminani sya tist kwoondu wa momanyisyo ma utongoi, kusoma nzia nzeo nzau sya uimi na kuendeea utethania kwoondu wa maendeeo na usindi wa tist. Vakeethiawa na athukumi ma ngwatanio ta ma maiko ma kusuvia mwaki , nduika sya miti ya kiene na mavuso angi maingi kwa aimi ma tist kutumia na kwona inengo syoo ni sya endeea . ngwatanio imwe ila syi vakuvi na mititu kutwikithw’a community forest associations. Ngwtanio mbingi kwambiia useuvya viasala syasyo na maundu ma kwitethya na kwiyiendeesya. Ngwatanio imwe kwambiia uthukuma na kwiyumba muno wiani wa kuumamya kukuwa kwa muthanga ndeeni sya mbusi na mikaoni kwa kuvanda miti ya kiene, nyeki na ikuthu. 

Utongoi wa ngwatanio na undu uthukumaa. Ngwata nio (cluster) syithiitwe iisakuana kila vandu nthini wa Kenya.kila ngwatanio yithiawa na athukumi ma kwiyumya atatu masakuitwe kuma tukundini tunini ala ni : mutongoi, munini wake na mwii wa kinandu.Andu aya matetheeasya ngwatanio kwina, kwiyaka na kuvikia walany’o wayo. Utongoi wa ngwatanio ni wa kithyululu, atongoi mambee atatu nimeuthukuma ivinda yoo ya indi ula utongoetye ayumia na muni wake ayoseleela utongoi nake mwii wa kinandu aitwika munini wake na vaisakuwa mundu ungi mweu kuma kakundini Ngwatanio numu kwelekela kuvaulu. KIKAMBA VERSION 3 N gwatanio na ikundi sya TIST nisyikaa maundu maingi ta kuvanda miti na kwongela utuika wa nima.Yila kwina wia mwingi ni useo kwosa matambya na kutavya kila umwe kila wailwe nikwithiwa avikiite kyumwa kiithela. Nituu mumanyisya undu wa kuvanga na matambya maosa. kwandaia neenanisyai kana utavye angi ma kakundi kenyu yila mwakomana mbumbanoni. Itambya ya meko ni kindu:- 

• Kiamuitwe nikiva • Kitonya kwoneka • Kitonya uthimwa • Kina mwambiio na muthya • Ikiithya itambya na wiko yila woosa noyivikike na yina kitumi. Kwa ngelekany’o ‘Ni nguvanda miti” usu nuneeni ti wiko . “Kyumwa kii nithukuma mithenya itatu kumya miti 75 kivuioni na kumivanda vala yaile” yii ni itambya ya meko nundu niwinengete nginya ivinda ya kukuna wia uu. No yoneke nundu nukwoneka uivanda, ve kwambiia na kumina nundu itina wa ila mithenya itatu nitukwona undu wikite. Yila kakundi kenyu koombana mwiikithya nimwoosa ndatika ta 20 kila umwe kuweta itambya ya meko yila wosete okwa mituki. Kila umwe akaweta:- Itambya yila wosete kyumwani kiu kithelu Mawete kila mekite Na maiweta ni itambya na wia ungi mwau mekwika kyumwa kiatiie. Kethiwa umwe ni wa vitukiwa ni itambya yake kikundi kyothe kikatana nundu wa kwithiwa niwikite nesa. Na ethiwa mundu akivikia yusu ya walany’o wake kikundi kikamuthuthya kumina indi ti kumutula muti na kumutalila makosa. Nundu yila andu meyelene na ukethia useo kwa umwe kana uvaluku nomawetanie na kuthuthania kwindu wa kwika nesa mbee. Thuthania tukundi tunini na kutaana iulu wa matambya na mawalany’o ala mutonya kwika kwona kila umwe akitana na kuvikia mawendi ma TIST kwa vamwe.

 Itambya ya wiko na walany’o wa itambya Nzia ino no itumike kwia walany’o ta wa mbee kwa Mawiko maseo ma tukundi tunini, matambya maosa na walany’o wa meko/wiko. kanini aitwik mwii wa kinanadu vala uvundiaw’a ni ula unaivo. Ula unai mutongoi no aungame ingi kwitya utongoi ta mwii wa kinanandu itina wa kwithiwa ate mutongoi vandu va ivinda ya myai ina (4months). Mundu ula waile usakuwa ta mwii wa kinanadu aile ithiwa aumite kakundini kanini ka ngwatanio isu na utonya kumanyiw’a undu wa kutumia mathangu ma palm kutunga livoti na eyumitye kwambata nginya kutwika mutongoi. Mawia ma mutongoi 1. Naile ithiwa e muthukumi kwa ngwatanio yothe na ayianya mwolooto museo wa Tist. 2. Kwailya maundu mwa ngwatanio na kutongosya maundu ma yo ta kwia mawalany’o ma kuvitukithw’a na kuvundisya atongoi ala angi. 3. Aile ithiwa atonya kuete na kutuma uvoo kuma utiongoini wa kanzu ya tist. 4. Atonya kuthuthya ikundi kuvikia ngolu nene vamwe na kutumia nzia ya uimi wa kusuvia (cf) Mawia ma munini wa mutongoi • Kwithiwa atonya kwika mawia ma mutongoi yila utevo. • Kutetheesya mutongoi na mawoni na mawalany’o ma ingwatanio. Mawia ma mwii wa kinandu 1. Kwia masavu ma mbumbano na utumiku wa kila kindu 2. Kwia livoti sya ngwatanio aitumia mathangu ma palm Niwaile ithiwa esi utumia palm na atonya kwia masavu ma ngwatanio na budget yayo aitumia palm. KIKAMBA VERSION 4 ngelekany’o yila kakundi kenyu ke kwia walany’o ikiithya Amuai undu mukwika (Kakundi kaitu ka TIST nikeuvanda miti 1,000 tuivika November 30th) Kithimo (Yiana? - 1000 miti nikuvandwa) Niuvikiika ( kakundi kaitu no kavande miti 1000 kwa ivinda ya sumwa itano - 100miti kila wakeli na waka, miti ikumi kwa kila umwe kwa muthenya mithenyani isu) Ivinda (vena kwambiia na kumina - ta twivanda miti kuma Oct. 15 kinya Nov. 30) Kwoneka (wia uyu no woneke ona ni kaki ke ukutani) UI! Kii ni kithimi kya matambya na mawiko na ni kitetheeasya kwithiwa na kuamua 1. Ata - Kuvanda miti 1000 2. Nuu - Kakundi kanini ka TIST - ene kwa masyitwa 3. Indii - Oct 15 - Nov 30 4. Va - kiwanzani kya sivitali 5. Kwa nzia yiva - Kukomana kila wakeli na wakana iya mawiyoo na kwisa maima naindi kuvanda miti 6.Niki - Kwailya mawithyululuko ma sivitali , kwithiwa vena muunyi awau na ala mavika vau sivitali matonya kwikala na kuikiithya ona sivitali niyeethiwa na uthithu kumana na nzeve ila ikuma mitini. Yu tatai kwosa itambya ya kwika itambya ya wiko yila muukomana ingi wumbanoni. V uu wa yiima ni unou utumaa mimea yiana nesa . withiawa wi museo kwi fertilizer ula withiawa na chemical imwe syi sumu. Vuu wa yiima ni museo nundu nikuma syinduni/mitini ya kwimesya na ndwanangaa kana kuete sumu ta fertilizer. Kwi nzia mbingi sya useuvya vuu, nzia ino yi vaa nthi niyithiitwe yinzeo kwa isio imwe. Kulya atui maku ala mwi ngwatanioni imwe kila kithukumite nesa kwoo. Kuseuvya vuu wa yiima. 

1. Sakua vala ukwisa yiima na uithima yiima ya matambya ana kwa ana (4m x 4m) 2. Thesya kisio 3. Inza yiima ya uthathau wa 3-4m na uliku wa 1.5m 4. Kolanya matialyo ma liu (ta mavemba, mavuti ma mboso, muvya na matu) na uitilanga tulungu tunini 5. Ikia matialyo aya yiimani yii susue uliku wa 0.5m 6. Ongela muu wa lita itano (5liters) 7. Ongela kyaa/mai ma ng’ombe ta 30cm kana maingi tondu winamo meana (kyaa kya indo ta mbui, ng’ombe, nguku, ngulue) 8. Ikia matialyo ma liu ingi (makusa, mavemba, makole ma mboso, matu ) uliku wa 0.5m 9. Ikia muu lita itano 10. Ususya yiima vala yitiele na mavemba/makusa/ makole yitiale vanini kusua 11. Mwiso ususya na muthanga 12. Uyususya ikia muti muasa yiimani kati withie niyitinoite nthi vala yiima yambiie. 13. Tia yiima yiiu vandu va myai itatu (mithanya 90) 14. Nthini wa ivinda yii tumia kiw’u kila kina kiko kungithya yiima yii, ethiwa wina indo no utumie maumao masyo kuyingithya. 15. Kungithya na maumao nikwongelaa nitrogen vuuni. 16. Tata na vinya kila muthenya ungithye yiima yii. 17. Itina wa mithenya 90 vuu wsi tayari Tumia muti uyu wikati ta kithi kya umanya kana vuu nimuvye nundu wavya waumya muti uyu ukoona utoete na wimuvyu. kutumia vuu yila wenza maima ma uvanda mbemba, muvya kana onethiwa nikyau, uta ngundi ya vuu ikia kila yiimani na uisyaiisya wone usyao. Kuseuvya vuu wa yiima – vuu utena sumu. KIKAMBA VERSION 5 TIST Small Group members from Mithuri Cluster, Laikipia West during their July Cluster meeting. Many groups received their tree payments. Cluster Leaders who have help the Cluster grow strong and strong are Nancy Muthoni (Leader, Joseph Kariuki (Co-Leader) and Francis Njoroge (Accountability person) Photo by David Thuku T wina ngwatanio mbee wa 160 nthini wa tist twina ivuso ya kwithiwa na atongoi mbee wa 480 kusakuwa kila mwaka ni aimi ma tist. Ino ni nzia imwe ya kwonany’a undu tist yianite nthini wa kenya. Ni ivuso iseo kwa tist vala ula weethiwa na ivuso ya kusakuwa ta umwe wa atongoi aya atatu withiawa na mwaka muima wa kumayiw’a ethiwe aithukuma thini wa kanzu ya ngwatanio (Group of clusters council GOCC). Kuthukumithya inengo syoo sya utongoi, kumaya mbeange iulu wa miio ya utumia, na nzia ila itumiawa kuvitukithya, kuelewa nesa undu wa viasala wa nzeve itavisaa (carbon business), kuthukuma enen tist ala angi isioni syoo. Makethiwa na ivuso ya kuvika seminani kuthukuma na athukumi angi ma ngwatanio sya tist vamwe na kutembele tukundi tunini ngwatanioni syoo na kwona ni nzia syiva nzeo iendee na utumika, kwona undu wa maiko ma usuvia mwaki na kumanya vaita wa miti kivathukany’o na miovai yayo na maundu angi maingi. Kwithiwa wi mutongoi wa ngwatanio ni undu wi vinya Kuthi kuvikia tukundi tunini tula twi ngwatanioini yaku kwi minoo nundu ve kutembe na kuthi nzi ndasa, ve kusyaiisya, na ve kuneena. Ve kwia lekpti sya undu ngwatanio nyenyu na ii syoothe ni syendaa ivinda na mutwe/kiliko kwithiwa vamwe. Kumbanya tukundi tunini na kwailya

 mawalany’o matw’o kuivwa no wia ungi wi vinya. Kuvundisya utumia computer sya ukwata na kw’oko, GPS, nzia sya utunga livoti na kwia walany’o undu wa nzia nzeo sya umanyisya na kuvundisya na kwithiwa na mbumbano sya kila mwai syina wendeesyo kwa aimi, uyu woothe ni wia muito na nimwendaa ndivi. Oundu mwisi yila twathi seminani sya tist vethiawa na ivinda iseo onakau niwaile uthukuma na kithito. Uthukumaa muthenya muima na wiyoo uinewa wia waika wavika musyi wioo. Kwoou ethiwa nukwenda unyuvwa ta mutongoi wa ngwatanio ethiwa wina wendi wa wa kumanya, kuthukuma na vinya kwithiwa wi muthukumi museo wa tukundi tunini thini wa ngwatanio yenyu. Ethiwa wina mawendi aya na niwayuvwa kwithiwa wi mutongoi ikeethiwa yi ivuso iseo kwa tist na mwambiio museo wa mawalany’o ma tist. Ni vaku utw’e. Niki nende kusakuwa ta mutongoi wa ngwatanio? KIKAMBA VERSION 6 Vuso ya kuta mbaiki (Groton Nuts). N dunyu nzau ya kuta mbaiki niyumilite. Ve kambuni yi Naro Moru ikuua mbaiki na iyi itumia kuseuvya mauta ma tonya utumiwa ni ngali na masini sya ukuna kiw’u ta tutuma. Kambuni ino ikwitwa Eco Fuels Kenya Ltd ni ikuua ngii sya mbaiki kwa Ksh6.50 kwa kilo. Aimi nimeukolanya ngii/mbindi ithi kuma miundani yoo kana mitituni ila yivakuvi namo. Aimi aingi nimesi kana mbaiki (Croton megalocarpus) ula nimuti wa kiene niwithiawa wimuseo kwa kusiia kiseve miundani. mbaiki nisietete useo mbee nundu yu muimi niwe ukunyuva muti ula ukwenda kuvanda. Eco Fuels nimatae ngali syakukua mundu amina kumbanya. kwa uvoo mbeange neena na: Cosmas Ochieng: 0725398675 Email: Cosmas@ecofuelskenya.com www.ecofuelskenya.com K utaa/counseling kumaaniasya kwithukiisya mundu na kumutavya ndeto sya umutethya na kumuthuthya iulu wa nthina ula winaw’o. kila umwe witu ni utethya kwa kwosa iivinda kwithukiisya anyanya maitu, atui na andu ma nyumba situ kwithukiisya anyanya maitu, atui na andu ma nyumba situ al ala mena uwau uyu wa muthelo, tukeyikia iatuni syoo na tuimanenga ndeto sya kumaumiisya na utethyo ula methiwa mayenda. Kitumi kya utao • Kutetheesya mundu kuelewa mathina ala mamwivuilite/mamuvikiite. 

• Kutetheesya kumatha nzia sya kuthinikia mathina asu. • Kuamua ula useo na kutw’a undu wa kwika kwianana na mavata/mathina ala mevo. Niw’o maundu amwe nimendaa anduu amanyisye iulu wa utao, indi no utetheesye kwa kutwaa ula wina nthina kikaloni kya ala masomee na kumukwata kw’oko kwa kwithukiisya makulyo moo na kuneenea mathina moo vamwe na kwiw’a iulu wa maw’ia moo na nikyau kimekikie. Manenge ndeto sya w’o na sya kumatethya iulu wa thina woo vamwe na kumaumiisya na kumanenga wikwatyo na kumekia vinya. Lilikana ti lasima withiwe wina usungio wa makulyo othe ala menamo. Sungia vala utonya na undu utonya kwianana na vata/ ikulyo ya mundu. Suania uitaa mundu wina muthelo(AIDs). Ndeto sya ukiakisyo na utao kwa: 1. Mundu wathimwa oyu eethiwa ena muthelo (aids)? 2. Mundu wina muthelo/ukimwi na nukukia kikw’u? 3. Mundu wina muthelo na nukwenda kuendeea umanyana kimwii? Mawoni: 1. Kwa mundu wathimwa eethiwa ena muthelo • Malilikany’e kana kwithiwa na uwau uyu ti kwasya mundu nukukw’a oyu. Mundu no ekale naw’o vandu va ivinda iasa muno ethiwa nukwisuvia na kwosa itambya yila yaile ya uiiti. • Mulilikany’e ndeweka kwi andu angi aingi mena uwau uyu na nimekalaa thayu woo nesa. • Muthuthye kuekana na kumanyana kimwii na andu angi kuola kunyaiika kwa uwau uyu, na kuwaktwa ingi ya keli kila kitonya utuma uthina na uwau wongelekeela. • Mathuthye kuendeea na uthukuma yila mena vinya na kwia ukwati kwoondu wa misyi yoo. • Mulilikany’e kuya liu ula waile na kuvika kiliniki kaingi kusiw’a undu uendee. 2. Kwa mundu wina muthelo ukukia kikw’u • Mulilikany’e kila mundu on aula utena muthelo akakw’a na nikawaita kwa mundu kukia kikw’u. • Mwikie vinya kumana na muikiio wake wa ki ungai. 

• Mulilikany’e undu kwisuvia na kuvika uiitini kutonya kutuma ekala ivinda iasa na kwithiwa na uima. • Muthuthye avikie mawalany’o amwe make ala withiwa anai namo mbee wa kuvikia kwosa (ngelekany’o kuvanda miti, kulika ikundini sya kwitethya na kwikala na andu). 3. Kwa mundu wina muthelo ukwenda kuendeea na kumanyana kimwii • Kuendeea kumanyana kimwii nokuendee na unyaiikya uwau uyu kwi andu angi ona ethiwa mundu we akwatiwe ni uwau uyu kwa ivuso ithuku, kutuma andu angi mathina ti ndawa na tiw’o yiete utanu kana ivindue maundu. 

• Kwi mithemba mingi ya uwau uyu na kuendeea na umalaya nukutume mundu ekwatithya na kwiyongeleela muthemba ungi wa tulinyu tuu twa muthelo kila kitumaa ukita uwaiia na wongelekeelwa ni mathina maingi kwi ala unai namo. Vatonyeka atate ndakakwatw’e ingi uwau uyu nikana ekale na ena vinya kwa kilungu kiasa undu vatonyeka. • Kwenda kumanyana kimwii kwake ni kwakwenda kukwatya angi kana kieleelo kyake nikiva? 

• Mulilikanye kana kumanyana kimwii tikw’o kwoka kutonya kwonany’a wendo kana utanu kana kwianiwa. Ve maundu angi maingi matonya kwonany’a wendo, utanu na kwianiwa nthini wa thayu uu. Uwau wa muthelo (hiv/aids) niki na ni ata tutonya unengane utao (counseling). Published by TIST-Kenya. W eb: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 August 2013 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www .tist.org Kipsigis Version Cluster ne kim: Askenyorun borotet. Page 2 Practice che koron en Groupishek che meng’ech: Steps chebo boishonik ak panganet. Page 3 Ole kichobto Compost Manure–mbolea ne kienyechi. Page 4 Ene asiamach kelewenon oig kondoindet ‘ab cluster? Page 5 HIV ak AIDS: Amune ak ole kimuche kigoitoi counseling. Page 6 Boroindo nebo aldaet ‘ab Croton Nuts. Page 6 Inside: TIST Small Group members from Pondo Cluster receive their tree payments during the last meeting. Photo by Sophia Wairimu. A rrticle ini kongololen agobo Cluster ne kim ak tuguk che yoche kotinye ak manufaa che chang’ che kinyoru yon kitinye cluster ne banganat: Cluster nae kim ko; • Kotinye 30 agoi 50 nebo membaek che active Groupishek (300-400 temik) • Koyoe rotating nebo kandoinatet ak kandoinatet nebo services. • Kotuitos en kila arawet ,ago tuyoshechoton kobwonen groupishek che meng’echen anan ko representatives chechwag’et. • Kotinye imbarenik che imuche komin ketik 200,000, ago tinye groupishek chemeng’echen che mine ago ribe ketichoton. • Konyolu kotinye membayat ageng’e anan kooeng’ che tooreti Quantifiers koribe ak kotoreti results chebo groupishek chemeng’echen. • Nyolu kotine trainers/konetik che toreti, en accuracy, ak komwochin agobo ngalek en tuyoshek chebo cluster. En teset ,cluster ne kim konyolu ko: • Groupishek chemeng’echen kotransparent, accurate manner en kila kenyit. • Nyoru lipanet groupishek chemeng’echen en oret ne imanit ago yatat. • Tinye tuyet groupishek chemeng’echen en kila weekit ago yoe zungukanet nebo kandoinatet. 

• Nyoru gazzettit ‘ab Mazingira Bora newsletter en kila arawet. • Nyoru training grouitit agetugul ago yoe kasishek ‘ab volunteering ,inetetge agobo Conservation Farming, energy efficient jikos, ak ole kimuche keterto soil erosion ak tguk alak. Manufa chebo kechut cluster: Yon miten groupit ne ming’in Cluster, konyoru manufaa chechang’:

 • Igu raisi kewa tuyoshek chebo cluster • Igu raisi le kelibondech ak koig safe. • Kimuche keyai quantification 

• Igu raisi kinetge agobo Conservation Farming • Nyumnyumitun ole kenyorundo Mazingira Bora en kila arawet . 

• Nyumnyumitun ole kiitchindo opportunitiesTISTkou improved stove jikos. Konome komolo ,koitchech opportunities chechang’, Kou keyai kasishek che toreti emet. Konamang’e ak ngololutik chekikitinye en TIST Seminars en kenyishek somok chegogobata, kogogeger kele Cluster konyolu kotinye uwezo kotononchige. Leweni Cluster kondoig cheigu cluster Representatives che yoe kasit en orowek tuten kou administrative team chebo Cluster.Inoniton komoonishoni kole itchin groupishek chemeng’echen konyor opportunity ak kobwaSeminars chebo TIST konyor training chebo kandoinatet, ak ole kiyoito Best Practices, ako kotesta kotoret TIST konyor borotet saidi. Kora ko mitenexperts cheboClusterservants stove jiko,experts cheboketik ‘ab timin ak opportunities chechang chebo ParticipantsTISTkonyor talentaishek ak kotes ng’omnotet. Cluster chemiten en osnoshek konyoru kasarta koig Community Forest Associations. Clusters che chang konome biasharaishek chechwaget ak konam opportunities konyor economic development ne yamaat. Clusters che chang’ konome koyoe kasiishek che chang en oinoshek koyom kobos erosion en oinoshek ,ak komin suswek,ketik , ak shrubs che indegenous. Kandoinate ‘ab Cluster: ole boishoito Clusters che chang’ en Kenya kogoyoe lewenishet ab Cluster representatives. Clusteragetugul kotinye teamitnebo volunteer servant leaderssomok che kikilewen en groupishek chemeng’echen: Kondoindet, rubeiwot ak chitab accountability. Representatives ichuton kotoreti Cluster k’oet ,ak konyor borotet. Kandoinatet ‘ab Cluster kozungukoni.Somok cheta koyoe kandoinatet agoiye tar termitnywai asigityo koistechige kondindet ‘ab cl;uter rubeiwot. Chitab accountability koigu rubeiwot.Chito neter keleweni KIPSIGIS VERSION 2 Cluster ne kim: Askenyorun borotet. kotononchi accountability enCluster kobunu groupishek chemeng’echen ,noton konete rubeiwot kasishek cheyoche koyai. Kondoindet ab cluster komuche kotonon kelewen koig chetab accountability yon kagobata oroweg angwanu kongeten kingelewen.Chitab accountability negileweni koyoche ko memberyatab grupit ne mingin ne kogilewen en Clusterago imuche konetge koboishen Palm koyai ngalek ‘ab reporting ak accountability, ago yoche koyoni koig rubeiwot ak kondoinet ab groupit. Kasishek ‘ab kondoindet. 1. Nyolu ko servant nebo cluster komugul ago yoe Valueschebo TIST. 2. Indochin kasishek en Cluster, coordinateni tuyoshek ‘abCluster, quantificationak training kotoretige ak kondoig alak. 3. Toreti konyor information chenomege ak cluster ak koibe information koitchi Leadership Council chebo TIST. KIPSIGIS VERSION 3 4. Igile groupishek konyor borotet konamge ak minet ‘ab ketik ak CF. Kasit ‘ab rubeiwot. 1. Nomchin kasit kondoindet yon momiten ago indochin cluster tugu 2. Toreti kondoindet ‘ab cluster kogimit kibageng’e en cluster. Kasit ‘ab chitab accountability 1. Inendet neribe records tugul chebo tuyoshek ak expenses chebo cluster 2. Ribe Cluster records ak reports chebo tuyoshek Cluster koboishen Palm 3. Nyolu kongen koboishen Palm asikomuch kogonorexpenses chebo Cluster akbudget ak koitchi information chenomege ak Cluster. G ropishek en TIST koyoe kasishek che hcang che practical:minet’ab ketik ak ripetnywai, ak koimproven temishet.Yon miten kasit newo ne keyoe , ko kararan kechob action steps. Membayat ake tugul komwoi ki neyochin groupit wiki noton .Kipendi kinetok ak groupishek kwok o;e kichopto action planing. Kaikai omdechin membaek alak chebo groupishek chemeng’echen yon omi tuyet. Action step ko kit ne: • Mwoe direct. • Tokunot. • Pimonoshek. • Tinye kanamet ak mwisho. 

• Yoche ko itchinoshek panganet! Yon kotuyo kora gropitngung’, ichomchi minutishek tamain ko aror chitugul agobo action plan nenyinet. Chi ake tugul en harak: 

(1) Kit ne kiu action plan nenywan . (2) komwa tuguk che kiyai. (3) Komwa action plan che tinye en wikit ne isupu. Ango ko kibor chito en action plan nenyinet koboiboiyenchin groupit. Angot koimuch kotimisan membayat action plan nenyinet, kokochin muguleldo groupit inendet. Yon kakomuch pik kopchei kabutoshechwaik ak siroshekchwai koibu kibageng’e en groupit.Igil membaek chebo groupishek che meng’echen koker ole tot kochopto action steps chechwaget. Yoche ko pimonoksek, itchinoksek alak tugul en action steps ichuton. Yon kokotar chi tugul, obchei chuton akityo oboiboiyenchi chuton. Action Steps chebo Action Planning Kimuche kora keboishen oret noton yon kiyoe planning. Ne isubu ko koborunet.yon yoe groupit Practice che koron en Groupishek che meng’ech: Steps chebo boishonik ak panganet. C ompost manure kofertilizer nenatural ne toreti rurutikuk koyechegitun. Kararan kosir chemical fertilizer angamun natural, kinyoru puch ,ago moweche emet kou ole imuche koweh chemical fertilizers. Chang oratinwek che kimuche kochopen compost manure ,Lakini oratinwek cheisubu che imuche kotoretech. Imuche iteben clusters che orubege oratinweg chegigobois en icheget. Chobet ‘ab compost. 1. Lewen ole ondei pit nebo compost neten 4m by 4m. 2. Otilil komosoton. 3. Otem kering’et ne 3 - 4m lochindanywan 1.5m. 4. Oyun remains tugul che otinye cheu(e.g. sogek ak stalks chebo bandek , pekk, ng’endek ) ak otil komeng’egiutin. 5. Onde remains ichuton keringet agoi koit 0.5m 6. Tes litaishek mut chebo orek. 7. Tes 30cm (anan ko chesire )chebo waste chebo tuga (kou . tuguk ‘ab , tuga, nego anan ko inggenik). 8. Tes layerit age nebo sogek (0.5m) KIPSIGIS VERSION 4 Ole kichobto Compost Manure–mbolea ne kienyechi. 9. Tes liatishek mut chebo orek 10. Ketchin kasiniton kotor konyi kering’et. 11. En let ites ng’ungunyek konyit kering’et. 12. Yon inyite kering’et ak ng’ung’unyek ,inde ketit negoi neite ngweny en kering’et. 13. Bagagten compost en orowek somok. 14. En kasariton iboishen bek chemuren koba compost ichoton. Kou ingunon ,yon karitilil kot anan ko keun ingoroik, Inde bechoton koba kering’et.Angot itinye tugaii ,imuche kora inde sogosik ‘ab tuga koba pit. 15. Inoniton kotese nitrogen en pit. 16. Yom inde bek kou niton en kila. 17. Yon kagobek betushek 90 kogakochobok compost. Boishen ketigan koig thermometer – yon kagochobok compost koburgeitun ago imuche iger steam kobunu ketit. Kasit ‘ab compost. Yon karichob keringoik ‘ab bandek ,bek anan ko minutik alak tugul, itechi eut ageng’e nebo compost.Kany iswe wolutik! neng’ung pang’anet iker ile pangonuti choton kou ni: Che tetoyotin (Groupishek che meng’ech en TIST ko mine ketik 1000 en sipitalishek chebo karibu kotomo koit November 30) Pimanoksei (Ata? – Ketik 1000, che kemine) Itchinoksei, (Groupishek che meng’ech komuche komin ketik 1000 en 5wks – 100 ketik en Tuesday ak Thursday, ketik 10, chito age tugul kila petut) Tinye kanamet ak mwisho (Oct. 15 agoi Nov. 30) Togu. SMARTO! Inoni ko kit ne iborun ako testen action plan ne karo chob: 

1) Ne– (Minet ‘ab ketik 1000) 2) Ng’o– (TIST membaek ‘ab groupishek che meng’echen) 3) ou’– (Oct 15 – Nov 30) 4) Ano – (En sipitali ) 5) namna gani– (kituitosi kil Tuesday ak Thursday jioni yon kokobata asita nepele ketik , akityo kemin ketik) 6) Amune – (Kikararanit compound nepo sipitali ak kechopchi uronok pik che mionidos ak pik chenyokokotisie ) Ingunon jaribunanan oyai action planning en tuyet ne isubu nebo groupit. KIPSIGIS VERSION 5 T IST kotinye en inguni clusters cheite 160, ketinye opportunityche chang’ yon kitinye 480kondoig cheingen membaek en TIST.Inoniton koboru manufaa cheibu Programnebo TISTkonyo Kenya. Inonito ko opportunity ne kararan en membaek ‘ab TIST. Chi agetugul ne kileweni koig kondoindet ‘ab Leader (Accountability Person, Co-Leader, anan ko Leader) Kotinye en kenyit mizima opportunity konyor konetutishet , koyai kasit en Group nebo Clusters Council (GOCC)kopractisen kandoinatetnyawai, Konetge saidi agobo tuguk che kiboishen en Quantification, konetge agobo carbon business , ak koyochi kasit membaekchwaig.Nyoru opportunity koitchi seminars, koyai kasit ak Cluster Servants/Quantifier ak komuche kowo groupit agetugul en TIST en Cluster nenywanet, koger Best Practices chekiyoe en groupishechoton Cluster, konetge agobo improved stoves, konetge agobo manufaa chebo ketik mbalimbali, ak topikishek alak che chang’. En iman keig’ kondoindet ‘ab komogit ne raisi. Keitchi groupit agetugul en cluster ko kasit ne yoche kewendot, kengololchinot ,ak kinatat.Kora, kerib records chebo cluster chebo borotet ak records alak chebo groupit komogchinge kasarta newo. Kebanga groupishek chemeng’echen chebo TIST komo kasit ne raisi kora.Kinetge agobo oleboishoito computer, GPS, reporting systems, ak keorganizen training ak tuyoshek chebo kila arawet 

—ichochu tugul kokasidhek che moche kogilet ‘ab ge ago ibu borotet.Kou olekingende ,Yon kewe Seminar nebo TIST itinyoru nafasi nekararan lakini moche kogilet’ab ke. Iyoe kasit en betut tugul ,ago itinye homework nebo lang’at! So ingunon nyolu igonuge iyae kasit ‘ab kandoinatet ang’ot koitinye maget inetge chechang’, ak igilge iigu servant en groupishek chemeng’echen chemiten en Cluster nengung’et.Angot itinye maget neu’nito ak inyoru kasarta kelewenin imuche inyoru nafasishek chechang’ en ProgramTIST. Amuaan.. Ene asiamach kelewenon oig kondoindet ‘ab cluster? TIST Small Group members from Mithuri Cluster, Laikipia West during their July Cluster meeting. Many groups received their tree payments. Cluster Leaders who have help the Cluster grow strong and strong are Nancy Muthoni (Leader, Joseph Kariuki (Co-Leader) and Francis Njoroge (Accountability person) Photo by David Thuku KIPSIGIS VERSION 6 C ounseling ko iyebchi it chit oak igochi oret ne imuche kotoretitoge. Agetugul kimuche kegas ak ketoret chorogchok , family ak pik ‘ab kokwet agobo HIV/AIDS, kindege en ole miten ak kigochi ngalek che teche. Maana nebo counseling : • Ketoret bik konai taabushek chenyoru ak koguyo. • Ketoret konyor oratinwek che imuche kotoretge. • Koyai uauzi ne nyolunot, agobo taabushek che nyoru. Iman ngalek alak komoche bik che trained,lakini imuche itoret icheget yon koburye tugul ak igoschi taabushek che tinye,ak ongalalen shidaishe choton,ak igoschi fears chetinye ak ole imuche kotoretitoge. Igochi ichek ngalak chenomege shidaishek chenyoru, ak igil kotesta ak maisha. Ibwat ile :maya yon mogingen tuguk tugul!Yom iwolu kou ole imugtoi. Ibwat kouyon iyochini chi netinye AIDS counseling.Ne ngalek che imuche imwachi chichoton; 1. Chiton ne konyor kole tinye HIV? 2. Chito netinye HIV/AIDS ne kagoorogen? 3. Chito netinye HIV/AIDS nemoche kotesta koyai chomyet? Ideas: 

1. En chito nekonyor kole tinye HIV: • Kimwochin kelenchi chito ne konyor kole tinye komoiboru kole negit ime.Imuche isob kenyishek chechang’ itinye HIV. • Momiten inegen chang’ bik che tinye ,ako kigonyor oratinwek che imuche kosobto mioniton. • Mwochin ile magararan keyai chomyet angamun tesokse en emet mioniton. • Igil indendet kotesta koyai kasit en kogilet ‘ab Ge koten kotagogin kotomo konam miondab AIDS , asitun komuch koribge komachanga shidaishek, • Ibwotchi ole yoche korib borto, koome tuguk che kororonen en borto. 2.. En chito netinye HIV ago kago orogen: • Chitugul koite kome, ogot angot komotinye AIDS. • Boishen ngolyot ab Jehovah igil. • Ibwotchin agobo kenyishek che imuche isob angot keribge ak kiomishe komye ,kenyoru kerichek che choton. • Kigile chichiton koyom konyor tuguk che kimogchinge en sobet kotomo konam AIDS. 3. En chito netinye HIV agomoche kotesta koyai chomyet: • Yon kayai chomyet kotesokse mioniton en emet. Ogot angot koginyor AIDS en ajali ,iyai bik alak konyor HIV komagararan angamun moibwech boiboiyet. • Chang’ strains chebo HIV virus ago yon kagitesta keyai chomyet kimuche kenyorun alak, che imuche kotes mionwogik alak. • Gert ano kandamdaet ab bik alak chichiton mioni. • Ibwotchin ile yaet ‘ab chomyet komo inegen ole kimuche knyorunen boiboiyet. Chang’ oratinwek che kimuche kenyorunen boiboiyet. HIV ak AIDS: Amune ak ole kimuche kigoitoi counseling. K okobit market ne impya chebo croton Nuts. Kampunit nemiten en Naro Moru ko’konam koal cotton nuts asi kochoben biodiesel che kimuche keboishen en karishek ak tuguk alak chebo machinishek. Eco Fuels Kenya, Ltd ko ole croton nuts en olyet ‘ab Ksh 6.50 per Kg. Temik koyumi nuts ichuton en imbarenik kwai anan ko en osnoshek. Temik che chang’ en 

TIST ko’kokoker kole Croton megalocarpus, ketit nebo keny, kotere Boroindo nebo aldaet ‘ab Croton Nuts. koristo(chebibiyet) neya en imbarenikkwai. Market initon impya nebo Croton seeds ko agenge en manufaa che ikere yon imine ketik.. 

Eco Fuels kochobchinke transport yon kakiyum nuts. Muche ibirchi simoit , contact Cosmas Ochieng: 0725398675. Email: Cosmas@ecofuelskenya.com. www.ecofuelskenya.com