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March 2016 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 March 2016 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www.tist.org English Version “Our resolution for 2016 is to double our tree planting effort”, says Karandi TIST Cluster. Page 2 Kiamariga TIST Cluster: Cluster Meetings are beneficial to us. Page 2 HIV & AIDS: Counseling People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) Page 3 Gakuu Small Group. We are glad participating in TIST. Page 4 Preparing Compost Manure - a natural fertilizer. Page 5 Time to prepare your shamba for CF. Page 6 Some of the Members of Karandi TIST Cluster tendering their tree nursery. Inside: ENGLISH VERSION 2 We, TIST members from Karandi Cluster, have resolved to continue participating in TIST, and this year 2016, we have amicably agreed to plant more trees and double the current number we have. Karandi Cluster is one of the newest TIST Clusters. We started this Cluster in 2015 and today, we have 32 Small Groups registered, and 15,000 + trees already counted. Our 2016 goal is to plant another 15,000 trees. We have also established a Cluster tree nursery, where we all work together to raise the seedlings. We will later share the seedlings amongst ourselves for planting in our own farms. Some of the Members of Karandi TIST Cluster tendering their tree nursery Cluster 

meetings have offered an opportunity to share ideas, encourage each other, and learn from one another while working together to strengthen our Cluster, say TIST farmers from Kiamariga Cluster. From Cluster meetings, we have received important trainings in Conservation Farming, TIST improved stoves, health education, nursery preparation and management and many others. Our members, who have practiced some of the abovementioned trainings, are now enjoying the benefits such as increased harvest from CF, more fruits and nuts, honey, firewood, fodder, better health etc. Kiamariga Cluster currently has 47 Small Groups with over 50,000 trees and 352 individual members. We have a goal to continue recruiting more groups so that our friends, relatives and neighbours may also participate in conserving our environment and importantly being part of the global community in the fight against climate change. “Our resolution for 2016 is to double our tree planting effort”, says Karandi TIST Cluster. By Mary Kathei Kiamariga TIST Cluster: Cluster Meetings are beneficial to us. By Simon Kinyua ENGLISH VERSION 3 Counseling means listening to someone and giving them helpful advice and hope. It is true that some issues need trained counselors. However, all of us can help by taking time to listen to PLWHA, putting ourselves in their position, and giving words of comfort and practical help. The purpose of counseling is to: ƒ Assist someone to understand the problems facing him/her ƒ Help find ways of overcoming those problems The responsibility of the counselor is to sit with the concerned and to listen. Listen to their questions; discuss their problems, hear about their feelings and fears of what has happened to them. Give them correct and useful information depending on their needs; and give them hope and strength. Remember it is fine if

 we do not know all the answers! Answer as best you can and get help from other people when you need it. Counseling Ideas 1. Someone who has just tested HIV-positive. ƒ Reassurance that with the right treatment a healthy and productive life can be had for decades. ƒ That the person is not alone, and many others have found ways to live with the illness. ƒ To encourage the person to exercise regularly and eat well. ƒ Encourage the person to continue with work whilst he/she is feeling strong, to continue making an investment for the family. People do not have to stop working just because they are HIVpositive. ƒ Reminders of frequent check-ups at clinics so that the person can be given antiretroviral (ARV) treatment at the right time. ƒ If the person has already been given ARV medicine, to remind that person to take it in the correct dosage at the correct times. 2. An HIV-positive individual who is scared of death. ƒ Everyone has to face death whether having HIV or not, and it is natural to feel afraid. ƒ Draw on any religious hope the patient might have. ƒ Remind the person about how proper care and treatment can prolong living with the disease. This involves proper nutrition, exercise, regular check-ups and sticking to the guidelines when taking ARV medicines. 3. An HIV-positive person who wants to continue having sex. ƒ Continuing to have unprotected sex can spread the illness on to other people. Even if the patient became HIV-positive by accident, making other people suffer will not bring happiness or change the situation. ƒ There are many different strains of the HIV virus. Continuing to have unprotected sex may expose the patient to different strains, which bring yet more illnesses and complications. Avoid re-exposure to HIV to remain as strong as possible. ƒ Remind the patient that sex is not the only form of intimacy or enjoyment, nor the only expression of love. There are many other things in life that can bring fulfillment. ƒ Obviously, the safest practice for any HIV-negative partner to avoid getting infected is to abstain from sex. However, within a committed relationship it is possible to continue being sexually active if both people have been 

honest about the situation and weighed up the risks. o Encourage the HIV-positive person to disclose his/her status to the partner so that the partner HIV & AIDS: Counseling People Living With HIV and AIDS (PLWHA) ENGLISH VERSION 4 can also decide about what level of risk he/she wants to take. Both people in the relationship should have the right to choose to avoid having sex. If both people decide to continue having sex, then a condom should be used at all times, even if the partner is also HIV-positive. The HIV-positive person should take ARV medication as soon as recommended by the doctor to bring the viral load down. Couples in this situation may benefit from joint counseling so that they can hear the risks involved from a health professional, properly understand the safer sex practices that need to be followed, and make joint decisions accordingly. 4. An HIV-negative person who thinks he/she might be at risk but does not want to take a test. ƒ Remind the person that a test is the only way to properly know about his or her HIV status. ƒ Remind the person that being HIVpositive is not a death sentence, and there is a lot of support available. ƒ Catching the disease early gives the individual the best chance of living a healthy and productive life, and it is very important to access ARV drugs at the right time to reduce the risk of serious infections. ƒ Knowing your HIV status also gives you the ability to choose not to put other people at risk. ƒ Try to listen to the reasons why that person is avoiding that test. Maybe they are scared of exclusion, of telling their partner, of losing work. Talking through issues may help them to see a way forward. ƒ If the person is in a relationship, having a test as a couple can be very beneficial. Having the counselor there can help the couple discuss their results, help ease any tension and plan a way forwards. However, for some people having a test with their partner can be daunting and this should not be forced. ƒ Despite the above, it is essential to remember that no one should be forced to take a test. o The test should be completely voluntary, and forcing a test on someone who is not prepared for it can also be damaging. 

We, Gakuu Small Group, from Itugururu Cluster in Tharaka Nithi County, joined TIST in 2014. We learnt about TIST from our relatives in neighboring villages where TIST had already started. Initially, we were skeptical about joining TIST. We didn’t understand well about carbon business which many people tried to explain to us. Luckily, we got a copy of Mazingira Bora Newsletter where we learned further. Finally, we made a decision to join TIST after we were fully informed. We are registered under TIST number 2014KE309. So far we have planted over 1,000 trees. 944 trees have been quantified. Members of Gakuu Small Group (2014KE309) during quantification of their group on 11 February 2016 Gakuu Small Group. We are glad participating in TIST. Prepared by Festus Mutegi ENGLISH VERSION 5 Compost manure is a natural fertilizer that helps your crops grow. It is better than chemical fertilizer because it is natural, free, and will not damage crops and the environment as some chemical fertilizers can. There are many ways to make compost manure, but the following method has been useful in some areas. Ask your neighbors in your Cluster what has worked well for them. Preparation of compost: 1. Choose an area for your compost pit measuring 4m by 4m. 2. Clean the area. 3. Dig a hole of diameter 3 - 4m and 1.5m deep. 4. Collect all the remains of the crops you have (e.g. leaves and stalks of maize, millet, beans) and cut these remains into small pieces. 5. Put these crop remains into the hole up to a depth of 0.5m. 6. Add 5 liters of ash. 7. Next add about 30cm (or as much as available) of animal dung (e.g. dung from pig, cow, goat or chicken). 8. Put another layer of crop leaves and stalks (0.5m). 9. Add another 5 liters of ash. 10. Repeat adding the leaves and stalks again until the hole is almost filled. 11. Finally add a layer of soil until the hole is filled. 12. While filling the hole with soil, put a long stick in the middle of the hole so it reaches the bottom. 13. Leave the compost pit for 90 days (3 months). 14. During this period use your dirty water to water the compost pit. For example, 

after cleaning your house or clothes, empty the used water over the compost pit. If you have animals, you can also pour animal urine over the pit. 15. This adds extra nitrogen to the compost. 16. Try to water the compost pit in this way every day, or whenever water is available. 17. After 90 days the manure will be ready. Use the stick as a thermometer – when the compost is ready it should be hot and you may even see steam coming from the stick after you have removed it. Use of compost: When you have dug your holes for planting maize, millet or other crops, add one handful of your compost manure to each hole. Watch for the results! Preparing Compost Manure - a natural fertilizer. ENGLISH VERSION 6 TIST Small Group members who have practiced CF have testified that produces a greater harvest more reliably than traditional farming, especially when the rain is scarce. The holes help catch whatever rain falls and makes it available to the crop. This article will help you understand better how to practice kilimo hai. Following these best practices can help you get better yields this coming season. Preparing the land. Prepare your land at least 1 month before the rains. - Clear your plot of weeds and bushes. Do not plough. - Prepare your holes oblong (rectangle) shape. They should each be 15 cm wide, 35 cm long and 15 cm deep. Space holes at least 75 cm apart. - Take some manure or compost manure and good topsoil and mix it together. Fill the hole with the mixture up to 5 cm below the surface. Planting. - When you plant maize seeds (1 -2 days before rains start), plant 4 seeds in the soil across the hole. - If you are planting sorghum, plant 5-6 seeds at each end of the planting hole after a good shower of rain. - Cover the seeds with 2.5 cm of the rich soil and manure mixture. After this the soil in the hole should be about 2.5 cm below the surface of the field. - The space at the top of the hole enables water to get to the plants when the rains come. You do not need to use chemical fertilizer on the Conservation Farming plot. Your crops will still do better without chemical fertilizer, if you put enough manure. Weeding. - Weed around the holes regularly - Do not weed the entire plot completely. Outside the holes, plants can cover the soil, keeping it cooler and keeping it from eroding in rain and wind. Just weed in and near the holes. Use a panga to clear weeds between the lines or spaces from one hole to the other. Weed frequently to keep weeds from going to seed and spreading in the holes. - Leave the weed residue in the plot to rot. This will help add soil fertility. Post –harvest practices. - Do not burn off the remains on the plot. Leave the residue on the ground so that they make the soil more fertile. Crop remainders ca

n also be used for compost manure. - Do not graze cattle in the plot. Please remember, we will be glad to celebrate your successful harvest and learn from best practices in your area through this newsletter as well during your cluster meeting. Start working now! Time to prepare your shamba for CF. Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 March 2016 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www.tist.org Kimeru Version “Mubango jwetu jwa 2016 ni kwongera ngugi yetu ya uandi miti maita jairi”, niu Cluster ya TIST ya Karandi ikuuga. Page 2 Cluster ya TIST ya Kiamariga: Micemanio ya cluster irina baita kiritwi. Page 2 HIV & AIDS: Kuatha kirira antu baria barina HIV na AIDS (PLWHA). Page 3 Gikundi gikinini gia Gakuu. Nitugwiritue kwithirwa turi ndene ya TIST. Page 4 Kuthithia mboleo yaku gwengwa – fertilizer itiongeri into bia kuthithua ni muntu. Page 5 Ni igita ria kuthuranira munda jwaku niuntu bwa urimi bubwega. Page 6 Inside: Amemba bamwe ba cluster ye TIST ya Karandi bakimenyagira munanda jwao jwa miti. KIMERU VERSION 2 Amemba bamwe ba cluster ye TIST ya Karandi bakimenyagira munanda jwao jwa miti. Batwi, amemba ba TIST kuuma cluster ya Karandi nituamuite gwita na mbele na ngugi cia TIST na mwaka juju jwa 2016, nitwitikaniritie kuanda miti ingi na kwongera miti ikinya maita jairi iria turinayo nandi. Cluster ya Karandi ni imwe ya cluster iria njeru buru cia TIST. Nitwambiririe cluster iji mwaka jwa 2015 na nandi, turina ikundi mirongo ithatu na biiri biria biandikithitue na miti nkuruki ya ngiri ikumi na ithano iria itari. Kioneki gietu gia 2016 ni kuanda miti ingi ngiri ikumi na ithani. Nitwambiritie kinya munanda jwa miti jwa cluster, aria tukuritaniria ngugi kuumithia miti yetu. Tukagaana miti iji gatigati getu ya kuanda ndene ya miunda yetu. Micemanio ya cluster niejene kanya ga kugaana mathuganio, gwikanira inya na kuthoma kuumania na bangi tukiritanagiria ngugi gwikira cluster yetu inya, niu arimi ba TIST kuuma cluster ya Kiamariga bakuuga. Kuumania na micemanio ya TIST nituritani mantu ja bata kwegie urimi bubwega, mariko ja TIST jameega nkuruki, kithomo kiegie thiria ya mwiri, kuthithia minanda ya miti na urungamiri na ithomo bingi bibingi. Amemba betu, baria batumirite kithomo giki, nandi nibakugwirirua baita ja kwongereka gwa iketha niuntu bwa urimi bubwega, kwongereka kwa matunda na nkandi, naicu, nkuu, irio bia ndithia, thiria ya mwiri injega na jangi jamaingi. Cluster ya Kiamariga gukinyira nandi irina ikundi mirongo inna na mugwanja na miti nku

ruki ya ngiri mirongo itano na amemba magana jathatu ja mirongo itano na bairi. Turina kioneki gia gwita na mbele kwongera ikundi bingi nikenda acore betu, antu ba njaa cietu na aturi betu kinyabo batutwaria kumenyeera naria gututhiurukite na mono nkuruki bethirwa bari kiri ntuura ndene ya nthiguru yonthe iria ikurua na kugaruka kwa rera. “Mubango jwetu jwa 2016 ni kwongera ngugi yetu ya uandi miti maita jairi”, niu Cluster ya TIST ya Karandi ikuuga. Ureteri ni Mary Kathei Cluster ya TIST ya Kiamariga: Micemanio ya cluster irina baita kiritwi. Ureteretwe ni Simon Kinyua KIMERU VERSION 3 Counselling ni kuthikira muntu ungi na kubaa kirira na kubaa wirigiro. Ni mma ati mantu jamwe nijendaga antu baritani. Indi, twinthe no tutethie na njira ya kujukia kanya kuthikira baria bari na HIV na AIDS, guciikira iratune biao na kubaa nteto cia kunogokia na gutethia. Untu bubu: ƒ Nibutethagia muntu kuelewa thina iria ciri mbele yao ƒ Nikumutethagia gucwaa njira cia kuthiria thina iu Gungi ya muntu ou ukuejana kirira ni gukara nthi na mwenye thina na kumuthikira. Thikira biuria biao, aririeni thina ciao, thikira uria bakwigua na jaria bagukira kwegie untu buria bukarikite. Bere mantu jam ma na jaria jagatethia kulingana na mantu jaria bakwenda na ubae wirigiro na inya. Rikana ati I sasawa kethira utina macokio jonthe! Ejana macokio bwega uria umbikia na ucue utethio kumaania na antu bangi riria ukubwenda. Mathuganio kwegie kuejana kirira 1. Uria urerwa ari na HIV ƒ Kumenyeera ati naiji ati athingatira ndawa iria ibati noakare utuuro burina thiria na maciara miaka imingi. ƒ Ati muntu ou ati wenka, na bangi babaingi nibaoonete njira cia gutura na murimo jou. ƒ Kumwikira inya kuritithia mwiri ngugi na kuria bwega. ƒ Ikira muntu ou inya ya gwita na mbele kurita ngugi riri arina inya, gwita na mbele gucuira nja yawe mbeca. Antu batitigaga kurita ngugi niuntu bari na HIV ƒ Kumurikania gwita gutegwa o nyuma ya igita nikenda omba kuewa ndawacia ARV igita riria ibati. ƒ Kethira muntu ou naei ndawa cia ARV, kumurikania kunyua iria abati na igita riria abati. 2. Mwaji wa HIV uria ugukira gukua. ƒ O muntu wonthe no mwanka akue kethira aria murimo jwa HIV kana 

atinaju, ni untu bwa kawaida gukira gukua. ƒ Gucua wirigiro bwa witikio buria mwaji omba kwithirwa ari nabu. ƒ Kumurikania kwegie uria kwimenyeera na ndawa ciumba kwongera uturo murimo jurioo. Untu bubu bwendaga kuria bwega, kurita ngugi, gutegwa o nyuma ya igita na kuthingatira unyui bwa ndawa cia ARV. 3. Mwajii wa HIV uria ukwenda gwita na mbele kumama na antu. ƒ Gwita na mbele kumama na antu atina mibira no gutume antu bangi bakagwatwa ni murimo jou. Kinya mwajii kethira agwatirwe ni murimo jou ja mutino, gutuma bangi baria thina gutimuretera gikeno na kugarura untu buri burio. ƒ Kurina HIV nkuruki kuringana na inya ya murimo jou ndene ya mwiri jwa muntu. Gwita na mbele kumama na antu utina mibira no kue muntu kanya ga HIV kwongera inya, untu buria bukareta mirimo ingi na butume mantu jagie uumo nkuruki. Ebera guciika antu aria ukagwatwa ni HIV kairi nikenda ukara urina inya inyingi uria kuumbika. ƒ Rikania mwajii ati kumama na antu ti njira yonka ya gukwianiria kana kugwiranirua kana njira yonka ya kwonania rwenda. Kurina mantu jangi jamaingi nthigurune jaria jomba kureta kung’anirwa. ƒ O uria muntu wonthe aiji, njira iria njega buru ya mucore utina HIV atikagwatwe ni HIV ni kuebera kumama na ou urina HIV. Indi-ri, kiri ucore buriki kwombika gwita na mbele na untu bubu kethira bobairi bakaria na umma na bathime mantu jaria jomba gukarika. o Ikira mwajii wa HIV inya ya kwira mucore wawe ati najitue nikenda mucore ou aamua ni mantu jaria enda kuthithia. Bobairi nibabati kuewa kanya ga gutara kumama na ou ungi. Kethira bobairi HIV & AIDS: Kuatha kirira antu baria barina HIV na AIDS (PLWHA) KIMERU VERSION 4 Amemba ba gikundi gikinini gia Gakuu (2014KE309) igitene ria utari miti bwa gikundi kiao tariki ikumi na imwe mweri jwa iiri 2016. bakagita igamba gwita na mbele kumama amwe, mibira nitati gutumika rionthe kinya kethira bonthe barina murimo jou. Ou wajitue ni HIV nanyue ndawa cia ARV daktari auga kunyiyia murigo jwa virus iu. Baria bendene na barina untu ja bubu noboone baita kuumania na gwita kwona mutntu wa kubaatha bari amwe nikenda baigua mantu jaria jomba kwija, bamenya bwega njira cia kumama amwe iria babati kuthingatira na kenda bagita igamba kwegie mantu mwanya uria kubati. 4. Muntu utina HIV uria ukuthugania no ethirwe akugwatwa indi atikwenda kuthimwa. ƒ Murikanie ati kuthimwa ni njira yonka iria irio ya kumenya bwega kethira najitue kana atiajitue. ƒ Rikania muntu ou ati kwithirwa urina HIV tikuuga ugakua na kurina utethio bubwingi burio. ƒ Kugwata murimo jou kurio gukaa muntu ou kanya karia kega buru ga gukar

a uturo burina thiria na maciara na kurina bata mono gukinyira ndawa cia ARV igita ririega nikenda kunyiyia kanya ga kugwatwa ni mirimo iminene iria iumanagia na HIV. ƒ Kumenya kethira nuajitue kana utiajitue nikuejaga muntu kanya ga gutara kurega kugwatithia bangi. ƒ Geria kuthikira niki muntu ou akuenda kwebera kuthimwa. Mbuuga gagukira gutengwa kana kwira mucore, kana kwingwa ngugine. Kwaria nawe kwegie mantu jaja gukamutethia kwona uria oomba kuthithia. ƒ Kethira muntu ou arina mucore, kuthimwa bari amwe kwomba kwithirwa kurina baita mono. Kwithirwa bari muntu wa kubaatha no gutetherie antu baba kwariria ithimi biao, gugatethie kunyiyia uguaa buria bumbika kwithirwa burio na kubanga njira ya gwita na mbele. Indi-ri, kiri antu bamwe kuthimwa na mucore kwomba kwithirwa kuri gintu gikinene mono na atibati gukinyirua. ƒ Jau jari au jarioo, kurina bata kurikana ati gutiwe ubati gukinyirua kuthimwa. o Kithima kibati kwithirwa kiri gia kwiritira na gukinyiria muntu kuthimwa ati tayari kwomba kwithirwa kuri gintu gia kugitaria. Batwi, gikundi gikinini gia Gakuu, kuuma cluster ya Itugururu ndene ya county ya Tharaka Nithi, nitwatonyere kiri TIST mwaka jwa 2014. Finally, we made a decision to join TIST after we were fully informed. Nituritanitwe kwegie TIST kuumania na antu betu kuuma ntuura iria itukuiritie naria TIST yari ikwambiria. Mwambirio itwari na nkaja kwegie gutonya mantune ja TIST. Tutereagwa bwega thoko ya kaboni iria antu babaingi bageragia gutwira. Gintu gikiega niati, nitwakinyirwe ni gatheti ya Mazingira Bora iria yatwirire jamaingi nkuruki. Muthiene nitwetikirie gutonya kiri TIST tukwirwa mantu jonthe. Nandi nituandikithitue na namba ya TIST 2014KE309. Gukinyira nandi turina nkuruki ya miti ngiri. Miti magana kenda mirongo inna na inna nitari. Gikundi gikinini gia Gakuu. Nitugwiritue kwithirwa turi ndene ya TIST. Ureteri ni Festus Mutegi KIMERU VERSION 5 Mboleo ya kuthithia na imera ni fertilizer ya kuumania na into bitina ugwati ya gutethia imera biaku bikura bwega. Ni injega nkuruki ya fertilizer cia nduka niuntu icithithitie yongwa na itina ugwati kiri imera na kiri naria kuthiurukite. Kurina njira inyingi cia kuthithia mboleo, indi njira iji ithingatite nitethetie ndene ya guntu kumwe. Uria muturi waku ndene ya cluster yaku jaria jabatethetie nkuruki. Kuthithia mboleo: 1) Taara antu aria ukeenja kirinya giaku kia warie bwa mita inya na uraja bwa mita inya. 2) Theria antu au. 3) Inja kirinya kirina warie bwa mita ithatu gwita inya na mita imwe na nusu kwinama. 4) Uthurania matigari ja imera biaku jaria urinajo na ugitange tue tunini. (mung’uanano mathangu na mati ja mpempe, miere na ming’au). 5) Ikira matigari jaja kirinyene mwanka gitigare nusu mita. 6) Ongeera lita ithano cia muju. 7) Riu wongere centimita mirongo ithatu (kana o iria ikwoneka) cia mburi kana nguku). 8) Ongera matigari ja imera nusu mita. 9) Ikira lita ingi ithano cia muju. 10) Ongera matigari ja imera kairi mwanka kirinya kiende kuujura. 11) Muthia, ikira muthetu mwanka kirinya kiujure. 12) Ukiujuria kirinya na muthetu, tonyithia muti jumuraja gatigati ga kirinya mwanka jukinye nthiguru buru. 13) Tigana na kirinya giki ntuku mirongo kenda (mieri ithatu). 14). I

gitene riri tumira ruuji rwaku rwa ruko gwikira boleo. Mung’uanano, warikia kuthambia nyomba kana nguo ciaku, ituura ruuji ruru ugutumagira kirinyene. Kethira urina ndithia ituura maumago jacio iguru ria kirinya. 15) Untu bubu nibwongagira nitrogen kiri mboleo yaku. 16) Geria wikagire kirinya kiu ruuji na njira iji ntuku cionthe kana oriria ruuji rurio. 17) Ntuku mirongo kenda ciathira, mboleo ikethira iri tayari. Tumira muti kuthima mwanki – mboleo yayia no mwanka ithirwe irina mwanki mwanka toi yoneke ikiumaga mutine wajurita ku. Utumiri bwa mboleo: Warikia kwinja marinya jaku ja kuanda mpempe, muya na imera bingi, ongera nkundi ya mboleo yaku kiri o kirinya. Etera wone uria gugakara! Kuthithia mboleo yaku gwengwa – fertilizer itiongeri into bia kuthithua ni muntu. KIMERU VERSION 6 Amemba ba ikunbi bibinini bia TIST baria bageretie kurima na urimi bubwega nibaritite ukuji ati nibuciaraga iciara ririnene na riumba gweterwa guti na uguaa kiri urimi bwa kawaida, mono mono ririangai itikung’ana. Marinya nijatethagia kugwatia ngai iria ikagua na gutuma ruuji ruru rwithirwa rurio kiri kimera. Mantu jaja jagagutethia kwelewa bwega nkuruki uria ubati gutumira njira ya urimi bubwega. Kuthingatira miitire iji iria miega buru gugagutethia kwona iketha ririega nkuruki mbura iji ijite. Kuthuranira muunda Thuranira munda jwaku no mweri jumwe kabele ka mbura. - Rita maria na ithaka muundene jwaku. Ukarima. - Thuranira marinya jaku. Nijabati kwithirwa jari na warie bwa sentimeta ikumi na ithano, uraja bwa sentimeta mirongo ithatu na ithano na kwinama sentimeta ikumi na ithano. Taarania marinya jaku na sentimeta mirongo mugwanja na ithano kana nkuruki. - Jukia mboleo inkai na muthetu jumwega jwa iguru na uunganie. Ujuria kirinya na muunganio juju mwanka gikinye sentimeta ithano nthiguru ya nthiguru itirimi. Kuanda - Waanda mbeu cia mpempe (ntuku imwe gwita ijiri mbele ya mbura kwambiria), anda mpindi inya kiri muthetu kugitania kirinya. - Kethira ni ugimbi ukuanda, anda mpindi ithano gwita ithanthatu o muthiene jwa o kirinya gia kuanda nyuma ya mbura injega mma yaura. - Kunikira mbeu na sentimeta 2.5 cia muunganio juria jwa muthetu jumunoru na mboleo. Nyuma ya kwongera muunganio juju kirinya kibai kwithirwa kiri senimeta 2.5 nthiguru ya naria nthiguru itirimi. - Kanya karia gagutigwa kirinyene iguru nigatethagia ruuji gukinyira imera riria mbura iijaga. - Gutina aja ya gutumira fertilizer cia kuguura kiri muunda jwaurimi jumwega. Imera biaku bikathithia bwega kinya warega gutumira fertilizer, wekira mboleo ing’ani. Gukuurira iria - Kuurira iria akui na irinya o igita o igita. 

- Ugakurira munda junthe iria rionthe. Oome ya marinya, imera nobikunikire muthetu, bikajuika jurina gapio na bigatuma jutakamatwe ni mbura kana ruugo. Kuurira iria aki marinyene na akui na marinya. Tuumira kibanga gukurira iria gati gati kalaini kana itigatinekuuma kirinya gwita kingi. Kurira iria o igita o igita nikenda maria jatiraciare mbeu na jatamba marinyene. - Tiga matigari jam aria muundene kenda joorera ku. Bubu bugatethia kuongera unoru bwa muthetu. aria ubati kuthithia warikia guketha - Ukaithia matigari ja muunda. Jatige nthiguru nikenda jomba gutuma muthetu junora nkuruki. Matigari ja imera no jatumirwe kinya kuthithia mboleo. - Ukarithia ndithia muundene. Itu rikana, tukagwirua mono gukeneera iketha riaku ririnene na kuthoma kuumania na miitire imiega buru ntuurene yaku gukurukira gazeti iji amwe na igitene ria mucemanio jwaku jwa cluster. Ambiria kurita ngugi thaa iji! Ni igita ria kuthuranira munda jwaku niuntu bwa urimi bubwega. Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 March 2016 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www.tist.org Kikuyu Version “Kioneki giitu gia mwaka uyu wa 2016 ni nguongerera miti kwa uingi”, Cluster ya Karandi kuuga. Page 2 Kiamariga TIST Cluster: Micemanio ya Cluster ina uteithio munene kuri ithui. Page 2 HIV & AIDS: Uria wagiriirwo ni gutara muruaru unyititwo ni murimu uyu. Page 3 Gakuu Small Group. 

Ni tukenete ni kunyitanira na TIST. Page 4 Kuhariria thumu wa mborera – bataraitha ya kimerera. Page 5 Mahinda ma kuhariria mugunda waku niundu wa Kilimo Hai (CF). Page 6 Inside: Amwe a Amemba a Karandi TIST Cluster magitungata nathari yao ya miiti. KIKUYU VERSION 2 Ithui, amemba a TIST kuuma Karandi Cluster, nitwitikirite guthii na mbere na TIST, na mwaka-ini uyu wa 2016, nitwitikiranitie ati nitukuhanda mitti miingi maita mere ma iria twinayo. Karandi Cluster ni imwe ya Cluster iria ithondeketwo icha ikuhi. Twambiriirie Cluster ino mwaka wa 2015 na gwa kahinda gaka twina ikundi 32 na miti makiria ya 15,000 iria mitare. Kioneki giitu gia mwaka wa 2016 nikuhanda miti ingi ta iyo, 15,000. Nitwambiriirie nahari ya miiti ya Cluster iria tukoretwo tukinyitanira hari kumitungata. Nitugacooka tugayane miti iria tugacooka tuhande migunda-ini itu. Amwe a Amemba a Karandi TIST Cluster magitungata nathari yao ya miiti. Michemanio ya Cluster niituheaga kamweke keega ga kugayana uugi, kumaniriria ohamwe na guthoma kuuma kuri mundu uria ungi riria tukuruta wira hamwe hari kuhe hinya Cluster itu. Uguo niguo Arimi kuuma Cluster ya Kiamaariga meekuga. Micemanio ya Cluster nitumaga tugie na urutani wa ithomo mwanya ta CF kana Kilimo hai, uhoro wa mariiko, ugima mwega 

wa mwiri, githomo ya guthondeka nathari ya miiti na mangi maing. Amemba aitu aria makoretwo makioya ithomo icio na guchirutithia wira ni monete maciaro ta kuongerereka kwa magetha kumanagia na urimi wa CF, kugia na matunda maingi, uingi wa ngu na irio cia mahio ohamwe na ugima mwega wa mwiri. Cluster ya Kiamariga gwa kahinda gaaka ina ikundi 47 na miti makiria ya 50,0000 na amemba 352. Kioneki giitu nithii na mbere na kuongerara ikundi nigetha arata aitu, andu aria twitainuo na andu a itura onao manyite itemi hari kugaciria maria matuthiurukiirie na muno makiria tuhote uthuothe kuhura na ugaruruku wa riera thii yothe. “Kioneki giitu gia mwaka uyu wa 2016 ni nguongerera miti kwa uingi”, Cluster ya Karandi kuuga. Mwandiki ni Mary Kathei Kiamariga TIST Cluster: Micemanio ya Cluster ina uteithio munene kuri ithui. Mwandiki ni Simon Kinyua KIKUYU VERSION 3 Gutara muruaru wa murimu wa mukingo ni wa mwanya. Utarani uyu ugaga ati wagiriirwo ni guthikiriria muruaru mathina make na umuhe maataro ma kumuteithia. Ithuothe no tuhoote kugia na ihinda ria guthikiriria muruaru wa mukingo na kumuhe ciugo cia kumumiriria. Baata ya gutara muruaru ni uriiku; ƒ Kumuteithia gukuukirwo ni mathina mariku enamo. ƒ Kumuteithiriria kugia na njira ya gutoria mathina macio. Wira wa mutarani ni guikara thi na muruaru na kumuthikiriria mathina maake, meciria maake, maundu mari

a maramwikira guoya. Ugacooka ukamuhe mataaro kuringana ma mathina macio, ukamumiriria na ukamuhe hinya. Ririkana, to nginya ukorwo uui maundu moothe. Mucookerie haria ukohota na no wethe andu angi maguteithiririe. Mataaro mega 1. Hari mundu warikia guthimwo onekana ena virus cia murimo wa mukingo. ƒ Muumiririe na kumwira ati angitikira kurigitwo weega niagukorwo na uturwo mwega gwa kahinda karaihu. ƒ Mwire towe woika, kuri na andu aingi mena virus icio na nimarahota gutorania na murimu. ƒ Mumiririe ekage mazoezi na kuria weega. ƒ Muhe hinya athii na mbere na kuruta wira wake ota mutugo, na athii na mbere na gutungata nyumba yake. Mwire andu matitigaga kuruta wira tondu ni manyitwo ni virus cia mukingo. ƒ Muririkanie guthiaga clinic kana thibitari uria atariritwo ni dagitari ni geetha akaroragwo maita maingi. ƒ Angikorwo muruaru ni ambiririirie dawa cia ARV, murikanie kunyuaga dawa icio githimi kiria atariirio na kahinda karia kagiriire. 2. Muruaru wa Mukingo uramakio ni gukua. ƒ Mumiririe ati o mundu owothe ni agakua kana ena virus cia mukingo kana ndaro, koguo gwitikiria gikuo ti undu wa mwanya. ƒ Mumiririe na ciugo cia kanitha kana bible nigetha agie na mwihoko. ƒ Muririkanie ati utungata mwega na urigitani uria wagiriire niukumuteithia akorwo na uturo mwega na wa kahinda karaya ona ina virus icio. Agirirwo ni kuria weega, gwika mazoezi, kunyua dawa cia ARV kuringana na uria atariirio ni dagitari. 3. Muruaro urenda guthii na mbere na kuonana ki mwiri. ƒ Guthii na mbere na kuonana kimwiri utegitiire na mubira no gutume utheremie murimu kuri nadu aria angi. Angikirwo waigiire na murimu kwa bahati mbaya, tgutherenia kuri andu aria ngi gutingituma ugie na gikeno kanautuike wa kuhererwo ni virus cia mukingo. ƒ Nigukoragwo na virus mithemba ngurani ya mukingo. Ungithii na mbere na kuonana kimwiri utegitiire, no onyotwo ni virus ingi uteri na cio na uthii na mbere na kuhinyiririka. Koguo niwega kwigitira kunyito ni virus icio ingi uteri na cio. ƒ Ririkania muruaru ati kuonana kimwiri toguo wiki ungimuchanjamura na kuonania wendo. Ni kuuri maundu mangi maingi mangimukenia atekuonana kimwiri. 

HIV & AIDS: Uria wagiriirwo ni gutara muruaru unyititwo ni murimu uyu. KIKUYU VERSION 4 ƒ Angikorwo mwenda waku ndari ya virus cia mukingo, njira iria njega nikwaga kuonana kimwiri. No angikorwo wendo wanyu ni murumu muno nimwagirirwo ni guikara thin a murorere maugugwati maria mangirehwo ni kuonana kimwiri. o Wa-mbere, reke muruaru wa mukingo aumburire mwendwa wake uria we atarie nigetha mwenda wake atue matua maake. Endwa aya mamenya uria matarii, niwega okorwo ni mekuonana kimwiri mambe mathii kuri mutarani na o hingo coithe magakorwo makihuthira mubira. Muruaru niagiriirwo nigukorwo agithii na mbere na dawa cia ARV kuringana na uria ataritwo. 4. Mundu uteri muthime na ena guoya wa guthimwo kan ena virus cia mukingo ƒ Muririkanie ati guthimwo nokuo kungimumenyithia kana ena virus cia mukingo kana ndari ƒ Muririkanie ati kunyitwo ni virus cia mukingo to kioho gia gikuo na kuri na uteithio muingi kuri aria aruaru. ƒ Kumenya murimo tene niguteithagia hari urigiti mwega na mundu agakorwo na uturo mwega o hamwe na kwambiriria dawa cia ARV murimo utanakira. ƒ Ungimenya wina virus cia mukingo ni ukuhoota ona gutira andu aria angi. ƒ Geria kumenya nikii kiratuma mundu uyu etigire githimwo. Hihi ni gwitikira kuigwo keherini, kana gwitigira kwira mwenda wake. Ariria maundu macio mothe nake na umoine njira njega. ƒ Angikorwo 

mundu ucio ena murata wa kuonana kimwiri, ni wega mathimwo mari eeri. Mangithii kuri mutarani uthomeiire, ni weega nigetha matarwo na njira iria yagiriire. No nigwagirirwo matigathimithio kia hinya. ƒ Ona tukiugaga macio mothe, niwega kumenya mundu ndagiriirwo ni guthimithio kia hinya o Guthimwo ni kwa mundu kwirutira. I thui , Gakuu Small Group, kuuma Itugururu Cluster, county ya Tharaka, twaingirire TIST mwaka wa 2014. Twamenyire TIST kuuma kuri andu aria twitainwo nao kuuma matura-ini turiganitie kuria TIST yakinyite gatene. Tukiambiriria twari na nganja hanini. Tutiataukiirwo wega uhuro wa wonjorithia wa riera. Kwa munyaka, nitwaheirwo ngathiti ya Mazingira Bora na niguo twathomire makiria na tukihoota kuingiira TIST turi na utauku wa kuigana. Gikundi giitu kiandikithitio TIST na namba 2014KE309. Gwa kahinda gaka nituhandi miti makiria ya 1,000. Iria mitare ni 944. Amemba a Gakuu Small Group (2014KE309) hindi ya gutarirwo miiti yao mweri 11 February 2016. Gakuu Small Group. Ni tukenete ni kunyitanira na TIST. Mwandiki ni Festus Mutegi KIKUYU VERSION 5 Thumu wa mborera ni bataraitha ya kimerera iria iteithagia mimera gukura wega. Bataraitha

 ino ni njega gukira ya nduka tondu I ya kimerera, ndiri thogora, ndithukagia mimera hamwe na maria maturigiciirie ta uria bataraitha imwe cia nduka ciikaga. Kuri njira ngurani uria ungihota gwithondekera thumu waku wa mborera. Hari njira imwe iria tuguthomithia iria ikoretwo igitumirwo ni andu aiangi. Niwega urie arimi aria angi muri mucemanio wa cluster ni njira iria matumagira. Kuhariria guthondeka thumu: 1. Chagura handu haria ikwenja irima riaku ria mita inya kwa inya. 2. Theria handu hau. 3. Haririria kana uchimbe irima ria warie wa mita ithatu nginya inya na iriku wa mita imwe na nuthu. 4. Cokeria hamwe maragara maku moth eta mahuti, mabebe, maboco kana muhia na umatinangie tuchunji tunini. 5. Ikia maragara macio irima-ini riaku kwa uriku wa nuthu mita. 6. Ongerera lita ithano cia muhu. 7. Thutha ucio, ongerera thumu wa ng’ombe kana mburi kana nguku kana nguruwe kwa uriku ta fiti imwe. 8. Ongerara maragara mangi inguru ta nuthu mita 9. Ongerera lita ithano cia muhu. 10. Ongerera maragara maku nginya irima riaku rikirie kuiyura. 11. Wa muthia, humbura na tiiri nginya iria riiyure. 12. Hindi iria urahumbira na tiri, handa kamuti nginya kahutie irimariaku gitina. 13. Eterera gwa kahinda ka thiku 90 kana mieri itatu. 14. Gwa kahida gaaka korwo ugitiriria thumu waku maai maku ma giiko. Ungikorwo ni ukuhota ona mathugumo ma mahiu maku uitiririe. 15. Mathugumo ni mateithagia kuongera nitrogen. 16. Geria guitagiriria maai na muthugomo kwa mahinda makuhi. 17. Thutha wa thiku mirongo kenda, thumu waku ugakorwo uri muhiu. Tumira kamuti karia uhandire ta githimi giaku.

 Hindi iria thumu waku wahia, wagiririrwo gukorwo wi muhiu na wacomora kamuti niwagirirwo ni kurata ndogo ya urugari. Uhuthiri wa thumu waku wa mborera: Warikia kuhariria marima maku ma mbembe kana muhia kana o mimera iria ingi urahanda, ikira thumu muigana wa m oko maku o hari o irima. Eterera wone maciaro! Kuhariria thumu wa mborera – bataraitha ya kimerera. KIKUYU VERSION 6 Arimi aria marimite na Kilimo Hai mari na uira ati magetha ni maingi gukira urimi wa ki-nduire na makiria riria mbura iri nini. Marima nimateithagia maai ma mbura kuigika na guteithia mimera na njira iria njega. Uhorro uyu niuguguteithia gutaukuo wega uria ungiteithika na Kilimo Hai. Kurumirira mitaratara miega niguguguteithia kugia na magetha mega. Kuhariria mugunda waku. Hariria mugunda waku mweri umwe mbere ya mbura yurite.

 • Tuguta mahuti maria mari mugunda-ini, ndukarime.

 • Enja marima ma rectangle. Magiriirwo nigukorwo na warii wa 15cm na uraihu wa 35cm na uriku wa 15cm na umataganie na utaganu wa 75cm. 

• Ikira thumu na tiiri wa iguru na utukanie. Ikira mutukanio ucio na utigie 5cm. Kuhanda 

• riria wahanda mbembe(matuku 1-2 mbere ya mbura yurite), handa mbegu 4 irimaini.

 • Wahanda muhia, handa 5-6 irima-ini thutha wa mbura kuura. 

• Humbira mbegu na tiiri muigana wa 2.5cm.

 • Haria irima ritaiyurite hateithagiriria kuiga maai. Ndurabatara gutumira fertilizer ukihuthira Kilimo Hai. Mimera yaku no igukura wega ona hatari fertilizer ungikira thumu muiganu. Kurimira 

• rirmira irimaini maita maingi.

 • Ndukarimir mugunda wothe. Nja ya irima, mimera no ihumbiretiiri, niguo kuuiga uri mugunyu. Rimira hakuhi na irima. Huthira ruhiu kwehutia riia riria riri gatagati-ini ka mimera. Rimira maita maingi niguo riia ritikaingihe irima-ini. 

• Mahuti ma riia riria watuguta matige mugundaini. Njira ino niyongagirira unoru tiiri-ini. Maundu ma thutha wa kugetha. 

• Ndugacine mahuti mugunda thutha wa magetha. Tiga mahuti macio mugunfa-ini niguo manorie tiiri. Matigari ma mimera nomathondeke thumu. 

• Ndukariithie mahiu mugunda-ini, ririkana nitugakena tugikunguira magetha maku na guthoma kuma kuri wee. Ambiriria wira riu. Mahinda ma kuhariria mugunda waku niundu wa Kilimo Hai (CF). Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 March 2016 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www.tist.org Kiswahili Version “Azimio letu la 2016 ni kuongeza juhudi zetu za kupanda miti mara mbili”, yasema cluster ya Karandi katika TIST. Page 2 Cluster ya TIST ya Kiamariga: Mikutano ya cluster ina faida kwetu. Page 2 VVU na UKIMWI: Kuwapa ushauri nasaha watu wanaoishi na VVU na UKIMWI (PLWHA). Page 3 Kikundi kidogo cha Gakuu. Tuna furaha kuwa katika TIST. Page 4 Kutengeneza mbolea kutokana na mimea – mbolea ya kiasili. Page 5 Ni wakati wa kutayarisha shamba lako la Kilimo hai. Page 6 Inside: Baadhi ya memba katika cluster ya TIST ya Karandi wanahudumia kitalu chao. KISWAHILI KISWAHILI VERSION 2 Baadhi ya memba katika cluster ya TIST ya Karandi wanahudumia kitalu chao. S isi, memba wa TIST kutoka cluster ye Karandi tumeazimia kuendele kujiunga na kazi za TIST na mwaka huu 2016, tumeamua kwa umoja kupanda miti mingine na hadi idadi mara mbili ya iliyopo. Cluster ya Karandi ni mojawapo ya cluster mpya zaidi katika TIST. Tulianzisha cluster hii mwaka 2015 na leo, tuna vikundi vidogo thelathini 

na mbili vilivyosajiliwa na zaidi ya miti elfu kumi na tano iliyohesabiwa. Lengo letu la 2016 ni kupanda miti mingine elfu kumi na tano. Pia, tumeanzisha kitalu cha miti, ambapo tunafanya kazi pamoja kuikuza miche hiyo. Hapa baadaye, tutagawana miti kati yetu ya kupanda katika mashamba yetu. Mikutano ya cluster hutupa nafasi ya kugawana mawazo, kuhamasishana na kujifunza kutokana na wenzetu tunapofanya kazi pamoja ili kuiongeza cluster nguvu, wasema wakulima wa TIST katika cluster ya Kiamariga. Kutokana na mikutano ya cluster, tumepata mafunzo muhimu katika kilimo hai, Meko bora ya TIST, mafunzo kuhusu afya, kutayarisha na usimamizi wa vitalu na mengine. Memba wetu, waliojaribu waliyofunzwa sasa wanafurahia faida kama ongezeko la mazao kutokana na kilimo hai, matunda zaidi, asali, kuni, lishe ya mifugo, afya bora na kadhalika. Cluster ya Kiamariga kwa sasa ina vikundi arobaini na mbili vilivyo na zaidi ya miti elfu hamsini na memba mia tatu hamsini na wawili. Tuna lengo la kuendelea kusajilisha vikundi zaidi ili marafiki, familia na majirani zetu pia wajiunge na kuhifadhi mazingira na muhimu zaidi wawe katika jumuiya ya kimataifa katika mapambano dhidi ya kubadilika kwa anga. “Azimio letu la 2016 ni kuongeza juhudi zetu za kupanda miti mara mbili”, yasema cluster ya Karandi katika TIST. Umeletewa na Mary Kathei Cluster ya TIST ya Kiamariga: Mikutano ya cluster ina faida kwetu. Umeletewa na Simon Kinyua KISWAHILI KISWAHILI VERSION 3 Kushauri mtu humaanisha kumsikiza na kumpa ushauri utakaosaidia na pia matumaini. Ni kweli kuwa masuala mengine huhitaji washauri 

waliopata mafunzo. Hata hivyo, kila mmoja wetu anaweza kupeana msaada kwa kuchukua wakati kusikiza walio na VVU na UKIMWI, kujiweka katika nafasi yao na kuwapa faraja na usaidizi utakaosaidia kuishi. Lengo la kushauri ni: ƒ Kusaidia mtu kuelewa shida iliyomkabidhi ƒ Kumsaidia kupata njia za kuziweza shida hizo Kazi ya mshauri ni kukaa na aliye na shida na kumsikiza. Sikiza maswali yake, jadiliana shida zao, sikiza hisia zake na hofu zake za kilichotendeka kwao. Mpe maelezo ya ukweli na yatakayomsaidia kulingana na matakwa yake na umpe matumaini na nguvu. Kumbuka kuwa ni sawa kutojua majibu yote! Jibu vizuri iwezekanavyo na utafute usaidizi kutokana na watu wengine unapohitaji. Mawazo kuhusu ushauri 1. Aliyepimwa na kupatikana ana VVU ƒ Mthibitishie kuwa akiwa na matibabu yanayofaa maisha yenye afya na uzalishaji yanawezekana kwa zaidi ya miaka kumi. ƒ Kuwa hayupo pweke, na kuna wengi waliopata njia za kuishi na ugonjwa huu. ƒ Hamasisha mtu huyo kufanya mazoezi kila wakati na kula vizuri ƒ Hamasisha mtu huyo kuendelea na kazi alipo mwenye nguvu ili kuendelea kuweka pesa za kutumiwa na familia yake. Watu hawaachi kufanya kazi kwa sababu wana VVU. ƒ Mkumbushe kumwona daktari kila baada ya muda ili apate matibabu ya ARV wakati unaofaa

. ƒ Ikiwa mtu huyo ashapata dawa za ARV, mkumbushe kuzitumia katika kiwango kinachofaa na wakati unaofaa. 2. Mwenye VVU anayeogopa kufa ƒ Kila mtu lazima afe ikiwa wana VVU au hawana, na ni kawaida kuogopa. ƒ Wakumbushe matumaini ya kidini waliyo nayo ƒ Mkumbushe huyo mgonjwa jinsi ya kujichunga na matibabu ambayo yaweza kuyarefusha maisha yake. Haya ni pamoja na lishe inayofaa, mazoezi, kuangaliwa hospitalini kila baada ya muda na kufuatilia yanayohitajika katika kunywa dawa za ARV 3. Mwenye VVU anayetaka kuendela na ngono ƒ Kuendelea kushiriki katika ngono bila kujikinga kwaweza kusambaza virusi hivi kwa wengine. Ata ingawa mwenye virusi alipata virusi hivyo kwa ajali, kuwafanya wengine kuteseka hakutawapa furaha au kubadili hali yake. ƒ Kuna hatua mbalimbali za VVU. Kuendelea kuwa na ngono bila kujikinga huwafungulia hatua za VVU tofauti, jambo ambalo huleta magonjwa na matatizo zaidi. Epukana na kujifungulia njia za kupata VVU tena ili kuzidi kuwa mwenye nguvu iwezekanavyo. ƒ Kumbusha mgonjwa kuwa ngono si njia ya pekee ya kuwa karibu na mtu au ya kufurahia au njia pekee ya kuonyesha mapenzi. Kuna vitu vingine maishani ambavyo vyaweza kuleta ridhaa. ƒ Dhahiri ni kuwa njia salama zaidi ya mtu asiye na VVU kuzuia kupata virusi hivi ni kujiepusha na ngono na mpenzi wake aliye na virusi. Ata hivyo, katika uhusiano wenye nia, yawezekana kuendelea na ngono ikiwa wote wawili ni waaminifu kuhusu hali yao na wamepima hatari zilizopo. 

o Hamasisha mwenye VVU kumwambia mwenzake hali yake ili mwenzake aamue kiwango cha VVU na UKIMWI: Kuwapa ushauri nasaha watu wanaoishi na VVU na UKIMWI (PLWHA). KISWAHILI KISWAHILI VERSION 4 Memba wa kikundi kidogo cha Gakuu (2014KE309) wakihesabiwa miti iliyo katika kikundi chao mnamo mwezi wa pili, tarehe kumi na moja, 2016 hatari anachotaka kuvumilia. Wote wawili katika uhusiano wanafaa kuwa na haki ya kuchagua kujiepusha na ngono. Ikiwa wote wawili wataamua kuendelea na ngono, watumie mipira kila wakati ata ingawa wote wana VVU. Aliye na VVU anywe dawa za ARV haraka iwezekanavyo kulingana na daktari ili kupunguza uzito wa virusi. Wachumba katika hali hii hufaidika kutokana na kupata ushauri nasaha pamoja ili wasikie hatari zilizopo kutokana na anayejua na waelewe vizuri njia salama za ngono zinazofaa kufuatiliwa na wafanye maamuzi kwa pamoja inavyofaa. 4. Asiye na VVU na anayefikiria kuwa katika hatari lakini hataki kupimwa. ƒ Mkumbushe kuwa kipimo ni njia pekee ya kujua hali yake ya VVU. ƒ Mkumbushe kuwa na VVU si kumaanisha kifo, na kuna usaidizi mwingi uliopo. ƒ Kupata virusi mapema umpa mtu nafasi bora zaidi ya kuishi maisha yenye afya na uzalishaji nan i muhimu kupata madawa ya ARV wakati unaofaa ili kupunguza hatari ya kupata magonjwa makali. ƒ Kujua hali yako ya VVU hukupa uwezo wa kuchagua kutowaweka watu wengine katika hatari ya kupata virusi hivyo. ƒ Jaribu kusikiza sababu zake za kuepuka kipimo. Labda wanaogopa kutengwa, kuwaambia walio katika uhusiano nao au kupoteza kazi yao. Kuongea kuhusu masuala haya kwaweza kuwasaidia kuona njia ya kuendelea. ƒ Ikiwa mtu huyo you katika uhusiano, kupimwa kama wachumba kwaweza kuwa na faida. Kuwa na mshauri hapo kwaweza kuwasaidia kujadiliano matokeo ya vipimo, kupunguza mvutano unaoweza kutokea na kupanga watakavyoendelea kutoka hapo. Hata hivyo, kufanya kipimo na wachumba wao kwa wengine ni jambo ngumu na halifai kulazimishwa. ƒ Licha ya haya yote, ni muhimu kukumbuka kuwa hakuna anayefaa kulazimishwa kupimwa. o Kipimo chafaa kuwa cha kujitolea na kulazimisha mtu asiye tayari kupimwa kwaweza kuwa na madhara makubwa. S isi, kikundi kidogo cha Gakuu, kutoka cluster ya Itugururu katika jimbo la Tharaka Nithi, tulijiunga na TIST mwaka 2014. Tulijua kuhusu TIST kutokana na jamii zetu katika vijiji majirani ambapo TIST ilikuwa ichaanza. Mwanzoni, tulikuwa na wasiwasi kuhusu kujiunga na TIST. Hatukuelewa vizuri kuhusu biashara ya kaboni ambayo watu walijaribu kutueleza. Kwa bahati nzuri, tulipata gazeti la Mazingira Bora ambapo tulielewa zaidi. Mwisho

we, tuliamua kujiunga na TIST tulipopata ufahamu kamili. Tumesajiliwa katika TIST kwa nambari ya 2014KE309. Kufikia sasa tuna zaidi yay a miti elfu moja. Miti mia tisa arobaini nan ne imehesabiwa. Kikundi kidogo cha Gakuu. Tuna furaha kuwa katika TIST. Umeletewa na Festus Mutegi KISWAHILI KISWAHILI VERSION 5 Mbolea ya majani ni mbolea ya kiasilia ya kusaidia mimea yako kukua. Ni bora zaidi ya mbolea za viwanda kwani ni ya kiasili na haina athari za kuumiza mimea na mazingira. Kuna njia nyingi za kutengeneza mbolea, lakini njia ifuatayo imekuwa saidifu katika baadhi ya maeneo. Uliza majirani zako katika cluster yako ni gani imewaonekania. Preparation of compost: 1) Chagua eneo lenye upana wa mita nne na urefu wa mita nne la kuchimba shimo lako la taka. 2) Fagia sehemu hiyo. 3) Chimba shimo la mduara lenye upana wa mita tatu au nne na mita moja na nusu kina. 4) Kusanya masala yote ya mimea uliyo nayo na uyakate kuwa sehemu ndogo ndogo (kwa mfano majani na mashina ya mahindi, mtama, maharagwe). 5) Weka masala haya ya mimea katika shimo ilo hadi kina cha nusu mita. 6) Halafu ongeza lita tano za jivu. 7) Halafu uongeze centimita thelathini (ama kiwango kilichopo) za kinyesi cha mifugo (kwa mfano kinyesi cha nguruwe, ng’ombe, mbuzi au kuku). 8) Ongeza safu nyingine ya majani ya mimea na mashina (nusu mita). 9) Ongeza lita zingine tano za jivu. 10) Ongeza majani na mashina tena hadi shimo likaribie kujaa. 11) Hatimaye, ongeza safu ya udongo hadi shimo lijae. 12) Unapokuwa ukiweka udongo shimoni, ingiza fimbo ndefu katikati mwa shimo hadi ifike chini ya shimo. 13) Liache shimo la taka kwa miezi mitatu (siku tisini). 14) Katika kipindi hiki tumia maji yako machafu kuweka katika shimo hili. Kwa mfano, baada ya kuosha nguo au nyumba, yamwage maji uliyotumia juu ya shimo. Ikiwa una mifugo waweza pia kumwaga mikojo ya mifugo juu ya shimo. 15) Jambo hili litaongeza naitrojeni kwa mboleo yako. 16) Jaribu kuweka maji kila siku kwa njia hii, ama wakati maji yapo. 17) Baada ya siku tisini mbolea itakuwa tayari. Tumia fimbo kama kipima joto – mbolea inapokuwa tayari lazima iwe na joto na waweza kuona mvuke ukitoka kwa fimbo hiyo baada ya kuitoa. Matumizi ya mbolea hii: Ukishachimba mashimo yako ya kupanda mahindi, mtama au mimea mingine, ongeza mboleo kiwango kinachotoshea katika kiganja chako katika kila shimo. Angalia ili kujua matokeo! Kutengeneza mbolea kutokana na mimea – mbolea ya kiasili. KISWAHILI KISWAHILI VERSION 6 WanaTIST katika vikundi vidogo ambao wamelima kwa kutumia njia ya Kilimo hai wameshuhudia kuwa ukulima bora una vuno bo

ra na la kuaminika kuliko ukulima wa kawaida, san asana wakati mvua haitoshi. Mashimo husaidia kushika mvua wowote unaonyesha na kuyawezesha haya maji kupatikana kwa mmea. Makala haya yatakusaidia kuelewa zaidi kuhusu jinsi ya kujaribu kilimo hai. Kufuatilia mienendo bora ifuatayo kutakusaidia kupata mavuno bora zaidi msimu unaokuja. Kutayarisha shamba. Tayarisha shamba lako angalau mwezi mmoja kabla ya mvua. - Ondoa magugu na vichaka kutoka shamba lako. Usilime. - Tayarisha mashimo yako ya umbo la mstatili. Yapaswa kuwa na upana wa sentimeta kumi na tano, urefu wa sentimeta thelathini na tano na kina cha sentimeta kumi na tano. Nafasi kutoka shimo hadi lingine iwe sentimeta sabini na tano. - Chukua mbolea na udongo wa juu na uchanganyishe. Jaza shimo kwa huu mchanganyiko hadi sentimeta tano chini ya ardhi ya kawaida. Kupanda. - Unapopanda mbegu ya mahindi (Siku moja au mbili kabla ya mvua), panda mbegu nne kuvuka shimo. - Kama unapanda wimbi, panda mbegu tano au sita katika kila mwisho wa shimo la kupanda baada ya mvua tosha. - Funika mbegu kwakutumia mchanganyiko wa udongo na mbolea. Baada ya haya udongo katika shimo uwe sentimeta mbili na nusu chini ya ardhi ya kawaida. - Nafasi iliyopo juu ya shimo itasaidia maji kufikia mimea mvua ijapo. - Hauhitaji kutumia mbolea za viwandani katika shamba lako la kilimo hai. Mimea yako itafanya vizuri hata bila ya mbolea za viwandani. Kuondoa magugu. - Ondoa magugu kuzunguka mashimo mara kwa mara. - Usipalilie shamba lote. Nje ya mashimo, mimea yaweza kufunika udongo, huku ikiuweka baridi na kuuzuia kumomonyeshwa na mvua au upepo. Tumia panga kutoa magugu katikati ya mistari au katika nafasi iliyopo kati ya mashimo. Palilia mara kwa mara kuzuia magugu kuzaa na kuenea mashimoni. - Yawache mabaki ya magugu shambani ili yaoze. Haya yatasaidia kuongeza rutuba ya udongo. Unayofaa kufanya baada ya kuvuna. - Usiyachome mabaki ya shamba lako. Yawache udongoni ili yaongeze rutuba ya udongo. Mabaki ya mimea yaweza pia kutumiwa kutengeneza mbolea. - Usiwalishe ng’ombe shambani lako. Tafadhali kumbuka, tutafurahi 

kusherehekea vuno lako kubwa na kuijua mienendo bora katika eneo lako kupitia jarida hili pamoja na katika mkutano wako wa cluster. Anza kufanya kazi sasa! Ni wakati wa kutayarisha shamba lako la Kilimo hai. Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 March 2016 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www.tist.org Kikamba Version “Mawolooto maitu ma 2016 undu wa uvanda miti na vitii kundu kwili kwa undu tuneekie” Ngwatanio ya TIST Karandi niw’o ikwasya. Page 2 Ngwatanio ya TIST Kiamariga: Mbumbano sya ngwatanio syithiitwe utethyo kwitu. Page 2 HIV na AIDS: Kunenga utao andu ala mekalaa na tulinyu twa uwau wa muthelo (PLWHA). Page 3 Kikundi kya Gakuu. Twina utanu kwithiwa twi nthini wa TIST. Page 4 Kuseuvya vuu wa yiima - Vuu ute na kemikoo. Page 5 Ni ivinda ya kuseuvya miunda kwa nima ya kusuvia (CF). Page 6 Inside: Amwe ma memba ma ngwatanio ya Karandi mai thukuma kivuioni kyoo. KIKAMBA VERSION 2 Amwe ma memba ma ngwatanio ya Karandi mai thukuma kivuioni kyoo. I thyi memba ma TIST nthini wa Ngwatanio

 ya Karandi nitunaamuie kuendeea kwikala nthini wa TIST na Kuthukuma nayo mwaka uu wa 2016, Tweew’ana kuendeea na uvanda miti wa wingi na kuvikia kundu kwili kwa miti ila twinayo. Ngwatanio ya Karandi ni imwe kati wa ila umbya nthini wa TIST. Ngwatanio ino yambiie mwaka muthelu wa 2015 na umuthi yina tukundu tunini 32 na tula twiyiandikithitye na miti ila ndale yina utalo wi iulu wa 15,000. Mwakani uu wa 2016 twiite kieleelo kya uvanda miti ta 15,000 na twina kivuio tuseuvitye vala tuthukumaa ithyothe kuikiithya miti ila twavuia niyaaila na yeana nesa. Itina nituaanaa miti ino na kuvanda miundani yitu. Mbumbano syangwatanio nitunengete ivuso iseo ya useana na kutethania na mawoni, vamwe na kuthuthania mundu umwe kuthi ula ungi na kwikiana vinya nthini wa uthukumi wa ingwatanio na ikundi uu niw’o ngwatanio ya TIST Kiamariga ikwasya. Kuma mbumbanoni ii nitwimanyiitye iulu wa nima ya kusuvia (Cf), Maiko ma Tist ma kusuvia mwaki, kusoma iiulu wa uima wa mwii, undu wa useuvya ivuio na kusuvia vame na maundu angi maingi. Memba maitu ala matatite maundu amwe kati wa ala twi manyiitye mena utanu nikwithiwa nimatethekete na makongela usyao woo kumana na nima ya kusuvia (CF), matunda maingi, uki wa nzuki, ngu, liu wa indo na uima museo wa mwii. Ngwatanio ya Tist Kiamariga kwa yu yina ikundi 47 syina miti mbee wa 50,000 na amemba 352. Twina mwolooto wa kuiendeea umanyisya andu angi ta ikundi, anyanya, atui na angi iulu wa TIST na kusuvia mawithyululuko na undu wa nima ya kusuvia. Ingi mamanye ni undu wa vata kwithiwa twi vamwe kukitana na ualyuku wa nzeve nthi yonthe. “Mawolooto maitu ma 2016 undu wa uvanda miti na vitii kundu kwili kwa undu tuneekie” Ngwatanio ya TIST 

Karandi niw’o ikwasya. Na Mary Kathei Ngwatanio ya TIST Kiamariga: Mbumbano sya ngwatanio syithiitwe utethyo kwitu. na Simon Kinyua KIKAMBA VERSION 3 Utao ni kwithukiisya mundu wina uwau uu na kumutavya ndeto sya kumune wikwaty’o na undu utonya ikana. Niw’o kaingi undu uu wendaa andu amanyisye kunengane utao ula waile. Onakau ithyoothe nitutonya utetheesya kwa kwithukiisya andu aamekalaa na uwa uu, kwiyikiwa iatuni syoo na kwithiwa tutonya umane ndeto sya ukiakisyo na utethyo. Vata wa utao ni: 

• Kumatetheesya kuelewa mathina ala mamekumbilite 

• Kumatetheesya kumathe nzia sya umina mathina ala menamo Wia wa mutai ni kwikala nthi na kwithukiisya. Ithukiisye makulyo moo, neenanisyai mo, iw’a undu mosete undu uu na kila meukia iulu wa undu ula utonya umakitikia. Manenge ndeto sya w’o na syaumatethya kwianana na vata woo, manenge wikwatyo na vinya. Lilikana ni useo kumanya mausungio nundu nimatonya ukutethya onaku kutetheesya andu angi yila ve vata. Mawoni ma utao:- 1. Kwa mundu wamina kwoneka ena tulinyu tuu twa muthelo.

 • Mumiisye kana vena uiiti ula waile mundu nikwikala nesa ota andu ala mate na uwau uu na kuthukuma kwa ivinda iasa.

 • Mutavye kana nde weka, kwi andu angi aingi mamanyie nzia sya kwikala na uwau uu

 • Muthuthie aye nesa na kuthunguthangya mwii (ndaka wikalya nthi) 

• Muthuthie aendee kuthukuma yila ukwiw’a ena vinya na kuendeea kwiia musyi wake uthwii. Mutavye mundu ndaile ueka uthukuma nikwithiwa ena tulinyu tuu twa muthelo. 

• Mulilkanie kuthi kiliniki kila ivinda nikana anenge ndawa sya umwongela vinya ( ARV) ivindani yila yaile. 

• Ethiwa nimunenge ndawa ithi sya ARV mulilikanie kunyw’a kila ivinda saa ni ila syaile na mbeke ila syaile. 

2. Mundu wina tulinyu twa muthelo ukukia kikw’u

 • Kila mundu niweteele kikw’u ethiwe ena muthelo kana atai indi vai mundu utakiaa kikw’u. 

• Umya muikiioni wa muwau uyu wikwatyo.

 • Lilkania muwau uyu no ekale ivinda iasa na uwau uuu aatia nzia ila syaile ta kuya liu ula waile, kwithingithangya, kuthi kiliniki na kuatiia walanio ula unetwe ainyw’a ndawa sya ARV. 3. Mundu wina muthelo ukwenda kuendeea na kumanyana ki mwii

• Kuendeea na umwanyana kimwii uteutumia nzia sya kwisiia ni undumwe na kunyaiikya uwau uyu. Ona ethiwa muwau uyu akwatiwe ni uwau uu kwa nzia ya mbanga kukwatya andu angi na kutuma mathina kuiete utanu kana kualyula maundu. 

• Kwi tulinyu kivathukanio twa uwau uu na kuendeea kumanya kimwii uteusumia nzia sya kwisiia nutonya ukwatw’a tulinyu muthemba ungi na kutuma uwaiia na mathina maingi kwi ala wiinamo. Kwoou ni useo kwikala uteumanyana ki mwii kwi kwongeleela uwau mwii nikana withiwe na vinya na kwikala ivinda iasa undu vcatonyeka. • Lilikania muwau uyu kumanya kimwii tiyo nzia yoka ya kwonania Wendo. Kwi maundu maindi mwikalileni wa mundu na thayuni uu matonya utuma wianiwa ngoo.

 • Kwa kusisya nzia nzeo ya ala matwaanite kwithiwa matena uwau uu ni kwikala mate umanyana ki mwii na ula muwau matwaanite. Ona kau kwa ala menavinya wa kumanyana kimwii nimaile kueleania na kusisya undu meutethania onakau vena muisyo. 

• Thuthya ula wina uwau uu wa muthelo kutavya munyanyae undu vailye nikana munyanyae aamue kiasi kila utonya kwosa iulu wa muisyo uyu. Andu aa HIV na AIDS: Kunenga utao andu ala mekalaa na tulinyu twa uwau wa muthelo (PLWHA). KIKAMBA VERSION 4 Ene kikundi kya Gakuu (2014KE309) ivindani ya kuvitukithw’a kwa miti yoo matuku 11/02/ 2016. nimatonya kiamua kueka kumanyana kimwii.Ingi nimatonya uamua kieendeea na umanyana kimwii matumiite mivila onaenyiwa munyanyae ena uwau uu. Ula wina uwau uu niwaile uendeea na kunywa ndawa sya ARV na kuola tulinyu tuu mwiini kwianana na woni wa ndakitali. Ala matwaanite na mena thina ta uyu ni useo kukwata utao kwa vamwe nikana makaamua maeleetwe umwe kwa ula ungi. 4. Mutu utena uwau uu wa muthelo indi nukwisilya no ithwa akomanite muyisyo indi ndekwenda uthimwa na kumanyika kana ena w

’o • Lilikania uyu ukule uthimwa kala ni useo akekala eyisi. 

• Lilikania mundu uyu ingi kana kwithiwa na tulinyu twina muisyo wa uwau wa muthelo ti kikw’u na vena utethyo kwa ula winatw’o.

 • Kwimanya tene nikutumaa mundu atonya kwikala ivinda iasya nundu atumia ARV na kwikala mwikalo museo mathina na mauwau ala mokanasya na uwau uu wa muthelo methiawa kwake me manini.

 • Kumanya ali yaku ni useo nundu nikuutetheeasya kumanya undu ukwikala na andu ala angi 

• Ithukiisye ni kitumi kiva kiutuma mundu uu utenda uthimwa. No kwithiwa mundu uu akia utengwa, umenwa kana kwasya wia. Nenanisyai maundu aa nakwona nata utonya umutethya aende na mbee.

 • Ethiwa mundu uyu ethini wa mutwaano ni useo makathimwa ena munyanyae nikana withie nimavaitika vamwe na kukwata utao ula waile maithimwa na ingi nitetheeasya kuola w’ia. Onakau kwa andu amwe anyanyae nimatonya uleana maitonya ulasimithw’a indi kii ti kitumi kya utuma mo matamanya ali yoo. 

• Onakau nitwaweta maundu aa onthe me vaa iulu lilikana kana vai mundu waile utuumiiwa vinya athimwe. Kuthimwa kwaile ithiwa kwio ngenda ya mwene, ndukathime mundu uteyumbanitye nundu nokuete wasyo/ wanangiko. I thyi ma kikundi kya Gakuu ngwatanioni ya TIST Itugururu Tharaka Nithi county nitwalikile nthini wa TIST mwaka wa 2014. Nitwamanyie iulu wa TIST kuma kwa andu maitu ma musyi na atui vala TIST yambiie. Mbeeni nitwakiaa kulika nthini wa TIST. Tuyaeleawa nata undu uu wa viasala wa uta nzeve itavisaa vala aingi matataa kutuelesya. Kwa ivuso iseo nitwakwatie ithangu ya Mazingira Bora vala tweemanyiisye mbeange. Niw’

o twatw’ie kulika nthini wa TIST tuielewa undu wayo. Nitwaandikithiw’a thini wa TIST twi Namba 2014KE309. Kwa yu twina miti mbee wa 1,000 vala miti 944 mivitukithye. Kikundi kya Gakuu. Twina utanu kwithiwa twi nthini wa TIST. na Festus Mutegi KIKAMBA VERSION 5 Vuu wa yiima ni vuu useuvitw’e vate ndawa na mimea kuma muundani na nutumaa mimea yiana nesa. Ni museo kwi vuu wa kuua ula wina kemikoo nundu niwakuma mniemani na niwamana ti wakuua na nwanangaa liu kana mawithyululuko ta vuu / vatalisa wa kuua. Ve nzia mbingi sya useuvya vuu uyu, lakini ve nzia imwe nzeango kwi syothe isioni imwe. Kulya mutui waku wa ngwatanio yenyu kila kithukumite nesa kwoo. useuvya vuu wa yiima. 1) Kusakua kisio kya matambya 4 x 4m na kwisa yiima. 2) Enga kisio. 3) Inza yiima uthathau wa 3 - 4m na 1.5uliku. 4) Kolany’a matialyo ma mavemba, muvya, mavoso na uitilanga tulungu tuniini. 5) Ikia yiimani itumie uliku wa 0.5m. 6) Ikia muu wa lita itano. 7) Ongela kyaa kya indo ethiwa kivo kya uliku wa 30cm ethiwa vaii oundu kiana (uyu ni vuu wa nguluwe, ng’ombe, mbui kana nguku). 8) Ongela matu na makusa uliku ungi wa 0.5m. 9) Ikia muu ungi wa lita itano. 10) Ongela matu na makusa withie yiima notayausua. 11) Ususya yiima na muthanga. 12) Uyususya yiima ikia muti muasa kati withie utinite yiimani ungu. 13) Eka yiima yiu yiyiue vandu va myai itatu kana mithenya miongo kenda. 14) Ivindani yii yonthe osaa kiw’u kila kina kiko uketa vo ngelekany’o kila wavua nakyo kana kuthambya miio. Ethiwa wina maumao ma indo no wite vo. 15) Kii nikyongelaanzeve ya Nitrogen nthini wa vuu 16) Tata navinya ungithye yima yii kila muthenya kwa nzia ila utonya. 17) Itina wa mithenya miongo keenda vuu wiithiwa wi tayali. Tumia muti uyu wikati ta kithimi kya uvyuvu. Vuu wasuva ukeethiwa wimuvyu na nowone muti uuyu waumya uitoa. Utumii wa Vuu wa yiima. wenza maima ma uvanda mbemba, muvya kana o mimea ingi ikia ngundi imwe ya vuu kila yiimani. Syaiisya wone kila ukwata kuma vo! Kuseuvya vuu wa yiima - Vuu ute na kemikoo. KIKAMBA VERSION 6 Tukundi tunini twa Tist tula twithiitwe tuitumia nzia ino ya nima ya kusuvia (CF) nimaendee na kukwata ngetha mbingi na nzeo kwi yila mana tumiaa nzia sya kitene sya nima ona yila mbua nini. Maima nimatetheeasya kutumaninia kiw’u yila mbua yaua kwoou uyithia kivakuvi kwa mimema. Ithanguu niyiukutwetheesya kuelewa na kumanya mbee iulu wa Kilimo hai. Kuatiia nzia ithi nikuukutetheesya kukwata ngetha nzeo mbua ino yukite. Kuseuvya muunda. Seuvya muunda waku vainyiva mwai umwe mbee wa mbua kwambiia. - Thesya kisio withie kiina yiia kana ikuthu. 

Ndukaime. - Seuvya maima maku mema kona inya. Kila yimwe yaile ithiwa yina uthathau wa 15cm, uasa wa 35cm and uliku wa 15cm. Utaaniu wa maima waile ithiwa wi 75cm. - Osa vuu na muthanga wa iulu uvulany’e na uyususya yiima yii ta 5cm na muvulany’o usu. Kuvanda. - Yila ukuvanda mbemba (mithenya ili ka umwe mbee wa mbua kwambiia) vanda matonya ana muthangani usu ikelene ma mbemba. - Ethiwa wi vanda muvya vanda matonya 5-6 kithyululu mwisoni wa yiima itina wa mbua kua nesa. - Vwika mbeu na muthanga muvulanye na vuu uliku wa 2.5cm itina wa uu yiima yitiwa yina mwanya wa 2.5cm. - Mwanya uyu watiwa niw’o utetheeasya kiw’u kuvikia mbeu/ngii yila mbua yaua. - Tilasima utumie mbolea ya kuua (fertilizer) yila ukwika uimi wa kusuvia muundani waku. mime yaku noikwika nesa watumia vuu wa yiima. Kuimia. - ima uthyululukite maima kaingi - Ndukaime kisio kiu kyothe savali umwe vyu. Nza wa maima, mimea noivwike muthanga na kutetheesya kuuthithya na kusiiia kukuwa kwa muthanga ni nzeve kana mbua. Ima tu vakuvi na yiima na yimani. Tumia kilovoo/kivanga kwenga yiia yila yi mwanyani ula uaanitye maima. Ima kaingi kusiia yiia kuvikia mimea . - Tia mavuti aya na yiia moee kisioni kiu, nundu moa meendeea na kuete unou wa muthanga. Kuvutha Itina wa ngetha. - Ndukavivye matialyo/mavuti muundani. Ekana namo nundu ni unou wa muthanga, kana ukue ukamainde yiimani useuvye vuu/mbolea. - Iilikana ndukaingiie indo muundani wamina ngetha. - Kwa ndaia lilikana kana tukatana naku weethiwa na ngetha nzeo itina wa kwimanyisya na kuatiia nzia nzeo sya uimi wa kusuvia kwisila ithanguni yii na mbumbanoni sya ngwatanio yaku sya kila mwai. Ambiiia uthukuma oyu! Ni ivinda ya kuseuvya miunda kwa nima ya kusuvia (CF). Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501 

March 2016 Newsletter Mazingira Bora An Environmental, Sustainable Development and Community Forestry Program. Not for sale www.tist.org Kipsigis Version Mangenyon en kenyini bo 2016 ko kemin ketik kenyilen o’eng che kitinye mwoe kilasta nebo karandi. Page 2 Kiamariga TIST kilasta: Kitinye kelunoik en tuyosiekab kilasta. Page 2 HIV&AIDS: Ngalaletab biik che tinye HIV ak AIDS (PLWHA). Page 3 Kakuu kurubit ne mingin: Kiboibo ketesetai en TIST. Page 4 Ketoo keturrek chebo minutik. Page 5 Kasarta nepo, chopet ‘tap imbaret kokany CF. Page 6 Inside: Some of the Members of Karandi TIST Cluster tendering their tree nursery. KIPSIGIS KIPSIGIS VERSION 2 Amwe a Amemba a Karandi TIST Cluster magitungata nathari yao ya miiti. E chek membaekab karandi kilasta ketinye konyonchinet ketestai en TIST ak kegol ketik en chongito kosir chebo tai En kilasta initon ko agenge en chemengechen chelelachen.Kigitoou en 2015, en niguni ketinye kurubisiek 

32 che noyotin ak ketik 15000 kobo 15000 che kimoche asi kemin kitinye maget mising en kenyini amun en iguni ketinye kabeti nebo kilasta. Netun en let kebcheyate ketik asi komin chitugul en imbarenyin. E n tuyosiekiyok ko kigogimitech amun kiitini borointo kebchei kobuwotutikiyok, kecheregei, ak kinetegei yeboisiei tugul en kibagenge asi kimuch ketech kilasta ne nyon, mwoe temik chebo TIST nebo kiamariga. Ki kenyoru komonut neo en tuiyet kou konetisiyetab minetab ruruti che kigone en imbaret ne magibat,koigab maisiek che kororonen, konetisiyetab Tililindo,ole kitooundo kabetisiek ak chechang. En biik che kitoo kobois ko kigonyorunen kelchin en (CF), ogoek,tenderek (nut), kumik,kuwenik ak omituwogikab tuga (sogegab ketik). En kilasta ketinye kurubisiek 47, ketik 50,000 ak membaek 352 che tesetai en inguni.Kitesetai ketoche toek kobuwa kurubit asi komuch choronok,tiliyanutik ak kokwotinuwekiyok kobwa asi kimuch tugul ketoret gei kewal itondab emenyon amun mogimuchi echegen. Mangenyon en kenyini bo 2016 ko kemin ketik kenyilen o’eng che kitinye mwoe kilasta nebo karandi. Sirindet, Mary kathei. Kiamariga TIST kilasta: Kitinye kelunoik en tuyosiekab kilasta. Mwoe, Simion Kinyua. KIPSIGIS KIPSIGIS VERSION 3 Niton ko ngalaletab icheget che tinye miyondo 

chemogengei ke kosi mogutikwak asi komuch kigochi komungunet nebo sobenyuan. Ago boiman kora kinet toretik asi komuch keti iche. Boiman en che tugul kegosin biik tugul chetinye (PLWHA) asi komuch konyor miyiendo ak toretet. Amun nee nebo ngalalet komi kou, 

• Ketoret ko guyo agobo kewelnatet netiye inendet 

• Ketoret ole imuchi koistoegei kewelnatosiek chon. Boisietab toretik ko tebnguwony ak inendet ak koebchi iit tebutik ak kworochi kou ole imuchi koistoengei kewelnatosiek,ketoret kigochi komongunet ak kimnotet.En anyun ko mogoi kewol tebutik tugul kobaten kiyome ne imuchi ak inyorunen toretet biik alak. Kabuwatetab Ngololutik: 

1. Chito ne kigochilge ak konyorchige HIV

 • Imuyochin ilenchi konyor kayanet koitin kowek borto komiyeit ak kotesak betusiegik

 • Mo chi ne inegen neunoton baten chang chesotos chetinye 

• Igotebto kou noton ak kwomisi komie

 • Igotebto kobois asi komuch kogimit ak kotoret logokik.Mat kobagach boisiyenyi ne kotesen tai kolen amun tinye koroito en bortanyin

 • Igoiti en abogora chigilisiet asi konyor ole imuchi koribto bortanyin 

• Ye kaginomchi kerichek(ARV) kosib kou ole nyolundo ak kasarta ne noton. 

2. Chi ne tinye ko mat koitigei agobo meet 

• Chitugul koitin netinye HIV ak ne motinye amun miten oroget en meet 

• Ingo kurchige kaniset noton ko sigunet

•Ingo tebto ribet ne mie asi komuch kosob betusiek chebo sobenyin.Igonyor omituwogik che kororonen,boisiet, chigilet nobo abogora ak korib kosibetab kerichek.

 3. Chi ne tinye miyondo ago moche koteb ak konyin

 • Yetat amat kobur ak chi amun tesetai kogole,ago igot koitin komenai ko ma iyanat igochi biik alak en niton komogiitin wallet

 • Miten wolutik chechang en kutikab HIV.En chi neigoito miyondo kotogunen bortanyin ak kowal inendet ak kotestai konyabirak HIV&AIDS: Ngalaletab biik che tinye HIV ak AIDS (PLWHA). KIPSIGIS KIPSIGIS VERSION 4 Members of Gakuu Small Group (2014KE309) during quantification of their group on 11 February 2016 E chek kebunu kurubit ne mingin en kilasta nebo Itugururu Tharaka Nithi county. Kitou TIST en 2014. Kigigeren biikab koguwenyon che kisib konam agobo TIST. En kanamet ko kigitinye kabwatanoto.Kitomo kenai mising agobo mungaretab koristo ye kiyom biik chechang konetis ama kinyoru koguiyet.Kiit anyun betunyon ye kingenyoru mazingira Bora ko konech konetisiet ne yamat. Ki kenyoru nambainyon nebo TIST noton 2014KE309. Kitinye ketik chesire 1000 ak 944 ko cheiitotin che temik en imbarenikwak. 

• Ogibuwotin chi ne miyoni kelechi agot komotuiyo ak chi komo nyoru boiboiyet,miten tuguk alak che inyorunen kelchin en choton 

• Chi ne tinye miyondo igoistoegei che motinye asi mabit kewelnatosiek en kaa ingorib kayane nyuan 

• Igoitige icheget asi komuch age tugul konyor kabuwatenyin koistoenge komo kituyo en boruwek, nyolchin kolumge en betusiek tugul.Igoboisien kerichek en betusiek che nyonu asi konyor tililindo en boruwer kwak ak komonyo ngalalet ne ya. 4. Chi ne motinye moyondo ago tinye kabuwatet kole imuchi konyor ngoyondit amogonye kochigilge:

 • Igobuwat kole momiten oret age tugul baten kechigilgei 

• En chi netiye ko mogongesunenyin baten miten toretosiek che chechang che mitten 

• Ye itin miyondo en konegit ko kararan asi imuch iteben tililindo ak inyoru kerichek ARV en kasarta ne noton

 • Yom iginen chichon mo moche kochigilge amun imuchi kole ibeti boisiyenyin.Toret biik cheu chon asi konge tai ne nenyuan.

 • Agot ko iti tuwan chigilisiet ko borotet amun itin koguiyet ne kararan 

• En tuguchu tugul komoite ki kigichi konyor chigilisiet 

• Chigilisiet ko muguleltab chi ko gonge en chamenyi ama kigigi. Kakuu kurubit ne mingin: Kiboibo ketesetai en TIST. Mwoe Fustus mutegi. KIPSIGIS KIPSIGIS VERSION 5 Keturek ko toreti mising minutik kochok en ngungunyek. Ago kororonen amun motinye ngemet en rurutik ago nyumnyum kenyor ago motiye oliyet neo mising,motiye ngemet en agobo Itondab emet. Miten anyun orinuwek chechang che kimuchi ketounen keturek en koborunet ne isibu ko kigoyomnda biik chechang temik. Otebenge en Kilasta ole kiboisioto biik alak. Tounet ketoo kechob keturek. 1. Lewen ole imuchi ichoben keturek (4m by 4m). 2. Itilil yoton. 3. Bal keringet netinye kokwoutik 3m - 4m - 1.5m kochut orit. 

4. Iyum anyun ngetunanikab imbar tugul ak itonaton komengegitun ak itorchi keringet chon ko kou (sogegab ketik mobekkab bandek , ngendek) ak alakau. 5. Torchi keringt koit 0.5m. 6. Tesin beekab 5ls chebo orek. 7. Tesin sorowekab tuga,neng,Igogenik kot koit 30cm. 8. Tesin ngetunanaik kot koit 0.5m. 9. Tesin beek 5ls chebo orek. 10. Testai itesi ngetunanik got konyi keringet. 11. Tesin baragut ngungunyek. 12. Ye itestai icheng bitoiyot ne koi ak ilumchi kwenutab keringet kot kotiny kwony. 13. Igomuny keringet kotar betusiek 90(orowek somok). 14. En kasariton tugul itestai itumchi beek chon kiunen tuguk en kaa.Ingot itinye tuga imuchi iyum sogororek asi itesi keringet. 15. Niton kotesin nitrogen 16. Yai kouniton en betusiek tugul. 17. Ye kagobata orowek 3 ko koruriyo keturek. Togunen burgeyet ne mi keringet. Boisiyetab keturek: Ye kagoit ichob imbaret inam ibal keringonik kosibgei ak minutik cheimoche igol. Keringet angenge koibe keturekab rubeito, rib anyun wolutik che bitunen imbarengu. Ketoo keturrek chebo minutik. KIPSIGIS KIPSIGIS VERSION 

6 Groupishek chepo TIST che kikonetke akopo CF, kokobaoryan kole chang’ ruutik kosir yon kakiminso keboishen oratinwek chepbo keny,sanasana yon wo robta. Toreti kering’oik chhoton bek koma rwai en imbar, ak ko’kochi minutik bek che yomotin. Ng’alek chuton kotoretin inai kilimo hai komye ak ole kiboishoten. Ang’ kot isib oratinwek che choton kochong’oite ruru. Ole kitayorishondo imbarenik. I’ngol imbaret arawet ageng’e kotomo kobwa robwek. - I’tilil imbaret koisto ke chema’si . Amati ng’ol. - Bal kering’oik che rectang’ular . Nyolunot ko 15 cm en boroindo , 35 cm koindo and 15 cm loindab kering’et . Lochindap kering’oik keyoche ko 75 cm. - inde mbolea safi che ing’olotin ak mbolea chebo duka ,ng’ung’unyat ‘ab barak . Inyit kering’et ak kong’olanik choton agoi 5 cm. Minet. - Yon imine keswek ‘ab andek (betushek 1-2 kotomo konam robta),Min kewek 4 kong’et kering’et. - Ang’ot imine , min 5-6 keswek en mwisho nebo keringoik yon kokorobon. - Tuch keswek ak ng’ung’unyek ak mbolea 2.5 cm .Koboch yuton konyolunot koloindab ng’weny ko 2.5 cm kong’eten barak. - Nafasi nemiten barak ko’kochin. - Molazima iboishen mbolea chebo fertilizer en Conservation Farming plot. Keswek kuk korurtos ogot ang’o meboishen mbolea chebo fertilizes . Istoet ‘ab saratik en imbar. - Isten saratik en kering’et kila weekit - Mati’iste saratik en imbaret tugul. Tobonwokik ab kering’oik 

,Minutik kotuche ng’ung’unyek, koko’koite ng’ung’unyek agityo koter komoib robta ana ko koristo. Iten saratik chemi yebo kering’et kityo. Boishen panget Itilil imbaret koistoke saratik. Isten saratik kila mara asi maibista kochut kering’et. - Bakaten saratik che’ketutu en imbar asi konuno. Tese bombonindab imbaret. Tuguk che kiyoe yon kakebutis. - Matibel saratik che kong’et en imbar. Bakagten saratik choton en imbar asi kotes mbolea en imbar. Kimuche kora keboishen ke chobe manure . - Amati bokokchi tuga koaget en imbaret. Kaikai ibwat ile, Tun kiboiboienchini tugul tun koruryo minutik kuk ak inetke en youtik che miten en erea neng’unget ak tuyoshek ‘ab cluster asi kotesak rurutik. Inam ing’unon! Kasarta nepo , chopet ‘tap imbaret kokany CF.