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Newsletter May 2022

Mazingira Bora

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TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

TIST Clasta yaThuura iri mucemanio wa Clasta narua 19/4/22. lthomo ntuku iji ni amwe na njira injega ya kuanda miti na utiganu kuuma muti gwita kiri ungi, utheru na Kamuunda ga kitchen na utongeria. Ni ugwati ugeni mucemanio jwetu jwa mweri wa May17,2022.


Witi na mbere ndeene ya Clasta ya Kanyakine. Page 2
Clasta ya Githima: Gukura amwe na mathina. Page 2
Batwi ni Koonju Clasta. Ndeene ya TIST twiiku. Page 3
Muungano TIST Clasta: Kuthithia urimi bubwega (CF). Page 3
Thuura TIST Clasta: Kamuunda ka biakuria niuntu bwa ugima bwa mwiri na
miturire iri na utonga. Page 4
Igurune TIST Clasta: Clasta ya TIST injeru buru. Page 4
Michael Githaiga: Ndina nkobia inyingi ndeene ya TIST. Page 5
Kumenyeera minanda. Page 6

Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501

Witi na mbere ndeene ya Clasta ya Kanyakine.

By Bedan Mbae, TIST Farmer.

K anyakine TIST Cluster is one of the oldest TIST Clusters in Kenya. It was started in 2005/6 when TIST was introduced in Kenya.At the beginning, few farmers joined, but when tree payment incentives started coming, many local farmers began to form groups and join TIST. 

I and my Small Group, Kaguruka Tree Grower 2013KE474 joined TIST in 2013. Many other Small Groups continue to join us. Trainings at the Cluster meetings have been beneficial to us. 

Now, our Cluster has borne a new Child Cluster by the name Kithakanaro Cluster. We feel encouraged to continue expanding TIST to new areas. We are grateful to TIST and our Cluster Servant Dinah Kathambi. Let’s continue planting trees and expanding TIST!

Githima TIST Cluster: Growth Amidst Challenges.

By Peter Maina, TIST Trainer.

W e are Githima TIST Cluster members. We are in the volatile region of Laikipia West, that is prone to cattle bandits and other crimes. We are in Olmoran ward, a very dry area. We are a Child Cluster of Mithuri Cluster. We multiplied from Mithuri Cluster two years ago. We had eight groups then. Despite the challenges, we have continued to embrace our diversity. TIST has really helped us accommodate each other. In our area, we have diverse tribes from Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Kisii and Turkanas. Members of these tribes have joined TIST. We have found harmony and peace in TIST. 

From eight Small Groups two years ago, we have grown to 36 active Small Groups today, and we are still growing. We have planted and kept alive over 25,000 trees. Mary Kathei is our Cluster Servant. She has attended over 90% of the groups in the past 12 months.This makes us qualify for Small Group payments, which we have been receiving. Githima means “a spring.” We are determined like a spring to continue flowing and growing bigger and better.

We are Koonju Cluster. In TIST We Are. 

By Alice Nkirote, TIST Cluster Servant.

This is Koonju TIST Cluster. We are a Child Cluster from Nthangathi Cluster. Koonju has 33 active Small Groups. All our groups have active farmers. All of us have been patiently planting trees with the TIST program for several years now. We are now happy to have started to reap the fruits of hard work. In February 2022, 13 of our Small Groups from Koonju Cluster received their “2020 Profit Share payments”, which motivated us a lot. This also encouraged new Small Groups that have not been paid. The majority of the Small Groups that have been paid joined TIST in 2006. 

We now promise to keep our trees for a long time, get more carbon, and plant many more trees. Trees have proven to provide us with many more benefits in fruits, firewood, fodder, timber, and many others. Among other things, we have vowed to continue preaching the gospel of TIST to our neighbors. We meet the last Tuesday of every month at Koonju Chief’s camp.

Muungano TIST Cluster: Putting Conservation
Farming into Practice.
By Josephine Muasya.

For the first time, we at Muungano TIST Cluster decided to do a Conservation Farming demonstration at one of our members shamba. So, we decided to dedicate a Cluster meeting day for this exercise. It was both interesting and fulfilling. We learnt a lot during our month of March CF demo day. Our Cluster Servant, Josephine Muasya, armed with training notes took us the entire process of CF preparation. After clearing where to dig holes using panga, done one month before rains, we measured a hole of 35cm length by 15cm width by 15cm deep, and put topsoilaside. Then between one hole to another you measure 75cm, after one line to another is 90cm.Then using those measurements, you dig as many holes as possible. Then you mix topsoil with compost manure in every hole and leave it up 30 days before rains, which is the best time to plant your seeds. It is four maize seeds at the corners per hole, or if doing sorghum, it is six seeds per hole. 

We learned the following; 

1. You don’t use a lot of energy. 

2. Requires less time. 

3. It iseasy to manage.

4. No need of using chemical fertilizer.

5. It gives more harvest than where we used to plough.

Thuura TIST Clusters: Kitchen Garden for
Healthy and Wealthy Lives.
By Edward Mwenda.

At Thuura Cluster, we encourage every member to establish a kitchen garden. We are convinced that kitchen gardens not only provide us with enough supply of vegetables, but it also prevents us from going to the markets more often to buy veggies.This saves us money, time, and makes us eat organically grown vegetables with lower risks of contamination. 

We also encourage our members to construct dish racks where kitchen utensils are dried up. Exposure of utensils to direct sunlight kills germs and enables you to know which one is wearing out, especially the plastic ones.This will help to remove them from usage. On kitchengarden, use multistorey bags.This has proven to be a Best Practice with many of our members. It does require less water, minimizes attacks by pests, reduces attacks by chickens, if placed at home, and it is economical in terms of space. 

Because we do not use chemicals in our kitchen gardens, many of our neighbors are buying vegetables from us.This is another new stream of revenue we have created for ourselves. It is great being in TIST, because we get a chance to try, practice, and share Best Practices.

Igurune TIST Cluster: The Newest TIST Cluster. 

By Aaron Kaindio.

We are among the newest TIST Clusters in TIST Kenya today. We are close to Nthangathi Cluster. 

We have heard about TIST for sometime now. We are eager to learn practices that will be good for us and our communities. When we started, we learnt there were a Thuura TIST Clusters: Kitchen Garden for Healthy and Wealthy Lives. By Edward Mwenda. Igurune TIST Cluster: The Newest TIST Cluster. By Aaron Kaindio. few groups in our area that had started way back. We approached them so that they can join us and be part of our Cluster. They agreed and we are happy that we will learn from them. 

We approached our Cluster Servant,Aoron Kaindio, and he graciously agreed to serve us. We are making baby steps. We are on the way!

Michael Githaiga: I Wear Many Hats in TIST. 

By Michael Githaiga, TIST Farmer.

My name is Michael Gitahi Githaiga, a member of TIST Small Group, Mukuri T N,TIST number: 2006KE538. I wear many hats in TIST: - I am a Kujengana Champion. - I am a Rotational Leadership Champion. - I am a Conservation Farming Champion. - I am a fruit farmer Trainer. - I am a beekeeper Farmer. - I love TIST. When I became an Accountability Person for my Cluster, Male, in 2008, nothing made me feel as special and encouraged me as Kujengana did. I had not experienced it before in my entire life. All I had known before is negative criticism of leaders. Kujengana helped me like leadership. As I served through being a Co-leader and eventually being a leader, Kujengana made my experience in Cluster leadership easy and beautiful. 

Rotating out after serving four months, and cumulatively 12 months since I became an Accountability person, helped me and other members of the Cluster discover my gifts in leadership. It was so immense that I felt that someone else needed to go through the same process and discover their abilities, gifts, and talents. Rotating out is necessary in leadership. I, therefore, became a strong champion of encouraging Kujengana and Rotational and Servant Leadership in my Cluster. I wear those two hats. 

Additionally, I embarked on improving my shamba through tree planting and Conservation Farming. I learn a lot from TIST Trainings. I have discovered that TIST is about economic and social empowerment, and environmental improvement. Therefore, whenever I want to do something or an activity, I am guided by asking myself these questions; where is economic empowerment in this activity? Where is social empowerment in this activity? And how is the environment going to benefit from this activity? If I don’t get clear answers, I will go to another activity that will completely satisfy the above. 

From the above, some of the activities I have successfully carried out using the above guide include Conservation Farming, Fruit trees Farming, and Beekeeping. Conservation Farming is economical in terms of costs and higher yields. It empowers communities because I sell my surplus to local communities at a lower price. It benefits the environment because of limited disturbance of the soil, hence not releasing a lot of carbon from the soil. In fruit farming, I am engaged in Avocado farming. Beneficial economically because they earn me extra income. I have recruited other farmers in my Clusters and Avocado trees help improve climate and biodiversity. Beekeeping goes without saying. Honey is beneficial as crucial nutrients for the body, bees keep the biodiversity healthy and strong, and honey is a high demand product. I have hence become a champion in CF, Avocado farming, and Beekeeping. 

To this day, on my small piece of land, I have planted 761 trees.These trees recently earned me KES 20,112.47 from the sale of carbon credits. My message to the other TIST Farmers is to look into the areas where your interest is and take an action with a plan to better yourself. I urge farmers to not only look for short-term goals but also to focus on the long-term goals. Your Cluster Servant will help you develop an Action Plan. I wish to thank Daniel Gachoya, our Cluster Servant, with whom we have continued to work.

Nursery Care.

A. Pest control. 

Organisms like fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes and insects (e.g. ants, termites, aphids) can damage seedlings. 

A common nursery disease is called damping off and is caused by fungi. It causes seeds to rot before germination, roots to decay before the shoot appears and the shoot to become thin and collapse. 

The typical symptoms are: 

- The thinning and death of the stem at ground level. 

- The subsequent wilting and falling over of the seedling. 

- The leaves turn yellow. 

- The seedling eventually dies. Control damping off by: 

- Changing seedbed soil every 1-2 years. Loosening the soil also helps. 

- Immediately removing affected seedlings and burning them. 

- Avoiding excessive watering. 

- Ensuring good drainage. 

- Providing better aeration. - Weeding effectively and on time. 

- The soil should not be overly fertile. The proper ratios of the soil should be followed. Reduce nitrogen content by applying less manure. 

- There should be enough spacing between seedlings to avoid overcrowding. 

- Make sure that the nursery is clean at all times. 

Diseases can also be managed by the proper use of chemicals and insecticides. It is best to use natural insecticides as chemical ones can be expensive and may damage the environment e.g. 

- Application of ash. 

- Ensure the seedbed is clean to avoid encouraging pests. B. Root pruning. Move the seedlings around once a week so that the taproots do not sink into the ground and need to be cut. A healthy taproot helps the trees get water after transplanting 

When the seedlings are growing in the pots after 3-4 months (depending on species and climate) their roots start to grow out of the bottom of the pots.These roots should be cut every 1-2 months with knives. Note that care must be taken when lifting the pots so as not to damage the young roots. Alternatively, try the raised nursery beds (see Unit 4) which reduce the need for root pruning as the roots drop off naturally. 

C. Watering, weeding and shading

- Sprinklers should be attached to the watering cans so as not to cause soil erosion.
- You can also use a pierced tin.
- Avoid too much or too little watering, roughly 20 litres for 1000 seedlings. Too much water can weaken the seedlings and attract pests and fungus. One sign of overwatering is a thin film of algae or green moss on the soil surface.
- Water every morning and evening when possible.
- Sandy soils will need more watering than clay soils.
- Direct the water to the soil, not to the leaves.
- Water slowly to ensure it penetrates the soil.
- Be careful not to damage roots when weeding.
- Do not leave the weeding too late. Weeding is necessary as the weeds increase competition for light, soil water
and nutrients.
- Some seeds require shading – make sure simple shades are constructed.
- During the rainy season, cover the seedlings using dry grasses or hay.
Seedlings should be moved away from under trees so water does not drip onto the seedlings and cause damage.
- Fence off the nursery to protect from cattle and playing children.
- Let the seedlings grow to about 30 cm before transplanting.This may take from 1 month to 6 months. See transplanting notes.Also remove the shade during this time.
 Newsletter May 2022

Mazingira Bora

Kimeru Version

TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

Thuura TIST Cluster held today on 19th April, 2022. Topics trained included Best Practices in Tree planting and spacing; Kitchen garden & Hygiene and about Leadership. Welcome to our next monthly Cluster meeting on 17th May 2022


Witi na mbere ndeene ya Clasta ya Kanyakine. Page 2
Clasta ya Githima: Gukura amwe na mathina. Page 2
Batwi ni Koonju Clasta. Ndeene ya TIST twiiku. Page 3
Muungano TIST Clasta: Kuthithia urimi bubwega (CF). Page 3
Thuura TIST Clasta: Kamuunda ka biakuria niuntu bwa ugima bwa mwiri na
miturire iri na utonga. Page 4
Igurune TIST Clasta: Clasta ya TIST injeru buru. Page 4
Michael Githaiga: Ndina nkobia inyingi ndeene ya TIST. Page 5
Kumenyeera minanda. Page 6

Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501

Witi na mbere ndeene ya Clasta ya Kanyakine.

Mwandiki Bedan Mbae, murimi was TIST.

C lasta ya Kanyakine ni imwe ya tene muno ndeene ya Kenya. Yambiririe mwaka was 2005/ 2006 riria TIST yakinyire Kenya. TIST igukinya ni arimi bakai bathungire indi marihi jakwambiria arimi nibambiririe kuthungira 

kiri tukundi na TIST. Uni na gakundi ga Kaguruka tree grower 2013ke474 twathungiire TIST 2013. Ikundi ingi inyingi ni ciitite mbere kuthungira kiri TIST. Ithomo jia TIST ni jia gitumi muno kiri bautwi. Nkinya nandi Cluster iji nium ite kugia na Clasta ingi jayo Kithakanaro. 

Nitukwigua turi na inya ya gutambia TIST kiri ntura ingi. Turi na kugwirua kunene kiri TIST na Clasta Servant weetu Dinah Kathambi. Twiteni mbere kuanda miti na gutambia TIST.

Clasta ya Githima: Gukura amwe na mathina. 

Mwandiki Peter Maina, Trainer wa TIST.

N itwi amemba ba Clasta ya Githima. Turi mwena wa Laikipia West naria kuri na waamba wa ng’ombe na winyangia u mwingi. Turi ndeene ya Olmoran guntu gukuumo muno. 

Turi kaana ga Clasta ya Mithuri. Twa umire ndeene ya Mithuri Clasta miaka iiri ikurukite. Kagiita kau ikundi jiari 8. Kunari na mathina ja maingi nitwitite mbere. TIST niumbite gututethia kugwatanira muntu na ungi. Ntura iji jietu turi na antu kuma Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Kisii na Turkana. Amemba baba bonthe nibathungirite ndeene ya TIST. Nituonete wendani na ngwataniro ndeene ya TIST. Kuuma kiri tukundi 8 miaka iri ikurukite, nandi turi na ikundi 36 na niikwongereka. Nituandite na gwika miti moyo nkuruki ya 25,000. Mary Kathei niwe Clasta Servant weetu. Mutari miti niombite gukinyithia Clasta 90% ya ikundi kiri mieri ikumi na iiri. Utu bubu ni butumbithitie kugwata marihi ma ikundi. Githima ni kuuga “karuuji” Turi na kwiritira ja karuuji gutigiira nitugwita mbere na gukuura nkuruki.

Batwi ni Koonju Clasta. Ndeene ya TIST twiiku. 

Mwandiki Alice Nkirote,Clasta Servant wa TIST.

I ji ni Koonju Clasta. Turi kaana ka Nthanhatha clasta.Koonju iri na tukundi tugwita mbere 33. Ikundi cionthe iri na arimi bagwita ngugi. Arimi bonthe nibethiritue bagiita ngugi amwe na gweteera ndeene ya muradi uju wa TIST gwa kagita ka miaka imingi. 

Turi na gikeno kwambiriria kugwata matunda ma witi ngugi yeetu. February 2022 ikundi 13 niciombire kugwata baita yao na ikundi ikigia na inya inene. Untu bubu nibwekiire inya nkinya ikundi iria itirihi. Ikundi inyingi iria ciarihi ni cia 2006. 

Nandi tugeeka miti gwa kagita kanene twongeere carbon na twite mbeere kwongera miti ingi imingi. Miti niumbite gutua baita ingi inyingi ja matunda, nku, iria ria nyomoo, mbau na ingi. Amwe na jangi tugeeta mbere gutumiiria ruteto rwa TIST maturene jeetu. Tucemanagia rionthe Tuesday ya muthia ya mweri, Koonju Chief’s camp.

Muungano TIST Clasta: Kuthithia urimi bubwega (CF). 

Mwandiki Josphine Muasya.

Kagita ka mbere batwi Muungano TIST Clasta Kuthithia urimi bubwega CF kiri muunda jwa murimi umwe. Twathithirie mucemanio jwa clasta niuntu bwa ngugi iji. 

Untu bubu bwari na kugwirirua na gukinyaniria mathomo. Nitwathomere ja maingi kagita gakuthithia urimi bubu mweri jwa March. Clasta Servant wetu Josphine Muasya ari na nauku ja kuthomithia na twikirie mbere na ngugi iji. Tukurikia kutheria na kiciu aria tukathithia CF (na untu bubu buthithagwa mbere na mweri jumwe mbura yuura) nitwathimire irinya ria 35cm uraja ×15cm warie ×15cm bwa nthi na gwika muthetu jwa iguru kamwena. Kuuma irinya gwita riingi ni 75cm kuuma gatigati ka irinya na mulaini gwita jungi ni 90cm. Nandi ugitumagira ithimi iji mwinje marinya ja maingi o uria kumbika. Kunika irinya na mboleo na uthetu uria wikire gatere na utige irinya kwa mweri jumwe mbeere uanda. Kethira ni mpempe aanda inya kiri o Kona ya irinya na kethira ni mwere/muya aanda itantatu oo kiri irinya. 

Twathomere jaja; 

1. Utitumagira inya inyingi. 

2. Utumagira kagita gakai. 

3. Gutina inya kuthingatoira. 

4. Gutina bata ya gutumiira fertilizer. 

5. Ukagwata maciara maingi nkuruki.

Thuura TIST Clasta: Kamuunda ka biakuria niuntu bwa ugima bwa mwiri na miturire iri na utonga. 

Mwandiki ni Edward Mwenda.

Ndeene ya Thuura Clasta nituonagira arimi bata wa Kuthithia Kamuunda ka biakuria. Nitwitikitie ati Kamuunda gaka ga kitchen nikoombaga gutua manyani ja kwigana na nkinya gutugiria gwita thoko o kagita. Guku ni gutumbithagia kwonokia mbeca, mathaa na nkinya kuria into itina chemicals kana ruuko rwa mithemba ingi.

 Nituthomithagia nkinya bata wa kugia na antu athongi na kuanika thaani na ikombe na biingi bia kitchen biarikia kuthambua nikenda binyaara bweega. Kwanika guku nikuragaga germs na nkinya kuumba kumenya iria ithirite jiumba gutiga gutumirua. Kiri Kamuunda ga kitchen, utumiri nkunia kiri kuandira imera nikwonekete kuri kwa gitumi muno.gutumagira ruuji rukai, kunyihia kuthukua ni tunyomoo, na nkinya nguku na gutitumagira kaanya ka nene. 

Niuntu bwa kurima na mboleo aki, aturi ni baguraga muno manyani jeetu. Iji ni njira ingi twithithiritoe ya kureta mbeca. Ni untu bwa gitumi muno kwithira turi kiri TIST niuntu nituonaga kaanya ga kugeria, Kuthithia na na kumenyithia bangi njira injega.

Igurune TIST Clasta: Clasta ya TIST injeru buru. 

Mwandiki, Aaron Kaindio.

T uri bamwe ba Clasta iria njeru buru ndeene ya TIST aja Kenya nandi. Turi akuhi na Clasta ya Nthangathi. Nitwigitue mantu ja TIST gwa kagita nandi. 

Turi na Wendi wa Kuthithia jaria jari ja gitumi kiri batwi na aturi beetu. Riria twambiriroe nitwethiire kwari na arimi bamwe bathungire TIST kagita muno. Nitwabacuire nikenda tugwatanira twambiriria clasta. Nibeetikire, nandi turi na gikeno niuntu tukoomba kuthoma kuuma kiri boo. 

Clasta servant weetu,Aaron Kaindio,uria twarombire atutethie na agiitikira gututungatira. Nandi nitukuthithia makinya o ja ma kaana.Turi njirene!

Michael Githaiga: Ndina nkobia inyingi ndeene ya TIST. 

Mwandiki Michael Githaiga,murimi wa TIST.

Riitwa riakwa ni Michael Gitahi Githaiga, mumemba wa gakundi ga Mukuri TN , namba ya TIST 2006ke538. Ndina nkobia inyingi ndeene ya TIST: 

- Uni ndi champion. - Wa Kujengana. 

- Wa Utongeria bwa muthiuruko. 

- Wa urimi bubwega CF. 

- Trainer wa arimi ba matunda. 

- Murimi wa njuki. 

- Nimpendete TIST. 

Riria ndatwikire accountability wa clasta ya Male 2008, Kujengana nikwambikire inya muno na ndegua ndi wa bata muno. Uturo bwakwa bunthe toomba kwona ja buu ringi. Buria ndaiji ni kwigua mauntu o ja mathuku jegie atongeria. Kujengana ni gwatumire mpenda Utongeria. Riria ndatungatire ja munini wa mutongeria na mutongeria, Kujengana nikwambumbithirie kwona utongeria butirituhi na buri bwega. 

Utongeria uu wa muthiuruko wa mieri ina na na kurikia na mwaka jumwe nikwaere amemba na nkinya uni kumenya iewa biria ndinabio.Untu bubu ni bwa gitumi nkinya nkienda ungi abukurukire niguo amenye nkinya wee ihewa na umbani uria ari na bu. Kuuma kiri utongera bwa bata. Kuuma au ngituika champion wa Kujengana na utongeria wa muthiuruko na nkinya kwi ejana kiri utongeria. Iji nijio nkobia jiakwa jiiri. 

Amwe na jau ngiita mbere Kuthithia muunda juakwa na njira ya kuanda miti na urimi bubwega. Nithomaga ja maingi kuuma kiri uritani wa TIST. Nimenyete TIST ni ikirite mauntu ja kugea mbeca, kugwatanira na bangi, gwikanira inya amwe na kumenyeera riera. Nandi riria kwenda Kuthithia untu, ndi uragia biuria bibi. Koomba kwona mbeca atia kiri ngugi iji? Koomba gwikanirania bwega atia na antu kiri ngugi iji? Riera rikathondekeka atia kuumania na ngugi iji? 

Nkaaga macokio mbita mbere gucua ngugi ingi. Nkithingatagira kithomo giki, mantu jaria bumbite Kuthithia ni urimi bubwega CF, urimi wa matunda, na urithi wa njuki. urimi bubwega ni butumagira mbeca inkai na ukoona maketha ja maingi. Ni utethagia aturi niuntu nibo mbendagiria maketha mamwe Maria matigara na bei yanthiguru. Niitethagiria riera niuntu bwa kwaga gucimba muthetu na kwaga kurekeria carbon rerani. Kiri urimi wa matunda Ndina mabokando, ningwataga mbeca kuumania na wendia wajo. Ninthomithitie arimi bangi ndeene ya Clasta,mabokando ni miti ikuthondeka rera. Urithi wa njuki uri na gitumi niuntu bwa biakuria ndeene ya miiri, njuki ni ithondekaga jaria jatuthiurunkite, tukona ugima bwa mwiri na tukoona mbeca kuumania na wendia wa uuki. Nandi ndi champion kiri CF, urimi wa mabokando na urithi wa njuki. 

Narua iji,muundene juakwa Ndina miti 761. Miti iji ni irandeteere Ksh 20,112.47 kuumania na wendia wa carbon. 

Ntumiiri yakwa kiri arimi bangi ni baraithe naria bakugucirua ni baambirie Kuthithia untu.Nkuruki arimi nibategere nkinya bioneki bia kagita karaja.clasta servant waku akoomba kugutethia Kuthithia action plan.Nikwigua gucokeria nkatho Daniel Gachoya,clasta servant uria nandi twiitite mbere gwitaniria ngugi nawe.

Kumenyeera minanda

A. Kunyiyia tunyomoo. Tunyomoo notuthukie miti iria ikuuma. Kurina murimo jumwe juria jwonekaga mono kiri minanda juria juretagwa ni fungi. Nijutumaga mbeu ikaumma mbele ya iuma, miri ikoora mbere ya kimera kiumira na ringi kimera kiu gikuuma gigaceng’a na gikagwa. Murimo juju jwonekaga aria:

- Kimera kiu gikuuma gigaceng’a na gigakua mbele ya kiumira iguru ria muthetu. 

- Kimera kiu gikuuma kinyaraga na kugua. 

- Mathangu nijagarukaga jakaa yellow. 

- Muti nijukuujaga nyuma ya kagita. Murimo juju nojuthirwe na njira ya: 

- Kugarura muthetu jwa munanda o mwaka kana o miaka iiri. Kuunanga muthetu kinyaku nigutethagia. 

- Gwita kimera kiria kiajitue orio na ugakiithiria. 

- Kwebera gwikira ruuji rurwingi nkuruki ya ruria rukwendeka. 

- Kumenyeera ati ruuji rutikwigara. 

- Kumenyeera ati kurina ruugo bwega. 

- Gukurira iria bwega na kurio. 

- Muthetu jukethira junori mono. Uungania muthetu na mboleo uria kubati. Nyiyia nitrogen iria ugwikira na njira ya kunyiyia mboleo. 

- Nikubati kwithirwa kurina kanya gakeega gatigati ka miti nikenda itainyane. 

- Menyeera ati munanda nijutheri magitene jonthe. Mirimo no inyiuwe na njira ya utumiri bubwega bwa dawa cia tunyomoo. Ni bwega nkuruki gutumira dawa iti cia nduka niuntu cia nduka ciri goro na nocithukie naria gututhiurukite. Mung’uanano; 

- Utumiri bwa muju. 

- Kumenyeera ati munanda nijutheri nikenda jutigakucie tunyomoo. B. Kunyiyia miiri. Garurira aria o muti juri rimwe o kiumia nikenda miri imiraja itigatonye muthetune mono iija gwitia kugitwa. Muri jumwega nijutethagia miti gucua ruuji jwarikia kuthamirua muundene. Riria muti juandi mukebene jwakinya mieri ithatu gwita inna (kuringana na muthemba na rera) miiri yaju niambagiria kuumira nthiguru ya mukebe. Miri iiji nibati kugitwa o mweri jumwe gwitaiiri na gaciu. Menyeera riria ugukiiria mukebe utikagitarie miri iu niuntu itikuri. Antu a kuthithia ou, geria guukiria munanda untu buria bunyiagia bata ya kugita miri niundu miri nigujaga iri yongwa. C. Gwikira ruuji, gukuura iria na kirundu. 

- Tuminyi nitubati kwithirwa turina mikebe ya kuminya nikenda tutigatume muthetu jukamatwa. 

- No utumire kinya mukebe jurina makutho 

- Ebera gwikira ruuji rurukai kana rurwingi mono, ikira miti ngiri ruuji lita mirongo iiri. Ruuji rurwingi niruthiragia imera inya na rugakucia tunyomoo. Gintu kimwe kiria kionanagia ruuji rurwingi ni kuuma kwa imera bibinini bikari ja kimira muthetune. 

- Ikira ruuji o ruukiri na ugoro kwombika. 

- Muthetu jwa muthanga jukenda ruuji nkuruki ya muthetu jwa clay. 

- Ikira ruuji muthetune ti mathangune. 

- Ikira ruuji mpaari nikenda rutonya muthetune. 

- Menyeera utikagitarie miiri riria uggukurira iria. 

- Ugeteera mono mbele ya ukuurira iria. Gukurira iria kurina bata niuntu iria karicindanagira weru, ruuji na irio. 

- Mbeu imwe niciendaga kirundu – menyeera ati irundu nibithithitue. 

- Mburene, kunikira mbeu na nyaki injumu. miti iu ikuuma nibati kuthamua kuuma ruungu rwa miti nikenda ruuji rutikagwire mbeu rugitaria imera. 

- Irigira munanda nikenda ujumenyeera kuumania na ndithia na twana tuguchetha 

- Reka miti iume mwanka uraja bwa centimita mirongo ithatu mbele ya kuthamiria muundene. Bubu no bujukie kuuma mweri jumwe gwita mieri itantatu.Thoma kwegie kuthamia. Rita kirundu riria ukwenda kuthamia.

Newsletter May 2022

Mazingira Bora

Kikuyu Version

TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

Umuthi 19 – 04 – 2022 Thuura TIST Clasta ni macemanirie. Kiria githomithirio ni urimi mwega, uhandi na gutigithukania kwa miti; Kamugunda ka mucii na utheru na uthongoria. Turakunyita ugeni mucemanio wa Clasta wa mweri uyu ungi mweri 17 – 05 – 2022.


Uthii wa nambere wa Kanyakine TIST Clasta. Page 2
Githima TIST Clasta. Gukura gatagati ka mooritu. Page 2
Ithui turi Koonju Clasta.Thiini wa TIST turi kuo. Page 3
Muungano TIST Clustas: Kuhaririria na kurima urimi mwega. Page 3
Thuura TIST Clustas: Kamugunda ka riko-ini ni ka kuiga andu maicha mega na
utonga. Page 4
Igurune TIST Clusta:TIST Clusta iria njeru muno. Page 4
Michael Githaiga: Ngoragwo na ngubia nyingi gwa TIST. Page 5
Umenyereri wa Nursery. Page 6

Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501

Uthii wa nambere wa Kanyakine TIST Clasta. 

Na Bedan Mbae, murimi wa TIST.

Kanyakine TIST Clasta ni imwe ya TIST Clasta iria nguru muno bururi-ini wa Kenya. Yambiriirie mwaka-ini wa 2005/6 mahinda maria TIST yaingirire Kenya. Kiambiriria yari na arimi anini aria menyitithanirie nayo, no riria marihi ma miti mambiriirie guka, arimi aingi makiingira na guthondeka ngurubu na 

makiingira TIST. Nii na ngurubu yakwa nini, Kaguruka Tree Grower 2013KE474 twaingirire TIST mwaka-ini wa 2013. Ikundi ingi nyingi niciacokire cikiingira. Uthomithania wa micemanio-ini ya Clasta ni ituteithitie muno. 

Riu, Clasta itu ni iciarite kana ga Clasta getagwo Kithakanaro Clasta. Nituretiira guthii na mbere na kunenehia TIST nginyagia matura mangi. Nitukenetio ni TIST na Clasta Servant witu witagwo Dinah Kathambi. Rekei tuthii na mbere kuhanda miti na kwaramia TIST!

Githima TIST Clasta. Gukura gatagati ka mooritu. 

Na Peter Maina, Muthomithania wa TIST.

Ithui turi amemba a Githima TIST Clasta. Tumite kundu kuritu mwena wa Laikipia West, kuria gukoragwo na uichi wa mahiu na wikinai wa mithemba maingi. Tumite ward ya Olmoran, kundu kumu muno. 

Clasta itu iciaritwo ni Muthuri Clasta. Twongereirwo kuri Muthiri Clasta miaka iri mithiru. Twari ikundi inyanya hindi iyo. Ona twatungana na mooritu, tuthiite na mbere na kuiganira oro wega.TIST ni ituteithiriirie kuiganira o mundu hari uria ungi. Itura ritu turi, tutukanite makabira maingi ta Kikuyu, Kalenjin, Kisii na Turkanas.Amemba a kabira ici ni maingirite TIST. Ni tugite na urumwe na thayu thiini wa TIST. Kuma ikundi nini inyanya miaka iri mithiru, nitukurite gukinyia ikundi nini 36 umuthi, na no turathie na mbere gukura. Nituhandite na kumenyerera makiria ma miti 25,000. Mary Kathei niwe Clasta Servant witu. Niakoretwo kwo makiria ma 90% micemanio-ini ya ngurubu kwa ihinda ria mieri ikuni na iri mihituku. Nikio nituhitukitio kuheo marihi ma ikundi nini, 

iria tukoretwo tukiamukira. Githima ni kuuga “Githima”. Nitwihariirie o ta githima kunyururuka na gukura makiria na wega.

Ithui turi Koonju Clasta.Thiini wa TIST turi kuo. 

Na Alice Nkirote, TIST Cluster Servant

Ino ni Koonju TIST Clasta. Tuciaritwo ni Nthangati Clasta. Koonju iri na ngurubu nini 33. Ngurubu nini ciothe ciri na arimi merutiire muno. Ithuothe tukoretwo tukihanda miti na TIST handu-ini ha miaka maingi. 

Turi na gikeno nigukorwo nitwambiriirie kugetha matunda ma wira witu mwega. Mweri wa keri 2022, ngurubu nini 13 kuma Koonju Claster nimamukirire marihi ma faida ya mwaka wa 2020, iria itwikirite hinya muno. Undu ucio niuguciriirie ngurubu nini ingi iria citarihitwo. Ngurubu nini nyingi ciangirire TIST mwaka-ini wa 2006. Riu nitwihitite ati nitukuiiga miti itu kwa ihinda inene, na kugia na carbon, na kuhanda miti ingi maingi. Miti niyonanitie gukorwo na faida ingi nyingi ta matunda, ngu, thumu, mbao na maundu mangi maingi. Hamwe na macio, twihitite guthii na mbere kuhunjia 

TIST kuri aria turigainii nao. Tucemanagia oro wakeri wa muico wa mweri haria ofichi-ini ya Chifu wa Koonju.

Muungano TIST Clustas: Kuhaririria na kurima urimi mwega. 

By Josephine Muasya.

Kwa ihinda ria mbere, ithui Muungano TIST Clasta nimeciririe kurima urimi mwega mugunda-ini wa umwe witu. Kwa uguo, nitweciririe kubanga muthenya umwe wa wira ucio. 

Wari wira mwega na wa gutukenia. Ni twathomire maundu maingi mweri-ini wa gatatu CF demo day. Mwarimu witu wa Clasta Josephine Muasya, ari na matharaita ma gututhomithia na niwe warutire wira ucio kuhaririria CF. Thutha wa gutheria haria tukwenja marima na banga, mweri umwe mbere ya mbura kuura, tugithima marima utiganu wa 35cm uraihu, 15cm warie na 15cm uriku, na kuiga tiri wa iguru mwena-ini. Thutha wa uguo irima rimwe kwa riria riria ringi tugathima 75cm, kumanagia line kwa iria ingi ni 90cm. Kurumiririra ithimi icio, enja marima maingi o uria ungihota. Tukania tiri wa iguru na thumu oro irima na uigananie tiri thiku 30 mbere ya mbura kuura, tondu nirio ihinda riria riega muno kuhanda mbegu. Ni mbegu inya cia mbembe corner ciothe cia irima, na mbegu ithathatu cia muhia oro irima. 

Maya nimo maundu maria twathoma; 

1. Ndirahuthira hinya muingi. 

2. Ndirabatara mathaa maingi. 

3. Ni uhuthu gutungata. 

4. Ndurabatara chemical fertalizer. 

5. Niukugia na magetha maingi gukira hindi iria ucimbite.

Thuura TIST Clustas: Kamugunda ka riko-ini ni ga kuiga andu maicha mega na utonga. 

By Edward Mwenda.

Thuura Clasta, ithui nituringagiriria o mumemba gukorwo na kamugunda ka riko-ini. Ni twitikitie ati kamugunda ka riko-ini ni gatuheaga to mboga cia kuigana, ni gatumaga tuhuthie thabari ya guthiaga thoko maita maingi kugura mboga. Ni gatuhonokagiria mbeca, mahinda, na gagatuma turie mboga cia kiunduire citari na mawathe. 

O ho nitumagiriria a memba aitu guthondeka kamuharati ga kuiga indo cia riko haria cikuniara wega. Kuiga indo ici riuaini ni guteithagia kuraga germs na kumenya iria ciri na mawathe ta kunika, na makiria cia plastic. Na kwa uguo ugateithika gutiga gucihuthira na gute. Hari kamugunda ka riko-ini, no uthondeke na makunia ma kuiganirira. Uu niwonekete uri urimi mwega kuri a memba aitu. Ihuthiraga mai manini, ndithukagio ni tutambi, ndithukagio ni nguku, angikorwo uthondeke mucii ndirabatara gicunji kinene kia mugunda. 

Na tondu tutihuthiraga chemical migundaini itu ya riko-ini, andu aria turigainie maguraga mboga gwitu. Giki ni githima kingi gia kuingiria mbeca twithondekeire. Ni wega gukorwo turi TIST, tondu tugiaga na mahinda ma kugeria, kurima na kugayana urimi mwega.

Igurune TIST Clusta:TIST Clusta iria njeru muno. 

Na Aaron Kaindio.

Ithui turi amwe a aria TIST Clasta iria njeru thiini wa TIST Kenya umuthi. Turi hakuhi na Nthangathi Clasta. 

Ni tuiguaga TIST gwa kahinda riu. Ni turenda guthoma na kumenya maundu maria mega hari ithui na aria maturigiciirie. Riria twambiriirie, ni twamenyire ati ni kuri ikundi ingi ituura ritu iria ciambiriirie tene. Ni twacemanirie niguo twitukanire na tutuike Clasta imwe. Ni metikirire na twina gikeno nigukorwo ni tuguthoma kuma kurio. 

Ni twethanire na mwarimu witu wa Clasta na niwe Aoron Kaindio, na agitikira gututhomithia. Ni turahariria makinya ma guciarwo wa gakenge. Turi mutaratara-ini!

Michael Githaiga: Ngoragwo na ngubia nyingi gwa TIST. 

Na Michael Githaiga, Murimi wa TIST.

Ritwa riakwa ni Michael Gitahi Githaiga, mumemba wa TIST Small Group, Mukuri T N,TIST number. 2006KE538. Ngoragwo na ngubia nyingi gwa TIST: 

- Ngoragwo ndi champion wa Kujengana. 

- Ngoragwo ndi champion wa utongoria wa muthiururuko. 

- Ngoragwo ni champion wa urimi mwega. 

- Ngoragwo ndi mwarimu wa urimi wa matunda. 

- Ngoragwo ndi murimi wa njuki. 

- Ni nyendete TIST. 

Riria ndatuikire mundu mwihokeku wa Clasta, mundu murume, mwaka-ini wa 2008, nindaiguire ndi mundu special na ngigia na umiriru muingi kuma kuri Kujengana. Ndiari na ugi wayo maicha-ini makwa. Uria ndoi no gucambania kwa atongoria. Kujengana ni indeithiriirie na utongoria. Hindi iria ndiratongoria ta munini wa mutongoria na thutha ucio mutongoria, Kujengana ni itumite ngie na ugi hari Clasta Leadership na wagiriru. 

Gucenjania thutha wa gutongoria mieri ina, na ndatukanira mieri 12 kuma riria ndatuikire mundu mwihokeku, ni itumite nii na amemba aria angi a Clasta kumenya ati ni ndi kiheo kia ungongoria. Ni wega na ngaigua ati mundu ungi ni wega nake ahitukire na amenye maundu maria angihota, iheo na uugi. Guthiururukana ni kwega hari utongoria. Nii, ndi champion na mumiriria wa Kujengana na muthiururuko wa atongoria thiini wa Clasta yakwa. Ngoragwo ndi na ngubia icio cieri. 

Hamwe na macio, ni ndaingiriire kwagiria mugunda na kuhanda miti na urimi mwega. Ni ndathomire maingi kuma kuri mathomo ma TIST. Ni bumburite at TIST ni utonga na kunyitithania andu, kumenyererera maria maturigiciirie. Kwa uguo, riria ndirenda gwika undu, ndongoragio na kwiyuria ciuria ici; ni hari utonga undu-ini uyu? Ni hari kunyitithania andu? Ni hari maciaro kuri maria maturigiciirie? Ndaga macokio, ngeka undu ungi uria uri na maciaro mega. 

Kumanagia hari maundu macio mari hau iguru, maundu mangi ndaneka kuhuthira utongoria wa macio mari hau iguru ni ta urimi mwega, kurima matunda na njuki. Urimi mwega in wa faida na magetha ma iguru. Ni wikiraga arimi hinya tondu ni mendagia matigari ma magetha kwa thogora wa thi. Ni iteithagiriria maria maturigiciirie tondu tiri nduthumburagwo muno, na kwaugwo tiri nduteaga hinya wagwo muingi. Hari urimi wa matunda, ngoragwo na matunda ma Avocando uria uteithagiriria riera. Urimi wa njuki ndungitaririka. Uki ututeithagia kugia na hinya miiri-ini itu, njuki cigateithiriria maria maturigiciirie na oro ho uki niwendetwo muno ni andu. Nikio ni ndi champion wa CF, murimi wa Avocado na njuki. Umuthi, kamugunda gakwa kanini, handite miti 761. Miti ino iraheire Kshs. 20,112.47 kumanagia na wendia wa carbon credits. 

Message yakwa kuri arimi aria angi a TIST ni gwika uria ngoro yaku irenda na gwika uria ukwona kwagiriire. Ndahoya arimi matige kurora maundu ma mahinda manini no kubanga maundu ma ihinda iraihu. Mwarimu wanyu wa Clasta no amuteithiririe na mubango ucio. Ndiracokeria ngatho Daniel Gachoya, mwarimu with wa Clasta uria turutithanagia wira nake.

Umenyereri wa Nursery.

A. Kugitira tutambi. 

Indo ta fungi, bacteria, viruses, nematodes na tutambi(muthua, thuthi na ingi) nocithukie mimera. Murimu uria uikaine muno wa nathari ni damping off na urehagwo ni fungi. Utumaga mbegu ciume mbere ya kumera, miri ibuthe mbere ya kumera na mimera ikorwo iri miceke na ikoma. 

Dalili ni; 

− Gucekeha na gukua kwa mumera. 

− Kuhoha na kugua kwa mumera. 

− Mahuti gucenjia rangi. 

− Mimera gukua. Kugiririria murimu uyu. 

− Gucenjia tiiri wa nathari thtutha wa miaka 1-2. Kuhuthia tiiri noguteithie. 

− Kwehutia mimera iria ihotetwo na kumicina. 

− Ndukahe mimera maai maingi makiria. 

− Tigirira maai nimarathertera. − Gutigirira riera ni riingi. 

− Kurimira maita maingi. 

− Tiiri ndwagiriirwo gukorwo uri na unoru makiria. Uigananau wa tiiri na unoru niwagiriirwo ni kurumirirwo. Nyihia nitrogen na gwikira thumu. 

− Tigirira utaganu ni muiganu mugundaini. 

− Tigirira nathari ni theru hingo ciothe. Mirimu noihotwo na kuhuthira dawa iria ciagiriire nadawa cia tutambi. Niwega kuhuthira dawa cia kiimereracia tutambi tondu cia duka cirri goro na nocithukie maria maturigiciirie. 

B. Guceeha miri. 

Garura mimera rimwe hari wiki niguo muri wa itimu ndukaingire muno thin a niyagiriirwo ni gutinio. Muri mwega wa itimu uteithagia kugucia maai. Riria mimera irakura thutha wa mieri 3-4 9kuringana na muthemba wa miti na riera) miri yayo yambagiriria gukura kuma nathi ya nathari. Miri ino yagiriirwo nigutinio o thutha wa mieri 1-2 na kahiu. Ririkana umenyereri niwa bata riria uroya mikebe ya miti niguo ndugathukie miri. Njira ingi, oya nathari na igurunjira iria igiragiriria miri gutontya tiiriini na kumitinia gugakorwo kuri kuhuthu. 

C. Kuhe maai, kurimira na kuhe kiiruru 

− Tunyamu twa kuhe maai twagiriirwo ni kunyitithanio na ndoo ya kuhe maai niguo tiiri ndugakuuo ni maai. 

− Nouhuthire mukebe muture marima. 

− Menyerera ndukahe maai maingi kana manini, makiria 20lts har mimera 1000. Ungihe maai maingi niukunina mimera hinya na uguciririe tutambi na fungus. Dalili imwe ya gukwonia ati niurahe maai maingi ni mareru. 

− He maai o rucini na hwaiini kungihoteka. 

− Tiiri uri na muthanga muingi wagiriirwo niguitiririo maai maingi. 

− Ikira maai mumeraini na ti mahutiini. 

− Itiriria maai kahora niguo maingire tiiriini wega. 

− Menyerera ndugathukie miri riria urarimira. 

− Ndukarimire riria mahinda mathire muno, kurimira k=ni kwa bata tondu riia niricindanagira maai na riua na mimera yaku. 

− Mimera ingi niibataraga kiiruru – tigirira niwekira kiiruru na mahuti. 

− Hingo ya mbura, humbira mimera na mahuti ma miti kana nyeki. Mimera niyagiriirwo kwehutio kuma rungu rwa miti niguo miti ya kuma mahutiini ma miti ndigathukie mimera yaku. 

− Irigira nathari yaku niguo mimera ndigathukio ni mahiu kana ciana cigithaka. 

− Reke mimera ikure nginya 30cm mbere ya guthamia. Njira ino noyoe kuma mieri 1-6. Thoma uhoro wa guthamia mimera. Na ningi wehutie kiiruru kahiondaini gaka.

Newsletter May 2022

Mazingira Bora

Kiswahili Version

TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

Nguzo ya Thuura TIST iliyofanyika leo tarehe 19 Aprili, 2022. Mada zilizofunzwa zilijumuisha Mbinu Bora katika upandaji na kuweka nafasi kwa Miti; Bustani ya Jikoni & Usafi na kuhusu Uongozi. Karibu kwenye mkutano wetu ujao wa kila mwezi wa Kikundi tarehe 17 Mei 2022.


Maendeleo ya Nguzo ya TIST ya Kanyakine. Uk. 2
Nguzo ya TIST ya Githima: Ukuaji Katikati ya Changamoto. Uk. 2
Sisi ni Koonju Cluster. Katika TIST Tupo. Uk. 3
Nguzo ya Muungano TIST: Kuweka Kilimo Hifadhi katika Vitendo. Uk. 3
Nguzo za TIST za Thuura: Bustani ya Jikoni kwa Maisha yenye Afya na
Tajiri. Uk. 4
Kundi la Igurune TIST: Kundi Mpya Zaidi la TIST. Uk. 4
Michael Githaiga: Ninavaa Kofia Nyingi katika TIST. Uk. 5
Utunzaji wa vitalu. Uk. 6

Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501


Maendeleo ya Nguzo ya TIST ya Kanyakine. 

Na Bedan Mbae, Mkulima wa TIST.

Nguzo ya TIST ya Kanyakine ni mojawapo ya Nguzo kongwe zaidi za TIST nchini Kenya. Ilianzishwa mwaka 2005/6 TIST ilipoanzishwa nchini Kenya. Hapo awali, wakulima wachache walijiunga, lakini wakati motisha ya malipo ya miti ilipoanza kuja, wakulima wengi wa ndani walianza kuunda vikundi na kujiunga na TIST. 

Mimi na Kikundi changu Kidogo, Kaguruka Tree Grower 2013KE474 tulijiunga na TIST mwaka wa 2013. Vikundi vingine vingi vidogo vinaendelea kujiunga nasi. Mafunzo katika mikutano ya Nguzo yamekuwa ya manufaa kwetu. 

Sasa, Nguzo yetu imezaa Nguzo mpya ya Mtoto kwa jina Kithakanaro Cluster. Tunajisikia kutiwa moyo kuendelea kupanua TIST hadi maeneo mapya. Tunashukuru TIST na Mtumishi wetu wa Kundi Dinah Kathambi. Hebu tuendelee kupanda miti na kupanua TIST!

Nguzo ya TIST ya Githima: Ukuaji Katikati ya Changamoto. 

Na Peter Maina, Mkufunzi wa TIST.

Sisi ni washiriki wa Nguzo ya Githima TIST. Tuko katika eneo lenye hali tete la Laikipia Magharibi, ambalo huathiriwa na majambazi wa mifugo na uhalifu mwingine. Tuko katika wadi ya Olmoran, eneo kavu sana. 

Sisi ni Kundi la Watoto la Nguzo ya Mithuri. Tulizidisha kutoka kwa Nguzo ya Mithuri miaka miwili iliyopita. Tulikuwa na vikundi vinane wakati huo. Licha ya changamoto zilizopo, tumeendelea kukumbatia utofauti wetu. TIST imetusaidia sana kuhudumiana. Katika eneo letu, tuna makabila mbalimbali kutoka kwa Wakikuyu, Wakalenjin, Wakisii, na Waturkana. Wanachama wa makabila haya wamejiunga na TIST. Tumepata maelewano na amani katika TIST. Kutoka kwa Vikundi Vidogo vinane miaka miwili iliyopita, tumekua hadi Vikundi Vidogo 36 vilivyo hai leo, na bado tunakua. Tumepanda na kuweka hai zaidi ya miti 25,000. Mary Kathei ndiye Mtumishi wetu wa Kundi. Amehudhuria zaidi ya 90% ya vikundi katika muda wa miezi 12 iliyopita. Hii inatufanya tustahiki malipo ya Kikundi Kidogo, ambacho tumekuwa tukipokea. 

Githima inamaanisha “chemchemi.” Tumedhamiria kama chemchemi kuendelea kutiririka na kukua zaidi na bora zaidi.

Sisi ni Koonju Cluster. Katika TIST Tupo. 

Na Alice Nkirote, Mtumishi wa Nguzo wa TIST.

Hii ni Koonju TISTCluster. Sisi ni ChildCluster kutoka Nthangathi Cluster. Koonju ina Vikundi Vidogo 33 vilivyo hai. Vikundi vyetu vyote vina wakulima hai. Sisi sote tumekuwa tukipanda miti kwa subira na mpango wa TIST kwa miaka kadhaa sasa. 

Sasa tuna furaha kuwa tumeanza kuvuna matunda ya bidii. Mnamo Februari 2022, Vikundi vyetu 13 Vidogo kutoka Kundi la Koonju vilipokea “malipo yao ya Hisa ya Faida ya 2020”, ambayo yalitutia moyo sana. Hii pia ilihimiza Vikundi Vidogo Vidogo ambavyo havijalipwa. Wengi wa Vikundi Vidogo ambavyo vimelipwa vilijiunga na TIST mwaka wa 2006. 

Sasa tunaahidi kuweka miti yetu kwa muda mrefu, kupata kaboni zaidi, na kupanda miti mingi zaidi. Miti imethibitisha kutupatia faida nyingi zaidi katika matunda, kuni, malisho ya mifugo, mbao, na mengine mengi. Miongoni mwa mambo mengine, tumeapa kuendelea kuhubiri injili ya TIST kwa majirani zetu. Tunakutana Jumanne ya mwisho ya kila mwezi katika kambi ya Chifu wa Koonju.

Nguzo ya Muungano TIST: Kuweka Kilimo Hifadhi katika Vitendo. 

Na Josephine Muasya 

Kwa mara ya kwanza, sisi katika Nguzo ya Muungano TIST tuliamua kufanya maonyesho ya Kilimo Hifadhi kwenye mmoja wa washiriki wetu shamba. Kwa hivyo, tuliamua kutenga siku ya mkutano wa Nguzo kwa ajili ya zoezi hili. 

Ilikuwa ya kuvutia na yenye kutimiza. Tulijifunza mengi katika mwezi wetu wa Machi siku ya onyesho la CF. Mtumishi wetu wa Nguzo, Josephine Muasya, akiwa na noti za mafunzo alichukua sisi mchakato mzima wa maandalizi ya CF. Baada ya kusafisha mahali pa kuchimba mashimo kwa kutumia panga, mwezi mmoja kabla ya mvua kunyesha, tulipima shimo la urefu wa 35cm na upana wa 15cm na kina cha 15cm, na kuweka kando ya udongo wa juu. Kisha kati ya shimo moja hadi jingine unapima 75cm, baada ya mstari mmoja hadi mwingine ni 90cm. Kisha kwa kutumia vipimo hivyo, unachimba mashimo mengi iwezekanavyo. Kisha unachanganya udongo wa juu na mbolea ya samadi katika kila shimo na uiachie siku 30 kabla ya mvua kunyesha, ambao ndio wakati mzuri wa kupanda mbegu zako. Ni mbegu nne za mahindi kwenye pembe kwa kila shimo, au ikiwa ni mtama, ni mbegu sita kwa kila shimo. 

Tumejifunza yafuatayo; 

1. Hutumii nguvu nyingi. 

2. Inahitaji muda kidogo. 

3. Ni rahisi kusimamia. 

4. Hakuna haja ya kutumia mbolea ya kemikali. 

5. Inatoa mavuno mengi kuliko pale tulipokuwa tunalima.

Nguzo za TIST za Thuura: Bustani ya Jikoni kwa Maisha yenye Afya na Tajiri.

Na Edward Mwenda.

K atika Nguzo ya Thuura, tunahimiza kila mwanachama kuanzisha bustani ya jikoni. Tuna hakika kwamba bustani za jikoni sio tu hutupatia usambazaji wa kutosha wa mboga, lakini pia inatuzuia kwenda kwenye masoko mara nyingi zaidi kununua mboga. Hii hutuokoa pesa, wakati, na hutufanya kula mboga zilizopandwa kwa njia ya asili na hatari ndogo za uchafuzi. 

Pia tunawahimiza washiriki wetu watengeneze rafu ambapo vyombo vya jikoni vimekauka. Mfiduo wa vyombo kwenye jua moja kwa moja huua vijidudu na kukuwezesha kujua ni kipi kimechoka, hasa vile vya plastiki. Hii itasaidia kuviondoa kwenye matumizi. Kwenye bustani ya jikoni, tumia mifuko ya multistorey. Hii imethibitishwa kuwa Mbinu Bora na wanachama wetu wengi. Inahitaji maji kidogo, hupunguza mashambulizi ya wadudu, hupunguza mashambulizi ya kuku, ikiwa huwekwa nyumbani, na ni kiuchumi kwa suala la nafasi. 

Kwa sababu hatutumii kemikali katika bustani zetu za jikoni, majirani zetu wengi wananunua mboga kutoka kwetu. Huu ni mkondo mwingine mpya wa mapato ambao tumejitengenezea. Ni vizuri kuwa katika TIST, kwa sababu tunapata nafasi ya kujaribu, kufanya mazoezi na kushiriki Mbinu Bora.

Kundi la Igurune TIST: Kundi Mpya Zaidi la TIST. 

Na Aaron Kaindio

Sisi ni miongoni mwa Nguzo mpya zaidi za TIST nchini TIST Kenya leo. Tuko karibu na Nthangathi Cluster. Tumesikia kuhusu TIST kwa muda sasa. Tuna 

shauku ya kujifunza mazoea ambayo yatakuwa mazuri kwetu na kwa jamii zetu. Tulipoanza, tuligundua kwamba kulikuwa na vikundi vichache katika eneo letu vilivyokuwa vimeanza huko nyuma. Tuliwakaribia ili wajiunge nasi na kuwa sehemu ya Nguzo yetu. Walikubali na tunafurahi kwamba tutajifunza kutoka kwao. 

Tulimwendea Mtumishi wetu wa Kundi, Aoron Kaindio, na akakubali kwa neema kututumikia. Tunapiga hatua za mtoto. Tuko njiani!

Michael Githaiga: Ninavaa Kofia Nyingi katika TIST.

 Na Michael Githaiga, Mkulima wa TIST.

J ina langu ni Michael Gitahi Githaiga, mwanachama wa Kikundi Kidogo cha TIST, Mukuri T N, nambari ya TIST: 2006KE538. 

Ninavaa kofia nyingi katika TIST: 

- Mimi ni Bingwa wa Kujengana. 

- Mimi ni Bingwa wa Uongozi wa Mzunguko. 

- Mimi ni Bingwa wa Kilimo Hifadhi. 

- Mimi ni Mkufunzi wa kilimo cha matunda. 

- Mimi ni Mkulima wa nyuki. 

- Naipenda TIST. 

Nilipokuwa Mtu wa Kuwajibika kwa Kundi langu, Mwanaume, mwaka wa 2008, hakuna kitu kilichonifanya nijisikie wa pekee na kunitia moyo kama Kujengana alivyofanya. Sikuwa nimeiona hapo awali katika maisha yangu yote. Nilichojua hapo awali ni ukosoaji hasi wa viongozi. Kujengana ilinisaidia kama uongozi. Nilipokuwa nikihudumu kwa kuwa kiongozi-mwenza na hatimaye kuwa kiongozi, Kujengana ilifanya uzoefu wangu katika uongozi wa Nguzo kuwa rahisi na mzuri. Kupokezana baada ya kuhudumu kwa miezi minne, na kwa jumla ya miezi 12 tangu niwe Mtu wa Uwajibikaji, kulinisaidia mimi na washiriki wengine wa Nguzo kugundua vipawa vyangu katika uongozi. Ilikuwa kubwa sana kwamba nilihisi kwamba mtu mwingine alihitaji kupitia mchakato sawa na kugundua uwezo wao, vipawa, na talanta. Kupokezana nje ni muhimu katika uongozi. 

Kwa hiyo, nikawa bingwa wa kuhimiza Uongozi wa Kujengana na Mzunguko na Mtumishi katika Nguzo yangu. Ninavaa kofia hizo mbili. Zaidi ya hayo, nilianza kuboresha shamba langu kupitia upandaji miti na Kilimo Hifadhi. Ninajifunza mengi kutoka kwa Mafunzo ya TIST. Nimegundua kuwa TIST inahusu uwezeshaji wa kiuchumi na kijamii, na uboreshaji wa mazingira. Kwa hiyo, kila ninapotaka kufanya jambo au shughuli fulani, huwa naongozwa na kujiuliza maswali haya; uko wapi uwezeshaji wa kiuchumi katika shughuli hii? Uwezeshaji wa kijamii uko wapi katika shughuli hii? Na mazingira yatafaidika vipi na shughuli hii? Ikiwa sitapata majibu ya wazi, nitaenda kwa shughuli nyingine ambayo itakidhi kabisa hapo juu. 

Kutokana na hayo hapo juu, baadhi ya shughuli nilizofanikiwa kuzifanya kwa kutumia mwongozo huo hapo juu ni pamoja na Kilimo Hifadhi, Kilimo cha Miti ya Matunda, na Ufugaji Nyuki. Kilimo Hifadhi ni cha kiuchumi kwa gharama na mavuno mengi. Inawezesha jumuiya kwa sababu ninauza ziada yangu kwa jumuiya za mitaa kwa bei ya chini. Inanufaisha mazingira kwa sababu ya usumbufu mdogo wa udongo, kwa hivyo haitoi kaboni nyingi kutoka kwa udongo. Katika kilimo cha matunda, ninajishughulisha na kilimo cha Parachichi. Wanafaidika kiuchumi kwa sababu wananiingizia kipato cha ziada. Nimeajiri wakulima wengine katika Nguzo zangu na miti ya Parachichi kusaidia kuboresha hali ya hewa na bioanuwai. Ufugaji nyuki huenda bila kusema. Asali ni ya manufaa kwa vile virutubisho muhimu kwa mwili, nyuki huweka viumbe hai vyenye afya na nguvu, na asali ni bidhaa inayohitajika sana. Kwa hiyo nimekuwa bingwa katika CF, kilimo cha Parachichi, na Ufugaji Nyuki. 

Hadi leo, kwenye kipande changu kidogo cha ardhi, nimepanda miti 761. Miti hii hivi majuzi iliniletea KES 20,112.47 kutokana na mauzo ya mikopo ya kaboni. 

Ujumbe wangu kwa Wakulima wengine wa TIST ni kuangalia maeneo ambayo nia yako ni na kuchukua hatua na mpango wa kujiboresha. Nawaomba wakulima wasitafute malengo ya muda mfupi tu bali wazingatie malengo ya muda mrefu. Mtumishi wako wa Nguzo atakusaidia kutengeneza Mpango Kazi. Napenda kumshukuru Daniel Gachoya, Mtumishi wetu wa Nguzo, ambaye tumeendelea kufanya kazi naye.

Utunzaji wa vitalu.

A. Kudhibiti wadudu.

Viumbe hai kama fungi, bakteria, virusi, minyoo na wadudu (kwa mfano mchwa, vikugu) waweza kudhuru miche. 

Ugonjwa aina moja unaopatikana sana katika vitalu huitwa ‘damping off’ na husababishwa na fungi. Ugonjwa huu husababisha mbegu kuoza kabla ya kuota, mizizi kuoza kabla ya mche kutokezea na mche kuwa mwembambe na kuvunjika. 

Dalili za kawaida za ugonjwa huu ni: -

 Shina hupunguza ukubwa wake na kufa linapofikia ardhi. 

- Mche kunyauka nakuanguka. 

- Majani yanageuka manjano. 

- Mche unakufa mwishowe. 

Dhibiti ugonjwa huu kwa: 

- Kubadilisha udongo ulio kitaluni kila mwaka au miaka miwili. Kutenganisha udongo pia husaidi. 

- Kutoa miche iliyoathirika na kuchoma mara moja. 

- Kuepuka kumwagia maji zaidi ya yanayotakikana. 

- Kuhakikisha maji hayafuriki. 

- Kuhakikisha hewa inafikia miti vizuri. 

- Kutoa magugu vizuri na kwa wakati mzuri. 

- Udongo usiwe na rutuba nyingi sana. Fuatilia viwango vya kuchanganya vinavyofaa. Punguza kiwango cha naitorjeni kwa kupunguza mbolea. 

- Kunafaa kuwa na nafasi tosha kati ya miche ili kuepuka mfinyano. 

- Hakikisha kitalu kipo safi kila wakati. Magonjwa yaweza kudhibitiwa kwa utumizi unaofaa wa kemikali na dawa za wadudu. Ni bora zaidi kutumia dawa zilizo za kiasili kwani za kemikali ni ghali na zaweza kudhuru mazingira kwa mfano; 

- Matumizi ya jivu 

- Kuhakikisha kitalu kipo safi ili kuzuia kuwahimiza wadudu kuja. 

B. Kupogoa mizizi. 

Hamisha miche mara moja kila wiki ili mizizi mirefu isije ikaingia ardhini na kuhitaji kukatwa. Mizizi mirefu husaidia miti kutafuta maji baada ya kuihamishia shambani. 

Miche inapoanza kumea katika mikebe baada ya miezi mitatu au mine (kulingana na aina na tabia nchi) mizizi huanza kukua na kutokea chini ya mikebe. Mizizi hii yafaa kukatwa kila miezi miwili au mmoja kwa kisu. Kumbuka kuwa mwangalifu unapoinua mikebe usije ukadhuru mizizi iliyo change. Badala ya haya waweza kujaribu kitalu kilichoinuliwa ambacho hupunguza haja ya kupogoa mizizi kwani mizizi hujikata yenyewe. 

C. Kunyunyizia maji, kutoa magugu na kivuli. 

- Kinyunyizi lazima kishikanishwa na mikebe ya kunyunyizia maji ili kisije kikasababisha mmomonyoko wa udongo. - Waweza kutumia mkebe ulio na mashimo. 

- Jiepushe na kunyunyizia maji mengi au kidogo, nyunyiza lita ishirini kwa miche elfu moja. Maji zaidi ya yanayohitajika hufanya miche kuwa nyoofu na kuvuta wadudu na fungi. Dalili moja ya maji zaidi ya yanayohitajika ni kuwepo kwa safu nyembamba ya mwani jua ya udongo. 

- Nyunyizia kila asubuhi na jioni iwezekanapo. 

- Udongo wenye mchanga utahitaji maji zaidi ya udongo unaoshikana. 

- Mwaga maji udongoni, si kwa majani 

- Nyunyizia pole pole ili maji yaingie udongoni. 

- Kuwa mwangalifu usidhuru mizizi unapotoa magugu. 

- Usiache magugu kwa muda mrefu. Kutoa magugu ni muhimu kwani magugu humea na kushindania mwangaza, maji na virutubisho. 

- Baadhi ya mbegu huhitaji kivuli – hakikisha umetengeneza kivuli. 

- Wakati wa mvua, funikia miche ukitumia nyasi kavu. Miche yafaa kutolewa chini ya miti ili maji yasiangukie miche na kuidhuru. 

- Tengeneza ua ukizunguka kitalu ili kulinda kutokana na mifugo na watoto wanaocheza. 

- Lache miche imee hadi centimita thelathini kabla ya kuihamisha shambani. Hili laweza kuchukua mwezi mmoja au ata hadi miezi sita. Angalia maelezo kuhusu kuhamisha miche. Pia toa kivuli wakati huu.

Newsletter May 2022

Mazingira Bora

Kikamba Version

TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

Ngwatanio ya TISTThuura umbanoni woo 19/04/22. Maumanyisyo ala manengiwe ni vamwe na Nzia nzeo sya kuvanda miti na kumitaanisya, muunda wa ikoni na utheu na utongoi wa kithyululu. nitwauthokya umbanoni witu wa ngwatanio mwai ukite matuku 17/05/2022.


Kuendeea kwa ngwatatanio ya TIST Kanyakine. Page 2
Ngwatanio ya TIST ya Githima; Kuendeea na kwiana ona kwina moito/mawumu.
Page 2
Ithyi twi ngwatanio ya TIST Koonju, nthini wa TIST twivo. Page 3
Ngwatanio ya TIST Muungano: Kutata kwika nima ya kusuvia. Page 3
Ngwatanio ya TIST ya Thuura: Muunda wa ikoni kwa uima wa mwii na uthwii
thayuni uu. Page 4
Ngatanio ya TIST Igurune: Ngwatanio ila Nzau yu nthini wa TIST. Page 4
Michael Githaiga: Ninikiite ngovia mbingi nthini wa TIST. Page 5
Kusuvia Kivuio. Page 6

Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501

Kuendeea kwa ngwatatanio ya TIST Kanyakine. 

Na Bedan Mbae, Muimi wa TIST.

Ngwatanio ya TIST Kanyakine ni imwe kati wa ngwatanio ila syalikile thini wa TIST ten vaa Kenya. Ngwatanio ino yambiie mwaka wa 2005/6 yila TIST yamanyithaniw’e kuu Kenya. Mwambiioni no aimi anini meetikilile kulika, indi yila ndivi ya uthuthio ya miti yambiie, now’o aimi aingi mambiie useuvya ikundi na kulika nthini wa TIST. 

Nyie na kakundi kakwa, Kaguruka Tree Grower 2013KE474 nitwalikile nthini wa TIST mwaka wa 2013. Tukundi tungi twingi nitwaendeeie kukwatana naitu. Kumanyiw’a nthini wa mbumbano sya kila mwai nikwithiitwe kwi kwa vaita kwitu. 

Yu, ngwatanio yitu nisyaite ngwatanio nzau ila ikwitwa Kithaanaro. Nitukwiw’a twi athuthiku kuendeea na kwiania TIST isioni ingi nzau. Twina muvea kwa TIST na kwa muthukumi witu wa ngwatanio Dinah Kathambi. Tuendee na uvanda miti na kuthathasya TIST!

Ngwatanio ya TIST ya Githima; Kuendeea na kwiana ona kwina moito/mawumu. 

Na Peter Maina, Mumanyisya (mwalimu) wa TIST.

Ithyi twi a memba ma ngwatanio ya TIST Githima. Twi kisioni kya Laikipia West kila kina mawonzu makyo ta uvithukii wa imaamai sya indo kati wa mathina angi. Twi kisioni kya Olmoran Ward kisio kila ni yalata/ weu. 

Twi syana nundu noindi tunasyaikie kuma ngwatanioni ya TIST ya Mithuri. Nitwongelekie kuma twasyaika kuma ngwatanioni ya TIST ya Mithuri nthini wa myaka ili mivitu. Twai na ikundi nyaanya ivindani ya kusyaika kwitu. Onakau twina moito na mawumu, nituendee na kwitikila muvulanyo wa mauko ma andu ma mbai ingi. TIST nitutethetye kwitikila kuvulana na kwikalania na ngo/mbai ingi sya andu na muuo. Kisioni kitu ki ngo mbingi sya andu mevo, Ekuyu, Akalenjin, Akisii na Aturkana. Andu ma mbai ithi nimalikite thini wa TIST na nitwikalanitye kwa muuo na uuu nthini wa TIST. 

Kuma ikundini nyaanya myaka ili mivitu, nitwianite kuvika ikundi 36 ila iuthukuma kwa vamwe umuthi, na notuendee na kwingiva. Nituvandite miti na kumikalya mbee wa 25,000. Mary Kathei niwe muthukumi wwitu wa ngwatanio. Nuvikiite kilungu kinene ta 90% kya ikundi situ nthini wa myai 12 mivitu. Kii kitumite twithiwa tutonya uthianwa na kuvitukithw’a kwa ndivi ila twithiitwe tuikwata. 

Githima nundumwe na kwasya “Nthongo ya kiw’u” na nitwiyumitye kuendeea na unyululuka na kwiana tuthanthaite kwa useo.

Ithyi twi ngwatanio ya TIST Koonju, nthini wa TIST twivo. 

Na Alice Nkirote, muthukumi wa ngwatanio.

Ino ni ngwatanio ya TIST Koonju. Twi mwana kana usyao wa ngwatanio yaTIST Nthangathi. Koonju yina tukundi 33. Ikundi syonthe situ syina aimi mevo meuthukuma. Ithyoothe nitwithiitwe tuivanda miti kwa wumiisyo na walanioni wa TIST kwa myaka kauta. 

Yu twina utanu wa kuketha matunda ma wia muito na mumu. Mwai wa keli 2022, tukundi tuu 13 twa ngwatanio yitu ya Koonju nitukwatite ndivi ya muao woo wa vaita wa 2020, undu ula ututhangaaitye muno. Ingi kii nikithangaaitye tukundi tula tungi tutakwatite ndivi. Tukundi tula twingi tuive twalikite nthini wa Tist 2006. 

Yu nitwathanite kwikalya miti yitu kwa ivinda iasa, kukwata nzeve itavisaa mbingi na kuvanda miti ingi mingi. Miti ni iikiithitye kutune vaita mwingi ta matunda, ngu, uithyo, mbwau ndawa na vaita ingi mbingi. Kati wa maundu angi maingi nitwivitite kunyaiikya uvoo wa TIST kwa atui maitu. 

Tukomanaa kila wakeli wa mwiso wa mwai vaaya kwa kivu Koonju (chiefs camp).

Ngwatanio ya TIST Muungano: Kutata kwika nima ya kusuvia. 

Nake Josephine Muasya.

Kwa ivinda ya mbee, ithyi ma ngwatanio ya TIST Muungano nitunaamuie kwika nima ya kusuvia ta wonanio kwa umwe wa amemba maitu. Kwoou, twavatha muthenya wa wumbano wa ngwatanio kwa vata uyu. 

Ni undu wa kwendeesya na kwianiwa. Nitwumanyiitye muno mwaini uyu wa katatu muthenyani wa wonanio wa nima ya kusuvia. Muthukumi witu wa ngwatanio Josephine Muasya, akuite maandiko nunatumainyiisye iulu wa kwiyimbania nundu wa nima ino ya kusuvia kwa meko. Itina na kuthesya muunda nitunesie maima tuitumia kivanga. Nitunaminie mwai umwe mbee wa mbua kwambiia, nitwathimie ima uasa wa 35cm na uthathau wa 15cm na uliku wa 15cm, na tweekia muthanga wa iulu vu yiimani. Tweekia utaaniu wa yiima kuthi yingi 75cm na utaaniu wa misitali 90cm. Tuitumia ithimo ithi tunesa maima maingi undu tutonya. Itina twavulania muthanga wa yiulu na vuu kwa kila yiima na twatia vandu va mithenya 30 mbee wa mbua, ivindani yii niyo iseo ya uvanda. vala kila yiima yaile ukua mbeke inya sya mbemba konani inya sya yiima, kana ethiwa ni muvya ni mbeke/ mbindi 6. 

\Nitunasomie uu: 

1. Ndutumiaa vinya mwingi. 

2. Utumiaa ivinda inini. 

3. Ni laisi kusuvia. 

4. Vai vata wa utumia vatalisa/vuu wa kuua. 

5. Ni ukwataa ngetha mbingi kwi undu tutwie tuimaa.

Ngwatanio ya TIST ya Thuura: Muunda wa ikoni kwa uima wa mwii na uthwii thayuni uu. 

Na Edward Mwenda

N thini wa ngwatanio ya TIST Thuura nituthuthasya kila memba ethiwe na kamulunda kake kaikoni. Nituikiithitye vyu kana muunda wa ikoni nutonya kuunenga mboka ikwianitye na kuusuvia ngalama yaulatya sokoni. Kii kitusuviia mbesa, masaa na kutuma tuya mboka itena kemikoo na kiko na kutusiania na mauwau. 

Iki nituthuthasya memba maitu make waa/ utaa wa kwanika miio yume. Kwanika miio suani nikuaa ngyamsi na kututetheesya kumanya niyiva mikuu na kumivetana kueka umitumia munamuno ila ya plastiki. Kwa muunda wa ikoni no utumie makunia, Ninzia imwe iikithitw’e kwithiwa yikaa nesa na yi imwe kati ka mawiko mase. Nzia ino nisuviaa kiw’u, ikaola tusamu tula twanangaa mboka, kuola kwanangwa ni nguku na ingi nisuviaa mwanya. 

Nundu tuitumiaa ndawa/ kemikoo miundani yitu ya ikoni.Atui aingi nimauaa mboka kwitu, ino ninzia ingi ya kuseuvya vaita. Ni utanu kwithiwa nthini wa TIST nundu nitukwataaivuso ya utata, kwika na kumanyithania iulu wa nzia nzeo sya kwika.

Ngatanio ya TIST Igurune: Ngwatanio ila Nzau yu nthini wa TIST. 

Na Aaron Kaindio

Twi amwe kati wa ngwatanio ila inalikile nthini wa TIST mituki vaa Kenya umunthi. Twi vakuvi na ngwatanio ya TIST Nthangathi. Nitwiw’ite iulu wa TIST kwa ivinda yu. twina wendi wa kumanya mawiko maseo ala meithiwa ma useo kwitu na mbai situ. Yila twambiie, nitwamanyie kana vena ikundi kisioni kitu ila syambiie tene. Nitwathengeaniie nasyo na twakwatana twatwika ngwatanio imwe. Nimeetikilile and twatana nikwithiwa nitwasomie kuma kwoo. 

Nitwa muthengeeie na kumukulya ethiwe muthukumi witu wa ngwatanio Aaron Kaindio na eetikila kututhukuma. Nitwambiie kwika matambya ma kana. Twi nziani!

Michael Githaiga: Ninikiite ngovia mbingi nthini wa TIST. 

Na Michael Githaiga, Muimi wa TIST.

Isyitwa yakwa ni Michael Gitahi Githaiga, memba wa TIST kakundi kanini ka Mukuri TN. TIST namba 2006KES538 Ninikiite ngovi mbingi nthini wa TIST: 

- Ni mukuli / Ngumbau ya kwakana(kwakana) 

- Ni mukuli wa utongoi wa kithyululu. 

- Ni mukuli / nduika ya nima ya kusuvia (CF). 

- Ni mumanyisya wa aimi ma mitunda. 

- Ni muimi wa kuithya nzuki. 

- Ninendete TIST. 

Yila natwikie mwiiwa kinandu ngwatanioni yakwa, munduume, 2018, vai kindu kyatumie niw’a ni wavata na kuthuthika ta kutwika ngumbau / mukuli wa kwakana. Ndyai naa ithiwa na ivuso tayii thayuni wakwa w’onthe. Kila nisi nikana mbeeni kila nekaa ni kumoloota na kumalaumu atongoi, Kwakana (Kujengana) nikwandethisye vanene ta mutongoi. Yila nathukumie na munini wa mutongoi na kutwika mutongoi, kwakana/kujengana nikwatumie niw’a utongoi wi museo na wi mwanake. 

Kukuana/kumanisya utongoi kwakuaa myai ina, vala kwa vamwe ninekaliole myai 12 ni mundu wa masavu kila kyandetheeisye nyie na amemba angi ma ngwatanio kumanya mithinzio yoo nthini wa utongoi. Wai undu muito na nineew’ie wi undu museo mundu ungi akavitila akamanya utonyi wake, kinengo na minthizio yake. Kuninisya na kuma utongoini ni undu wa vata kunenga angi ivuso ya kwimanya. Kwoou, ninatwikie ngumbau/mukuli wa kwakana/ kujengana na utongoi wa kithyululu/kumanisya nthini wa ngwatanio yakwa. Na isu ni ngovia ila nikiite. Kwongeleela, ninambiie kwailya muutnda wakwa kwa nzia ya nima nya kusuvia (CF). Nineevundiisye muno kuma kwa momanyisyo ma TIST. Ninimanyite kana TIST ni iulu wa kwailya ukwati na kutuma unyanya waila ona kwailya mawithululuko. Kwoou, ula ngwenda nikwika undu nitongoew’e ni kwikulya makusyo aya, ningwailya ukyumi/ukwati na undu uu ngwika? Ni vaita mwau nguete kwa unyanya na kuwailya na undu uu? Na undu uu ngika wiithiwa na vaita mwau kwa mawithyululuko? Ithiwa ndikwona usungio mwianiu, ni ngusisya undu ungi nika utonya kwianisya usungio wa makulyo aya. Kuma vaa iulu, maundu amwe ninikite makaila niatiie mawalanio aya ninikite. Nima ya kusuvia, Kuvanda Matunda na kuithya nzuki. Nima ya kusuvia ni nzeo nundu ngalama yayo yi nthi. Ni itethasya mbai nundu yila naketha muno ninimateeaa na thooa winthi.Nitethasya mawithyululuko nundu ndyulusanasya muthanga kila vandu kwoou kiseve na kiw’u iilea ukua muthanga. Nthini wa nima ya matunda niniimaa makolove/mavakato. Vala nindesaa na kukutwa vaita. Ninimanyiitye aimi angi nthini wa ngwatanio yakwa undu wa nima ino ya makolovea nikana twailye mawithyululuko na kisio. Nima ya kuithya nzuki ni ietete vaita kwa mwii na kwailya kuisio na ingi kuete ukwati nundu uki wa nzuki wi soko. Na kwa uu ngatwika mukuli/nduika ya Nima ya kusuvia, muimi wa makolovea, muithi wa nzuki. 

Muthenya wa umunthi, kamulundani kakwa kanini nina miti 761. Miti ino omituki ninanengie vaita wa KES20,112.4 kuma kuta nzeve itavisaa. 

Utumani wakwa kwa aimi ala angi ma TIST ni kana masisye maundu ala mena wendi namo na kwosa itamba ya kwikia mivango ya kwiyika nesa. Ni thuthya aimi maikatate kusisya mwolooto wa vakuvi w’oka indi ona walanio wa mwolooto wa ivinda iasa. Muthukumi waku wa ngwatanio nukuutetheesya kwikia mivango ya itambya yila ukwenda osa. Nienda utungia muvea Daniel Gachoya muthukumi witu wa ngwatanio, ula uendee na ututhukuma vate kuleela.


Kusuvia Kivuio.

A. Kusuvia uwau na miimu. Tusamu ta fungi, baterial, virus, mithowe na tusamu ta (Nduti, Muthwa, syingolondo) nitonya kwananga tumime. 

Mowau amwe makwataa mbeu yi kivuioni nita uthithu wina uundu ula uetae fungi. Ii nitumaa mimea yoa mbee wa itanamea kana mii ikoa mbee wa munguthe kumila na ethiwa mumea wii unambiia umea uimosa na ukw’a.

 Mawonany’o amwe ma mowau aya nita: 

- Kwosa kwa muthamba vaaya muthangani. 

- Kuvova na kuvaluka kwa kamumea. 

- Matu kutwika yelo. 

- Kukwa kwa kamumea. Undu utonya usiia uundu:- 

- Kusesya muthanga wa kivuio kila itina wa mwaka kana miaka ili kila kietae kulekania kwa muthanga. 

- Kuvetanga tumimea tula twakwatwa ni uwau uyu na kutuvivya. 

- Kunginya na kithimo vate kuvitukya kiw’u uingithya. 

- Ikiithya kiw’u nikiuthi kinatuumana. 

- Eka muthanga withiwe ulekanitye nzeve ivite nesa. 

- Ima nesa na ivindani yila yaile. 

- Muthanga ndukethiwe wi munou kuvita kiasi. Kithimo kya muthanga kwavuu nikyaile uatiiwa.

- Nivaile ithiwa na utaaniu waile katikati wa mimea. 

- Ikiithya kivuio nikitheu ivinda yonthe. Mowau ingi mnomasiiwe kwa kutumi ndawa nesa. Ni useo kutumia nzia sya kikamba kwi kutumia ndawa ikwananga mawithyululuko ngelekany’o 

- Tumia Muu. 

- Ikiithya kivuio ni kiime kiina yiia nikana withie mututu ndina liu kwoou ndikuka kuete uwau. 

B. Kusea mii. 

Sokya tumimea twaku kwa kyumwa imwe nikana mwii wa kuthi na nthi ndukangwate uendete na nthi na indi nikana usee mii ila yaasava muno . kii kitetheeasya miti kukwata kiw’u yathamwa kuma kivuoni na kutwawa muundani. 

Yila tumimea tuu tuendee kumea itina wa myai 3-4 (kulingana na muvai) mii yatwo niyambiia kumea na kumila ungu mathanguni ala ivanditwe. Mii ino niyaile utilwa kila mwai kuvika myai ili na kavyu. Manya kana niwaile usuvia yila ukukiklya mathangu aya kana mikeve/mbisu ila uviiite nthini ndukanange tumiti na mii. Ethiwa ti uu tata utumie kivuio kya kitanda (Sisya uniti 4) kila nikiolaa vata wa kusea mii nundu ikitaa uniina. 

C. Kungithya, Kuimia na Kwikia muunyi. 

- Kikonyo kina mavuthi nikuyalie utumiwa mkungithyani nikana muthanga ndukakuwe. 

- Ethiwa ti uu no utumie mukeve wina maima kungithya kivuio. 

- Ndukendeew’e ni kungithya na kiw’u kingi kuvituka kana kungithya na kiw’u kinini muno, tumia ta lita 20 kungithya tumimea ta 1000. Kiw’u kingi nikietae undu ula uetae Fungus na kwongela tusamu tula twanangaa mimea. Wonany’o umwe wa kungithya kuvita kiasi ni kindiiu muthangani. 

- Ngithya kila kwakya na mawioo vatonyeka. 

- Muthanga wa thanganthi niwendaa kiw’u kingi kwi ilivi. 

- Oneleelya kiw’u muthangani no ti matuni. 

- Ngithya mbola nikana kiw’u kinywe muthangani. 

- Sisya ndukanange mii yila ukuimia. 

- Ndukeseumia yiia yikalite, imia oundu yongelekete ute kuekeea yikambiie uaania kiw’u kyeni, na unou wa muthanga. 

- Mbeu imwe nisyendaa kwikiiwa muunyi 

- kwoo ikia matambya makusyikiia muunyi ethwa ve vata 

- Yila kwina munyao vwika muthanga wa kivuio na nyeki na ethiwa ni meu ikia kitaalu kuete muunyi. Ethiwa syi matanguni kana mbisuni/ mikeve kua utwa ungu wa muti. 

- Iia kivuio mbee wa kukua kuthamya tumimea. nitonya ukua mwai kana myai ili kivuioni. wavikiia uthamya ingi vata muunyi ivindani yii.

Newsletter May 2022 Mazingira Bora TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants. Not for sale 

Nguzo ya Thuura TIST iliyofanyika leo tarehe 19 Aprili, 2022. Mada zilizofunzwa zilijumuisha Mbinu Bora katika upandaji na kuweka nafasi kwa Miti; Bustani ya Jikoni & Usafi na kuhusu Uongozi. Karibu kwenye mkutano wetu ujao wa kila mwezi wa Kikundi tarehe 17 Mei 2022

Tesetaptai nebo Isasametab TIST nebo Kanyakine. Page 2 Isasametab TIST nebo Githima: Yetunet en kewelinwek. Page 2 Echeek ko ki Isasametab Koonju. En TIST ke mii. Page 3 Isasametab TIST nebo Muungano: Kinde Boisiet Temisietab Ribetab Emeet. Page 3 Isasametab TIST nebo Thuura: Kabungusiekab Chigeet chebo Chametabgee nebo Borto ak Mogornoteet. Page 4 Isasmetab Igurune nebo TIST: Isasamet ne Leel en Tugul. Page 4 Michael Githaiga: Akoche kirosisiek che chang en TIST. Page 5 Ribetab kabeti.

 Published by TIST-Kenya. Web: www.tist.org Email: martinweru@tist.org Tel: 0722 - 846 501

Tesetaptai nebo Isasametab TIST nebo Kanyakine.

I sasametab TIST nebo Kanyakine ko agenge en Isasamosiekab TIST che yosen missing en Kenya. Kikitau en 2005/6 kin ketau TIST en Kenya.an kanamet, ko kichut temik che tutikin. Kobaten kin kiinam lipanosiekab ketik, kokochi chereset teik che chang koyan kochut ak koonam temik che chang kotoo kurupisiekwak ak kochut TIST. Ane ak kurupinyun ne mingin, Kakuruka Tree Grower 2013KE474 ko kikichut TIST en 2013. Kurupisiek alak che mengechen ko kitestai kochut, konetisiet en tuiyosiekab Isasamet ko kikobunchi kelchin en echeek. Akoi nguni, ko kikoyi Isasamenyon Isasamet ake ne kiguren Isasmetab Kithakanaro. Kikose ko kicherotik missing ketestai keyegitun en TIST ak keityi kebeberuek alak che lelach. Kikosengee TIST ak kiboityondenyon nebo Isasamet Dinah Kathambi. Ongetestai kemin ketik ak keegitu en 

Isasametab TIST nebo Githima: Yetunet en kewelinwek. Koyob Peter Maina, Kanetitenab TIST.TIST! E chek ko ki membaekab Isasametab Githima. Kimi emetab Laikipia olemi tiritinwek ako en abokora komi chorsetab kiyagik ak lelutiik alak. Kimi waditab Olmoran, emet ne yamat missing. Ki isasamet ne lakwetab Isasametab Mithuri. Kikipjeunengee Isasametab Mithuri kenyisiek oeng’ che ko kosirto. En kasaraton ko kikitindoi kurupisiek 8. Anganda mi kewelinwek ko kikeyom keyai tukun che terter. Kikotoretech TIST kiyomengee. Kitindoi bik chebo kutuswek che chang en komostanyon cheu Turkanek, Kekoek, Kalenjin, ak Kosobek. Kikochut TIST membaekab kutuswechu.Kikenyoru kalyet ak misto ne mie en TIST. Kongeteen kurupisiek 8 en kenyisiek 2 che ko kosirto, ko nguni ketindoi kurupisiek che mengechen 36 ako tesetai.Kikemiin ak kerib ketik 25,000. Mary Kathei ko Kiboityoab Isasmenyon.Kikoityi kurupisiek 90% en arawek 12.Inoni kokonech kenyorchingee lipanosiekab kurupisiek che mengechen che kikenyoru. Ng’oliot Githima ko Kondametutab beek ako kitesetai kitendene kou oinet ak ketesoksei ak kekoikoiegitun.

Echeek ko ki Isasametab Koonju. En TIST ke mii. Koyob Alice Nkirote, Kiboityotab Isasametab TIST.

I noni ko Isasametab TIST nebo Koonju. Kikipjeunengee Isasametab Nthangathi. Koonju ko tindo kurupisiek 33 che mengenchen chebo temik ako chipilen.Kikeigu tugul che muito en minsetab ketik en tetutietab TIST en kenyisiek che chang’. Kiboiboi en raini keges logoekab boisiet neo. En arawetab Ng’ototio (oeng’) 2022, ko kurupisiek 13 che mengechen ko kinyorchigee pjeutikab melekwek chebo 2022 che kikoneech cherseet neo. Inoni ko kiigochi kora kurupisiek che mecgechen che lelach cherseet neo amun kitomo konyor pjeutikab melekwek. Che chang’ en kurupisiek che kokelipan ko che kichute TIST en 2006. Kikonu koyomiset kele kiribe ketikyok en betusiek tugul asikimuch kenyorchingee melekwekab koristo ak kemin ketik che chang’.Kikokoneech ketik borotet neo en logoek, kwenik, amitwokikab kiyagik, bogoinik ak alak che chang’. Kit age ne kikiyan ko keamteen ng’oliotab TIST koityi bikab kokwenyon. Kituitosi kila Ksitab Oeng’ en Kampitab Chief nebo Koonju. We meet every last Tuesday of the month at Koonju Chief’s camp. 

Isasametab TIST nebo Muungano: Kinde Boisiet Temisietab Ribetab Emeet. Koyob Josephine Muasya.

E n kasarta ne tai, ko echeek en Isasametab Muungano ko kiketil keyai koborunetab temisietab ribetab emeet en agenge ne mbarenikab membaekiok. So, kikechob betut agnneg nebo boisionoton. Kibo kwongutik ako kitoreteech. Kikineta gee che cheng en arawetab Kiptamo (somok) en koborunetab temisietab ribetab emeet. Kiboityondenyon, Josephine Muasya, kotondo kitabusiekab konetisiet komutech mutyo en koborunonoton ak ole kichopto. Kiin keswach ile kibiken keringonik keboisien pangok, ako noton keyoe kotomo arawet agenge, kepiman keringonik chebo 35 cm en koindo ak 15 cm kwo ng’wony ak keiisto ng’ung’unyekab barak koba taban. Kong’eteen keringet agenge akoi ake kepimoni 75 cm ako kong’eteen lainit agenge akoi ake ko 90 cm. keboisien pimananoton, ko nyolu ibal keringonik che chang’ yon imuche. Yon kaitar, iburuchen ng’unyekab barak chu kokende taban ak keturek en keringet age tugul ak ibakach betusiek 30 kotomo korobon amun kasarta neu noton ko kararan en minsetab tuguk. Kimine bandek 4 en konaisiek en keringet age tugul, ako angot ko mosong’ik kemine 6 en keringet. Kikinetge tuguk cheisibu; 1. Mo kiboisien kimnatet neo. 2. Ibe kasarta ne nwach. 3. Nyum nyum ole keribtoo. 4. Momi acha keboisien phosphate. 5. Konu kesutik che chang’ kosir yon kokiboisien mogombetab eik.

Isasametab TIST nebo Thuura:Kabungusiekab Chigeet chebo Chametabgee nebo Borto ak Mogornoteet. Koyob Edward Mwenda.

E n Isasametab Thuura, kecheere membayat agetugul kochob kabungut nebo chigeet. Kibwote kele kabungusiekab chigeet ko koonech amitwogik che yomech chebo ngwek ako tereech komakibe mdonyo en abokora kecheng ingwek. Inoni koribwech rabisiek ako koonech kiam ngwek che kororon che motindo kunendee. Kichere kora temikyok kochob sanosiek che kimoen tuguk che kyomisien olon ko kiun asi kosoyo komie, amun olon ko soyo tuguk en asista ko bore kutik ak simto ak koboruun kole ainon ne sipkonome kutu anan koyait, kou chebo plastic asinai isib iiste en boisiet. Kabungutab chigeet kimuche jeboisien kunion che kakipangan kotebeen gee ako kikoyan membaekiok che chang’. Moche beek che tutigin ako mata tian konome kutik, moo me ngogenik ako moibe kasarta neo en biut. Amun mo kiboisien kerichek en kabungusiekab chigeet, kokochin bikab kokwet che chang’ kwal amitwokik en echeek. Noton ko oret age ne leel nebo rebisiek en echeek. Bo komonut kemi TIST amun kinyoru kasarta keyomten ak keboisien artinwek che miachen chebo boisiet. K i agenge en Isasamosiek che lelach missing en Kenya raini. Kirubegee ak Isasametab Nthangathi. Kikekass akobo TIST en kibo kasar. Kikose ta kinetgee ak keyai tuguk che miachen chechook ak chebo bororienyon. Kiin kinome ko kikikass kele mi kurupisiek che tuten en emenyon che kikoonaam en kasarta ne loo. 

Kikiiti icheek asi kimuch kesom kobwa keratgee tugul en Isasamet. Kiiyan ako kiboiboi amun kingen kele kinetegee kiy koyob ichek. Kiboitiondenyon nebo Isasamet , Aoron Kaindio, ko kikinyoru ak kesoom koboisiweech. Kinetegee baandab taanda mutyo en nguni. Kimi oret! Isasametab TIST nebo Thuura:Kabungusiekab Chigeet chebo Chametabgee nebo Borto ak Mogornoteet. Koyob Edward Mwenda. Isasmetab Igurune nebo TIST: Isasamet ne Leel en Tugul. Koyob Aaron Kaindio. KIPSIGIS VERSION 5 K ainenyun ko Michael Gitahi Githaiga, membayatab kurupitab TIST, Mukuri T N. TIST number: 2006KE538. Aloche kiroisisiek che chang en TIST: - Aa kobelindetab Ketechgee. - Aa kobelindetab Kandoinatet ne kiwalchinge. - Aa kobelindetab Temisietab Ribetab Emeet. - Aa kanetindetab temisietab logoek. - Aa boindetab segemik. - Achame TIST. Kiin aiku Chito Ne Kitienge en walutik en Isasamenyun, en kenitab 2008, ko momii kiit ne kikonon charset missing kosir Ketechgee.Kitomo akosigee en sobenyun tugul. Kiit ne kiongen kiyo ko wirsetab kandoik. Ketechgee ko kitoreton en kandoinatet. Kiin aboisiei koboto kandoindet ngo ak en let aiku kandoindet, ko kikonon Ketechgee boisiet koik ne nyumnyum ako kararan. Kewolchigee yon kakobata arawek 4 ak kotesak koik 12 kong’eteem kiin aiku chito nebo walutik ko kitoreton ak membaekab Isasamet kenai talentaisiekiok en kandoinantet.Kibo kwong’eet, kot koit akass ale nyolu kokass akinee chito age ak konai kamugenyin tugul ak konunoika ka talentaisiekyik. Kewlochigee ko nyolunot ne kandoinatet Noton ko kikoonon aik kobekindet en cherseetab ketechgee, kewolchigee ak keik kiboitiot en kandoinatet en isasamet. Aloche kiroisisiechoton oeng’. Ne mo noon kityo, ko kiates minsetab ketik en mbarenyunak temisietab ribetab emeet. Kianet gee che chang en kanetisietab TIST. 

Isasmetab Igurune nebo TIST: Isasamet ne Leel en Tugul. Koyob Aaron Kaindio.Kianai ale TIST ko bo kokimitetab sobetab biik, mogornotet ak ribetab itindab emeet. Kou noton, ko yon amache ayai kiy anan ko boisio, ko toreton atebenge tebutik cheu chu: mi ano kimnatetab mogornotet en boisioni? Mia no kimnatetab atebetab biik en boisioni?Ako nyorundo ano kelchimn itondab emeet en boisioni? Angot ko monyor walutik en tebutichu, awendi boisiet age me imuche kokonon walutik chebo tebutichu. Koyob chu, ko boisionik alak che kikotoreton ayai boisionik en oret nebo kobelisiet aboisien tugucu mi barak yon ko boto Temisietab Ribetab Emmet, ketikab logoek, ak baetab segemik. Temisietab Ribetab Emeet ko mo moche rabisiek che chang ako konu kesutik che chang. Ikochin kimnatet bororiet amun aldechini tuguk che kosir che amache en kesutikiuk en aliet ne mi ng’wony.Ribe emeet amun mokitwoi ng’ung’unyek missing ako mokibete koristo neo en ng’ung’unyek missing.En minsetab logoek, amine avocado. Bo borotet missing amun anyorchini gee rabinik che chang’. Kiagur temik che chang kobwa kurupinyon ako avocado ko toreti itondab emeet. Baetab segemik ko momi kiit ne kemwoe missing amin kumiat k obo komonut missing en borwekiok, segemik ko toreti tigil=k che chang en emeet ak kokochi kokkiimut emeet ako bob barak en kelchinoik che chang. Kioki kobelindet en temisietab ribetab emeet, kolsetab avocado ak bateab segemik. Akoi raini, en mbarenyun ne mingin, ko kiamin ketik 781. Ketichu ko kikonon anyorchigee rabisiek cheite KES 20,112.47 koyob aldaetab koristo. Ng’oliot ne akochini temik alak chebo TIST ko alenji kocheng

Michael Githaiga: Akoche kirosisiek che chang en TIST. Koyob Michael Githaiga,Temindetab TIST. olemoche mugulelwokikwak ak koib kokwoutiet en tetutionoton asi koomuch kotoretok. Acgeree temik mat kobwat kityo kelchinoik chebo inguni kobaaten kobwat tuguk chebo kasarta ne koi en taa yun kibendi.Kiboitiondeng’wong’ nebo Isasamet komuche kotoo Tetutitab boisiet.Amache amwachi kongoi Daniel Gachoya, Kiboitiondenyon nebo Isasamet ne kiketestai keboisie tugul. Michael Githaiga: Akoche kirosisiek che chang en TIST. Koyob Michael Githaiga,Temindetab TIST. KIPSIGIS VERSION 6 A. Teretab susurik. Susurik kutik ak alak kou toik chepkimoik ak somunyik komuche kowech en kabeti Miondo ne korom missing en kabeti ko koristo ikochin niiton nunet keswek. Kotomo korut Tinye koborunet kouni: ü Sokite keswek ak koyam. ü Chorirendos sokek ak kobutyo. ü Tolelyokitu sokek. ü Nebo le komeyo. Teret ne nyolu ü Wal kabeti yeibata kenyisiek (1-2). ü Ketit ne kang’emak itutu. ü Mat inde beek che chang. ü Ker ile kosich ole mondoen beek. ü Ingonyor koristo. ü Sember en abogora. ü Mat konyor ng’ung’unyek anan okwoindo neo. ü Mat kochilge ketik en kabeti. ü Ingotililit betit en abogora. Mionwek kimuchi keboisien kerichek , missing ko chebo kipkaa amun motinye kowech. Boisien kou orek Rib kabeti asi maimuch kobwa susurik. B. 

Ribetab kabeti.Toretetab tigitik. Rib missing kabeti asi maimuch koba tigitik kokoegitun ketile asi konyor ketit itondo Ne kararan. En kasarta nebo orowek (3-4) konam anyun tigitik komong’unen teret . Kimuchi ketil en kila en arowek (1-2) ak rotwet . Kou noto itech betit ne kanaptaat asi komawechok tigitik. . C. Tumchin beek, sember ak iur ü Boisien watering can asi mowech kabeti. ü Matinde beek che chang anan ko chetutikin , beek chechang koweche keswek. ü Tumchin en koron ak koskolen. ü Emet netinye ng’ainet komoche beek en abogora kosir menets. ü Matinkotiny beek sokek . ü Rib tigitik ye isemberi. ü Sember abogora amun timdo kokochin keik amoegekitun amub moche beek ak asista. ü Keswek alak komoche urwet. ü en kasartab robta ituch keswek ak suswek cheomotin asi moib beek. ü Rib en tuguk alak tugul kou tuga amun imuch kowech. ü Ingonyo ketit agoi 30 cm kotomo iwe imin imuchi kotar arawek (1-6) en kasari iiste urwet en kabeti asi kokochi ketik konyor asista ak kogimegitun.