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THE TREE The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program CLEAN AIR CORPORATION ACTION


Small Group Members after the cluster meeting in Katerera in Rubirizi

CS after a training meeting in Kampala

The TREE is a monthly newsletter Published by area of The International Small Group and Tree Planting MISSION STATEMENT: TIST Uganda is a community initiative dedicated to empowering small groups of subsistence farmers to combat the devastating ef deforestation, poverty and drought. OBJECTIVE STATEMENT: Combining sustainable development with carbon sequestration,TIST supports the reforestation efforts of over 25,000 subsistence farmers. Sales of carbon credits generate participant income while addresses Agriculture, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition and Fuel W ADDRESS: TIST Uganda. Bushenyi Town, Liberation Road - Kitokye Lane P.O. Box 232, Bushenyi, Uganda, East Africa. Tel: 0772 058 868 / 0773 716960 / 0772360429 / 0783910878 Website: www.tist.org, info@i4ei.org







In some instances, Cluster Servants are having requests from farmers to have their old tree groves restored back. Some of these groves were dropped from the TIST website when some farmers refused quantification due to some reasons, or they were marked inactive because they couldn’t be accessed because of bush, or any other reason. Some were mistakenly dropped due to technical problems. We want to serve such farmers and restore their groves if they are genuinely keeping trees. There are groves that have been harvested and they cannot be restored. Such groves will harm the entire program. Here is the guideline in restoring old groves

. •A farmer should make such a request during the Cluster Meeting. He/she should explain why he/she wants that grove be restored. 

• Cluster Servant, if satisfied with the request, should visit that grove, and assess it. Check whether the grove is still intact with trees and take photos of the grove. TIST: Guidelines on Restoration of Groves

. • Cluster Servants should share photos of such groves with any member of Leadership Council and to any Desk Auditor. 

•Photos should be taken whether or not the grove has trees. Even if it will not qualify to be restored, please continue to share photos.

 • Cluster Servant will then give their report during the next Cluster meeting. If Cluster leaders recommend the grove to be restored, Cluster Servant will take note of that grove and forward the request to Regional Tech person. • The Regional Tech person will review it and have it restored within a week.

 • After the grove is restored, a Cluster Servant will, within two weeks, quantify that grove. It is recommended that the groves for the entire group be re-quantified, especially if it is past 30 days quantification. TREE PLANTING AND THE CO-BENEFITS Fellow TIST Farmers, I would like to begin by thanking the goodness of the Lord for His natural love to you and me. The same God beautifully created the universe. As we learn from the Bible, and physically see. Mountains, rivers, natural environment in general. Due to our stubbornness, I would say. We have destroyed the canopy. The results now are harsh weather, untimely rain fall, heavy storms, unproductive soils, etc. Today, TIST Uganda Program has a component of co-benefits alongside tree planting to help farmers live a better life in their households.

 The co-benefits are called TIST Best Practices that include

: • Construction of energy cooking stoves 

• Establishment of nursery beds

 • Fruit tree growing 

• Women in leadership 

• Training seminars

 • Education sponsorship (16 students benefitting) 

• Continuing education for employees

 • Grooming leaders through rotational leadership

 • Addressing health issues 

• Nutrition 

• Practicing Conservation Farming

 • Beekeeping as one of the income-generating activities greatly considered by the program Dear Farmers, we are all encouraged to put this in practice alongside tree planting for our good and the betterment of our environment. God bless you. By Alex Oile CS Obule Cluster - Amuria

, Kalaki Districts GRIEVANCE PROCEDURE The grievance procedure is intended as the tool by which members and workers may formally have a grievance heard by TIST management. All grievances are first brought to the attention of the Leadership Council, where the issues are compared to standard TIST policy, TIST values and/or the Greenhouse Gas agreement among the Small Group members and CAAC. TIST policies and values are the subject of training at seminars, Cluster meetings, Small Group meetings and are published periodically in the Tree. The Leadership Council shall give the aggrieved party an answer within 30 days of receipt of the formal complaint. If the issue is not resolved within 30 days, the aggrieved party shall be informed that the case must be presented to TIST Management and shall inform TIST Management of the issue. Where precedence or policy exists, TIST Management shall use such documents in final decision making and respond to the aggrieved person within 30 days of their receipt of the formal complaint. Where new issues arise that are outside the existing precedence, or policy, the issue shall be brought to the next seminar or Leadership Council meeting, where decisions are made by representatives of the Small Groups, Uganda Staff and TIST Management.



If conflicts or grievances cannot be resolved internally, CAAC and the aggrieved party shall agree upon a mediator to whom they shall submit the issue. Any grievances not resolved through mediation shall be subject to arbitration through the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, Uganda Branch within 30 days of the close of mediation. Who supports TIST? TIST is the name of a program. The program has two main components. 1. The first is the greenhouse gas component, managed and funded by Clean Air Action Corporation (CAAC). CAAC is creating a business whereby the carbon dioxide absorbed by the trees is salable as carbon credits in industrialized countries. The future revenues are the basis for the tree payments made to the Small Groups and will provide direct payments to them once the market is developed and the trees have grown. 2. The second component is sustainable development, managed by the Institute for Environmental Innovation (I4EI). It provides the Small Group training and capacity building for TIST. I4EI is a not-for-profit organization that has received funding in Kenya from USAID Kenya and CAAC and has had a small grant for Uganda from the Berkeley Reforestation Trust. What is the Greenhouse Gas Contract about? Small Groups enter into a contract with Clean Air Action for 60 years. The contract sets out the terms and conditions of the tree payments and allows Clean Air Action to sell the carbon credits that are available as a result of their trees. The contract is necessary to transfer the title of the carbon to the customer. The trees themselves remain the property of the group. TIST PROGRAM AS A SOCIAL, RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION Socially, TIST allows people to gather in Small Groups to form Clusters which in advance help different people get a joint meeting. In terms of leadership, any active TIST member is granted a chance to lead, which enables grooming a member to gain leadership skills that helps to fit in every society. Religiously, it helps someone to be couragious in spirit and also build the love within the members, there is love of God through prayers and worship at the beginning of each meeting. This also helps to bind people in their communities and live together in harmony. This creates moral up-tight status of a human being. The combination of all the above, makes discipline stable, economically outstanding and self-awareness in any situation. I therefore call upon everyone be hungry to join TIST and thirst to plant trees and get satisfied later with carbon credits. “For God and my country.” Mbabazi Maritazari - Mitooma – Kiyanga Cluster ENGYENDERWAHO Z’OKUGARURAHO EMISIRI Y’EMITI Emirundi mingi ba cluster servant baitu nibatunga okushaba kuruga omubahingi b’emiti ngu emisiri yaabo eyemiti eyaakuzire egarurweho omukugibara. Emisiri egi ekaba enagirwe kuruga omurukarara rwa TIST ahabwenshonga yabahingi butenda ngu ebarwe, ahabwenshonga nyingi ekaihwa omurubaro ahabwokugira ebishaka nari ebindi, nari enshonga ezindi. Mbwenu TIST neeyenda kugaruraho emisiri egi yaaba eriho omumazima. Hariho emiti eyaatemirwe kandi etakigarurwaho. Emisiri egi neeshiisha orubaro rwona. Egi niyo ngyenderwaho yokugaruraho emisiri egi;-

 • Omuhingi naahayo okushaba oku omunkiiko z’empagara kandi ayoreka ahabwenki naayenda ngu agarurwe omurubaro.

 • Omuheereza wa guruupu nashwijuma omusiri ogu, agwekanye areebe gwaba gukirigye, ateere ebishushani kurugirira omukushaba kwomuhingi

. •Omuheereza abagane ebishushani ebyo n’orukiiko rw’abeebembezi n’omubazi w’ebitabo omu offisi.

 • Omusiri guteerwe ebishushani yaaba harimu emiti nari etarimu, nobugwakuba gutakugarurwaho, ebishushani bibaganwe omubukiri kukwataho.

 •Omuheereza naaza kutwara ripoota omurukiiko rwempagara kubaraikirize ngu omusiri gugarurweho, omuheereza naija kuhandiika abitware owa Tekinikoro wekyanga.

 • Owa tekinikoro naija kubishwijuma reeru oagugaremu obunaku bw’esabiiti mwe. 

• Omuheereza naija kugubara hamwe n’endiijo eya guruupu egyo yaaba erengize ebiro 30 byorubaro. OKUBYARA EMITI NEMIGASHO ENDIIJO Abahingi ba TITST nimbaza kwebaza mukama ahabwa Rukundo eyanyiniire nyowe naiwe. Ruhanga akahanga ensi noburungi bwayo nkouturikushoma omu Baiburi nokuturikwerebera. Enshozi, emigyera n’ebitwehinguririize okutwariza hamwe ahabwobutahurira bwaitu, ensi tugisiisire. Ekirugiremu n’embeera mbi y’obwire, enjura zitari z’obutoosha, emiyaga mibi, eitaka ritarikweza nebindi. Aba TIST baresireho enkora yokumanya emigasho aharubaju rwokubyara emiti kwenda ngu abahingi bagire amagara marungi omu maka gaabo. Emigasho egi neemanywa nk’emikorere mirungi ya TIST;

Okwombeka amahega garikukoresa enku nkye - Okubendeeka emiti omu nasare bedi - Okuhinga emiti yebijuma - Okureeta abakazi omubwebembezi - Okutaho emishomo - Okuyamba abaana beishomero (abaana 16 bakigobiremu) - Okushomesa abakozi - Okucweregyerera abeebembezi kurabira omukuhaanisa obwebembezi - Okwejumbira omubyamagara - Endya nungi - Okuhingira okurinda eitaka - Okwibika enjoki okwihamu entatsya Abahingi nibahigwa kuta ebyagambwaho omunkora ahabw’entunguuka yanyu. Ruhanga abarinde Nebya ALEX OILE – OBULE CLUSTER; Amuria and Kalaki district. EMIHANDA YOKWETOMBOITAMU

 • Eki nekikwato ekirikukoresibwa ba memba nebakozi ba IST kwenda ngu okwetomboita kwabo kwahurirwa aba TIST. 

• Enshonga zoona nizibanza kureetwa omu Leadership council ahu enshonga zirikugyeranisibwa nemitwarize ya TIST emicwe ya TIST nendagaano ya Green House Gas erikukorerwa omu ba memba ba guruupu enkye. Emitwarize ya TIST nenshomesibwa omu mishomo, enkiiko zempagara neza guruupu enkye reeru bagihandiika omu rupapura rwa The Tree.

 • Orukiiko rwobwebembezi nirwija kuha ekigarukwamu ahari abo abarikwetomboita omubiro 30 baherize kutunga okwetomboita oku. 

•Enshonga kuyaakuba etahwire omubiro 30, abarikwetomboita nibahaburwa kuzitwara ahakakiiko ka TIST. 

• TIST management neija kukoresa ebihandiiko nobuhame bwokwetomboita omukucwamu enshonga ezo omubiro 30 yaheeza kutunga omwetomboita oku.

 • Ahu enshonga endiijo etari omugyenderwaho ya TIST YAAKureetwaho neija kutwarwa omu mishomo erikukurataho nari orukiiko rwobwebembezi ahi ensharamu erikukorwa abajwekyerwa ba guruupu enkye, staafu ya Uganda nakakiiko ka TIST. TIST UGANDA MAY 2023 NEWSLETTER 

• Enshonga kuzaakuremwaho omunda, aba CAAC nogwe orikwetomboita nibaija kwikirizana na aha mushugaanisa akore ahanshonga zaabo kandi zaarema, nibaija kuza omubitongore ebihairwe orusa rwokugarukanisa abaire emanja omu Uganda omubiro 30. ABARIKUSHAGIKA TIST NIBAAHI? TIST niryo eiziina ryayo kandi eine ebicweka bibiri 1. Eyokubanza Green House Gas erikureebererwa aba Clean Air Action Corporation (CAAC). CAAC neerondera kaboni erikuruga omumiti akatare omu mahanga againe amakorera mahango. Entatsya erikuruga omu neekoresibwa nkakasiimo kushashura abahingi b’emiti omu guruupu enkye kandi nibashashura emiti yaaheza kukura. 2. Ekicweka ekya 2 nekirikureeba ngu enkora egi yaagumaho kandi erikutunguka. Neeshagikwa aba Institute for Environment Innovation (14 E I). neeheereza okutendeka abahingi aba guruupu enkye nokubombeka omumikorere yaabo. 14EI nekigombe ekitarikukorera magoba kandi kikatunga sente kuruga USAID Kenya na CAAL kandi obundi buyambi bukaza Uganda kuruga Bekelay Reforestation Trust. EMPATANI YA GREEN HUSE GAS NIYO EHA” Za guruupu enkye nizikorwa empatani na Clean Air Action kumara emyaka 60. Empatani neetaho enkora nobushonshoreki omunshashura kandi ekiriza CAAC kuguza orwoya oruriho kuruga omumiti yabahingi. Endagaano egi neehereza orusa kuguza orwoya kuruga omumiti. Emiti neeguma eri eya guruupu. ENKORA YA TIST NEYABANTU NEDIINI Omuby’emiturire y’abantu TIST neerundaana abantu omu guruupu kandi ebegyesa kweteerana. Nebegyesa ahankora yolwecweregyera kutegyeka kandi buri memba wa TIST naaheerezibwa omugisha kwebembera. Omuby’ediini TIST neehwra ba memba kukundana nokukunda Ruhanga ahabwokuba nibatandika orukiiko barikushaba nokuhimbisa. Ba memba nibatuura kumwe bakwataniise. Eki nikireetera ba memba kutuura baine emicwe mirungi, entaasya nungi nokweyemerezaho buri mbeera yoona. Ninshaba buri omwe kugira enjara neiriho kuza omu TIST akabyara emit hati akagobamu nyensya arikuguza orwoya. Ahabwa Ruhanga neinsi yangye. Nebya Mbabazi Maritazari – Mitooma, Kiyanga cluster


MAY 2023 NEWSLETTER MIONGOZO JUU YA MAREJESHO YA SHAMBA ZA TIST. Kwa mufano nyingine,watumishi wa nguzo wayiko na maombi yao kutoka kwa wa mkulima kuusu kurejesha mashamba zao za mtii zaazamani. Zingine kwa mashamba hiizi,zili achiwa kutoka kwa mtandao ya TIST,wakati wenye wa mkulima kukataa kuesabika na kupimwa kwajili ya sababu zingine,au zili wekeawa alama isiokuwa kwajili azikuwezwa kufikiwa kiwango ya kichaka,au sababu zingine nyingi. Zingine zili wekeawa alama ya kutoweka kwajili ya makosa na matatizo ya kiufundi. Sisi tuna taka kutumikia wa mkulima kama hao na kurejesha mashamba zao kama wako wana ntunza mtii halisi , mashamba hiizi zita leta madhara kwa mpango nzima. Hii sasa ndie miongozo kuusu urejeshaji wa mashambani za zamani.

 • Mkulima lazima afanye ombi kwa wakati wa mkutano ya nguzo, lazima aeleze kwanini ameamua asihitaji shamba hirejeshwe.

 • Mtumishi wa nguzo, kama ame shikaa na ombi, lazima atembelea shamba hio,na athimini, na angalie kama shamba bado namahiri na mtii,na apigee picha ya shamba hio.

 •Watumishi wa nguzo lazima wa shirikiane picha hiizo za ma shamba hiizo na Kila wanachama wa uongozi wa diwani na Kila dawati ya mkaguzi. 

• Picha lazima zi pigwe kwa kila shamba,hata kama azina na mtii,na pia kama azihitimu kwa kurejeshwa, tafadhali endelea kushiriki ma picha. 

• Mtumishi wa nguzo ataatoa ripoti kwa wakati ya mkutano ya nguzo ijaao, kama kiongozi ya nguzo amependekeza mashamba kwa kurejeshwa, mtumishi wa nguzo ataa peleka ripoti ya shamba na ayii sukume mbele ombi kwa kikanda ya mtu wa kitaalam. 

• Mtu wa kikanda ya kitaalam ataa pitiza ndani machaa na ayii kubalie kurejeshwa kwa baadha ya wiki Moja

. • Baadha ya kurejesha shamba, mtumishi wa nguzo ataa hisabu na kupima shamba kwa wakati wa wiki mbili,hii takua ya kupendekezwa ya kwamba mashamba hii yote nia kundi,na ina esabika na kupimwa,zaidi sana kama kusha pitaa siku thalasini (30days) na kuesabika. UPANDAJI WA MTII NA FAIDA ZA PAMOJA Wamkulima wa TIST we nzanguu,ningee pendaa kuanza na kuusukuru wema wa mungu bwana kwa upendo yakee ya Asili kwa ko na mimi. Mungu moja huyo aliumba ulimwengu kwa njia nzuri,vile tuna jifunza kutoka kwa Bibilia na kuona wa kimwili. Milima,mto ya Asili kwa mazingira kwa ujumla. Kutokana na ukaidi wetu,ningee penda kusema,tuume angamiza Dari yetu. Matokeo sasa ni hali ya hewa kali,na wakati wa mvua isio nzuri,dhoruba nzito,udongo yasiyo na tija,na vingine mengi. Sasa Leo, mpango ya TIST Uganda inao sehemu ya faida za pamoja na upandaji wa mtii, kwa kusaidia wamkulima kuishi kwa maisha Bora ndani ya manyumba zao. Na faida za pamoja Zina hitwa mazoezi Bora ya TIST kwamba ni pamoja na: 

• Ujenzi wa jiko mpishi ya Nishati

 • Kuanzisha vitanda vya vital

 • Kukuiisha mtii za matunda

 • Wanawake kwa uongonzi 

• Semina za mafunzo

 • Udhamini ya elimu (wanafunzi kumi nasita (16)wa na faidika)

 • Kuendelea kue limisha wa fanyakazi 

•Kupamba viongozi kupitia kwa muzunguko wa uongonzi 

• Kushughulikia masuala ya afya 

• Lishe 

• Kutekeleza kilimo kya uhifadhi •Utanzaji wa nyuki ni moja kwa sughuli ambae Ina tuletea mapato kwa wingi ilie chukuliwa na mpango hii. Wapenzi, wamkulima,sisisote tume hamasishwa kuweka kwa matendo pamoja na upandaji wa mtii, kwajili ya wema wetu na uboreshaji wa mazingira yetu. Mungu awebariki sana. Na.Alex Oile mtumishi wa nguzo (CS) ya obule-kwa mawilaya za Amuria na kalaki. UTARATIBU WA MALALAMIKO Utaratibu wa malalamiko ime andaliwa kama chombo yenye wanachama na wa fanyakazi ambae Ina wezesha Rasmi na kukua na malalamiko ilie sikiliwa na wasimamizi wa TIST. Malalamiko yote kwanza ina letewa kwa makinii na kwa Baraza ya uongonzi kwenye masuala ina linganishwa kwa kiwango ya sera ya TIST,na thamani za TIST na usimamizi ya gesi ya nyumba ya kijani kati ya kundi ndogo na wanachama na CAAC.Masera na thamani za TIST ni somo za kufundisha kwa semina, mkutano ya nguzo, mkutano za kundi ndogo na zime champishwa mara kwa mara kwa mtii,sera ya uongonzi itaa leta malalamiko na jibu ya chama kwa wakati ya siku thalasini (30days)ya kupokea Rasmi ya malalamiko. Kama suala ija tatuliwa kwa wakati wa siku thalasini (30days),chama kyenye nalalamika itaa famishwa ya kwamba kesi lazima iwazilishwe kwa wasimamizi wa TIST na kuafamisha wote wa simamizi wa TIST kuususasa suala italetewa kwa semina hiijao au kwa sera ya mkutano ya viongozi, kwenye mahamuzi ina fanyiwa na waakilishi wa ma


kundi ndogo,wafanyakazi wa Uganda na usimamizi wa TIST. Kama vita au malalamiko hayiwezi kutatuliwa kindani,CAAC na chama chilio lalamika wata kubaliana juu ya mjumbe ambae mwenye watawasilisha hio suala.kila malalamiko isio tatuliwa kupitia kwa kuwasilisha haaita kubaliwa kua usuluhishi kupitia kwa taasis ilio dhinisha ya msuluhishi,wa tawi ya Uganda kwa masiku thalasini (30days)kwa kukaribia kufunga upatanisho. NANI AMBAE ANAA WEKA MSAADA KWA TIST? TIST ni jina ya mpango.sasa mpango hii ina yoo sehemu mbili kuu. 1. Ya kwanza sehemu ya gesi ya nyumba ya kijani, mwenye ina simamiwa na kuwekewa fedha na kipindi cha Hatua ya shirika ya hewa safi (CAAC).hiiko ina jenga Biashara kwenye hewa mbaya ilio kufyonzwa na mtii ziina huziwa kama mikopo ya kaboni ndani ya ma nchi yenye viwanda. mapato ya Baadye ni msingi kwenye malipo ina fanyikiwa kwa mtii ya ma kundi ndogo na watatoa malipo Moja kwa Moja kwao kama soko hii imeandelezwa na mtii kama kusha komea. 2. Sehemu ya pili ni maendeleo ya endelevu yenye ina simamiwa na taasis ya ubunifu wa mazingira (i4Ei).nia pea mafunzo kwa kundi ndogo na uwezo wa kujengewa kwa TIST.I4EI si ya shirika ya faida yenye kushapokea msaada wa fedha ndani ya nchi ya Kenya kutoka USAID Kenya na CAAC na inao Ruzuku ndogo kwa Uganda kutoka kwa upandaji wa mtii wa Berkeley trust. Mkataba wa gesi ya nyumba ya kijani nia kuusu nini? Ma kundi ndogo ina ingia kwa mkataba na Hatua ya shirika ya hewa safi kwa masiku sitini (60days). mkataba hii kuweka mahututi na mashariti kuusu malipo ya mtii na kuruhisha Hatua ya shirika ya hewa safi kuuza mikopo ya kaboni zilipo patikana kama nimatokeo ya mtii zao.mkataba hii nia muhimu kwa kuhamisha Nukta ya muteja wa kaboni.lakini mtii zao zinakia kama ni mali ya kundi. MPANGO YA TIST KAMA SHIRIKA YA KIJAMII NA KIDINII. Kwa kijamii,TIST ina kubalia watu kukusanyika kwa ma kundi ndogo kwajili ya kuunda nguzo kuu yenye kuendeleza msaada kwa watu tofauti wakii pata mkutano ya pamoja. Kwa mahututi ya uongonzi kila munachama wa TIST mukamilifu ataa ruhusiwa nafasi ya kuongoza, yenye kuwawezesha kukua wanachama wa kupata ujuzi wa uongonzi ya kusaidia kufaa kwa kila jamii. Dini, ina saidia mtu kua hodhari kwa kirhoho na pia ina mujenga upendo kwa wanachama, .hii Ina Jenga maadili ya kuzingatiwa hali ya kuishi kwa wa Binadamu. Hii mchanganyiko yote juu,ina fanya dhamu imara,ubora wa uchumi na ufahamu wa kibinafusi ndani ya kila hali,kwaivyo itaa kila mtu kwa haraka tujiungane kwa TIST na kiwi ya kunda mtii na kupata kusibishwa baadhae na mikopo ya kaboni. Kwa Mungu na Nchi ya ngu. Na.Mbabazi Maritazari - nguzo ya kiyanga - wilaya ya mitooma. I yoo mukene, lutic me dul matino gi tye ki lapeny ma a ki bot lupur me dwoko poto yen gi cen. poti mukene aye TIST obolo woko ki I website ma nongo lupu gukwero ni ki kwan yadi gi pi tyen lok mo, onyo ki keto gi nit ye katic pien pe giromo o iye pien ni tye ma odin onyo pi tyen lok mo mukene. Mukene ki weko gi pi peki mukene ma kite dok pat wa mito tic macalo lupur me dwoko pato yen meno gicen ka adaa gi tye ka gwoko yen. Tye poti mogo ki kayo nyig gi macalo yen madong pe kiromo dwoko gi cen. Poto yen macalo meno bi kelo awano ikum yub. MAN AYE YOO ME ALUBA ME DWOKO POTO YEN MENO CEN.  Lapur omyero openy I kare me kacoke pa dul matino, omyero otit maber pingo mito ni poto yen meno omyero ki dwog cen. Latic padul matino ka oyeng kwede, omyero olim poto meno ci orot kapoto meno pud tye ki yen ci omak cel poto yen meno. Tye yoo me aluba me dwoko poto yen cen. Latic me dul omyero olee lok cum cul pa poto yen meno ki latela, onyo bot lungi tic iwi meja ne Cul omyero ki mak kono poto yen meno tye ki yen onyo peke kadi bedi kwano ne pe kibi dwoko ne cen, cwal cul meno.  Latic medul matino bi mino report / lok ma mege I kacoke me dul matino ki lutela medul matino gibi moko tam ka poto meno ka romo dwoko ne cen. Lutic me dul matino bi cwalo peny bot laloo dul matino.La loo wii dul bi neno ci ki bi dwoko ne ikine me cabit acel.  Inge dwoko poto yen cen katic, latic pa dul matino I kine me cabit aryo, bi kwano wel yen matye I poto ci lakwan yen bi moko dul ka dok ki bi kwano ne twatwale ikine me nino 30 mukato. PITO YEN KI MUGOBA NE. Lupur luwota me TIST, amiti acaki ki pwono ber pa Lubanga ki mara ne ikom waa. Marom meno Rubanga ocweyo lobo ma munya kit macalo wakwano ki I gin acoya macalo Bibul ki bene kit ma waneno ki wangwa. Godi, nam, ki dong ma dit kato weng kabedo ma orumu wa. Pi dingo wa, omyero awaci dong wa balo bataniya ma ouma ping woko.

Adwogi ne dong watye ki lyeto piny, kot dong cwe ma no pe kara ne me cwe, yamo madwong matek, ngom ma dong moce peke ki dong mapol ataa i kine mokene. Tin dong, TIST Uganda tye ki yub me nyang ber ki mugoba pa tito yadi I ngete wa wek kwo pa lupur obed yot I odigi. MUGOBA KI WACO NI BER PA TIC MABER PA TIST IKINE GIN AYE.  Yubu cigiri onyo keno me tedo ma pe balo yen. Yubu onyo keto kabedo me pito nyig kodi matino Pito nyig yen Tela pa mon Pwonye pa lupur Culu kwan (litino pa lupur gin 16) Medo kwan pa jo ma dong gin tye katic Lutela manyen niwok ki I leyo tela Pwonye ma keme ki lok me yot kum Pwonye ki iyo me cam ma kelo yot kom Puru pur ma gwoko mwoc ngom Pur ma keme ki gwoko kic macalo yoo mekelo cente (lim) ma yub ma dong kitero calo yub ma pire tek. Lupur gi cuku cwing me keto tic man kacel ki pito yen pi ber pa kabedo ma urumu wa Lubanga omed it wu gum. Alex Oile ma a ki I dul ma tidi me-obule dul; Amuria ki Kalaki District YOO MA OPORE ME NONGO LIM. Yoo pa munu manyen tye kene ma calo gin tic bot lumemba onyo latic gi romo bedo ki yoo mayot macalo guwinyo ki bot lutela pa TIST. Yoo meno onyo diro meno ki kelo ngec pa lutela ma malo ki tela ma megi kama lok ki poro gi irwon pa TIST ki cik ma meg gi. Ber pa TIST ki yamo ma raco CO2 tye pi dul matino ki lumeba ne ki CAAC. Kit ma TIST tiyo kwede tye me pwonye gure pa dul matino ki keto kwena kama dano weng gi romo nongone kare ki kare I yadi. I tela pa lucouncil bi mino lagam I kine me nino 30 ka ki nongo ma lube ki koko ma opore. Ka loko otum onyo ki nyamo ikine me dwe acel onyo nino 30 ci duli weng ki bi nyiango gi nil ok meno ki be cwalo ne bot lutela pa TIST ki bi tic kwede calo waraga ma ki room tic kwede me moko tam me dok bot jo weng ma tye ki lapeny ki kokok weng onyo bi bedo but dul koko onyo kama koko bino iye ki ka weng onyo cik meno kibi kelo I kacoke ki gure pa luwang dul, lutela pa dul ki kutic pa TIST. Ka tele ki koko ki tyeko loke ki ping, CAAC ki dul ma tye ka tele ni gi moko tam pi laro tam I kin gi romo bedo Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, jange me Uganda ikine nino 30 ma nongo ki laro riyo tal. DUL MA CUNG KI TIST Me acel dul me CO2, jo ma loyo en aye action corporation (CAAC). CAAC, tye ka yubu biyacara kama ki kayo CO2 kama Cuma ma tino I meno cente ki nongo iye ki lobo meno. Kama I anyim mucoro gingo iyoo me pito yen ma dul matino ye bi mino cul ka ineno ni cuk ki nongo ka bene yen ki pito. Me aryo dongo lobo, ma dul maloyo kabedo ma orumu wa (14E1) miyo pwanye ki dul matino me mini gi kero pi TIST, 14E1 en aye dul ma pe nongo mugoba ma nongo kony me lim ki I Kenya ki bot USAID Kenya ki CAAC ki lim matino mamiyo pi Uganda ki bot Berkeley Reforestation Trust. Winye pa CO2 en aye ngo? Dul matino donyo I winye ki clean air action pi mwaki 60. Winye ni keto ngo ma omiyero dul aryo ni gulub malube ki culu yadi. Winye man pire tek me kobo cul me CO2 bot lucustomer. Yadi ni dong jami pa gurup (dul). Yup pa TIST macalo kwo karacel, dul dini Malube kit madano kwo kwede, TIST weko dano gure I dul ki dul matino rwome mede ka mukene ci dong dano gi bedo I kacoke I kit me tela, ngati mokeken me TIST matye keme ki TIST ki mine kara me tela ma weko gede, pwonyo, nongo kero ki ngec me tela meno konyo kabedo ma orumu wu weng. Ma calo dini weko cuku cwing ngati moni kit me cwing maleng, gedo bene mar madit ikin lumemba, ma pa Rubanga tye ni wok I lega ki waro Rubanga I acaki kacoke mokeken. Man bene konyo me ribe dano I kabedo meno, ci gin kwo karacel dok bene ki kuc, man gedo ki ma atir ikin dano. Makato ducu ribe, weko woro bedo tye, malube kit me rwom me cente ki ngec ikom te kare, dong acuku cwiny dano me bedo


ENKOLA YA TIST MUKUZAMU ENIMIRO MU PENDRAGON MUSIMU Mungeri ezimu abalimi basabba abakozi okuzamu enimiro zabwe ezemiti emikulu. Enimiro ezimu zajibwa kuwebusati olwensonga nti omulimi yagana okubala emiti gye oba nga enimiro yali yazika oba ezimu tekinologiya yeyavako obuzibu. Tweagala okukomyawo enimiro nga abalimi besigwa era nga balina emiti kubanga abalimi abamu batema emiti enimiro ngezo kikosa pulongulamu yonna. Eno yenkola egobererwa mukuzamu enimiro kuwebusati. Omulimi atekedwa okusaba nga bali mulukiiko lwekibiina era anyonyole lwaki ayagala okukomyawo enimiro yekuwebusati.  Omukozi wamatira nokusaba atekedwa okukyalira enimiro era agirambule, akube ebifananyi oba emiti egyikyalimu. Omukozi atekedwa okugabana ekifananyi. Kyenimiro nememba ali kulukiko olukulembeza era nga desiki oditta.  Ebifananyi bitekedwa okukubibwa oba elimu emiti oba telimu newankubadde nga tegenda kukolebwao era okigabane. Omukozi ajja kunyonyora ebyevayo mulukiiko lwekibiina oludako singa omukulembeze lwekibiina akakasa nti enimiro eyo ekomezebwewo, omukozi ajja kuwa alipota eli atwala ebyatekinologiya mukitunduekyo.  Atwala ebyatekinologiya mukitundu Ekyo ajja kwetegereza era muwiiki emu agikomwewo. Olivanyuma lyenimiro ogikomyawo, omukozi muwiiki biri ajja kukola kunimiro eye era enimiro zonna mugulupu zidibwamu okukolebwako singa ziba zisusiza munaku asatu. OKUSIMBA EMITI NE MIGASO EMIRALA Abalimi ba TIST kansoke okwebaza katonda olokwagala kwe gyemuli nange. Katonda yomu yatoda ensi mungeri enungi nga wetusoma okuva mubayibuli. Ensozi, emigga nobutonde bwonna olwobulalu bwaffe njakugamba twononye obutonde nobwengula. Ebivudemu embeera yobudde embi leero okuyamba abalimi okubera mubulamu obulungi Mumaka gabwe. Emigaso emirala gyiyitibwa enkola esinga eya TIST.  Okuzimba amasiga agakekereza. Okutandikawo emezeso yemiti. Okusimba emiti gyebibaia. Emisomo egyisomesa. Okuwerera abaana abasoma (16) baganyidwa. Okwongera okusomesaabakozi. Okuzimba abakulembeze nga bayita mukukyusa obukulembeze. Okwogera kubyobulamu. Ebyendya. Okwetaba munima eyomulembe. Okwetaba mukulinda enjuki nga emu kunkola evamu ensimbi. Abalimi mwena mukibirizibwa otukeko enkola eno mubikolwa kubanga eyamba okutereza obutonde. Mukama abakume Alex Oile abala emiti obule: Amuria & Kalaki District. EBIGOBERERWA Ebigobwerera bigenderedwa eri abalimi nabakozi babulire abakulembeze mu TIST. Ebigoberwera byona biretebwa eri olukiiko olufuzi nomutindo gwa TIST, Emiramwa gya TIST oba enzikiriziganya ne Green House Gas mububina obutono ne Clean Air Action Corparation (CAAC). Ebigoberwera ne emiramwa gya TIST byebisomesebwa, enkiiko zekibiina ekinene obubiina obutono era birangirira kumiti. Olukiiko olufuzi lugya kudamu munaku asatu eri eyemulingunya. Singa ensonga tekirizinganyi dwako munaku asatu, eyemulugunya agya kuwaayo ensonga eri obukulembeze bya TIST. Ani ayamba TIST? TIST linya lya pulogulamu. Pulogulamu elina ebigikola bbibiri ebikulu; 1) Ekisoka Green Housa Gas(GHG): Edukanyinzibwa era eyambibwa Clean Air Action Corparation (CAAC) etondawo emirimu nga Carbon Credit oluvanyuma lwemiti okulya omuka omubi ogufulumizibwa amakolero munsi omusolo eri akabina akatono gusasulwa olwokusimba emiti. 2) Eekyokubiri enkulakulana eyomugindu nga


edukanyinzibwa etendekero lya Environmental Innovation(14EI) esomesa obubiina obutono nokubuzimba mu TIST. 14EI kibiina kyabwa nakyewa okuva USAID Kenya ne CAAC, era Uganda yafunako sente okuva mu Berkeley Reforestation Trust. GREEN HOUSE CONTRACT Kitegesi ki? Akabiina akatono kayingira mundagano ne clean air action corporation (CAAC) okumala emyaka 60. Endagano etekawo enkola nobukwakulizo kukusasulira emiti era ekiriza CAAC okutunda omuka omubi oguberawo oluvanyuma lwokusimba emiti endagano yetagisa okukyusa ekyapa eri kasitoma womuka omubi. Emiti gyenyini gyisigala nga gyagulupu. TIST PULOGULAMU YABANTU ERA KITONGOLE KYADDINI TIST ekiriza abantu Okukungana mubibiina obutono mu kabina ekinene okuyamba abantu abenjawulo okwegata mulukiiko. Mubukulembeze, buli memba wa TIST awebwa omukisa okukulembera. Ekiyamba ba memba okukuguka mubukulembeze ekiyamba omuntu okujja mubuli kitundu. Mubyeddini kiyamba omuntu okuzibwamu amanyi era kyongera okwagala muba memba banne. Waliwo okwagala katonda okuyita mukusaba nokusinza mubuli ntandikwa yolukiiko - kino kiyambako okunywaza abantu mubitundu byabye era nokubeera obulungi kino kiretawo enkolagano enungi wobigata byona ebyo waggulu biretta empisa eteredde, mubyefuna nokwezula Mumbeera yonna. Nolwekyo mpita buli muntu okubeera omuyala era omuyonta yegatte ku TIST mukusimba emiti noluvanyuma afunemu mukutunda omuka omubi. “Kulwa Katonda nensi yange” Mbabazi Maritazari Mitooma Kiyanga Cluster. NU TUPITONO KOTOMA TIST KOWAI LO AINYAKUN AMISIRIN NU IKITO NU ALEMANAROS KOTOMA OLAGO Apakio ace edumununete ejaanakinak aibungena ailipa ka ne ja akoriok ka nu ainyakakin ikec kito lu apolok lu alemanara kotoma olago .Ice kotoma okito ka lu aponi kolemanarai kotoma olago loka TIST ekaulo na akoriok ice ainger aimario na ikec kito ka nu ace kiro , arai bon at aponi kitodunai bala mam bobo kesi iswamaete narai amutono emisiri lo ikito mam apatana alomar toma ka nu aimar ikito arai bon at ka nu ationis ace kere. Ice kotoma okito ka lu apotu kolemanaros kotoma olago ka nu ationis na mam erai itunganan iswamaunit. Kikoto aijaanakin akoriok ka ngun koipone lo ainyakanikin imisirin nu ikec kito arai teni abeit ebe emunokina kesi aidar ka ayuwar ikec kito . Eja imisirin ice lu adaun ajepanar ikito ido mam ipedori ainyakun kesi toma ainapeta nuka TIST narai ekec pone epote aimusung ainapeta kere . Nu tupitono kesi nuta koipone lo ainyakun imisirin lu. 

• Ebeit akorion aitolomun ailipa ke ka na kotoma aurianet naka aibunget .Ibusakinit ngesi aitatamun ebe ka nu inyo ekotor ngesi inyakakinai ikito ngun 

• Ejaanakinan aibunget, arai imonikin ngesi kede ailipa ngin , ibusakinit ngesi aipejokin emisiri ngon lo ikito kosodi aimaniman aanyun ebe abeit eroko ikito ejaasi toma misiri ngin , kosodi ainomanar aputosia nu amisiri . Nu tupitono kotoma TIST koipone lo aiyakun imisrin lu 

• Ibusakinit ejaanakinak aibungena aimor aputosia lu nu imisirin ka ngun kede idio mweba kere yen ejai toma oingarenone lo kuju loka TIST arai bon at lu irereete aswam naka ejaanakinak aibunget 

• Ebeit ainomanar aputosia nu arai ejaasi ikito misiri ngon arai mam . arai da ejena ebe mam amisiri na epedori ainyakakinio toma olago, kinyikok akorar aputosia nu 

• Ebuni ejaanakinan aibunget ainakin eke ripoota kotoma aurianet na aibunget na etupakini. Arai kecamutu engarenok luka aibunget ebe kinyakakinai emisiri ngon lo ikito toma ainapeta , ebuni ejaanakinan aibunget aitogogong emisiri ngon kosodikini aijukar akiro ne jai lo eyait arii ngin . 

• Irereori ngin yen eyait arii ngin akiro ngun kosodikini aanyun ebe inyakakino emisiri ngon toma apak na esabiiti.

 • Ekaulo ne inyakakinere emisiri ngon, ebuni ejaanakinan aibunget kotoma apak na isabiitin iyarei alosit aimarar ikito ngun . ido ibusakinit ngesi aimarar ikito lu ejaasi toma oguruupu ngon kere ka cut arai edeparit aparasia 30 ageun na emarere ikito luce kwi. AIRA IKITO KEDE AJOKISIO ACE NU EDUMUNIO KOTOMA Akoriok luce akoto ageun kede aisiyalamikin ajokis na Edeke ka nu ake mina ne jai nama wok kere

Edeke ngopengon abu kosub akwap toma atemelel na ejaar . Kwape kisisia ooni kotoma obaibuli ka asesen da ka konye wok . Imoru , icorin ka isuban da luka Edeke kere Konye ka nuka amengeranut wok , imunamuna ooni isuban luka Edeke Ido da nu atakanuutu ngesi ekuse lo aronon , amameun na edou , edou lo epol eires kede eimilia , ka alupok nu emamei ebolia ka ace da. Lolo ejaatatar TIST Uganda kede ainapeta nu eupasi kede aira ikito nu nu ingarakinete akoriok adumun aijar na ejokuna kotoma okalia kec Ajokisio nu ace nu ejaasi toma TIST imoriaritos 

• Adukun ikiyal ngun lu itojokaritai nu atinen kwana 

• Aipepe na ikito 

• Aira ikito lu araito 

• Angor da ajaut toma oingarenone 

• Ajaut kede aituutonorio 

•Aigangakit iduwe kotoma asioman (iduwe 16 itosiomio) 

•Asinyikoikinit eswamak lu ekotosi ainyikokin asioman 

• Aitopol engarenok kiopone lo aisirim aingarenikin

 • Aitopolorit angaleu

 • Enyame lo ajokan 

• Akoru na tinen kwana na itojokaritai

 • Aipit aoo kwape ibore idiope yen epol noi yen itojokaarit erionget Akoriok , ooni kere isinyikoikinitai aipikakin nu toma aswamisioit koupasi kede airayo na ikito ka nu ajokis wok ka ekuse da lo ajokan Isirereng woni Edeke Ewadikan : Alex Oile Ejaanakinan Aibunget na Obule: Amuria kede Kalaki AITEMOKIN ANGURIAN Erai aitemokin anguriani ibore yen elosikinitai kwape eipone lo epedorata imwebai ka eswamak luko TIST aitemokin akec amamus acamanara/apuponoro kanejaasi itunga lu epolokinitos TIST. Edio angurian kere erai ber lo eyauno ne jai aibunget na engarenok lu ingarenikinitos TIST neda itirianere angurian ngin kede nu ejasi toma okisila luka TIST, ikisila luka TIST kede acamanar na idokitos imwebai luka atukot na didi akan naka Greenhouse gas ka erioget loka CAAC. Ikisila luka TIST ka nu tupitono kec kesi eraasi iboro lu isisianakino kotoma oseminas lu apolok, aurianeta nu aibunget , aurianeta nu atukona alu didik ido era nu iwadikao duc toma obalua lo iyemuto ka ngon lap. Ebuni aibunget ngin na engarenok luka TIST ainakin itunganan ngin yen enguriani ake bongokinet kotoma apak na aparasia 30 ageun na adumunere angurian ngin. Arai mam angurian ngin itemokina kotoma aparasia 30, eponio aitejenikin itunganan ngin yen enguriani ebe eponio ayingar angurian ke ne ja ayaitok luka TIST ido da elimokino ayaitok TIST angurian ngin. Ne ipudakinor aitetenaro arai aitwasam ekisil, epote ayaitok TIST aitwasam aiwadikaeta ka ngun ka nu aitolomun etube lo awasia kosodete ayinakin abongokinet ne jai itunganan ngin yen eyaunit ake ngurian kotoma aparasia 30 ageun na adumunata kesi angurian ngin. Arai elomutu akiro ace nu itetiak kojaasi kinga na angun lu ejaasi toma okisila , eyaunio akiro ngun toma aituutorio na etupakini aria bon at aurianet na engarenok na etupakini . Ne da itolomunere aomisio ka ne ja abwoikinitok atukona nu didik , eswamak luka TIST luko Uganda ka ayaitok TIST. Arai mam engwingwi kede angurian epedori aitemokin kotoma , epote CAAC kede ituan yen eyaunit ake ngurian acamanar kosodikinete adumun ikapuron yen epedorete kesi apesikin angurian na .Adio ngurian kere na mam itemokin koipone lo aipur , eponio ayingar ne jai aibunget na enyaritai Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, aibunge na ejai Uganda kotoma aparasia 30 ekaulo na aipur ajaikin Ngaibo igangit TIST TIST ngesi ekiror loka ainapeta . Ejaatatar ainapeta lu kede alosikineta aarei 1. Nasodit ngesi akiro nu ekwam , nu da eyait, kigangite da erionet loka Clean Air Action Coorporation (CAAC). Ejai CAAC ewuta adukun ka aipepeun aicurus na ekwam loka kabon dioxide lo da ematanarete ikito oraun ibore yen egwelio kotoma akwapisinei lu okinga lu epol etatai kotoma . Apiyai nu edumunos kotoma aicurus ka na kesi eraasi nu etacere ikito lu iraitos atukona nu didik, ido epote kesi adumun etace lo bon ebe ejai esokoni lo ekwam ido aploutu ikec kito . 2. Na iyareikini ngesi apol na itekooro , na da eyait erionget loka Institute for Environmental Innovation (I4EI) . Ngesi eyinakini aituutorio ne ja atukona ludidik ka aiduk akec aijen kingarakinite TIST . I4EI erai erionget lo mam iswamai ameda lo da adumu agangat ko Kenya ka ne jai USAID Kenya ka CAAC ido da kodumunite agangat adio ka nu Uganda ka ne jai Berkeley Reforestation Trust Inyobo inera aitutuket naka Greenhouse Gas Elomarete atukona nu didik toma acamanar kede erionget loka Clean Air Action Corporation ka nu ikaru 60. Ido aitu tuket na erai na inera nu ikamanara kede ainapeta nu etace lo ikito ka nu tupitono ke ido da kocamakinite Clean Air Action Corporation agwelar ekwam ngon loka kabon lo elomuni kotoma okito ka ngun lu iraitos kesi .Erai aitutuket na nae pol ameda noi ka nu aikopakina lu agwelak ekwam apedorosio ngun luka ekabon konye ikito lu iraitai esalakinete eraasi lu akoriok ERAASI AINAPETA NUKA TIST NU ISINYIKOIKINITOS EIPAMARONE KA AIJEN LO ASUBAN Kotoma oipamorone , ecamakinit TIST itunga atukonokin kotoma atukona nu didik ka nu adukun aibunget adiopet nada epote kesi ajaanakin toma aurianeta kec nu ka aibunget. Kotoma owai lo eingarenone ngin mweba kere yen ejai toma ainapeta nuka TIST eyinakino arerengu na aingarenikin . ibore da yen einakini itunga kere adumun aijen ngin na aingarenikin na ipudai ka ngin tutubet kere Kowai lo ediini ,ingarakini itunganan apolo kotoma omoyo kede da adukun amina kodingi naka imwebai , ejai amina naka Edeke na itodiara kotoma ailipasinei ka aingainga kotoma aurianeta kere. Isinyikoikini na da eidicane ka aimorikikina kidding otunga katutubena .Eyauni da na aitenara kotoma oponesio ka ne ja itunga . Nu kere kotoma aimorikikina eyaunete apol toma atutubena wok . Ka nu agun , anyarauni engo itunga kere ajaut kede etenge lo alomar toma TIST ka akure naka aira ikito kodumutu aisimonikinio kotoma agwelario naka ekabon. “Ka nu aLokasuban kede akwap wok.” 

Mbabazi Maritazari Aibunget naka Mitooma - Kiyanga

Season of sowing seeds as you can see in the nurssery bed!

Promoting gender equality in TIST is also a sign of promoting leadership