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THE TREE The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program

The TREE is a monthly newsletter Published by TIST Uganda, a project area of The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program. 


 Uganda is a community initiative dedicated to empowering small groups of subsistence farmers to combat the devastating effects of deforestation, poverty and drought.


Combining sustainable development with carbon sequestration,TIST supports the reforestation efforts of over 25,000 subsistence farmers. Sales of carbon credits generate participant income while TIST today also addresses Agriculture, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition and Fuel Wood challenges. ADDRESS: TIST Uganda. Bushenyi Town, Liberation Road - Kitokye Lane P.O. Box 232, Bushenyi, Uganda, East Africa. Tel: 0772 058 868 / 0773 716960 / 0772360429 / 0783910878 Website: www.tist.org, info@i4ei.org


Profit Sharing Summary Soon, we will begin distributing 2021 Profit Sharing vouchers, and we have good news to share! In Kenya, over 8,000 groups are eligible to receive 2021 profit sharing, an increase of more than 2,000 groups from 2020 profit sharing. In Uganda, almost 2,600 groups are eligible to receive profit sharing, an increase of 1,600 groups from 2020 profit sharing. In Kenya, we will be distributing over 290 million Kenya shillings in 2021 profit sharing, which is 173 million shillings more than last year. In Uganda, we will be distributing over 7.8 billion Uganda shillings in 2021 profit sharing, which is almost 3.5 billion more than last year’s profit sharing. We have also made improvements to this year’s profit sharing process to ensure everyone working with TIST receives their fair share of the 70% profit sharing for their work with TIST. This will require some changes to the normal process, including a discussion with your Small Group on the percent each person receives from the profit sharing, and written confirmation of those percentages returned to your Cluster Servant. Please see below for more information on why we are changing the process and how the 2021 Profit Sharing process will work. What makes up the value of a carbon credit? The value of a carbon credit is worth much more than the value of the trees planted and the carbon sequestered from those trees. TIST tonnes are valued much higher than other credits of sequestered carbon because of the co-benefits of the TIST tonnes. These co-benefits have earned TIST Triple Gold CCB status with Verra through the work of TIST farmers implementing Conservation Farming, creating clean energy cookstoves, practicing bee-keeping, creating leadership opportunities for all, including women and youth, expanding the program from farmer to farmer, collecting accurate information, and so much more! (Because there is so much more than the trees that create value in the carbon credit and create profit, we are asking that you discuss as a group how to split up the money for profit sharing to account for both the trees planted and the work on co-benefits. We will help you with this discussion through our new 2021 Profit Sharing voucher system, which will generate two vouchers. Please read the next article to explain why we are creating two vouchers.

 Why are we doing 2 vouchers? 

As you saw from the graphic above, TIST is getting much higher prices than other projects in the carbon market. That is because TIST participants are doing activities that help the land, biodiversity, their family health and income, restore riparian areas, and all the other activities make us proud to be in TIST. The higher prices mean we create extra income and, therefore extra profits for all TIST participants. So, the first voucher is profits from the carbon tonnes in the trees. We ask you to discuss among yourselves how the “tree” profits should be divided in your group. The second voucher is profits from our CCB ‘Triple Gold’ certification, SDG impacts, and things not related to the tree growing. We ask you to discuss among yourselves and decide how those profits should be divided in your group. Who has been the best servant among your group members? Who has done the most for other small groups or for your Cluster? Those people should get bigger shares of these profits to be “fair”. 2021 Profit Sharing Voucher Process Your Small Group will receive two 2021 Profit Share vouchers: ● 1st Voucher: 2/3 of the 2021 Profit Sharing Payment for your Small Group for the tree profits. ● 2nd Voucher: Remaining 1/3 of 2021 Profit Sharing Pay- ment for your Small Group for the co-benefits profits. Here are the steps from receiving your 1st voucher to the final pay- ment of the 2nd voucher. For the 1st voucher, you will follow the same process as normal to receive payment. 1. Attend a Cluster meeting where you will receive the 1st and 2nd 2021 Profit Sharing vouchers. 2. After the Cluster meeting, take the 1st voucher back to the Small Group and have it signed as usual. 3. Return the signed 1st voucher to the next Cluster meeting and receive payment immediately. For the 2nd voucher, you will need to discuss with your Small Group how to share the payment for both 2021 and 2022 Profit Sharing. 4. After the Cluster meeting, take the 2nd voucher back to your Small Group and discuss with your Small Group members (and landowners) to decide what percentage will be paid to each person for both 2021 and 2022 Profit Share. You will receive instructions on how to have this conversation along with your voucher. Please also read the article later in this newsletter to help with the discussion with your Small Group. 5. List each person’s name, and the percent they will be paid on the second page of the voucher.

6. Return the signed voucher to the next Cluster meeting and receive payment immediately After submitting both signed vouchers back to your Cluster Servant, you will have completed your 2021 Profit Sharing payment process! Congratulations! equal. Thus, everyone should end up being treated fairly, equally, and based on their results.” How to have a discussion with your Small Group on dividing Profit Share Discussion Steps: 1. Have a meeting with your entire Small Group and any landowner(s) who gave you permission to plant on their land. 2. Please understand this agreement is for 2021 and 2022 Profit Sharing 3. Discuss what percent of the money should go to each per- son that has been involved in the Small Group activities including: planting, maintenance, training, creating nursery beds, cookstoves, developing Best Practices, and more. 4. If applicable, determine the percent for the landowner (up to a maximum of 20%). Discussion Notes: ● Land owndership does not create carbon credits; it is the careful measurement and reporting about the amount of carbon in the living trees on that land. ● If the trees get cut down, the value disappears. TIST must make up the loss of tonnes, and Profit Sharing will not be paid. ● If you do not have proof of an agreement to plant the trees on the land, you need to arrange for that proof that you could show a verifier. ● Also, think about the owner of the land who needs a reason to keep the trees alive so everyone can continue to receive profit sharing

 How do we make sure Profit Sharing is fair to everyone? 

In the TIST Values, we have agreed that we will be mutually accountable and that we will be servants to each other. That means that we all need to live the” Golden Rule”. We need to make sure that we are treating each other the way we want to be treated. So that’s what we’re doing with the profit sharing payments. We are working hard to make it “fair” to everyone. We do that in two ways: First, we count everything the farmers have done with their trees– all of the tonnes they have sequestered, even if those tons have not been sold. Second, we make sure that if your Small Group has missed prepayments - or even an earlier profit-sharing payment - the next profit-sharing payment catches you up, so you are equal. Thus, everyone should end up being treated fairly, equally, and based on their results.” AKATABO K’EBYENSHASHURA Embagana y’amagoba ga 2021 omubuuze Embagana yamagoba Eihanga : KE . UG Amakuru marungi turihaihi obupapura bw’enshashura ya 2021.- Emiti neerinda obufuki kuguma omwitaka kandi ahari egyo eine ekiriisa kya Nitrogen, neereeta ekiriisa omwitaka. -

• Omuri Kenya guruupu haihi 8000, nizo ziraije kutunga amagoba ga 2021 bwanyima yokukanya kuruga guruupu 2000 omumwaka gwa 2020. Omu Uganda haihi guruupu 2600 nizo ziragane amagoba ga 2021 bwanyima yokutunguuka na guruupu 1600. 

• Omuri Kenya guruupu nizeja kubagana mirioni 290 za Kenya obwe harengiremu 173 kuruga omwaka oguhweire. Reeru omu Uganda guruupu niziija kutuunga obuhumbi 7.8 obwe zirengizeho obuhumbi 3.5 omwaka oguhweire. Omwaka ogu amagoba gakanyire kandi buri omwe orikukora na TIST naaza kutunga akasiimo ke ka ebicweka 70% aha magoba. Eki nikmanyisa ngu entwaza eyobutoosha neeza kuhindukaho kwenda kutunga amakuru gembagana yamagoba hamwe nekihandiko kirikuhamya kushashura eyongyeirweho kuruga omu guruupu enkye kuza omu guruupu zempagara. Reeba ahaifo empinduka neshashura okubiragyende.

 Ekirikumanyisa omuhanda gwa kabooni- 

Omuhendo gwa kaboni nigukiraho ahagwemiti ebyairwe na kaboni erikushaarurwamu. Taani za kaboni za TIST nizikiraho aha zindi kaboni ezirikushashurwa ahandi ahabwembagana yaabo yamukwatane. Embaganaegi ehaire TIST ebirabo bye feeza ebya TIST. Triple Gola CCB na Verra kurabira omumikorere yabahingi ba TIST nka okuhingira okurinda eitaka okukoresa amahega garikutwara enku nkye, kwibika enjoki, omwetoorooro omubyobwebembezi nkabakazi neminyeeto kuhangusya puroguramu yomuhingi ahamuhingi, okukanyisa okurundaana amakuru agahikire nebindi bingi. Ekirikureetera omwoya gwa TIST gwagura sente nyingi. 

• Ahabwokuba hariho ebindi bingi kukira aha burungi bw’emiti erikurugwamu omwoya oguturikuguza tukatuunga sente okukira purojekiti ezindi ezirikurugwamu kaboni. Niyo nshonga ahabwenki b ameba ba TIST nibakora emirimo kuhwera ebintu ebirikuruga omuntuura yabantu neibihingwa, ebyamagara nentyasya, okugaruza busya emyanya yemyegyego nebindi nibyo birikutwesimisa nka TIST.

 • Okuhanguha gwemihendo ya kaboni nikireetaho okukura entaasya namagoba gabarikwetaba omu TIST.

 • Vookya eyokubanza neyamagoba kuruga omu taani za kaboni omu miti nitubashaba kukigaaniraho omu guruupu zanyu okumurabagane amagoba gomuti.

 • Vookya eyakabiri neyamagoba kuruga omu CCB Triple Gold Certification, akakwate ka SDG nebindi ebitarikuruga omukubyara emiti. Nitubashaba kuganiraho aha mbagana yamagoba

agarikuruga omu nkora egi. Noha abaire omuheereza osingire abandi omu guruupu yanyu. Osingire omu za guruupu ezempagara. Ahabw’oburinganiza abantu aba bashemereire kubagana ekirengire ahakyabandi. Emitwarize yenshashura ya vookya 2021 

• Guruupu yaawe neija kutunga vookya yakubagana amagoba ga 2021. 

• Eyokubanza nebicweka 2/3 byenshashura yamagoba ga guruupu enkye erugire omu miti. 

• Eyakabiri ni kimwe kyakashatu 1/3 yamagoba ga guruupu enkye agomubagano nari aga hamwe.

 • Amatembezo genshashura ya vookya xombi vokyoa eyokubanza netwazibwa eti. 1. Nimwija kutunga vookya zombie omurukiiko za guruupu zempagara. 2. Kuruga omunkiiko zempagara nimutwara vookya eyokubanza mugigarura omu guruupu enke b ameba bataho emikono yaabo. 3. Nimureeta vookya egyo mugigarura omu rukiiko nempagara mutunga sente zanyu ahonaaho. Vookya yakabiri neyetenga kugigambaho naba memba ba guruupu enkye ahamitwarize yenshashura yamagoba ga 2021 na 2022. 4. Mwaruga omurukiiko rwempagara, mutware vookya eya 2 omu rukiiko rwa guruupu enkye na bakama bamataka kusharamu ahabicweka byembagana yamagoba ga buri muntu aga 2021 na 2022. Nimwija kutunga obuhabuzi okumuratwaze omu kuguuba ahantwaza na vookya yanyu. Nimwija kushoma aakashonshoreki omwihurire eri ahamuheru omumuratwaze omuguurupu enkye. 5. Handiika amaziina ga ba memba nebicweka byamagoba agubaratungye ahamuheru gwa vookya egi. 6. Garura vookya eteirweho emikono omurukiiko rwa guruupu orwempagara reeru mutungye sente zanyu ahonaho. Mwaheza kutwara vookya zorubiri ziine emikono yabamemba wa guruupu zempanga nimuba mwaheza entwaza yeshanshura yamagoba yoona. Mukurike. Buri omwe atwarizibwe omuburinganiza, burikwegamira ahabirikurugamu. Ekigaaniro ahamigamire yamagoba omu guruupu. Amatembezo: 1. Yeta orukiiko rwaba memba baguruupu boona na bakam bamataka abbahiare kubyaramu emiti. 2. Mwetegyereze ku endagaano egi neyokushashura amagoba ga 2021 na 2022. 3. Muganiire aha bicweka bya buri muntu ebyaragambe MAY 2022 TIST UGANDA NEWSLETTER kurugirira amaani agateire omkureeberera emiti okugibyara, okutendekwa, okubendeeka, kukora amahega agarikutwara enku nkye, emitwarize mirungi ya TIST nebindi. Ebimuragambeho

 • Obushoborozi aheitaka tikirikuhangaho kaboni omumiti kureka nemipimire mirungi yobwingi bwa kaboni erugire omu miti ebyairwe aha eitaka eryo. 

• Emiti ku eratemwe, omuhendo nigugwa reeru TIST niyo erikujunaana okufeerwa kwatamu ezindi kandi amagoba tigarashashurwe. 

• Waaba ataine ndagano yokubyara emiti aha eitaka ryona reeba ngu wagira obuhame obu orayorekye omubazi. 

• Teekateeka aha bantu batandikireho TIST bakabyara emiti kindi ekagumaho, bakareetaho enkiiko zaguruupu enkye nezempagara, bakaheza okutendeka nabo abakuhagire obukungu kubyara emiti baaheereze emitiinisa.

 • Teekateeka ahamukama weitaka nawe atungye amagoba. Noomanya ota ngu embagana yaaba eyoburinganiza? • Omu micwe ya TIST nitwikiriza buri omwe kuba omwesigwa aharimutaahi we kandi nokuba omuheereza wondiijo. Tugyendere ahakiragiro ekirikugira ngu buri omwe atwarizibwe nkoku yaakubaire naayenda bamutwarize. 

• Nikwe turikukora omushashura ngu buri omwe agire oburingaaniza. Nitukora eki omu miring ebiri - Ekyobanza nitubara taani za kaboni ezarugire omu miti kandi zikabarwa aba zaaguziibwe nari zitakaguziibwe. - Ekyokabiri, guruupu yaaba etagungire kasiimo akahwaireho enyima, hati neetunga omurundi ogu hamwe nogwenyima kwenda kugira oburiingaaniza. Buri omwe naateekwa kugra. Oburinganiza nokutwarizibwa kurugirira kurugirira ahabwarugire omukubara.EBALUA LO IYEMUTO LO ATACO Nu ikamanara kede etace lo ameda na kai- leleba loka 2021 Aimor ameda Toma apak na euriana ibuni aitegear akoraro naka avocai nu etace loka ameda naka 2021, ido da kijaatar kede iyemuto lu ajokak Kotoma akwap na o’Kenya , iguruupun lu edeparete 8000 ibusakinit adumun ka aimor ameda naka 2021 , ejai aiyatakin na iguruupun lu edeparete 2000 kuju na ngul lu amorete ameda naka 2020 . Kotoma akwap nako Uganda, iguruupun lu edolete 2600 kes ibusakinit adumun ataco naka ameda naka 2021 , ejai aiyatakin na iguruupun lu edeparete 1600 kuju nan gul lu apotu kodumunitos ameda ngin na 2020. Kotoma akwap na ko Kenya ibuni akorar apiyai nu elomarete imilionin 290 nu ikapun lu ko Kenya kotoma aimor ameda naka 2021. Ne da ejaar aikeikina naka apiyai nu elomarete imilionin 173 kitiriani kede lu akoraritai okaru je. Kotoma akwap nako Uganda ibuni akorar apiyai nu elomarete aritai 7.8 billion ikapun lu ko Uganda kotoma aimor ameda naka 2021. Neda ejaar aiyatakin na apiyai nu elomarete aritai 3.5 billion kitiiriani kede apiyai ngun nu akoraritai 2020. Kitam adumun iwaitin ice kere nu ipedoro aitojokara eipone lo akoraro naka ameda naka 2021 ka nu aanyun ebe ngin tunganan kere yen iswamaete kede TIST edumuni eke wai lo ibusakinit kotoma apiyai nu ekoraro nuka ameda naka 2021. So ebuni na ayaun aijulanakineta ace aitiirian kede ejautene lo lem . kimoriarite da yesi aimor kwape atukot koipone lo ebunio ngin tunganan adumun ainer ke kotoma ameda ka na , kosodete aitolomun toma aiwadikaeta ka aikopakin ne jai ejaanakinan aibunget kus . Kilipit kiyataki aisiom ngun nu etupanakinete koipone lo aijulanakineta kotoma otace loka ameda naka 2021. Inyobo iyatakini ameda toma okwam ngon loka carbon lo egwelaro? Ameda nae jai toma okwam ngon loka carbon lo egwelaro , epol noi adepar ameda na ejai toma okitoi lo iraikinitai ka ekwam da ngon loka carbon lo ejai toma ke. Itannin luka ekwam loka carbon loka TIST , erai lo epol etyai noi itiiriani kede ekwam ece kere loka carbon lo ejai toma osookoni narai ipu adumununeta ace nu eupasi kede itaanin nuka carbon luko TIST . Adumununeta nu ekeikisi ejautene loka TIST ka da aitelekar aitogogongoet naka esabu iruan auni ka ne jai erionget loka verra koipone lo akoriok luko TIST acamun aitetemonor akoru ngin na itojokaritai na atinen kwana , adukunun ikiyal ngun lu itojokaritai nu atinen kwana , aipit awoo, ayinakin ngin tunganan arerengu na aingarenikin , kimoriarite da angor kede atumunak , aitanyanyar ainapeta nuko TIST kama ejaasi akoriok , atukunun akiro nu ibecokina ka ace da kere nu ipu. Ka nu narai ipu iboro noi nu itojokaritos ka aikeun ameda naka ekwam wok loka carbon kosokoni adepar airayo na ikito bon koyauni da ameda nae pol noi kotoma apiyai nu edumunos , Kilipit eesi kwape atukot aitamitam ka aimor da eipone lo itiakitiakiata eesi apiyai ngun kobwoikinite enaba lo ikito lu iraikinit itunganan ka da aswamsinei ace nuka TIST. Kibuni aingarakin eesi kotoma ainerun na koipone lo aitolomun adokena ace nu itetiak nu akorkor apiyai nu nu meda naka 2021. Ibuni da aitolomun avocai 2 aarei. Kosiom ngun nu etupanakinete ka nu ajenun ibore ibusakinitor aitolomun avocai aarei. Kanu inyo kiswamauna avocas aarei? Kwape iyanyunia jo kotoma aitetemet ngin na okuju . Edumununei TIST apiyai nu ikeara noi aitelekar luce tunga lu egwelanarete ekwam loka carbon kosokoni. Erai narai akoriok luko TIST iswamaete aswamisio nu ingarakinitos alupok , ejautene lo itiang, itunga kede iraan, angaleu na ikalia kec ka apiyai da , ayuwarit isoma ka aiboisio ngun nu idunyasi ka akipi ka aswamisio ace da kere einakinitos isio epoget kede TIST. Ityaisinei ngun nu ikeara apolokec ebe kitolomi da ameda nae pol na apiyai ka nuka akoriok luka TIST.

 Apolokec avoca na sodit erai ameda na elomunit kotoma otannin lu ekwam loka carbon lo ejai toma okito . Kilipit eesi aitamitam kotoma atukot kus eipone lo atiaktiak ameda ngin na elomunit kotoma okito kus. Avoca na iareit erai na ameda na elomunit kotoma aitogogongoet wok naka “esabu iruan auni “ka na ejai CCB. Ngun nu ikamanara kede nu igirunitos akwapin kojautene lo eitunganane, iboro nu mam ikamanara kede aira ikito . Kilipi eesi aimor ngun kotoma atukot kus tetere icamanaros koipone lo atiaktiak apiyai ngun , ngai bo lem iiswamai kede agogong kotoma atukot kus? Ngai bo iswamat kede agogong ka nu iguruupun ice ka aibunget da kere? Itunga ngun kesi ibusakinit adumun ameda nae pol aitelekar luce. Adokena nu ebeitor akorokor ameda naka 2021 • Avoca na sodit: 2/3na ameda kere na abeit akorkor kotoma atukot kus kolomunite Kameda na ikito bon • Avoca na iareit: 1/3 Erai na ameda na ebeit atukot akorokor kotupitete aswamisinei ace nuko TIST Nu tupitono nuta ageun ne idumunata eesi avoca kus na sodit kitoni ne engetakinere aitac avoca kus na iareit Ka nu avoca na sodit , ipote aitup nupo lem sek ka nu adumun ataco kus

1.Kojaikin aurianet ne da ekorarere avoca nasodit kede na iareit nu ikamanara kede etace loka ameda naka 2021 2.Engetakin aurianet naka aibunget , kinyakasi avoca ngin na sodit toma atukot kus tetere ngin mweba yen atukot idokokini akan kwape lem 3.Kinyakutu avoca toma aurianet na etupakini kodumutu etace Ka nu avoca na iareikini , ipote aitamitam kede imwebai lu atukot kus koipone lo aimor ameda naka 2021 ka 2022 4.Kengetakin aurianet naka aibunget , kinyakasi avoca na iareit atukot kus ido kitamitamata kede imwebai lu atukot kus ka ikulepek alupok ka nu acamanar ebe isirigin bo idi ebeit ngin diope ka ooni adumun ka nu ameda naka 2021 ka 2022 da. Ipote eesi adumun aicorakineta eipone lo imoriata eesi akiro nu koupasi da kede akus voca . kiyatakisi cut asiom- enen akiro nu tetere ingarakinete eesi kowai lo apiyai ka nu . 5.Kilelebata ikiroria kere nu imwebai lu ebeit adumun ataco toma apopu- la na etupakini naka avoca 6.Kinyakutu avoca na edaunitai aidok akan kotoma aurianet na etupa- kini naka aibunget tetere idumunete ataco Kidautu eesi aikopakin ejaanakinan aibunget kus avocas ngun kere aa- rei edumuni eesi kingetakisi ainapeta nu ataco kus na ameda na 2021. Yalama aswam. EIPONE LO AITAMITAM KEDE AKON TUKOT EJAUTENE LO AIMOR APIYAI NU . Nutupitono 1.Ojaikinos toma aurianet kwape atukot kere ido komorata kede ikule- pek alupok kerel u apotu kocamakisi eesi alupok nu iraa ikito 2.Kojen nae be erai aiwadikaet na acamanar na kanu ameda naka ekaru loka 2021 kede 2022 3.Kitamitamata akiro kere nu ikamanara kede atiaktiak apiyai nuka meda naka atukot kotupitete akukuranut na ngin tunganan kowai lo aswamsinei kere nu ikamanara kede TIST , kwape nat aira, aidar, aituutonor , aipepe ikito , aswam ikiyal ngun lu itojokaaritai , aitolomunun aswamisio nu ajokak ka ace da . Nuitamitama 

•Arai imametotor ijo aiwadikaet na itogogongit ebe kicama- kinitai ijo aira ikito toma misiri ngin , ibusakinit ijo anoun aiwadikaet ngin kitodik lu emarak ikito. 

•Koomom ka nu itunga ngun kere lu etegearete TIST , airayo na ikito, aidar ikito kojarete , kitemonokisi aurianeta nuka atukona ka aibungena da kongetanakisi aituutorio, kede da ngul lu apotu kocamakisi ijo aira ikito nen. Ngul kere epol ameda .

 •Koomom ka nu angin da yen erai ilope alupok narai ejaatatar kede alosikinet na aiyuwar ka aidar ikito ngun tetere eesi iyatakinitos aimeda kotoma . Eipone bani kitogogongio ebe emoror apiyai nu jokan Kotoma okisila luka TIST ejai acamanar ebe kibuni araun ejaanakinak bonik ka bonik ido ibuni araun lu imarakini etiai toman nun kere nu iswama . apolokec ooni kere ekot aiswamaanakin luce eipone lo ikotor ooni iswamakin ooni Apolokec ngun kesi iswamai ka nu aanyun ebe ngin tunganan einakino nu ebeito ngesi kotoma aimor naka ameda Kiswamai Ngun Koponesio Iyarei Nasodit kimari ngun kere nu iswamat akorion kede ikito ke , itannin kere lu ekwam lu ematarit eke kitoi arai da mam ber egwelaritai Naiyareikini iwanyuni nu ebe arai etwaniarit akon tukot ataco na sodit ejaun aburokin apiyai ngun kere toma otace lo etupakini tetere itunga kere erianasi kotoma adumun kotupitete akec swamisinei. 

AMAWULIRE GE’NSASULA YA 2021 Engabana yamagoba 2021 

mufunze Mubwangu, tugenda kuwereza engabana yamagoba 2021 Profit Shar- ing vouchers, era tulina amawure amalungi agokugabana! Engabana yamagoba 2021 mufunze Engabana ya’magoba munsi *Kenya * Uganda Mubwangu, tugenda kutandiika okugaba vokya zo’mwaka 2021 ezi- ragga engabana empya enungi. Mu Kenya, Okusukka mu bubiina obutono 8,000 butuuse okugabana amagoba gw’omwaka 2021, kweyongedeko obubiina obutono 2,000 kw’obwo obwagabana amagoba 2020. Mu Uganda, obubiina obutono 2,600 butuuse okugabana amagoba, kweyongedeko obubiina obutono 1,600 kw’obwo obwagabana amagoba 2020. Mu Kenya, tugenda kusasula milliyoni 290 eza Kenya mu 2021, zeyongedeko milliyoni 173 ezagabibwa 2020. Mu Uganda tugenda kusasula okusuka mu billiyoni 7.8 eza Uganda mu 2021 ezeyongedeko billiyoni 3.5 ezasasulwa mu 2020 mu ngabana ya’magoba. Twongedemu munkola yo’kusasula amagoba mumwaka gunno kiso- bozese buli omu akola ne TIST okufuna ebitundu 70% ebyamagoba kulw’omulimu gwakoze ne TIST Kino kijja kwetagisa enkyuka nkyuka okuva kunkola ebadewo okugeza okukubaganya ebirowozo n’akabiina akatono kukitundu kyamagoba buli muntu kyanafuna, era n’obuwandiike obukakasa ekitundu oluvanyuma mubiwereze omuwereza wamwe (Cluster Servant). Banange mulabe wansi okumanya ebisingawo lwaki tukola enkyuka nkyuka era enakola etya mu 2021 mu ngabana ya’magoba. Kikki ekifuula omukka omubbi okuba gw’omuwendo? Omuwendo n’okusinga omuwendo gwe’mitti egisimbidwa no mukka omubbi oguyingidde mu mitti egyo. Tani ya TIST eyo mukka omubbi yamuwendo gwa wagulu nyo okus- inga kubabala n’okugula omukka omubbi kubanga tani ya TIST eriko emigaso emirala. Emigaso emirala egya tani ya TIST gigisobozesa okuwangula omudali gwa TIST Triple Gold CCB kudala elyo ne Verra okuyita mumilimu gya balimi ba TIST nga bateka munkola enima yomulembe, okuzimba amasigga amayonjo agakekereza, okulunda enjuki n’okutekawo omukisa mubukulembeze mubonna mu bakyala n’abavubuka, okugaziya pulogulamu okuva kumulimi okutuka kumulimi, okukunganya amawulire agakwata kubalimi n’ebirala bingi. Lwaki tani yomukka omubbi ogwa TIST egula omuwendo gwawagulu

Italaunete ekwam lo iyenga ooni kubanga waliwo emitti mingi egisimbidwa gilya omuwendo gw’omukka omubbi. Era namagoba twagala mutule nga akabiina mukanye kungabana yamagoba. Engabana ku emitti egisimbidwa n’emirimu. 1. Wetabe mulukiiko lwe kibiina ekinene 1st ne 2nd 2021 mwemunafuna vokya y’okugabana amagoba. 2. Oluvanyuma lw’olukiiko lw’ekibiina ekinene, twala vokya esoka mu kabiina akatono era baseko emikono. 3. Zaayo vokya eya sooka okutekebwako emikono mu lukiiko lwekibiina ekinene era bafune okusasulibwa. Oluvanyuma lwa vokya eyo kubiiri muja kugabana amawulire mu kabiina akatono mutya wemugenda okugabana amagoba ag’omwaka 2021 n’2022. 4. Oluvanyuma lw’olukiiko lwe kibiina ekinene twala vokya eyo kubiiri mukabiina akatono era mukanye mungeri jemugenda okugaba ebitundu by’amagoba buli muntu byanatwala ag’omwaka 2021 ne 2022. Mujja kufuna okulungamizibwa kugeri yokukubaganyamu ebirowozo ebikwata ku vokya. Banange musome ebiwandiikibwa mumawulire kibayambeko okukubaganya ebirowozo mukabiina kamwe akatono. 5. Wandiika buli linnya lyamuntu era n’ekitundu kyagenda kufuna ku pagi ya vokya ey’okubiiri. 6. Zaayo vokya etekedwako emikono mulukiiko lw’ekibiina ekinene oludako era basasulibweeyo. Bwo mala okuwerezaayo vokya zombi nga zitekedwako emikono eri omuwerezawo (Cluster Servant) mujjakuba mumaliriza entekateka yokusasulwa engabana ya magoba 2021. Tukuyozayoza kyenkanyi. Era buli muntu atekedwa kuyisibwa bulungi, kyenkanyi era okusinzira kubyavudemu. Oyinza otya okukubaganya ebirowozo mukabiina kko kungabana ya magoba. Amadala g’okukubaganya ebirowozo 1. Beera n’olukiiko nakabiina akatono oba nannyini takka kwosimba emitti. 2. Banange mutegere endagano eno eyo kugabana amagoba 2021 ne 2022. 3. Mukubaganye ebirowozo kukitundu mumilimu jjakabiina okugeza okusimba emitti, ekwetaba mukutendekebwa okukola emezeso, okukola enkola za TIST Enungi ne birala. 4. Bwekiba kisoboka, musaleewo ekitundu kyasente ekyokuwa nannyini takka (okutuka ku 20%) Enkubaganya y’ebirowozo  Okuba netakka tekikola sente z’omukka omubbi, kipimo oba kumanya emitti egiri kutakka elyo.  Emitti bwegitemebwa, omuwendo gusanawo. TIST efirwa tani z’omukka omubbi, era tewajja kuba kugabana magoba.  Bwoba tolina endagano yabukakafu kutakka kwosimba emitti, wetagga okufuna obukakafu bwonolaga ababalirira (Verifier).  Mulowooze kubantu abatandiika emirimu ja TIST, abasimba emitti, abakuma emitti nga miramu, abatekateka obubiina obutono ne nkiiko ez’ekibiina ekinene, bamala okutendekebwa era n’abantu ababawa embanvu kukusimba emitti, buli omu wamugaso.  Era mulowooze kubananyini takka abetaga ensonga lwaki bandikumye emitti nga miramu era buli muntu asobora okweyongera okugabana amagoba. Tukole tutya okulaba nga engabana ya magoba nungi eri buli muntu? Mumiramwa ja TIST, twakiriziganya nti tujakuba tuvunanyizibwako kyenkanyi era tujakuba bawereze eri buli muntu. Kino kitegeza nti ffena twetaga okuba balamu. (Golden rule) twetaga okuba nga tuyisa banaffe nga naffe bwetwagala okutuyisa. Ekyo kyetubadde tukola mungabana ya magoba. Tukola ekisoboka okulaba nga waliwo obwenkanya eri buli muntu. Tukikola mungeri birii Esoka, tubala buli kimu omulimi kyakoze eri emitti gye, tani zonna ez’omukka omubbi eziriridwa emitti okuva mubwengula newezibwa nga tezinatundibwa. Eyokubiri, tukakasa nti singa akabiina akatono tekafunye sente ezisooka, oba okugabana ku magoba. Kungabana ya sente z’amagoba edakko nga ekwatagana basobore okwenkana. No’lwekyo buli omu atekedwa okuyisibwa obulungi, kyekanyi era okusinzira kubyebakola

LOK ANGEYA IKOM CUL ME TIST KIT MA GIBIPOKO CENTE ME CARBON ME 2021 Macokcok-ki, wabicako poko karatac me culu cente me carbon me mwaka 2021, man tye ki kwena mogo mabeco i ye ki i kenyo dul matino 8,000 gibiculu-gi, man omede nia Iki dul matino 2,000. Ki I Uganda, dul makato 2,600 gidinongo cul, omede nia ki i million 290 pi mwaka 2021, man kato me mwaka mukato ni ki cente million 1,600 I 2020. 1. Kenya, wa bi poko cente makato million 290 pi mwaka 2021, man kato me mwaka mukato ni ki cente million 173 I Uganda, wabipoko cente makato 7.8, makato me 2020 ki cente maromo million 3.5 wakelo bene alokaloka i kit me poko cente me carbon. Man obikelo alokaloka i kit majwii onongo gi poko cente wek wek dano ducu matiyo i dul pa TIST onong cente me carbon. Man obikelo alokaloka ikit majwii onongo ki poko cente. Alokaloka magi gi coyo-gi ping ka gimiyo bot lutic pa dul madit. NGO MA MEDO KERO, PEK PA CARBON Wel pek pa yamo carbon ma yat-ni ocamo dit loyo wel yadi ma i poto-ni wa ki carbon ma yadi magi camo. Pek pa yamo i TIST (Tonnes) wel-gi kato wel pek pa yamo mukene (Carbon) ma pat ki pa TIST man pien TIST tye ki jam mukene ma en medo i kom carbon. En hjami magi aye Okello mot me TIST Triple Gold CCB status ma aa ki bot verra pi tic pa lupur i TIST, magitiyo ki keno ma pe balo yen, PINGO KARAAC 2 ME CUL. Kit macalo nen kwede malo ni, TIST tye ka nongo cente makato dul mukene ni ki cente me culu carbon. Man pien ni Lupur pa TIST tye ka tiyo tic ma konyo ngom, jami makwo ma konyo gangi-gi ke yot kum-gi, medo kero me lim i cing gi roco dog kulu, ki jami mogo mukene ni weng weko wabedo ki awaka i TIST. Man teloke ni, wanongo cente mabup, me apoka bot Lupur ki lutic pa TIST ducu. Dong, karatac me cul me aceli-li, obedo cente me carbon ma aaki i kom yat. Walego-wu me miyo tam i kit ma omyero- wa, Triple Gold certificate, SDG, ki i kom jami ma pet ye i dongo pa yadi. Wa lego wu me moko tam ikin-wu kit ma mugoba magi omyero gi pok kwede. Anga ma otiyo matek loyo ki i dul-wu? Anga ma otiyo tic matek pi dul ma tidi ki dul madit? Joni eno omyero gunong mugoba makato luwotgi, ka ni gitim jami I yoo matir. KARATAC ME CUL ME 2021 OBIWOTO KI MAN Dul matidi-wu obenongo karatac me cul 2 pi 2021  1st , 2/3 me cente magi bi culo ki dul matino pi pito yen.  2nd , 1/3 me cente magibiculu ki dul matino ma aa ki i tic mukene mapat ki pito yen i TIST. Magi aye yoo ma gibilubo ni cake i nongo karatac me 1 waa i cul pi karatac me 2. Pi karatac me 1; gi bi lubo yoo majwii-ni me poko cente. 1. 00 I kacoke ma dit me dwee kamo ibinongo iye karatac me 1 ki me 2 me cul. 2. I ngee kacoke, te karatach me cul me 1 bot lumemba-wu wek giket iye cing-gi. 3. Dwok karatac me cul ma giketo iye cing-ni i kacoke malubo me dwee, wek i nong cente-ni cut-cut. Pi karatac me cul 2 ni, ubi moko tam i kit me poko cul me 2021 ki 2022. 4. I ngee kacoke me dwee, take karatac me cul oo bot lumemba ci umok kit mamyero angar otee cente adi (wa ki wegi ngom) kwede pi cul me 2021 ki 2022 weng. Gibi nyutu-it wu kit ma man omyero otime kwede. 5. Coo ning danoki cente adi ma gi binongo i ngee karatac me cul meno. 6. Dwok karatac me cul magiketo iye cing i kacoke me dwee malubo wek i nong cut-cut. Kadong i dwoko karatac me cul 2 weng bot latic pi dul madit, nongo dong ityeko jami ducu ma mite me cul me 2021, pwoc boti !!

Dong dano acelacel omyero giter i yoo matir, ki ada dok ki woro. KIT MA MYERO UNYWAK KEDE TAM I KOM CENTE. 1. Yub kacoke pi wun Lumemba me dul matidi ducu, wa ki wegi ngom ma omiyo ngom me pito yen. 2. Omyero iniang winye me poko cente-ni me 2021 ni maber. 3. Umok wel cente adi ma dano acelacel ma otiyo i TIST omyero onong. Tic magi gin aye, pito yen, doyo ne, yubo keno ma pe blo yen, pwonyo dano, yubo ka pito yadi ki mukene ma pol ataa, wa ki jo ma omiyo ngom. 4. Katwere umok wel cul pa wegi ngom ma pe myero okat pacen 20 (20%) GIN ME ALOKA I KACOKE.  Bedo rwed ngom pe kelo carbon me acata, ento pimo ki diro ka kelo kama leng wel yamo (carbon) ma yat ma tye i ngom-mi kelo.  Ka yadi gitongo-woko, ci carbon me acata bene rwenyo woko, TIST omyero ocul pi rwenyo pa carbon meno.  Ka ce I pee ki karatac / gin manyuto ni gimini twero me pito yen ingom, omyero inong mo oyotoyot me anyuta.  Par pi jo ma ocako tic pa TIST, jo ma opito yen ma gugwoko makwo, gucako dul matino, guyabo kacoke me dwe ki mukene tic cingi weng pi-gi matek.  Par bene pi rwed ngom ma omiyo ngom-me me pito yen ki me gwokone pi kare malac. KIT MA MYERO CUL OBED KWEDE I YOO MA ATIR BOT DANO DUCU. I tic ma beco pa TIST, wa yee ni omyero wabed lutic bot luwot-wa, man teloke ni omyero watim kit eno ki kome, omyero wati ki luwot wa i yoo ma wan wamito nigiti kwede bot wa. Dong man aye gin ma wa tye ka timo ne i poko cente me carbon man bot dano ducu. Man watimo iyoo 2:- Me 1, wakwano jami weng ma lapur otimo I kom yadi gi, wa ki pek pa carbon ma i yat gi mapeya gicato ni Me 2, ka dul matidi pe onongo cul ma wiye atir, wamedo cente eni I cul me aryo wek onong cul weng pi yadi-ne. 2021 mukhtasari ya kushirikiana faida Kwa kaharaka,sisi tunaenda kuanzisha usambasaji wa Vocha ya kushirikiana faida ya mwaka 2021,na tunae Habari nzuri kwa kushiriki. Katika Kenya,zaidi juu ya vikundi 8,000 ni Hakikishwa kupokea faida ya kushirikiana ya mwaka 2021,na kuongezea zaidi sana ya vikundi 2,000 kutoka kushirikiana faida ya mwaka 2020.Katika Uganda,karibu vikundi 2,600 hii meahakikishwa , kutokea faida ya kushirikiana,na kuongezeka ya vikundi 16 kutoka mwaka 2020 na kushirikiana faida. Katika Kenya, tutakua tukisambaza juu zaidi ya million 290, faida ya Kenya katika kushirikiana faida ya mwaka 2021, yenye yiiko mingii zaidi ya million 173 ya fedha zaidi kushiada, mwaka iliopita.katika Uganda tutakua tukisambaza juu ya million 7.8 fedha ya Uganda,kwa mwaka 2021 na faida ya kushirikiana, yenye yiiko na kariibia billion 3.5 juu zaidi mwaka ilie pita ya kushirikiana faida. Sisi tuume fanya kuboresha kuhusu mchakato ya mwaka huu ya kushirikiana faida,ndivyo tuakikishe ya kwamba Kila mtu Alie fanya kazi na TIST,anapokea ushirika Yao Haki ya Asikimia70.kwajili ya kazi yao walie tendea TIST.Hii yitayitajika mabadiliko Fulani Kwa mchakato ya kawaida , pamoja na majadiliano na kundi ndogo,juu ya Asili-mia ya kupokea na kila mumoja kutoka Kwa kushirikiana faida,na uthibitisha ilie andikwa kuhusu Asili-mia hizo,zikirudishwa kwa mutumishi wa nguzo, tafadhali tazama chini yapo kwa habari zaidi juu

ya sababu tuna badilisha mchakato na na jinsi mchakato ya mwaka 2021 kwa kushirikiana faida yita fanya. NINI AMBAE INA FANYA SANA THAMANI YA MIKOPO YA KABONI? Hii thamani ya mikopo ya kaboni ni ya thamani zaidi sana kushinda,yenye mtii ilie pandiwa na kaboni ilio kusanyiwa kutoka Kwa mtii hiizo.matani ya TIST ni ya thamani zaidi kushinda mikopo ya kaboni ilie kusanyiwa, kwajili ya faida zilio fanana ya mtani ya TIST.hiizi faida Zilizo fanana ,zimepatia TIST dhahabu ya maratatu kwa CCB na haki kupitia kazi ya walimaji ya TIST wakitekeleza ulimaji wa uhifadhi,na kuunda jiko safi pishi ya nishati, Kufanya Mazoezi ya kuchunga nyuki, kuunda nafasi mpya ya uongozi,kwa wote,wanawake na vijana,kupanua mpango kutoka Kwa mulimaji paka Kwa mulimaji,kusanya habari sahihi,na vingine miingi! Kwa sababu kunapo thamani mingi zaidi kushinda Mtii yenye ina uunda mikopo ya kaboni na kuunda faida,tuna waomba nyinyi kama kundi mujadhiliane jinsi ya kugawana fedha ya kushirikiana faida, kwajili ya kuajibika kwa mtii zilie pandiwa na kwajili ya kazi juu ya faida yakufanana.sasa tuta kusaidia na majadiliano hii kupitia Kwa mfumo mpya na Vocha ya kushirikiana faida ya mwaka 2021, ambae itaa zaliasha Vocha mbili(two). tafadhali usome makala ijayo Kwa kueleza kwanini tuko tunauunda Vocha mbili(2). Kwanini sisi tuna fanya Vocha mbili (2)? Kama uliona kutoka Kwa mandalizo ya picha juu,TIST iko Ina pata sana Bei ya juu zaidi kushinda mradhi nyingine ndani ya soko ya kaboni.kwwjili ya Sababu washiriki ya TIST waikoo wannafanya Kwa shughuli za kusaidia Ardhi,urtofauti,afya ya familia Yao na mapato,kirejesha Eneo zinazotumiwa,na ma shughuli zote zinaatupea kukua na furaha,kuaa ndani ya TIST. Bei ya juu inaa manisha, sisi tunauunda mapato zaidi na kwa hiivyo pia faida zaidi Kwa wote washiriki wa TIST ndie, Vocha ya kwanza ikue faida kutoka Kwa matanni ya kaboni kutokea kwa mtii,tunna wasiihi mujadhiliane katikati yenyu jinsi ya kugawana faida kutoka Kwa mtii ndani ya kundi yenyu. Vocha ya pili nii faida kutoka Kwa CCB vyeti ya dhahabu ya maratatu,ma Athari ya SDG,na vitu zisie usikana na ukomesaji wa Mtii. Tunna wasiihi nyinyi kujadiliana katikati yenyu.na kuamua jinsi faida hizo zita gawanywa Kwa kundi. Nakutambua nani amekua mutumishi bora katika wanachama ya kundi yenyu? Nani amefanya zaidi kwajili ya kundi ndogo au Kwa nguzo yenyu? Hizo watu wanafaha wapate faida kubwa zaidi,haki katika shirika hii. 2021 mchakato ya Vocha Kwa kushirikiana faida. Kundi ndogo yenyu itapokea Vocha mbili ya kushiriki faida ya mwaka 2021: ● 1st Vocha 2/3 ya mwaka 2021 Nia kushirikiana malipo ya faida kwa kundi ndogo kuusu faida ya mtii. ● 2nd Vocha yenye imebakia 1/3 ya mwaka 2021 Nia kushirikiana malipo ya faida ya kundi ndogo yenyu kwajili ya mafaida Zilizo fanana faida. Hizii nii hatua za kupokea vocha 1(ya kwanza) kwajili ya malipo mwisho ya vocha ya pili(2nd). Kwa vocha (1) ya kwanza,utafatalia mchakato hiyo tusasa ya kawaida kwa kupokea malipo. 1. Uhudhiria mkutano ya nguzo kwenye utapokea Vocha ya kushirikiana faida ya kwanza (1) na pili(2) ya mwaka 2021. 2. Badhayi ya mkutano ya nguzo,rudisha vocha yako ya kwanza(1) Kwa kundi ndogo na hakikisha ya kwamba kama kawaida iwekwe sahihi. 3. Rudhisha Vocha ya kwanza (1) ilio weekwa sahihi,Kwa mkutano ya nguzo ijyao na utapokea malipo haponahapo. Kwa vocha ya pili (2) ,utahitajji kujadiliana na kundi lako ndogo jinsi ya shirika malipo ya kushirikiana faida ya mwaka 2021 na 2022. 4. Badhayi ya mkutano ya nguzo,peleka Vocha ya pili (2) kwa kundi Yako ndogo na mujadhiliane na wanachama ya kundi ndogo (na wenyejji ya Ardhi) Kwa kuamua jinsi Asili-mia ganii ambae italipwa kwa Kila mtu, kwajili ya kushirikiana faida wa mwaka 2021na 2022. Na utapokea maelekezo kuusu maongeo vile itakua na vocha yako.tafdhali usome makala hiizi badhayi ndani ya barua ya Habari hii,Kwa kusaidia wewe na majadiliano kuusu kundi yako ndogo. 5. Orodha (Handika) jiina ya Kila mtu,na Asili-mia watakua wakilipiwa Kwa ukurasa ya vocha ya pili. 6. Rudhisha Vocha ilie wekwa sahihi Kwa mkutano ya nguzo ijyao na upokea malipo haponapo. Badhayi ya kuwasilisha vocha mbili zote Zilizo wekwaa mchakato Yako ya kushirikiana faida ya malipo! Pongeza. Sawa,sasa kila mtu lazima ata malizia akipitizwa vizuri na kwa uhaki,na sawa,kulingana na matokea Yao. Jinsi ya kukua na majadiliano pamoja na kundi ndogo juu ya gawaana faida ya shirika. Hatua ya majadiliano: 1. Kua na mkutano pamoja na kundi lako ndogo yote na wenyejji ya Ardhi,walio kupea rufuusa ya kupanda Mtii Kwa Ardhi yao. 2. Tafadhali mueelewe ya kwamba makubaliano hiini ya

shirika ya faida wa mwaka 2021. 3. Majadhiliane kuusu Asili-mia ngapi ya fedha yenye kila mtu alie shirikana nanyi kwa mashughuli ya kundi ndogo naffa apate, pamoja na kupanda,matengenezo,kufunza, kuunda vitanda vya vitalu,jiko mpishi,kuendeleza mazoezi bora,na mengine mingii. 4. Kama hiime husika ,hamua Asili-mia ya malipo ya kupokea wenyejji ya Ardhi (juu ya kiwango Cha Asili-mia 20). Juu wa majadhiliano hii: ● Wa milliki wa Ardhi,ahii maniahi kuunda mikopo ya kaboni,lakini ni kipimo ya umakini na kujulishaji kuusu kiasi ya kaboni ilimo Kwa mtii muzima kwa Ardhi hiyo. 

● Kama mtii Ina kukatwa chini,na thamani Ina towekwa,TIST lazima ifanye Kwa hasaraha ya matanni,na faida ya shirika haiwezi kulipwa.

 ● Kama aunaa ushahiidi na karatasi ya makubaliyano kuusu kupanda mtii kwa Ardhi,unahitajji kupanga ushahindi,kama sihivyo ita punguza wa kuthibitisha. 

● Fikiria kwa watu waili hauzisha kazi ya TIST,waki panda mtii,walie linda mtii muzima,tayarisha kundi ndogo na mikutano ya nguzo, kamilisha Mafunzo,na watu wenye tupea-wezo Kwa kupanda mtii hapoo Kila mwoja kwao niwa thamani. 

● Tenna, fikiria pia kwa wenye Ardhi,wenye wanna taka sababu kwa kuchunga Mtii kama bado mzima,kwa hivyo Kila mtu anaweza kuendelea kupokea faida ya kushirikiana. Tuna wezajje Kuakikisha yakwamba kushirikiana faida hii ni ya haki kwa kila mtu? Ndani ya thamani ya TIST, sisi tuume kubaliana ya kwamba pande zote mbili tuta wajjibika na tenna tutakua watumishi kwa wenziyetu. hii Ina maniisha yakwamba sisi wote tutayitaji kuhishi na utawala ya dhahabu, tunahitaji Kuakikisha yakwamba sisi tuuapitishe weanzetu kwanamuna yenye tunataka watu pitize. Kwa hivyo,sasa hiyo ndie tuko Tunafanyia pamoja na malipo ya faida ya kushirikiana.tuyiko tunnafanya kwanguvu na Kuakikisha yakwamba ina kua ya haki kwa kila mtu. Tunna fanyia hiyo Kwa njia mbili: Ya kwanza,tunna esabu kila kitu ambae walimaji kushafanyia Kwa mtii yao -na matanni yote wamee kamua(kusanyiwa kwa mtii),hata kama hizo matanni kama wajaauzaa. Ya pili, tunna hakikisha ya kwamba kundi ndogo yenyu imekosa malipo ya kwanza -au kushirikiana ya kwanza ya faida na malipo yao -na malipo kushirikiana faida Ina kuambukiza juu,ndie mukue sawa.ndie Kila mtu lazimu amalizie apitizwa vizuri kwauhaki,na Msingi bora ya matokeo yao