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Newsletter July 2022 Mazingira Bora TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants. Not for sale www .tist.org 

Celebrating 100,000+ TIST Farmers.

Kapsara TIST farmers cluster meeting. English

Inside:TIST in Igembe: Expansion Through the Word of Mouth. Page 2 David Wamai: My Duty as Local Administrator became exciting with TIST. Page 3 Warutho TIST Small Group: Counting our gains in TIST. Page 3 Muthangene TIST Cluster: Different needs for Tree Products Delayed our Progress in TIST. Page 4 A Story of Sertwet Small Group in Mara Basin. Page 5

TIST in Igembe: Expansion Through the Word of Mouth.

By Joseph Gituma,TIST Cluster Servant.

S ince the year 2008, when TIST was introduced in our region - Igembe Subcounties of Meru County, there has never been any other time we have rapidly expanded TIST in many villages like what is happening today. On average, we are registering and welcoming to TIST 15-20 new Small Groups every month! Profit Share payments is the main drive for this mass registration. However, when these farmers understand TIST better, they get more interested. They want to learn and practice other TIST activities besides tree planting. So far, we have 34 Clusters in entire Igembe region. A 50% increase from two years ago. The number of Small Groups has increased to 750+. New areas that we have recently expanded to include; Antubangai, Athiru and Ruujine areas. Our work as Cluster Servants and other TIST Volunteers is to offer these areas high quality trainings so that new Small Groups are strongly grounded in TIST. Within the established Clusters, we are recruiting new Small Groups with a focus to multiply them into Child Clusters. One Cluster that we are seriously focused on is Kawiru MCK Cluster. We plan to create Linjoka, Karichu,and Kamiruru Child clusters. Besides tree planting for carbon, farmers are greatly interested to learn about Conservation Farming, improved cooking stoves, and high value trees, among other crucial trainings. Our recently developed Regional Team – Mount Olive- is committed to teamwork and dedication to serve both new TIST members and existing members. We are grateful for the support we are getting from our farmers. TIST in Igembe: Expansion Through the Word of Mouth. By Joseph Gituma,TIST Cluster Servant.


Joseph Gituma 724317200 Maua Kiengu Antubochio Kamweleni Kanjoo Kawiru MCK Ugoti Barenta Kilili Jonathan Karani 793603584 Burimaria Athi Amwariba Nthare Moses Kimathi 112422228 Athiri Gaiti Antubalinki Meria Mwangaza Caroline Peter 793873016 Mutuati Mwanika Kabachi Laare Social Hall Millicent Wanja 740881458 Kiiene Kiegoi Nturuba Aaron Kaindio 720176099 Kangeta Kigucwa Nthangathi Ngage Igurune

David Wamai: My Duty as Local Administrator became exciting with TIST. By David Wamai,TIST Farmer and Former Gakawa Location Chief

I n the year 2005, while serving as Local Administrator for Gakawa Location, Kieni East, I came across some information about a new program that had been introduced in our area. I got interested to know about it and attended one of their meetings they had organized in Narumoro. The meeting explained about TIST program goals. These goals matched perfectly with Government goals – the vision to increase tree cover, alleviate hunger, malnutrition,and poverty, among others. I requested the TIST officials to recruit me into the program. I was taken through registration process with my neighbours. We formed a Small Group and named her Itangi Muhiriga,TIST number 2005KE1270. We are 12 members! Me and other members of my Small Group became TIST ambassadors. We began encouraging other farmers in our location to join TIST. When Clusters were eventually formed, Itangine Clusters had already recruited more than 100 Small Groups. By this time, farmers had begun experiencing TIST results. Farm yield, especially maize yields, had increased from Conservation Farming. Fruit trees began to bear fruits. Supply of firewood from pruning the branches started to happen. Cluster meetings began to take shape. Cluster meetings were particularly helpful in my work. It allowed local people to exercise leadership in my presence. I didn’t have to be the boss all the time! This created harmony and reduced tension between my role as administrator and the residents. My service to the community greatly improved. Rotational Leadership helped me identify people whom I could entrust in my work in delegating various tasks that I could otherwise not have been able. Importantly, in my area of jurisdiction, more trees got planted. The area became greener, and lands became richer. This improved food security thereby alleviating hunger and malnutrition. More and more families began to become food reliant. It was a major achievement in my work which I take pride till this day! TIST continued to grow rapidly in our area. Itangine Cluster gave birth to new other Clusters – Ichuga, Ragati and Manje Mbogo Clusters. I have since retired from Administration work but not in TIST work! I do continue working together with other farmers in our Cluster. I have continued planting TIST trees in my farm. Today, I have over 1500 trees of different species. Today, our farmers are reaping substantially in TIST. From carbon revenue to fruits, wood fuel, Conservation Farming, and leadership. We don’t regret joining TIST. We encourage TIST farmers worldwide to embrace Cluster meetings.This is the right forum for discussing, developing and sharing Best Practices!

Warutho TIST Small Group: Counting our gains in TIST. By members of Warutho Small Group

We are Warutho TIST Small Group from Thome Cluster in Laikipia East. Our TIST number is 2007KE582. We joined TIST in 2007.This was two years after TIST was introduced in our area. We heard about TIST in 2005 but we were reluctant to join. Our area, as it is in most of Laikipia County, is predominantly a semi-arid region. We were not certain that tree planting could succeed in our region.That’s the main reason we were reluctant to join. However, after seeing other Small Groups making efforts in tree planting and succeeding, we thought we should give a try. So, in 2007, we timed the rainy season as an appropriate time to join TIST. Luckily, rains came. Since we didn’t have a tree nursery, we approached neigbouring groups to borrow from them. It was hard since most groups had only enough for their planting. But we kept borrowing and eventually we got some seedlings. Borrowing caused us to visit different farms.This helped us learn different Best Practices in tree planting. We learnt that a suitable hole for tree planting should be 2ft long, 2ft width, and 2ft deep. Mix top soil with manure and add mulching after planting. Spacing from one tree to another should be 2 meters or bigger for fruit trees (up to 4 meters). Our first planting did so well. Majority of our trees survived. We had also learnt how to protect them from animals. We got motivated and did our own tree nursery. We visited neigbours to see how tree nurseries are done. We learned a lot and began our nurseries. Today, we are top earners of TIST Profit Share from sale of carbon sequestered from our trees. Last payment, we received KES 71,000. If we add this to amount of money we have received from sale of honey and fruits this year, our income is above Ksh 150,000. If we further add the saving we have made from firewood, fodder and food, our annual income then goes beyond Ksh 500,000! Yet, this is from same dry area that scared us before we joined TIST! All this wealth is being generated by over 2400 trees we have so far planted in TIST. Profit Share is directly from carbon sequestered from trees. We have set up bee hives in our woodlots and this enable us to grow honey. Further, pollination is enhanced from bees. We have fruits trees (Oranges, Avocados, Guava) which we sell surplus fruits. Gravellia trees provide us with fodder and firewood. Other exotic trees are often pruned for firewood which we sell some to our neigbours. Our farm yields have improved because of crop shade and mulching from pruned branches leaves. We plan to add more trees and increase the number of beehives as we improve the health of our farms.

Muthangene TIST Cluster: Different needs for Tree Products Delayed our Progress in TIST. By Dorcas Wanja,TIST Cluster Servant.

F or many years, we have been part of Katheri Cluster, Meru County. Katheri Cluster started way back in 2006.This was early years of TIST Program in Kenya. During this time, our area was faced with various requests for tree products.While TIST came and encouraged us to plant trees for long term, there was an institution that wanted trees for wood fuel and another for poles. We got milled into competing demands. Many farmers planted for short term demands for fuel and poles. Eucalyptus tree became the darling of the farmers. Sooner than later, the poles company withdrew demand for wood poles in favour of cement poles.This was a setback. We over supplied the wood fuel company and thereby prices went down. By this time, TIST had already become discouraged to work with us. We lost trainers and Quantifiers since we were not adhering to TIST trainings. We only got a Cluster Servant who was staying far away from us. Towards the end of year 2021, we began to talk amongst ourselves. We encouraged each other to mobilize farmers who had registered with TIST to begin coming to the Cluster meetings. At the onset of 2022, we had many farmers who felt the need to revive TIST in our area. Many other farmers, having experienced negative effects one tree species planting, got interested. By February 2022, Katheri had “woken up” from deep slumber! March 2022, we from Muthangene area requested for multiplication. In March 2022, we multiplied from Katheri Cluster with 32 Small Groups. Four (4) months later, we have recruited additional 14 new Small Groups. We are at 46 and still expanding and encouraging new groups to join TIST. One of the things we have learned and agreed amongst ourselves is to plant different tree species with focus on fruit trees and indigenous trees. At Muthangene, we started by establishing Cluster Leadership. Our pioneer leaders are: Leader: John Kirera 0729791894 Co-Leader: John Mutembei 0728574345 Accountability Person: Martha Gacheri 0726758384 At the end of four months, the Leader will rotate out, and co-leader will become the Leader, Accountability Person will become Co-Leader and we will elect a new Accountability Person. We will do Kujengana for John Kirera who has done amazingly well for our new Cluster including recruiting new groups. We are grateful to our new Cluster Servant, Dorcas Wanja. She has been working hard to serve as many groups as possible. We also wish to “kujenga” farmers who have been tirelessly volunteering to identify old members and hence helping Dorcas reach them easily. They include: Peter Mbaabu, Julia Karoki and Johana Kiambi. We are now energized to work with TIST. We are ready to learn and practice the best we will learn in TIST. Forward Ever!

A Story of Sertwet Small Group in Mara Basin. By Samson Taita Manyey, Sertwet Small Group Farmer

I am Samson Taita Manyey, a TIST farmer and a member of Sertwet Small Group, 2010KE227 from is Kapsigiryo TIST Cluster, a four-monthold child cluster from Chemaner Cluster in the Mara Basin. Our Cluster is close to the Mau Forest to the East and the Mara (Amalo) River runs along its southern border as it flows southwestwards to Tanzania and then to Lake Victoria. Other childclusters born of Chemaner mother cluster in our region are Tendwetand Atebwo Clusters. We also have Kutete and Kuto Clusters. In the Pipeline are Kapsigiryo and Rongena in Bomet and Narok Counties respectively. The number of people in our area who are now registering as members is record breaking. To add on to this is that they are busy planting trees in their farms, mostly indigenous trees and engaging increasingly in other related activities such as beekeeping, among others. A high number of them also attend Cluster meetings and have acquired a lot of knowledge related to conservation of environment. In my compound, I have increased the number of trees from 302 to 850 in the last one year, and still increasing. The majority of my trees are indigenous – over 80 species such as red cedar, elgon teak, tendwet, aonet, emitiot, ket-ororwo, kettegan, kipisarwet, green acacia, tebeswet, ararwet, kogoindet, sangererwet and many others – and I am adding more every week. I get tree seedlings mainly from my compound, thanks to many bird species that feed on tree fruits and nuts and later plant them through their droppings. Although many of these birds are destructive especially to my crops like coffee, beans, maize, and cabbages, they sort of compensate through the seeds they drop in my farm which give me these tree seedlings. I also get other tree seedlings from the nearby Mau Forest and along the Mara/Amalo River. I also have a few fruit trees in my farm such as avocado, pawpaw, papaya, loquat, mangoes, grapes, quavers, oranges, and lemons. During dry seasons, I collect tree seedlings and plant them in various types of containers such polythene bags, plastic containers e.g., those used for cooking oil, tetra packs, etc. and keep them in my raised nursery ready for planting when they are ready. I have benefited a lot from TIST because, over the years, I have learnt that there is a very close – almost symbiotic relationship – between trees, environment/weather, water, and life in a well-knit existence. That’s why, in our region, afforestation has gone up by a wide margin in the last ten years. Tree cover has increased by a wide margin and rainfall pattern is almost back to the normal level which was witnessed in the 1970s and 1980s. As a result of this, sources of water that had disappeared are now back. Many water wells have also been dug and most of them have water throughout the year. In my farm, I also have

water well which is a great source of water for my family and many. The pictures below show my water well: The water well provides us with water throughout the year, together with some of my neighbours. The huge tree in the photo is mogoiwet tree and was planted in 2007. It is a tree that is well known for the protection of water sources. Its roots spread to a length of over 65 feet in all directions and also penetrate deep in the ground to several feet. They are able to collect and hold huge quantities of water. Inside the well, they are hairy, and the hair-roots are good in purification of water in addition to their ability to collect and hold the water. I have also planted bamboo which is seen at the background of the water well and are also good in protection of water sources. With these, creepers have also climbed on the trees creating such a good cover that strong winds which blow water from the soil do not harm the water well. They all act also to protect the well from hot sun, thus, ensuring presence of water all year round. All these benefits have been made possible through the teachings received from TIST Cluster meetings. I also engage in beekeeping, though in small scale, but gives my family sweet honey throughout the year. The beehives are placed under good shades as shown on the picture below: Beehives in TIST Sertwet Small Group. It is important to keep bees by placing beehives under good tree shades because bees do not like direct sunlight over their hives. It is important to keep them in areas with many trees and with little disturbances from human activities and movements. Such a situation is of symbiotic benefits – the trees give good habitat for the bees and the bees in return protect the trees from destruction because they always sting whoever disturbs their surroundings. In our Mara Basin, they protect people, crops and trees against elephants which sometimes stray from both the Mau Forest to the eastern side and the Mara National Game Reserve to the Southwest.

Mazingira Bora TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

Mkutano wa vikundi vya wakulima wa TIST wa Kapsara.

Inside: TIST Igembe: Gutambia TIST na njira ya kiugo kia muromo. Page 2 David Wamai: Ngugi yakwa ja cibu gutuika ya gukeneera ndeene ya TIST. Page 3 Gakundi kanini ka Warutho: Gutara baita ndeene ya TIST. Page 3 Muthangene TIST Cluster:mabata maingi ma miti nimo matucerithirie kiri gwita mbere na TIST. Page 4 Rugano rwa gakundi ka Sertwet kiri Mara Basin. Page 5

TIST Igembe: Gutambia TIST na njira ya kiugo kia muromo. Mwandiki ni Joseph Gituma, TIST Cluster Servant.

K uuma mwaka wa 2008, riria TIST yakinyire Igembe Sub-County aja Meru, gutagia na kagita kangi TIST yatambirue na mpui maturene ja nandi. Kiri mweri na njira ikuhi, nitukwandikithia tukundi tunini kuuma 15-20 o mweri. Ugai wa baita ya carbon nikio gitumi kia wiandikithia uu. Kunari ugu, arimi baba bamenya TIST bweega, nibakenagiira muno. Arimi ni bakwenda kuthoma na Kuthithia ngugi ingi jia TIST amwe na uandi miti. Nkinya nandi,turi na Cluster 34 ndeene ya Igembe. Guku ni kwongereka kwa gicunci kia 50% gwa kagita ka miaka iiri. Ikundi jiongerekete jiakianya 750+. Ntuura injeru iria tutaambite ni: Antubangai, Athiru na Ruujine. Ngugi yetu ja clasta servant na antu bangi ba TIST ba kwiritira ni gutigiira ntuura iji ni ikuthoma bweega ithomo jia TIST na ikundi igie miiri ndeene ya TIST. Kuria kuri na Cluster no twiitite mbere kwandikithia ikundi injeru na mworonto wa guchiarithia Cluster igie na kaana ka clasta. Cluster imwe iria tuikirite muno ni Kawiru MCK Cluster. Nitubangite kugia na Cluster ya Linjoka, Karichu, na Kamiruru Cluster. Amwe na kuanda miti ya carbon, arimi bari na wendi u munene muno wa kuthoma mantu ja urimi bubwega, Mariko ja kumenyeera nku, miti ya gitumi kinene amwe na jangi. TIST Igembe: Gutambia TIST na njira ya kiugo kia muromo. Mwandiki ni Joseph Gituma, TIST Cluster Servant. Timu yetu iria twathithirie ya Mount Olive ni ibangite kurita ngugi amwe kwona ni igutungatira arimi ba jeru na ba kuru. Turi na gikeno niuntu bwa utethio uria tukugwata kuuma kiri arimi.

MT OLIVE REGIONAL TEAM Joseph Gituma 724317200 Maua Kiengu Antubochio Kamweleni Kanjoo Kawiru MCK Ugoti Barenta Kilili Jonathan Karani 793603584 Burimaria Athi Amwariba Nthare Moses Kimathi 112422228 Athiri Gaiti Antubalinki Meria Mwangaza Caroline Peter 793873016 Mutuati Mwanika Kabachi Laare Social Hall Millicent Wanja 740881458 Kiiene Kiegoi Nturuba Aaron Kaindio 720176099 Kangeta Kigucwa Nthangathi Ngage Igurune

David Wamai: Ngugi yakwa ja cibu gutuika ya gukeneera ndeene ya TIST. Mwandiki ni David Wamai,murimi wa TIST na Cibu wa karaja wa location ya Gakawa.

M waka jwa 2005, nkiritaga ngugi ja cibu wa Gakawa, Kieni East, nindagwatire ntumiiri ya muradi u mweru uria wakinyire nturene. Nindagiire na bata wa kwenda kumenya na ngita mucemanio uria wari Narumoru. Kiri Mucemanio nitwamenyithirie mworonto wa muradi wa TIST. Mworonto uju ni umwe na wa thirikari, mantu ja kuongera miti, kunyihia mpara, waagi wa biakuria bia kung’ana na nkinya kweberia ukia na jangi. Nindarombire gutonyithua kiri muradi kiri atongeria.Nindetithirue mbere kiri mutaratara wa kwiandikithia amwe na aturi bakwa. Nitwathithirie gakundi kanini tukigeeta Itangi Muhiriga namba ya TIST 2005ke1270. Turi amemba ikumi na bairi. Uni na amemba bangi tugituika ba gwita mbere gutumiria nteto iji jia TIST. Nitwambiririe gwikira inya arimi ba location yetu inya ya gutonya kiri TIST. Riria clasta ciambiririe, Cluster ya itangine ni yandikithitie ikundi nkuruki ya 100. Kagitene gaka arimi bari bakwambiria kwona matunda. Miunda yari yongera maciara kuumania na urimi umwega CF. Miti ya matunda nayo yagia maciaro. Arimi bakiambiria kwendia nku kuumania na gucaa miti yao. Micemanio ya clasta nayo ikigwata njira. Micemanio ya clasta nayo igituika ya baita muno kiri ngugi micemanio iji ni yoneera antu kaanya ka gutongeria nkionaga. Ntantwikaga munene wao rionthe. Untu bubu nibwanyihirie gukirana gatigati gakwa ja cibu na aturi. Utungata wakwa na antu niwitire ikinya mbere. Utongeria bwa muthiuruko nibwantethirie kuona atongeria bangi bagwitikua na baria ndagaagira ngugi imwe iria ntikirombire gwita. Bwa gitumi, ni ati kiri guntu kuria ndungamirite miti Imingi ni ianditwe. Guntu gwatuika kuega na mithetu yagira nkuruki. Untu bubu nibwathiririe mpara na irio jia kwigana jioneka.mijii imingi ikiumba kwirungamira ki biakuria.Untu bubu nibwa gitumi muno kiri ngugi yakwa na butumaga nkegua ndina gikeno nkinya nandi. TIST ni yetire na mbere gukura na mpui ntura yetu. Cluster ya Itangine ni ya giire na clasta ingi jaIchuga, Ragati na Manje Mbogo. Kuuma kagita kau nandi ni ndetire ritaya ya ngugi ya thirikari indi ti ya TIST. Ngugi ya TIST nimbitite mbere kurita amwe na arimi bangi kiri Cluster. Nimbitite mbere kuanda miti ya TIST.Narua iji,Ndina miti nkuruki ya 1,500 ya mithemba nkurani. Arimi ba TIST nonka beetite mbere kugwata baita kuumania na TIST kiri mbeca jia carbon, mbeca jia matunda,nku, urimi u mwega, na utongeria. Tutigutara acara gutonya kiri TIST. Nitukuromba arimi ba TIST nthiguru yonthe betage kiri micemanio ya Cluster. Aja nio bakoona kaanya gakeega ga kwaraniria, kuthondeka

Gakundi kanini ka Warutho: Gutara baita ndeene ya TIST. Mwandiki amemba ba gakundi ka Warutho

B atwi ni twi gakundi ka warutho namba ya TIST 2007ke582 kuuma Cluster ya Thome ndeene ya Laikipia East. Twathungire ndeene ya TIST mwaka wa 2007 miaka iiri kuuma TIST igukinya ntuura yetu. Nitwamenyere mantu ja TIST kuuma mwaka wa 2005 indi twikara mwaka 2007 tutigwitikia. Ntuura yetu iri ndeene ya Laikipia County guntu gu kuumo na tutonaga taka Miti yomba kuandika guku. Kunari uu,tukona tukundi tungi tukianda na igeta bweega tukibanga kugeria. Kagita ka mbura mwaka wa 2007, tukibangania kuanda miti na gutonya TIST. Mbura ikiura, na niuntu tutari na nasari tugiita kiri anturi kuromba miti ya kuanda.kwari na uumu muno kwona miti niuntu ikundi ciari na miti yao aki indi notwetire mbere kuromba na tukiona Imikai. Gwita tukirombaga kwari na gitumi niuntu ni twetire tukiona njira injega cia gukuria miti. Nitwathomire ati njira injega ya kwinja irinya ria miti ni ria fiti 2 warii na fiti 2 mwena na fiti 2 gwita bwa nthiguru. Gutukania muthetu jwa iguru na mboleo na gutandika Mati warikia kuanda. Kuuma muti gwita jungi ni mita 2 ka nkuruki kiri miti ya matunda mwanka mita 4. Ianda ria mbere miti niya gwatire bweega. Nitwathomire nkinya njira ya kugitiira miti kuumania na ndithia. Nitwagiire inya muno na tukiambiria nasari yetu. Nitwitire kiri aturi kwona uria nasari ithithagua.

Narua iji, turi bamwe ba ikundi iria ikwona baita muno kuumania na wendia wa carbon ndeene ya miti yetu. Kiri marihi metuku, nitwagatire ngiri ksh71,000. Tukaringanira na mbeca iria twonete kuuma kiri wendia wa matunda na uki mwaka uju ni nkuruki ya ciringi ksh 150,000. Tugeeta mbere gutegeera mbeca iria tugitirite kuumania na kugura nku, iria ria ndithia, biakuria, mbeca cionthe ni nkuruki ya Ksh 500,000. Na guku ni guntu gu kuumo kuria twakiraga mbere ya kuthungira ndeene ya TIST. Utonga bubu bunthe ni kuuma kiri miti 2400 iria tuandite kuuma twathungira TIST. Baita ya carbon ni kuuma kiri miti aki. Turi na maugu ma njuki kiri miti yetu kuria twonaga uuki na makiria njuki ikathondeka imera cietu. Turi na miti ya matunda ja machungwa, makondofia,mibera na jangi na nitwendagia matunda. Miti ya mikima ni ituejaga nku na iria ria nyomoo. Miti ingi ya kigeni ni ituejaga nku na tukenderia aturi beetu. Miunda yeetu ni itite mbere gwika mboleo kuumania na irundu cia miti na mati ja miti jaria tutandikaga. Turi na mubango wa kwongera miti na maugu ma njuki o tukithindekaga ugima wa mwiri na miunda yetu.

Muthangene TIST Cluster:mabata maingi ma miti nimo matucerithirie kiri gwita mbere na TIST. Mwandiki ni Dorcas Wanja, Cluster Servant.

K wa miaka i mingi, twithiritue turi amemba a katheri Cluster aja Meru County. Cluster ya Katheri yanjiririe mwaka wa 2006 kagita ka mbere buru TIST gukinya aja Kenya. Kagitene gaka, kwari na mabata ma ingi ma miti. TIST ikija kuuga tuande miti ya biashara ya miaka imingi, kwari na bangi bendaga miti ya nku na ikingi kwogu mathuganio jetu jakigaukana. Arimi baingi bakianda miti ya kagita gakai jayo minyua mai na biashara ikibua muno kiri arimi. Kagita gatireta muno makabuni jaria jendaga ikingi bagiita kiri ikingi bia cimiti. Tugikia ikingi inyingi muno jia miti na mbeca ikinyia muno. Kiri kagita gata TIST yari yanoga ni katheri na yarita aritani na atari miti ntuura iji niuntu bwa kwaga kuthingatira ithomo bia TIST. Tukigwata mutari miti wa kuuma kuruja muno na batwi. Mwaka wa 2021 ukeja kuthira,nitwaranirie gatigati geetu na tukithi mbere gwikanira inya ya gikucoka kiri micemanio ya Cluster kiri ikundi iria cieandikithitie. Mwaka wa 2022 ukiambiria arimi baingi bakiona bata wa gukiiria muradi wa TIST ringi. Arimi bangi niuntu bwa kuona acara ya kuandi miti muthemba jumwe bakigua bekiri inya. Mweri jwa Keri 2022, Cluster ya Katheri yari igukiira. Na mweri wa Machi Cluster ya Muthangene twari tuguciara Cluster ingi. Mweri wa mach 2022 tukiuma kiri Cluster ya Katheri twari na ikundi 32. Mieri 4 ikithira nituandikithitie ikundi ingi injeru 14. Nandi turi na ikundi 46 na no tugutambia ntumiiri ya TIST na kuromba antu kwiandikithia. Untu bwa gitumi buria tuthimete gatigati geetu ni kuanda miti muthemba imingi na gwikiira miti ya matunda na ya kinduire. Muthangene twambiriria na kubanga utongeria.Atongeria baria baambirie ni: Leader: John Kirera 0729791894 Co-Leader: John Mutembei 0728574345 Accountability Person: Martha Gacheri 0726758384 Gwa kagita ka mieri 4, mutongeria akauma utongeriene nawe munini wa mutongeria nawe atuike mutongeria nawe mwiki mathabu atuike munini wa mutongeria. Tukathithia Kujengana kiri John Kirera uria aritite ngugi inene kiri Cluster yeetu na ongerera ikundi injeru. Nitukenete ni Cluster Servant wetu Dorcas Wanja. Nieritirite gwita ngugi na inya o uria akuumba. Nitu kujenga arimi ni kwiritira kumenya amemba bakuru na gutethia Dorcas kubakinyiira na njera imbuthu. Amemba baba ni: Peter Mbaabu, Julia Karoki na Johana Kiambi. Nitukwigua turi na inya kurita ngugi na TIST. Nandi nitukwenda kuthoma na kuthingata njira injega kuuma kiri TIST. Gwita mbere gutikuraitha nyuma!

Rugano rwa gakundi ka Sertwet kiri Mara Basin. Mwandiki Samson Taita Manyey, murimi wa gakundi ga Sertwet.

Uni ni Samson Taita Manyey, murimi wa TIST na mumemba wa gakundi ga Sertwet tist namba 2010KE227 kuuma Cluster ya Kapsigiryo iria nandi Ina mweri 4 kaana ga Cluster ya Chemaner ndeene ya Mara Basin. Clasta yetu iri akuhi na mwitu wa Mau mwena wa irathiro na muuro wa mara (Amalo) ukurukagiira mwena wa nthi ukineeta bwa irathiro witete Tanzania na gukinya iria ria Victoria. Twaana twa Cluster kuuma kiri Chemaner clasta ntuura iji ni Tendwet na Atebwo. Turi nkinya na Kutete na Kuto Cluster. Cluster iria iri mubangone nandi ni Kapsigiryo na Rongena ndeene ya Bomet na Narok County. Namba ya antu baria bakwiandikithia nandi ni baingi muno gukira au mbere. Amwe na bubu ni bakianda miti miundene yao na muno ya kinduire na ngugi ingi ja kiuga maugu ja njuki na jangi. Amemba baingi nandi ni bagwita kiri micemanio ya clasta na bathoma mantu ja maingi jegie kumenyeera riera. Kiri muunda jwakwa nandi ni mpongerete miti kuuma 302 mwanka ndakinyia nandi 850 gwa kagita ka mwaka umwe uthirite na nonkwongerera. Miti iria mingi ni ya kinduire na miti mithemba nkuruki ya 80 jayo: Cedar intune, Elgon Teak, Tendwet, aonet, emitiot, ket-ororwo, kettegan, kipisarwet, green acacia, tebeswet, ararwet, kogoindet, sangererwet na ingi imingi na mbitite kwongera ingi o kiumia. Miti Imingi nditaga muundene jwakwa, nkantho kiri inyoni iria irijaga matunda na gwita mbere kuanda miundene. Ona kethira inyoni iji ni jiinyangagia imera jiakwa ja kauga,mpempe,mboco na mboga ni icokagia guoko na kuanda miti. Ningwataga miti ingi kuuma mwitu wa Mau na muuro wa mara/Amalo. Ndina nkinya miti ya matunda ja: mibokando, mibabai, loquat, miembe, mithabibu, quavers, machungwa na mithimu. Kagitene ka riuga, injukagia tumiti ngatwikira ikebene na kiri maratasi na kumenyeera nkinya igane ya kuandwa. Nimbonete baita inene kuuma kiri TIST niuntu, gwa miaka imingi nimbonete gwataniro inene muno kiri miti, riera, ruuji, na miturire kajugwatene. Giki nikio gitumi miti iandi na njira inene muno gwa kagita ka miaka ikumi nandi. Miti ni ingiite bwega nandi nkinya riera igacoka aria yari miakani ya 1970 na 1980. Niuntu bwa gitumi giki,miuri iria yanyarite nandi ni icokerete. Ithima cia ruuji ni jiinji muno na Ikethira iri na ruuji kwa mwaka unthe rutikuura.

Ndeene ya muunda jwakwa, Ndina kithima kiria gituejaga ruuji kiri nucii wakwa na antu bangi. Mbica iji niikwonania kithima giakwa: Kithima giki ni gituejaga ruuji mwaka junthe amwe na anturi bamwe bakwa. Mbica ya muti uu munene ni muti wa mogoiwet na waandi mwaka wa 2007. Ni muti wijikene na kumenyeera nduuji. Miiri ya muti uju ni itambaga mwaka fiti 65 miena yonthe na bwa nthi igeeta fiti inyingi. Miiri iji ni yombaga kugwatiira ruuji ruingi muno Ndeene ya kithima kuri na tumiri tunini turia tutheragia ruuji na nkinya tukoomba kugwatiira ruuji ruingi. Nkinya nimbandite bamboo ja uria ukwona mbicene au nyuma na nkinya ju nijumenyagiira ruuji muno. Kiri miti iji kuri na ingi igwatanite nayo na itumikaga muno kugwata rukungi na kwogu ruuji rutiite. Miti iji ni igitagagiira kithima kuumania na riuga na ruuji rukoomba gwikara mwaka junthe rutikuura. Baita iji cionthe ciumite kiri ithomo jia TIST ndeene ya micemanio ya clasta. Nkinya nimbigaga maugu ma njuki onakethira ni na njira i nini na mucii jwakwa ni jwonaga uki mwaka junthe. Maugu jaja ja njuki ndijaigaga kiri irundu bia miti ja uria ukwona kiri mbica iji: Maugu ja njuki kiri gakundi kanini ga TIST ga Sertwet Ni untu bwa gitumi kwiga mauga ja njuki kiri irundu bia miti niuntu njuki itiendaga antu kuri na riuga rinene. Ni bwa gitumi kwiga maugu jaja guntu kuri na miti Imingi na gutina antu bagwikara bagiita ngugi kana gukurukira. Untu bubu ni bwa gitumi niuntu miti ni utuuro bwa njuki na muntu uria witaga akuhi na maugu no arathwe nicio ikigitiira miitu yacio.Kiri Mara Basin, njuki ni igitagagiira antu, miti na imera kuumania na njogu iria jiumaga mwitu wa Mau na Mara National Game Reserve.

Mazingira Bora TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

Arimi a TIST a Kapsara Cluster mari mucemanio-ini.

Inside: TIST iri Igembe: Waramia kuhitukira kanua ga thi. Page 2 David Wamai: Wira wakwa ta Local Administrator kwaganirira na TIST. Page 3 Warutho TIST Small Group: Gutara faida iria twonete gwa TIST. Page 3 Muthangene TIST Cluster: Mabataro matiganite ma maciaro ma miti gucerithiria uthii wa mbere wa TIST. Page 4 Rugano rwa Sertwet Small Group iria iri Mara Basin. Page 5

TIST iri Igembe: Waramia kuhitukira kanua ga thi. Na Joseph Gituma,TIST Cluster Servant.

K uma mwaka-ini wa 2008, riria TIST yokire guku gwitu – Igembe Sub-Counties iria iri Meru County, gutiri gwakorwo hindi ingi riria twananenehia TIST matura-ini maingi ta uria kurahanika riu. Ni turahota kwandikithia na kuingiria kuri TIST ikundi nini 15-20 oro mweri! Bainda na marihi ma share ni cio citumite kugie na wandikithia uyu munene. No riria arimi mamenya TIST wega, makagia na wendo wa kumenya muno. Makenda guthoma na gwika maundu mangi maingi maria TIST ikaga hamwe na kuhanda miti. Kinyagia ihinda riri, turi na Clusters 34 Igembe iri yothe. Mongererekete 50% handu-ini ha miaka iri. Namba ya Small Groups ni yongererete igakinya 750+. Matura mangi maria tuingirite ni ta:- Antubangai, Athiru na Ruujine. Wira witu ta Cluster Servants na TIST Volunteers ni guthomithia githomo kiega niguo Small Groups na miri miega gwa TIST. Thiini wa Clusters iria ciirugamitie, ni turathondeka Small Grougs njeru niguo tugie na Child Clusters. Cluster imwe iria turongoreirie ni Kawiru MCK Cluster. Turabanga guthondeka Linjoka, Karichu na Kamiruru Child Clusters. Hamwe na kuhanda miti niundu wa carbon, arimi mari na wendo guthoma uhoro wa Conservation Farming, na stove cia kiiriu, na bata wa iguru wa miti, hamwe na wega wa guthomithio. TIST iri Igembe: Waramia kuhitukira kanua ga thi. Na Joseph Gituma,TIST Cluster Servant. MT OLIVE REGIONAL TEAM Joseph Gituma 724317200 Maua Kiengu Antubochio Kamweleni Kanjoo Kawiru MCK Ugoti Barenta Kilili Jonathan Karani 793603584 Burimaria Athi Amwariba Nthare Moses Kimathi 112422228 Athiri Gaiti Antubalinki Meria Mwangaza Caroline Peter 793873016 Mutuati Mwanika Kabachi Laare Social Hall Millicent Wanja 740881458 Kiiene Kiegoi Nturuba Aaron Kaindio 720176099 Kangeta Kigucwa Nthangathi Ngage Igurune.

David Wamai: Wira wakwa ta Local Administrator kwaganirira na TIST. Na David Wamai, murimi wa TIST na murimi wa Gakawa Location Chief.

M waka-ini wa 2005, ngiruta wira ta Local Administrator wa Gakawa Location, Kieni East, ngigia na umenyo ati nikwagia na program njeru iria yukite itura ritu. Ngienda kumenya makiria na ngithii mucemanio umwe wa iria mahariririe Narumoro. Mucemanio ucio ugitariiria TIST program goals. Goals ici ciahanaine na goals cia thirikari – kioneki gia kuongerera miti, kunina ng’aragu, igima wa mwiri na thina, hamwe na mangi maingi. Ngiuria TIST kundua umwe wao na kunyingiria thiini wa program yao. Ngiandikithio hamwe na aria turigainie. Tugithondeka Small Group na tukimita Itangi Muhiriga, namba ya TIST 2005ke1270. Turi a memba 12! Nii na amemba aria angi a gikundi gitu tugitwika ambassadors a TIST. Tukiambiriria kuiguithia arimi aria angi a itura ritu gutonya TIST. Riria Clusters ciathondekirwo, Itangine Clusters ni twahotete kuingiria 100 Small Groups. Ihanda-ini riu, arimi nimambiririe kuona maciaro ma TIST. Urimi, makiria wa mbembe niwongererekete niundu wa Conservation Farming. Miti ya matunda ikagia na maciaro. Ngu cikaingiha niundu wa kuhurura thari cia miti. Micemanio ya Cluster ikiambiriria gwikika. Micemanio ya Cluster yari na uteithio wiraini wakwa. Niyatumire andu a ituura magie na ugima riria ndi ho. Gutiabataranagia ati ngorwo ndi mutongoria hingo ciothe! Gukigia na uigananu na kunyihia guoya gatagati ka wira wakwa wa chifu na andu aria angi.Wira wakwa hari community ukigia na wagiriru. Utongoria wa muthiururuko ukindeithia kumenya andu aria angi ingihokera wira wakwa na kumagaira wira undu uria itangiahotire mbere iyo. Undu ria wa bata makiria, utura riakwa, miti miingi ikihandwo. Itura rigicenjia na gutwika green, na tiri ukinura. Uu niwatumire irio cingihe na ng’aragu na uhinyaru wa mwiri ugithira. Family nyinigi igitwika cia kwirugamirira na irio. Wira wakwa ukigacira makiria na ngakenerera uguo nginyagia ihinda riri! TIST ithiite na mbere gukura itura riri. Itangine Cluster iciarite Clusters ingi njeru ta – Uchuga, Ragati na Manje Mbogo Clusters. Ni hurukite wira wa thirikari ta Chifu no wira wa TIST no ndirathii na mbere! Ndirathii na mbere kurutithania wira na arimi aria angi a Cluster iitu. No ndirathii na mbere kuhanda miti ya TIST mugunda-ini wakwa. Umuthi, ndina makiria ma miti 1500 ya mithemba itiganite. Umuthi, arimi aiitu ni mari na maciaro mega thiini wa TIST. Kumanagia na maciaro ma Carbon hamwe na matunda, ngu, Conservation farming na utongoria. Tutirerira kwinyitithania na TIST. Turaringiriiria arimi a TIST thi yothe kwinyitithania na micemanio ya Cluster. Haha niho hega ha kwaririria, gukuria na kugayana maundu maria mega!

Warutho TIST Small Group: Gutara faida iria twonete gwa TIST. Na amemba a Warutho Small Group

I thii turi Warutho TIST Small Group kuma Thome Cluster, Laikipia East. Namba itu ya TIST ni 2007KE582. Twaingirire TIST mwaka-ini wa 2007. Miaka iri thutha wa TIST kuingira itura ritu. Twaiguite uhoro wa TIST mwaka-ini wa 2005 no tugiikururia kumiingira. Itura ritu, o tauria Laikipia County ihana, ni bururi mumu (semi-arid region). Tutiari na ma ati twahanda miti ni igukura itura riri ritu. Nikio tutari na ihenya ria kuingira TIST. No riri, thutha wa kuona ikundi nini (Small Groups) magikira kioo kuhanda miti na magatoria, tugiciiria oro naithui no tugerie. Kwauguo, mwakaini wa 2007, tugieterera ihinda ria mbura ta ihinda riria riega kuingira TIST. Kwa bahati, mbura ikura. Tondu tutiari na tree nursery, tukihoya miti kuri andu aria turiganitie nao. Riari ihinda iritu tondu ikundi icio ciari oro na miti yao ya kumaigana kuhanda. No tugithii na mbere kuhoya nginya magitikira gutuhe miti minini. Kuhoya guku gwatumire gucera migunda maingi. Gucera guku nigwatuteithirie guthoma maundu maingi ma Best Practice uhandini wa miti. Tugithoma ati irima riega ria kuhanda muti ni 2ft uhaihu, 2ft warie, na 2ft uriku. Tukania tiri wa iguru na thumu na wongerere mahuthi iguru thutha wa kuhanda. Utiganu wa muti umwe nginyagia uria ungi ubatie gukorwo uri 2 meters kana makiria no hari muti wa matunda no utigithukanie nginyagia 4 meters. Uhandi witu wa mbere wari mwega muno. Miti miingi iria twahandire ni yaringurire. Oho nitwathomete uria tungigitira miti itu ndigathukio ni mahiu. Nitwerutaniirie nginyagia tukigia na nursery itu ya miti. Twacereire aria turiganitie kwiyonera uria nurseries ithondekagwo. Ni twathomire maundu maingi na tukiambiriria guthondeka nursery ciitu. Umuthi, ithui turi amwe a aria mari mbere kwamukira faida ya share ya TIST hari kwendia carbon kumanagia na miti itu. Marihi maria turarihirwo, twamukiire KES 71,000. Twonganiriria marihi maya hamwe na mbeca iria twamukiire thutha wa kwendia uki wa njuki na matunda mwaka uyu, turi na makiria ma Ksh. 150,000. Tungiongerera mbeca ira twamukiire kumanagia na ngu, nyeki na irio, hari mwaka turi na makiria ma Ksh 500,000! No, ici ciumite oro kuria kumu kuria gwatumakagia tutanaingira TIST! Utonga uyu wothe umanite na makiria ma miti 2400 iria tuhandite niundu wa TIST. Faida yumanaga kuri kwendia carbon hamwe na kuri miti. Ni turanika miatu kuu miti-ini na nituteithagia kugia na uki. Makiria, pollination ni iteithagiriirio ni njuki. Turi na miti ya matunda ta (Macungwa, Makondobia, Mabera) maria twendagia matigara. Miti ya Gravellia ituteithagia na ngu. Miti ingi ya kinduire icehagwo niundu wa ngu iria twendagia kuri aria turiganitie nao. Migunda itu ni yagirite niundu wa ciiruru cia miti na unoru niundu wa mathangu kumanagia na machang’i ma miti iria turaceha. Turabanga kuongerera miti ingi maingi na kuongerera miatu niguo twagirie migunda itu wega.

Muthangene TIST Cluster: Mabataro matiganite ma maciaro ma miti gucerithiria uthii wa mbere wa TIST. Na Dorcas Wanja,TIST Cluster Servant.

H andu-ini ha miaka maingi, tukoretwo turi a Katheri Cluster, Meru County. Katheri Cluster yambiriirie mwaka-ini wa 2006. Maya ni mahinda maria TIST Prongram yambiriirie Kenya. Mahinda-ini maya, itura ritu ni rioragio muno maciaro ma miti. Riria TIST yokire na igitwonia bata wa kuhanda miti iria ikuraga kwa ihinda iraihu, ni kwari na kambuni yendaga miti niundu wa ngu na ikingi. Tukigia na bata munene. Arimi aingi makihanda miti ya gukura kwa ihinda ikuhi na iria yumanga ngu na ikingi. Munyua mai (mubau) ugitwika muti uria wendetwo muno ni arimi. Ihinda ikuhi ritanathira, kambuni ya kugura ikingi ikiyeheria kugura ikingi niundu wa ikingi cia guthondekwo na thimiti. Ino yari hathara. Tugithii na mbere kwenderia kambuni iria yaguraga ngu na tukimatwarira ngu kwa uingu na kwa ugwo thogora wa ngu ugicoka thi. Mathinda-ini maya, TIST niyaigwiti hinya kurutithania wira na ithii. Tugite aria matuthomithagia na atari a miti tondu tutiathiaga mathomo ma TIST. Twari o na Cluster Servant uria waikaraga kuraihu na guku gwitu. Muicho-ini wa mwaka wa 2021, tukiita kamucemanio ithui ene. Tukiumaniriria ithui ene na tukibanga gwethana na arimi aria meyandikithitie kuri TIST tene na tukiambiriiria guthii micemanio ya Cluster. Kiambiriria kia mwaka wa 2022, ithui kuma itura ria Muthangene tugitia kwiyamura. Mweri wa gatatu 2022, tukiyamura kuma Katheri Cluster turi 32 Small Groups. Mieri ina (4 months) thutha ucio, nitwongereire ikundi ingi ikumi na inya njeru (14 Small Groups). Turi na ikundi 46 na no turathii na mbere gukura na kuiguithia ikundi ingi kuingira TIST. Uria tuthomete na tukaigwithaniria ithii ene ni ati ni tukuhanda miti ya mithemba na mithemba na makiria miti ya mtunda na miti ya kiunduire. Turi Muthengene, twambiriirie na guthondeka Cluster Leadership. Aria matwambiriirie ni: Leader: John Kirera 0729791894 Co-Leader: John Mutembei 0728574345 Accountability Person: Martha Gacheri 0726758384 Muicho-ini wa mieri ina, mutongoria (Leader) ni akehera, na munini wake (Co-Leader) atuike mutongoria (Leader), nake Accoutability Person atuike Co-Leader na tuthure Accountability Person. Ni tugwika Kujengana kuri John Kirera uria wikite maundu ma kugegania kuri Cluster itu njeru oro hamwo na guthondeka ngurubu njeru. Nitukenete ni Cluster Servant witu uria mugeni, Dorcas Wanja. Ni erutiire kuruta wira na kio na kurutithania wira na ngurubu nyingi oro uria kwahoteka. Oro ho nitukenete ni arimi a “kujenga” aria meerutiire gwethana na a memba aria a tene na kwa uguo gutuma Dorcas kumakinyira na ihenya. Aya ni: Peter Mbaabu, Julia Karoki na Johana Kiambi. Riu turinahinya kuruta wira na TIST. Ni twihariirie guthoma na gwika uria tuguthomithio ni TIST. Tuguthii oro na mbere!

Rugano rwa Sertwet Small Group iria iri Mara Basin. Na Samson Taita Manyey, Sertwet Small Group Farmer

N ii ni Samson Taita Manyey, murimi wa TIST na mumemba wa Sertwet Small Group, 2010KE227 kuma Kapsigiryo TIST Cluster, Turi na ukuru wa mieri ina kuma twenyamura kuma Chemaner Cluster kuma Mara Basin. Cluster itu iri hakuhi na Mau Forest mwena a ithuiro wa rui rwa Mara (Amalo) ruria ruhitukiire mwena wa muhuro wa ithuiro na kuingira Tanzania na kwiitirira Lake Victoria. Clusters ingi iria iciaritwo ni Chemaner nyina wa Cluster itura riitu ni Tendwetand Atebwo Clusters. Oho turi na na Kutete na Kuto Clusters. Itura ria Pipeline turi na Kapsigirwo na Rongena iria ciri Bomet na Narok Counties. Andu a itura ritu aria mareyandikithia ni irambatira na gikiro kinene. Hamwe na uguo andu ni marekira kiyo makiria kuhanda miti ya kiunduire na oroho kuiga miatu ya njuki hamwe na mangi maingi. Namba nene ya arimi aya nimathiaga micemanio ya Cluster na nimagite na ugi muingi wa kugitira maria maturigiciirie. Gwakwa,ninyongereiire miti kuma 302 nyinya 850 handu-ini ha mwaka umwe, na no ndirongerera. Miti iria maingi ni ya uunduire – makiria ma miti 80 na ni ta cedar, elgon teak, tendwet, aonet, emitiot, ket-ororwo, kettegan, kipisarwet, green acacia, tebeswet, ararwet, kogoindet, sangererwet na ingi maingi – na nondirongerera oro kiumia. Nyunganagia mbegu kuma oro gwakwa, thengiu kuri nyoni iria ciriaga mbegu cia matunda na miti na gucirekia gwakwa kuma kioro giacio. Oro nakorwo nyoni imwe ciacio nicithukagia mimera ta kahua, bocho, mbembe na mboga, niciteithagia mwena ungi wa kurehe mbegu cia miti iria cirehaga gwakwa mugunda. Mbegu iria ingi ngiraga Mau Forest na ruiini rwa Mara/Amalo. Oro ho ndina miti ingi ya matunda ta makondobia, mababai, loquat, maembe, grapes, quavers, macungwa na ndimu. Hindi iria kuri kuniaru (kumu), nyunganagia mbegu na mimera na kuhanda mikebe-ini na maratathi ta maratathi ma nilon, mikebe ya plastic e.g. iria yathira maguta ma kuruga, maratathi ma iria etc. na kuiga handu thondekete tuta ya iguru njetereire kuhanda mahinda makinyanira. Ni ngite na bainda nene kuma TIST tondu, handu ha miaka maingi, nimenyete ati maundu maingi ni matwaranaga – gatagati ka miti, maria maturigiciirie/riera, mai, na maica maria turatura. Nikio, itura ritu, uhandi wa miti ni uthiite na mbere makiria handu-ini ha miaka ikumi mihituku. Miti ni ihanditwo kwa uingi na mbura ikongerereka makiria ta uria gwakoragwo miaka-ini ya 1970s na 1980s. Maciaro ma uguo, ithima iria ciawhite ni njoku. Ithima ingi nyingi ni cicimbitwo na imwe ciacio

Inside: TIST katika Igembe: Upanuzi Kupitia Neno la Kinywa. Uku. 2 David Wamai: Wajibu Wangu kama Msimamizi wa Mitaa ulisisimua na TIST. Uku. 3 Kikundi Kidogo cha Warutho TIST: Kuhesabu faida zetu katika TIST. Uku. 3 Nguzo ya TIST ya Muthangene: Mahitaji tofauti ya Bidhaa za Miti Yamechelewesha Maendeleo yetu katika TIST. Uku. 4 Hadithi ya Kikundi Kidogo cha Sertwet katika Bonde la Mara. Uku. 5

TIST katika Igembe: Upanuzi Kupitia Neno la Kinywa. Na Joseph Gituma, Mtumishi wa Nguzo ya TIST.

T angu mwaka wa 2008,TIST ilipoanzishwa katika eneo letu - Kaunti Ndogo za Igembe za Kaunti ya Meru, hakujawa na wakati mwingine wowote ambapo tumepanua TIST kwa kasi katika vijiji vingi kama inavyofanyika leo. Kwa wastani, tunasajili na kukaribisha kwa TIST 15-20 Vikundi Vidogo vipya kila mwezi! Malipo ya Hisa za Faida ndio kichocheo kikuu cha usajili huu wa watu wengi. Hata hivyo, wakulima hawa wanapoelewa TIST vyema, wanavutiwa zaidi. Wanataka kujifunza na kufanya mazoezi ya shughuli zingine za TIST kando na upandaji miti. Hadi sasa, tuna Nguzo 34 katika mkoa mzima wa Igembe. Ongezeko la 50% kutoka miaka miwili iliyopita. Idadi ya Vikundi Vidogo imeongezeka hadi 750+. Maeneo mapya ambayo tumepanua hivi karibuni ili kujumuisha; maeneo ya Antubangai, Athiru na Ruujine. Kazi yetu kama Watumishi wa Kundi na Wahudumu wengine wa Kujitolea wa TIST ni kutoa maeneo haya mafunzo ya ubora wa juu ili Vikundi Vidogo vipya vijikite katika TIST. Ndani ya Vikundi vilivyoanzishwa, tunaajiri Vikundi vipya Vidogo kwa lengo la kuvizidisha kuwa Vikundi vya Watoto. Nguzo moja ambayo tunazingatia sana ni Kawiru MCK Cluster. Tunapanga kuunda vikundi vya Linjoka, Karichu, na Kamiruru Child. Kando na upandaji miti kwa ajili ya kaboni, wakulima wanapenda sana kujifunza kuhusu Kilimo Hifadhi, majiko ya kupikia yaliyoboreshwa, na miti yenye thamani ya juu, miongoni mwa mafunzo mengine muhimu. Timu yetu ya Mkoa iliyotengenezwa hivi majuzi - Mount Olive- imejitolea kufanya kazi ya pamoja na kujitolea kuwahudumia wanachama wapya wa TIST na wanachama waliopo. Tunashukuru kwa msaada tunaopata kutoka kwa wakulima wetu. MT OLIVE REGIONAL TEAM Joseph Gituma 724317200 Maua Kiengu Antubochio Kamweleni Kanjoo Kawiru MCK Ugoti Barenta Kilili Jonathan Karani 793603584 Burimaria Athi Amwariba Nthare Moses Kimathi 112422228 Athiri Gaiti Antubalinki Meria Mwangaza Caroline Peter 793873016 Mutuati Mwanika Kabachi Laare Social Hall Millicent Wanja 740881458 Kiiene Kiegoi Nturuba Aaron Kaindio 720176099 Kangeta Kigucwa Nthangathi Ngage Igurune.
David Wamai: Wajibu Wangu kama Msimamizi wa Mitaa ulisisimua na TIST. Na David Wamai, Mkulima wa TIST na Aliyekuwa Chifu wa Eneo la Gakawa.

M namo mwaka wa 2005, nikiwa Msimamizi wa Eneo la Gakawa, Kieni Mashariki, nilikutana na habari kuhusu programu mpya iliyokuwa imeanzishwa katika eneo letu. Nilipendezwa kujua kulihusu na nikahudhuria mojawapo ya mikutano yao waliyokuwa wamepanga huko Narumoro. Mkutano ulielezea kuhusu malengo ya programu ya TIST. Malengo haya yalilingana kikamilifu na malengo ya Serikali - dira ya kuongeza miti, kupunguza njaa, utapiamlo, na umaskini, miongoni mwa mengine. Niliomba maafisa wa TIST waniajiri katika mpango huu. Nilichukuliwa kupitia mchakato wa usajili na majirani zangu. Tulianzisha Kikundi Kidogo na kumpa jina Itangi Muhiriga, nambari ya TIST 2005KE1270. Sisi ni wanachama 12! Mimi na wanachama wengine wa Kikundi changu kidogo tukawa mabalozi wa TIST. Tulianza kuwahimiza wakulima wengine katika eneo letu kujiunga na TIST. Wakati Makundi yalipoundwa hatimaye, Nguzo za Itangine zilikuwa tayari zimeajiri zaidi ya Vikundi 100 Vidogo. Kufikia wakati huu, wakulima walikuwa wameanza kupata matokeo ya TIST. Mavuno ya shambani, haswa mahindi, yalikuwa yameongezeka kutoka kwa Kilimo Hifadhi. Miti ya matunda ilianza kuzaa matunda. Ugavi wa kuni kutokana na kupogoa matawi ulianza kutokea. Mikutano ya vikundi ilianza kuchukua sura. Mikutano ya vikundi ilinisaidia sana katika kazi yangu. Iliruhusu watu wa ndani kutekeleza uongozi mbele yangu. Sikuhitaji kuwa bosi kila wakati! Hili lilizua maelewano na kupunguza mvutano kati ya jukumu langu kama msimamizi na wakazi. Huduma yangu kwa jamii iliboreka sana. Uongozi wa Mzunguko ulinisaidia kutambua watu ambao ningeweza kuwakabidhi katika kazi yangu katika kuwakabidhi kazi mbalimbali ambazo singeweza. Muhimu zaidi, katika eneo langu la mamlaka, miti zaidi ilipandwa. Eneo hilo likawa la kijani kibichi, na ardhi ikawa tajiri zaidi. Hii iliboresha usalama wa chakula na hivyo kupunguza njaa na utapiamlo. Familia zaidi na zaidi zilianza kuwa tegemezi kwa chakula. Ilikuwa ni mafanikio makubwa katika kazi yangu ambayo najivunia hadi leo! TIST iliendelea kukua kwa kasi katika eneo letu. Klasta ya Itangine ilizaa Nguzo nyingine mpya - Ichuga, Ragati na Manje Mbogo Clusters. Tangu wakati huo nimestaafu kazi ya Utawala lakini si katika kazi ya TIST! Ninaendelea kufanya kazi pamoja na wakulima wengine katika Nguzo yetu. Nimeendelea kupanda miti ya TIST katika shamba langu. Leo, nina zaidi ya miti 1500 ya spishi tofauti. Leo, wakulima wetu wanavuna pakubwa katika TIST. Kuanzia mapato ya kaboni hadi matunda, kuni, Kilimo Hifadhi, na uongozi. Hatujutii kujiunga na TIST. Tunawahimiza wakulima wa TIST duniani kote kukumbatia mikutano ya Nguzo. Hili ndilo jukwaa sahihi la kujadili, kuendeleza na kushiriki Mbinu Bora!

Kikundi Kidogo cha Warutho TIST: Kuhesabu faida zetu katika TIST. Na wanachama wa Warutho Small Group

S isi ni Kikundi Kidogo cha Warutho TIST kutoka Nguzo ya Thome huko Laikipia Mashariki. Nambari yetu ya TIST ni 2007KE582. Tulijiunga na TIST mwaka wa 2007. Hii ilikuwa miaka miwili baada ya TIST kuletwa katika eneo letu. Tulisikia kuhusu TIST mwaka wa 2005 lakini tulisita kujiunga. Eneo letu, kama lilivyo katika sehemu kubwa ya Kaunti ya Laikipia, kwa kiasi kikubwa ni eneo lenye ukame. Hatukuwa na hakika kwamba upandaji miti ungeweza kufaulu katika eneo letu. Hiyo ndiyo sababu kuu ambayo tulisita kujiunga. Hata hivyo, baada ya kuona Vikundi vingine Vidogo vikifanya juhudi katika upandaji miti na kufanikiwa, tulifikiri kwamba tunapaswa kujaribu. Kwa hivyo, mnamo 2007, tulipanga msimu wa mvua kuwa wakati mwafaka wa kujiunga na TIST. Kwa bahati nzuri, mvua ilikuja. Kwa kuwa hatukuwa na kitalu cha miti, tulikaribia vikundi vya jirani ili kuazima kutoka kwao. Ilikuwa ngumu kwani vikundi vingi vilikuwa na vya kutosha kwa upandaji wao. Lakini tuliendelea kukopa na hatimaye tukapata miche. Kukopa kulitufanya tutembelee mashamba mbalimbali. Hii ilitusaidia kujifunza Mbinu mbalimbali Bora katika upandaji miti. Tulijifunza kwamba shimo linalofaa kwa kupanda miti linapaswa kuwa na urefu wa futi 2, upana wa futi 2 na kina cha futi 2. Changanya udongo wa juu na samadi na ongeza matandazo baada ya kupanda. Nafasi kutoka kwa mti mmoja hadi mwingine inapaswa kuwa mita 2 au zaidi kwa miti ya matunda (hadi mita 4). Upandaji wetu wa kwanza ulifanya vizuri sana. Miti yetu mingi ilinusurika. Pia tulikuwa tumejifunza jinsi ya kuwalinda dhidi ya wanyama. Tulipata motisha na tukafanya kitalu chetu cha miti. Tulitembelea majirani kuona jinsi vitalu vya miti vinafanywa. Tulijifunza mengi na kuanza vitalu vyetu. Leo, sisi ndio wapataji wakuu wa TIST Profit Share kutokana na mauzo ya kaboni iliyotwaliwa kutoka kwa miti yetu. Malipo ya mwisho, tulipokea KES 71,000. Ikiwa tutaongeza hii kwa kiasi cha pesa ambacho tumepokea kutokana na mauzo ya asali na matunda mwaka huu, mapato yetu ni zaidi ya Ksh 150,000. Ikiwa tutaongeza zaidi akiba tuliyoweka kutokana na kuni, malisho na chakula, mapato yetu ya kila mwaka basi yanazidi Ksh 500,000! Hata hivyo, hii ni kutoka sehemu ile ile kavu ambayo ilitutia hofu kabla ya kujiunga na TIST! Utajiri huu wote unazalishwa na zaidi ya miti 2400 ambayo tumepanda hadi sasa katika TIST. Hisa ya Faida ni moja kwa moja kutoka kwa kaboni iliyotengwa kutoka kwa miti. Tumeweka mizinga ya nyuki kwenye miti yetu na hii inatuwezesha kukuza asali. Zaidi ya hayo, uchavushaji huimarishwa kutoka kwa nyuki. Tuna miti ya matunda (Machungwa, Parachichi, Mapera) ambayo tunauza matunda ya ziada. Miti ya Gravellia hutupatia lishe na kuni. Miti mingine ya kigeni mara nyingi hukatwa kwa ajili ya kuni ambazo tunauza baadhi kwa majirani zetu. Mavuno ya shamba letu yameboreka kwa sababu ya kivuli cha mazao na matandazo kutoka kwa majani ya matawi yaliyokatwa. Tunapanga kuongeza miti zaidi na kuongeza idadi ya mizinga ya nyuki huku tukiboresha afya ya mashamba yetu.

Nguzo ya TIST ya Muthangene: Mahitaji tofauti ya Bidhaa za Miti Yamechelewesha Maendeleo yetu katika TIST. Na Dorcas Wanja, Mtumishi wa Nguzo ya TIST.

K wa miaka mingi, tumekuwa sehemu ya Katheri Cluster, Kaunti ya Meru. Katheri Cluster ilianza mwaka wa 2006. Hii ilikuwa miaka ya mapema ya Mpango wa TIST nchini Kenya. Wakati huu, eneo letu lilikabiliwa na maombi mbalimbali ya bidhaa za miti. Ingawa TIST ilikuja na kutuhimiza kupanda miti kwa muda mrefu, kulikuwa na taasisi iliyotaka miti ya kuni na nyingine kwa nguzo. Tulijiingiza katika mahitaji ya kushindana. Wakulima wengi walipanda kwa mahitaji ya muda mfupi ya mafuta na nguzo. Mti wa Eucalyptus ukawa kipenzi cha wakulima. Hivi karibuni, kampuni ya nguzo iliondoa mahitaji ya nguzo za mbao na badala ya nguzo za saruji. Hiki kilikuwa kikwazo. Tulisambaza zaidi kampuni ya mafuta ya kuni na kwa hivyo bei ikashuka. Kufikia wakati huu, TIST ilikuwa tayari imekata tamaa kufanya kazi nasi. Tulipoteza wakufunzi na wahakiki kwa kuwa hatukuzingatia mafunzo ya TIST. Tulipata tu Mtumishi wa Nguzo ambaye alikuwa anakaa mbali nasi. Kufikia mwisho wa mwaka wa 2021, tulianza kuzungumza kati yetu. Tulihimizana kuhamasisha wakulima ambao walikuwa wamejiandikisha na TIST kuanza kuhudhuria mikutano ya Nguzo. Mwanzoni mwa 2022, tulikuwa na wakulima wengi ambao waliona hitaji la kufufua TIST katika eneo letu. Wakulima wengine wengi, baada ya kupata athari mbaya upandaji wa aina moja ya miti, walipendezwa. Kufikia Februari 2022, Katheri alikuwa “ameamka” kutoka kwenye usingizi mzito! Machi 2022, sisi kutoka eneo la Muthangene tuliomba kuzidisha. Mnamo Machi 2022, tulizidisha kutoka kwa Katheri Cluster na Vikundi 32 Vidogo. Miezi minne (4) baadaye, tumeajiri Vikundi Vidogo 14 vya ziada. Tuna umri wa miaka 46 na bado tunapanua na kuhimiza vikundi vipya vijiunge na TIST. Moja ya mambo ambayo tumejifunza na kukubaliana kati yetu ni kupanda aina mbalimbali za miti kwa kuzingatia miti ya matunda na miti asilia. Hapa Muthangene, tulianza kwa kuanzisha Uongozi wa Nguzo. Viongozi wetu waanzilishi ni: Leader: John Kirera 0729791894 Co-Leader: John Mutembei 0728574345 Accountability Person: Martha Gacheri 0726758384 Mwishoni mwa miezi minne, Kiongozi atageuka, na kiongozi mwenza atakuwa Kiongozi, Mtu wa Uwajibikaji atakuwa Kiongozi Mwenza na tutamchagua mtu mpya wa Uwajibikaji. Tutafanya Kujengana kwa ajili ya John Kirera ambaye amefanya vizuri ajabu kwa Cluster yetu mpya ikiwa ni pamoja na kuajiri vikundi vipya. Tunamshukuru Mtumishi wetu mpya wa Kundi, Dorcas Wanja.Amekuwa akifanya kazi kwa bidii kutumikia vikundi vingi iwezekanavyo. Pia tunataka “kujenga” wakulima ambao wamekuwa wakijitolea bila kuchoka kutambua wanachama wazee na hivyo kusaidia Dorcas kuwafikia kwa urahisi. Ni pamoja na: Peter Mbaabu,Julia Karoki na Johana Kiambi. Sasa tumetiwa nguvu kufanya kazi na TIST. Tuko tayari kujifunza na kufanya mazoezi bora tutakayojifunza katika TIST. Mbele Milele!

Hadithi ya Kikundi Kidogo cha Sertwet katika Bonde la Mara. Na Samson Taita Manyey, Mkulima wa Kikundi Kidogo cha Sertwet.

Mimi ni Samson Taita Manyey, mkulima wa TIST na mwanachama wa Kikundi Kidogo cha Sertwet, 2010KE227 kutoka ni Kapsigiryo TIST Cluster, kikundi cha watoto cha miezi minne kutoka Nguzo ya Chemaner katika Bonde la Mara. Nguzo yetu iko karibu na Msitu wa Mau upande wa Mashariki na Mto Mara (Amalo) unapita mpaka wake wa kusini unapotiririka kuelekea kusinimagharibi hadi Tanzania na kisha Ziwa Victoria. Vikundi vingine vya watoto vilivyozaliwa na nguzo ya mama ya Chemaner katika eneo letu ni Vikundi vya Tendweta na Atebwo. Pia tuna Makundi ya Kutete na Kuto. Zinazotarajiwa ni Kapsigiryo na Rongena katika kaunti za Bomet na Narok mtawalia. Idadi ya watu katika eneo letu ambao sasa wanajiandikisha kama wanachama inavunja rekodi. Kuongeza kwa hili ni kwamba wanashughulika kupanda miti katika mashamba yao, hasa miti ya kiasili na kujihusisha zaidi na shughuli zingine zinazohusiana kama vile ufugaji nyuki, miongoni mwa zingine. Idadi kubwa yao pia huhudhuria mikutano ya Nguzo na wamepata ujuzi mwingi kuhusiana na uhifadhi wa mazingira. Katika kiwanja changu, nimeongeza idadi ya miti kutoka 302 hadi 850 katika mwaka mmoja uliopita, na bado inaongezeka. Miti yangu mingi ni ya kiasili - zaidi ya spishi 80 kama vile mierezi nyekundu, elgon teak, tendwet, aonet, emitiot, ketororwo, kettegan, kipisarwet, acacia ya kijani, tebeswet, ararwet, kogoindet, sangererwet na mingine mingi - na mimi niko. kuongeza zaidi kila wiki. Mimi hupata miche ya miti hasa kutoka kwa eneo langu, shukrani kwa aina nyingi za ndege ambao hula matunda ya miti na karanga na baadaye kuzipanda kupitia kinyesi chao. Ingawa wengi wa ndege hawa ni waharibifu hasa kwa mazao yangu kama kahawa, maharagwe, mahindi na kabichi, wao hulipa fidia kupitia mbegu wanazodondosha kwenye shamba langu ambazo hunipa miche hii ya miti. Pia napata miche mingine ya miti kutoka Msitu wa Mau ulio karibu na kando ya Mto Mara/Amalo. Pia nina miti michache ya matunda katika shamba langu kama parachichi, papai, papai, loquat, maembe, zabibu, quavers, machungwa, na ndimu. Wakati wa kiangazi, mimi hukusanya miche ya miti na kuipanda kwenye vyombo vya aina mbalimbali kama vile mifuko ya polythene, vyombo vya plastiki n.k. vile vinavyotumika kwa ajili ya mafuta ya kupikia, pakiti za tetra n.k na kuziweka kwenye kitalu changu kilichoinuliwa tayari kwa kupandwa. Nimenufaika sana kutoka kwa TIST kwa sababu, kwa miaka mingi, nimejifunza kwamba kuna uhusiano wa karibu sana - karibu wa ulinganifu - kati ya miti, mazingira/hali ya hewa, maji, na maisha katika maisha yaliyounganishwa vizuri. Ndiyo sababu, katika kanda yetu, upandaji miti umepanda kwa kiasi kikubwa katika miaka kumi iliyopita. Ufuniko wa miti umeongezeka kwa kiasi kikubwa na muundo wa mvua unakaribia kurudi katika kiwango cha kawaida ambacho kilishuhudiwa katika miaka ya 1970 na 1980. Kutokana na hili, vyanzo vya maji vilivyokuwa vimetoweka sasa vimerejea.Visima vingi vya maji pia vimechimbwa na vingi vina maji mwaka mzima. Katika shamba langu pia nina kisima cha maji

ambacho ni chanzo kikubwa cha maji kwa familia yangu na wengi. Picha hapa chini zinaonyesha kisima cha maji yangu: Kisima cha maji hutupatia maji mwaka mzima, pamoja na baadhi ya majirani zangu. Mti mkubwa kwenye picha ni mti wa mogoiwet na ulipandwa mwaka wa 2007. Ni mti ambao unajulikana sana kwa ulinzi wa vyanzo vya maji. Mizizi yake huenea hadi urefu wa futi 65 katika pande zote na pia kupenya ndani kabisa ya ardhi hadi futi kadhaa. Wana uwezo wa kukusanya na kushikilia kiasi kikubwa cha maji. Ndani ya kisima, wao ni nywele, na nywelemizizi ni nzuri katika utakaso wa maji pamoja na uwezo wao wa kukusanya na kushikilia maji. Pia nimepanda mianzi ambayo inaonekana nyuma ya kisima cha maji na pia ni nzuri katika ulinzi wa vyanzo vya maji. Kwa haya, wadudu pia wamepanda juu ya miti na kutengeneza kifuniko kizuri hivi kwamba upepo mkali ambao hupuliza maji kutoka kwenye udongo haudhuru maji vizuri. Zote zinafanya pia kulinda kisima kutokana na jua kali, hivyo, kuhakikisha uwepo wa maji mwaka mzima. Manufaa haya yote yamewezekana kupitia mafundisho yaliyopokelewa kutoka kwa mikutano ya Nguzo ya TIST. Pia ninajihusisha na ufugaji nyuki, ingawa kwa kiwango kidogo, lakini huipa familia yangu asali tamu kwa mwaka mzima. Mizinga ya nyuki imewekwa chini ya vivuli vyema kama inavyoonekana kwenye picha hapa chini: Mizinga ya nyuki katika Kikundi Kidogo cha TIST Sertwet. Ni muhimu kufuga nyuki kwa kuweka mizinga chini ya vivuli vyema vya miti kwa sababu nyuki hawapendi jua moja kwa moja juu ya mizinga yao. Ni muhimu kuwaweka katika maeneo yenye miti mingi na yenye usumbufu mdogo kutoka kwa shughuli na harakati za binadamu. Hali kama hiyo ni ya manufaa ya kutegemeana - miti hutoa makazi mazuri kwa nyuki na nyuki kwa malipo hulinda miti kutokana na uharibifu kwa sababu daima huumiza yeyote anayesumbua mazingira yao. Katika Bonde letu la Mara, wanalinda watu, mimea na miti dhidi ya tembo ambao wakati mwingine hupotea kutoka Msitu wa Mau hadi upande wa mashariki na Hifadhi ya Kitaifa ya Mara kuelekea kusini-magharibi.

Newsletter July 2022 Mazingira Bora TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

Aimi ma Ngwatanio ya TIST Kapsara.

Inside: TIST nthini wa Igembe: Kuthathaa kwa kwisila ndeto ya kanywa. Page 2 David Wamai: Wia wakwa ta Musili/kivu wa kisio kutana vamwe na TIST. Page 3 Kakundi kanini ka TIST Warutho: Kutala vaita ula tukwatite kwa TIST. Page 3 Ngwatanio ya TIST Muthangene: Mavata kivathukanio ma vaita wa miti niya seleisye. Page 4 Ngewa ya kakundi kanini ka Sertwet kuma Mara Basin. Page 5

TIST nthini wa Igembe: Kuthathaa kwa kwisila ndeto ya kanywa. Na Joseph Gituma, muthukumi wa ngwatanio ya TIST

K uma mwaka wa 2008, niw’o TIST yamanyithaniw’e kisioni kya - Ingembe Sub-Kaunti ya Meru Kaunti, kuyaaithiwa ivinda yingi TIST yaa thathaa ta yu undu ilikite nduani mbingi umunthi. Kwa kwianana nitatuandikithye na kuthokya tukundi katikati wa 15-20 kila mwai! Ndivi ya vaita wa kuaana niyo vinya ula utumite aingi meyiandikithya. Onakau, yila aimi aa maelewa TIST niw’o useo nundu w’o maendeea kwithiwa na mea. Mena mea ma kuelewa undu tist ithukumaa eka kuvanda miti. Kwayu, twina ngwatanio 34 nthini wa kisio kya Igembe. Ula ni wongeleku wa 50% nthini wa myaka ili. Namba ya tukundi niyongelekete na utalo wi mbee wa 750+. Isio nzau ila TIST ivikite nivamwe na;Antubangai, Athiru na Ruujine. Wia witu ta athukumi ma ngwatanio na athukumi angi ma kwiyumya ma TIST ni kunengane umanyisyo nikana tukundi tunini twambiie twina ulumu nthini wa TIST. Nthini wa ngwatano ila syambiie, nitumanyiasya tukundi tweu twina woni wa kwongelaeka na kutwika ngwatanio. Ngwatanio imwe ila tumisyaiisye kwa kithito ni ngwatanio ya TIST Kawiru MCK. Twina ivangu ya useuvya ngwatanio sya TIST Linjoka, Karichu na Kamiruru ta usyao mweu. Utee na kuvanda miti kwa vaita wa Nzeve itavisaa, aimi mena wendi wa kumanyiw’a iulu wa nima ya kusuvia (CF), maiko ma usuvia mwaki, miti ila yina uthwii mwingi kati wa mauvundisyo angi mavaita. Timu ila inaseuviw’e omituki ya kisio - Mount Olive - niyiyumitye kuthukuma vamwe na kumathukuma amemba ma TIST eu na ala mevo. Twina muvea kwa aimi kutukwata mbau.

David Wamai: Wia wakwa ta Musili/kivu wa kisio kutana vamwe na TIST. Na David Wamai, muimi wa TIST na Kivu uthumuie wia wa Gakawa

N thini wa mwaka wa 2005, yila nathukumaa ta musili/ kivu kisioni kya Gakawa location, Kieni East, inakomanie na uvoo iulu wa walanio mweu ula wamanyithanaw’a kisioni kitu. Ni nendeeiw’e nikuelewa iulu waw’o na navika umbanoni umwe woo ula wai Narumoro. Umbano uu niwaeleisye iulu wa mawalanio na mwolooto wa TIST. Mawolooto aya maendanitye nesa na walanio wa silikali, woni wa kwongeleela miti ila ivwikite muthanga, kuola nzaa, ukya katikati wa maundu angi. Ninakulilye ala mai ovisini ivinda yiu onakwa mamanyisye, nitwaeleiw’e iulu wa kwiyiandikithya nina atui makwa. Nitwaseuvisye kakundi natwaketa Itangi Muhiriga, Namba ya TIST 2005KE1270. Twi amemba12!. Ngy’e na amemba ma kakundi kaitu nitwatwikie atume ma TIST. Nitwambiie uthuthya aiimi angi kuu utuini meyiandikithye na TIST. Yila ngwatanio syaseuviw’e, Ngwatanio ya TIST Itangine niyai ina manyisya tukundi mbee wa 100. Kuvika ivindani yii aimi mai manambiia ukwata vaita wa TIST. Ngetha miundani, munamuno mbemba nisyongelekete nundu wa nima ya kusuvia (CF), miti ya matunda ikambiia usyaa, kusea miti na kukwata ngu onakw’o kwai kunambiia. Niw’o mbumbano sya ngwatanio syambiie kwosa sula. Mbumbano sya ngwatanio syai utethyo kwa wia wakwa. Nisyatetheeisye andu kwimanyisya utongoi mbee wa metho makwa. Weethia tilasima niungamiie nikana maundu mekike nesa kila ivinda! Kii nikyaetie kyeni weethia vaina uito kati wakwa na andu nundu wa wia wakwa ta musili/kivu na ekali ma kisio kii. Kuthukuma kwakwa ta musili kwaaila mbeange. Utongoi wa kithyululu niwandethisye kumanya andu ala ndonya uthukuma namo mawiani makwa kivathukanio undu ula ndai nimanya vate utongoi uu wa kithyululu. Kyavata, Kisioni kyakwa miti niyavandiwe kwa wingi. Kisio kyatwika ngilini na muthanga wathua. Kii nikyatetheeisye kwongeleka kwa liu na yua na wosu wa mwii nikukosa liu wathela. Misyi mingi yaendeea kwithwa itonya kwiyiithya. Matunda aya mai ukilyo munene kwa wia wakwa ula niyoneaa nginya umunthi uu! TIST niyaendeeie kwiana kwa mituki kisioni kitu. Ngwatanio ya TIST Itangine yasyaa ngwatanio ingi sya TIST ta Ichuga, Ragati na Manje Mbogo. Ninathumuiie wia wa kivu/musili indi ti wia wa TIST! Niniendee na uthukuma vamwe na aimi ala angi me ngwatanioni yitu. Niniendee na uvanda miti ya TIST kithekani kwakwa na umunthi ni na miti mbee wa 1500 mithemba kivathukanio. Umunthi aimi maitu meketha kwa TIST nzeve itavisaa, matunda, ngu, nima ya kusuvia na utongoi. tuikwilila kwiyiandikithya na TIST. Twithuthya aimi ma TIST nthi yonthe metikilane na mbumbano sya ngwatanio, vaa nivo vethiawa na ivuso iseo ya kuneenania, kwakana na kumanyianyi’a mawiko maseo!

Kakundi kanini ka TIST Warutho: Kutala vaita ula tukwatite kwa TIST. Na membea wa kakundi kanini ka TIST Warutho.

T wi kakundi kanini ka TIST Warutho ngwatanioni ya TISTThome ila yi Laikipia East. Namba yitu ya TIST ni 2007KE582. Tweeyiandikithisye na TIST mwaka wa 2007. Iii ni myaka ili itina wa TIST kumanyithanw’a kwitu. Nitweew’ite iulu wa TIST mwakani wa 2005 indi tweethwa na uleelu wa kwiyiandikithya. Kisio kitu undu kiilye nthini wa laikipia nikyumu na nomuthemba wa weu. Tuyai na uw’o kana miti noimee nekeka nesa kisioni kii, kiu nikyo kyatumaa tutendeew’a niukwatana na TIST. Onakau, itina wa kwona tukundi tungi tuyikia vitii na kuvanda miti naikekika, nitwoonie onaitu tutate. Kwoou, mwaka wa 2007, nitwathianie twoona ivindani ya mbua tukwatane na TIST. Kwevuso iseo mbua niyookie. Nundu tuyai na kivuio kya miti nitwaendie kwa ikundi ila tuthengeanie na kumavoya mbeu. Vaina vinya nundu kila kikundi kyai na kivuio kina miti imeanie mo kuvanda. Nitwaendeei ona kuvoya tuyaakw’a ngoo na twakwata mbeu. Nanundu wauthi ikundini kivathukanio tuivoya mbeu nitwatethekie kumanya mawiko maseo kivathukanio kuma ikundini kivathukany’o undu wa uvandi wa miti. Nitwamanyie kana iima iseo ya uvanda muti yaile ithwa vuti 2 uasa, 2 uthathau na 2 uliku. Kuvulanya muthanga wa vaa iulu na vuu na kuvwika na mavuti ungu wa muti itina wa kuvanda. Utaaaniu wa muti kuthi ula ungi waile ithiwa matambya eli na ethiwa nimuti wa matunda nimatambya ta ana. Ivanda yitu yambee nitweekie nesa. Miti mingi yitu niyavitukiiwe. Ingi nitwasomie

undu tutonya umisuviana na indo. Nitwathuthikie na twaseuvya kivuio kitu. Nitwathokeie atui maitu kwona undu kivuio kiseuvaw’a na twasoma vanene na indi twambiia kivuio kitu. Umunthi, twi amwe kati wa aimi ma TIST ala makwataa vaita munene nthini wa vaita wa kuaana kuma viasalani wa nzeve itavisaa ya miti yitu.. Ndivi ila twila ukwata, nitwakwatie KES71,000. Twongelania mbesa ithi na ila tukwatite itina wa uta uki wa nzuki na matunda mwaka uyu, ukwati witu wi mbee wa silingi KES150,000/=. Twongeleela kusuvia kuma nguni, uithyo na liu, ukwati witu wa mwaka ni munene kwi KES500,000/=! Na uu nikuma kwa kila kisio kyumu twakiaa mbee wa kulika nthini w TIST! Uthwii uu w’onthe wumanite na miti mbee wa 2400 ila tuvandite twi nthini wa TIST. Vaita wa kuaana ni imwe imwe kuma kutewa wa nzeve itavisaa kuma mitini. Mitini isu nitwanikite myatu ila itunengae uki wa nzuki, ingi tutetheesya miti kunyaiikya mitutu ya malaa. Twina miti ya matunda ta isungwa, makolovea na mavela na yila twata ala tutesaa maingiva. Miti imweta gravellia nitunengae uithyo na ngu. Miti ingi yakuetwe nitunenga ngu ila tutesaa syaingi kwa atui. Ngetha yitu ya muundani niyingivite nundu wa muunyi kuma mitini na kuvwikithya na matu kuma mitini. Twina ivango ya kwingeleela miti na kwongeleela myatu nikana twailange miunda yitu.

Ngwatanio ya TIST Muthangene: Mavata kivathukanio ma vaita wa miti niya seleisye. Na Dorcas Wanja, muthukumi wa ngwatanio ya TIST.

K wa myaka mingi nithiitwe ni umwe wa ngwatanio ya TIST Katheri, Meru kaunti. Ngwatanio ya TIST Katheri yambiie mwaka wa 2006. Uu wai mwambiio wa myaka ya mbee ya walanio wa TIST Kenya. Ivindani yii, kisio kitu nikyeethitwe na mavata maingi ma syindu ila sumaa mitini.Yila nayo TIST yookie ututhuthya kuvanda miti ya kwikala ivinda iasa, ve kambuni umwe wendaa miti ya ngu na ungi wendaa miti ya mithamba. Nitwalikanile na makilany’o ma miti kwendeka.Aimi aingi nimavandie miti ya ivinda ikuvi ya kukwata ngu na miti ya kwaka. Muti wa musanduku weethia niw’o muti ula ukwendeka ni aimi. Kwa ivinda ikuvi kambuni ila yendaa miti ya mithamba yaekana nayo yambiia utumia mithamba ya simiti. Kii kyatulya ngoo. Twatwaia kambuni ila yendaa ngu mbingi kuvituka kwoou thooa wavaluka. Tuivika ivindani yii TIST yai inakw’a ngoo kutuatiia na kuthukuma naitu. Nitwaaisye amanyisya na avitukithya nundu tuyaatiiaa umanyisyo wa TIST. Nitwakwatie muthukumi wa ngwatanio ula wekalaa vaasa naitu. Tuyuka umina mwaka wa 2021, nitwambiie uneenania ithyi kwa ithyi.Nitwathuthanisye na kuthokya aimi angi meyiandikithye na TIST nikana twambiie mbumbano sya ngwatanio. Tuyambiia 2022, twaina aimi aingi ala meew’a mena mea ma kusyukya TIST kisioni kitu. Aimi aingi aingi ala mew’ite na kwona undu kuvanda muthemba umwe wa miti kutena vaita nimeethiiwe mena mea na wendi kusyoka nthini wa TIST. Tuivika mwai wa keli 2022, Katheri yaamuka kuma kwombosyani! mwai wa katatu 2022, ithyi kuma kisioni kya Muthangene tweetya wongeleku. Kwi mwai wa katatu nitunongelekile kuma ngwatanioni ya TIST Katheri tukundi tunini 32. kwa myai ina, yu nitumanyiitye tukundi tungi 14. Tuvikite 46 na notuendee kuthathaa na kuthuthya tukundi tweu tulike nthini waTIST. Kindu kimwe tusomete na tukakwatiania kati waitu ni kuvanda miti mivai kivathukanio twina mwolooto wa miti ya matunda na miti ya kikwitu. Twi Muthangane nitwambiie kuseuvya Utongoi wa ngwatanio na atongoi ambiliilya ni: Leader: John Kirera 0729791894 Co-Leader: John Mutembei 0728574345 Accountability Person: Martha Gacheri 0726758384 Itina wa myai ina kuthela, Utongoi nuu vinduanwa vala munini wa mutongoi ukutwika mutongoi, mwii wa kinandu atika munini wake na tuisakua mwii ungi wa kinandu. Nitukwika kwakana na John Kirera ula wikite nesa mbee kwa ngwatanio yitu nzau na kumanyisya na kutetheesya tukundi tweu kulika nthini wa TIST. Twina utanu kwa mutongoi witu mweu wa ngwatanio Dorcas Wanja. Niwithiitwe aithukuma kwa kithito na ikundini mbingi undu vatonyeka. Ingi twimendea aimi ma kwakana (kijegana) ala methiitwe meyumitye vate ndivi vate kunoa kumanya amemba ala akuu na kutetheesya Dorcas kumavikia kwa mituki. Aya ni vamwe na Peter Mbaabu, Julia Karoki na Johana Kiambi. Ithyi yu twina vinya wa uthukuma na TIST. Nitwiyumitye kumanyiw’a na kusoma mawiko maseo ma TIST. Kuthi na mbee tene na tene!

Ngewa ya kakundi kanini ka Sertwet kuma Mara Basin. Na Samson Tita Manyey - Muimi kuma kakundini ka Sertwet.

Nitawa Samson Taita Manyey, muimi wa TIST na memba kakundi kanini ka Sertwet, Namba 2010KE227 kuma ngwatanioni ya TIST Kapsigiryo, ngwatanio ila nikana nundu yina myai ina kuma yasyawa ni ngwatanio ya TIST Chemaner kisioni kya Mara Basin. Ngwatanio yitu yivakuvi na mutitu wa Mau ngaliko ya umiloni wa sua na usi wa Mara (Amalo) ula utheelele muvakani wa itheo welekele itheo ya uthuiloni wa sua wa Tanzania na indi iiani ya Victoria. Ngwatanio ingi ila isyaitwe ni ngwatanio ya TIST Chemaner kisioni kitu ni Twendwet na Atebwo. Ingi twina ngwatanio sya Kutete na Kuto. Ila iendeena kwatukw’a yu ni Kaposigiryo na Rongena ila syi Bomet na Narok kaunti kuatiania. Aimi ala yu mekisioni kitu na maendee na kwiyiandikithya ni meuvunzya lekoti. Kwongeleela uu nikana yu momaendee na uvanda miti miundani yoo na kaingi ni miti ya kiene na kwikonia na mawia ala angi me kuendany’a na miti ta kuithya nzuki kati wa angi. Namba nene yoo nivikaa umbanoni wa kila mwai wa ngwatanio nikana makwate umanyi mwingi na kuelewa mbeange undu wa kusuvia mawithyululuko. Nthini wa musyi wakwa, ninongeleele miti kuma 302 kuvika 850 kwa mwaka umwe muthelu na noniendee na kwongeleela. Miti mingi nila ya kiene ta Red Cedar, Elgo Teak, Tedwet, aonet, emitiot, ket-ororwo, kettegan, kipisarwet, green acacia, tebeswet, ararwet, kogoindet, Sangererwet na ingi mbingi - na noniendee na kwongela ingi mingi kila kyumwa. Mbeu kaingi numasya vaa nza na muundani kwakwa, nimuvea kwa tusuni tula tuisaa mbindi na matunda kuma mitini ila yi mitituni vakuvi na kumia musyi kwakwa. Onakau twingi twa tusunituu nitwanangaa liu ta kaawa, mboso, mbemba na makovisi nitundivaa kwa kutia mbeu muundani ila inengae mivai kivathukanio ya miti. Ingi ninguaa miti ila yeemesya mutituni wa Mau na nguumoni sya usi wa Mara/Amalo na kumitumia ta mbeu. Ingi nina miti minini ya matunda ta makolovea, mavavai, itomoko, itunda/itula, iembe, misavivu, ivela, isungwa na itimo. Yila kwi nthano niw’o numbanasya mbeu na kuvanda mikeveni na mivukoni ya mathangu ila yithaa yumite mauta ma kuua, yiia na kuma mautumikuni angi na ndiliila kivuioni kya kitanda neteele yila ikwiana withie no ivandwe muundani/ kithekani. Nindethekete muno kuma kwa TIST nundu kwa myaka isu nini vundiitye kana kwa vakuvi wonanio wa undu miti, mawithyululuko, nzeve, kiw’u na thayu undu itianye kwa kwikalania vamwe. Kii nikyo kitumi kisioni kitu kuthukya mititu ingi kunengetwe mwanya wa mbee na kukeka nesa kwa ivinda ikuvi ya myaka ta ikumi mithelu. Kuvwika nthi na miti kwayu nikwongeleku na mbua ikasyoka vakuvi yikale undu yailye myaka ya 1973 na 1980s. Ta usungio umwe mbumo sya kiw’u ila ni mikao na thongo imwe ila syai syaaie na kung’ala yu

nisyoku. Kungi nikwinzitwe ithima na iingalaa nginya mwaka ukathele. Musyi kwakwa nina kithima kila kinengae kiw’u kya kutumia ny’e na musyi wakwa na atui. Vaa itheo vena visa wa kithima kiu kikwakwa. Kithima kii kithiawa na Kiw’u o nginya mwaka uthele, na nikyo tutumiaa nye na musyi wakwa vamwe na atui amwe. Muti uyu munene mukwona witawa Mogoiwet ula wavandiwe 2007. Muti uyu niwisikie nesa kwa kusuvia wumo wa kiw’u. Mii yaw’o niyianaa uasa wa vuti 65 ngaliko syothe na kulika nanthi vuti kathaa. Mii ino nitonyaa kukolania kiw’u kingi na kukikwatiia kwa ivina iasa. Nthini wa kithima, mii ya kiseve niyo yithiawa na ninzeo kwa usunga kiw’u ona kwithiwa itonya ukwatiia kiwu. Ingi ninivandite bamboo ila ikwonekana vau itina wa kithima na ingi bambooo ninzeo kusuvia wumo wa kiw’u . Vamwe na isu uthui kana miti ya utamba onayo nitambite na kusuvia na kukunika muthanga kumana na kiseve kingi, kila kikuaa kiw’u kuma muthangani na kutuma kithima kingala. Ii syoonthe nitumikaa kusuvia sua nyingi kwoou kuikiithya kiw’u kivo mwaka w’onthe. Kwoou useo w’onthe nutonyekete kwisila mauvundisyo wa TIST kwa mbumbano sya ngwatanio. Ingi ninanikaa myatu onakutwika nikwa unini ninengai musyi wakwa muyo wa uki wa nzuki mwaka w’onthe. Myatu ino nimyanikite kundu kwina muunyi nesa ta undu mukwona vaa visani itheo. Myatu ya kakundi kanini ka TIST Sertwet. Ni undu wa vata kuikiithya nzuki kwa kwanika myatu ungu wa miti nundu nzuki iyendete sua yingi myatuni yasyo. Ve vata kuikiithya vena miti mingi isioni isu ila iteuthinwa nimeko ma andu na miendele. Undu uu niwa wonanio wa useo - miti ninengae nzuki mawikalo maseo vala navo nzuki isuviaa miti kwanangwa nundu ula wathiny’a kisio kiu nimuumaa. Nthini wa kisio kitu kya Mara Basin, nisuviaa andu, liu na miti kuma kwa nzou ila saa ingi ikilaa kuma mutituni wa Mau na ngaliko ya itheo ya Kisio kya nyamu kya Mara National Game Reserve kuvika ngaliko ya uthuiloni wa itheo wa sua.

Mkutano wa vikundi vya wakulima wa TIST wa Kapsara.

Inside: TIST en Igembe: Etuneet Koyob Ng’oliotab Kutit. Page 2 David Wamai: Boisienyun kou kirwogindetko koonon boiboiyet neo en TIST. Page 3 Kurupit ne Ming’in nebo TIST nebo Warutho: Koitetetab kelchinoik en TIST. Page 3 Isasametab TIST nebo Muthangene: Mogutik che terchin chebunu ketik ko kiiga tesetabtaa en TIST. Page 4 Atindonitab Kurupit Ne Ming’in nebo Sertwet ak Mara Basin.

TIST en Igembe: Etuneet Koyob Ng’oliotab Kutit. Kohob Joseph Gituma, Kiboitiotab TIST.

K ong’eteen kenyitab 2008, kin ketoo TIST en komostanyon – Igemeb Sub-county nebo County nebo Meru, ko momi kasarta age nekigetesage kou nguni en TIST en kokwotinwekiok. Angot ko tutigin, ketoche kurupisiek che mengechen 15 skoi 20 en arawet age tugul! Pjeutikab melekweek ko kit ne imutu bik missing’. Kobaaten, olon koiguyo temik TIST komie, kokase kotinye maget missing’. Moche icheget konai missing’ ak koyai boisiet ne moche TIST tabala minsetab ketik. Akoi nguni ketindoi Isasamok 34 en komostab Igembe komugul – kokotesak konyil oeng’ en kenyisiek oeng’. Koitetab Kurupisiek che Mengechen ko kokotesak akoi kosir 750. Emotinwek che lelach che kokeityi nguni ko botokomoswekab Antubangai, Athiru ak Ruujine. Boisienyon koki kiboitinikab Isasamet ak bik alak che konugee koboisiechi TIST ko kikochin emotinwechu lelach kanetisiet ne bob arak asi komuch Kurupisiek che Mengechen kotebi en TIST komie. En Isasamet orit, kesir kurupisiek che mengechen asikimuch ketoun Isasmok alak che mengechen. Agenge en Isasamok che kikimite missing’ ko Isasametab Kawiru MCK. Kitete ketoun Isasamok che mengechen kora kou Linjoka, Karichu, ak Kamiruru. Tabal kemin ketik chebo koristo, ko moche temik konai missing akobo Temisietab Ribetab Emeet, chikosiek cheribe maat, ak ketik chebo akietab barak, en tuguk alak che kinete. En ko moloo, kotete komostanyon ne kokitou nebo Mount Olive kobois kibagenge en kimnatet asi komuch koboisiechi membaek che lelach ak chebo kenyen oret ne mie.Kimwae kongoi en robetab eun ne kokokonech temikiok

David Wamai: Boisienyun kou kirwogindetko koonon boiboiyet neo en TIST. koyob David Wamai, Temindetab TIST Farmer ako Neki Kirwogindetab Location nebo Gakawa

E n kenyitab 2005, kin aboisie ko kirwogindetab Gakawa Location, en Kieni Kong’asis, ko kianyoru logoiyot akobo tetitiet ne kikakeib en korenyon. Kiakass takinai ak awe tuiyosiek che kikakotet en Namuroro. Kiaror tuiyet akobo tetutikab TIST ak takyinetab gee. Takyinnoni bo gee koi kinamge missing ak tetutikab serikali –tokyinetab gee kemin ketik, kekirinda rubet, sinet, ak bananda, en alak.Kiosom kiboitinikab TIST kotesion tetutionoton.Kikiyoiwon tumtab siretab bik koboto bikab kokwenyun. Kikitau Kurupit ne Ming’in ak ketochi kainet Itangi Muhiriga, TIST number 2005KE1270. Ki membaek 12! Ane ak membaek alak chebo Kurupinyon ne Ming’in ko kikigu kiyogikab TIST. Kikikochi cherseet temik alak en location nenyon kochut TIST.kin koit kinaam Isasametab Itangine, ko kikakesir kurupisiek che mengechen alak 100. Kin koite yoton, ko kikakonam temik kochamcham walutikab TIST. Kesutik, missing ko chebo bandek chebunu temisietab ribetab emeet ko kikakotesak missing.Kiinam ketikab logoik koiyo logoek. Kiinam temik konyor kwenik che bunu temenikab ketichoton. Kiinam tuiyosiekab Isasamet kotook. Tuiyosiekab Isasamet ko kibo komonutiet missing en boisienyun.kiikochi bikab kokwet koyae boisienywan nebo kandoinatet en tainyun. Kimakonyolu aik neo en kasarta tugul.Kiko inonukabureito ne mieak kochuchuuch uinwek che mi en kwenunyun ak bikab korenyun koa kirwakindet.Kiwo barak missing boisienyun en bororiet. Kandoinatet ne kiwalchingee koi kigonon anai bik che amuche akochi boisionik che terterchin che en taa ko kimakomukogse. Nebo komonutiet missing, ko en kandoinatenyun, ko kikimiin ketik che chang missing’. Kiwalakemet konyalilit, ak komiakitu mbarenik missing. Kiko inoni kimnatet en amitwakik ak koisto rubeet ak sineet. Kitesak ak kotesak missing korik che imuche komin amitwakik che mokyingee. Kiik inoni tuneneet neo missing en boisienyun ako atinye boisoiyet missing en noton akoi raini! Kitesak TIST koet ne emenyon.Isasametab Itangine ko kiit kotoo Isasamok alak kou-Isasamokab Ichuga, Ragati ak Manje Mbogo. Kirawe kamung’et en nguni en boisienyun nebo kirwagnatet kobatetn mo en boisietab TIST! Atesetaa keboisie ak temika alakchebo TIST en Isasamet.Kiratestai amin ketikab TIST en mbarenyun.En raini atindoi ketik 1500 che terterchin. En raini, kokese temikyok missing en TIST.Kong’eten aldaetab koristo akoi logoek, kwenik, Temisietab Ribetab Emeet, ak kandoinatet.Mom kililone amun kikechut TIST. Kichere temikab TIST en ng’wony komugul kocham tuiyosiekab Isasamet. Inonu ko kobureito ne kararaan keng’alaleen, ketech ak kepjei Boisionik Ceh Miach. E chek ko ki Kurupit ne Ming’in nebo TIST nebo Warutho koyob Isasametab Thome ne Laikipia Kong’asis. Nambainyon nebo TIST ko 2007KE582. Kikichute TIST en kenyitab 2007.Inoni nko ki kenyisiek oeng kong’eteen inginaam TIST in komostanyoon.Kikikass akobo TIST en 2005 kobaten kikichuutgee asikechut. Korenyon, kou komoswek che chang en Lakipia, ko mache ko meleweet.kimakimong’uu kele imuche korut ketik en komostanyoon. Noton amunee asiko kikokichuutgee asi kechut TIST. Ngandaa unoton, ko kin kegeer Kurupisiek alak Che Mengechen komine ketik komie, kibwat kele kimuche ak echeek keyomten. So en 2007, kerib koit kasarta ropta asikoik kelchin asi kechut TIST.En kelchin, koit ropta.ko amun kimaketindoi betisiekab ketik, kemwechi krupisiek alak asi kimuuch kesom ketik. Kiui noton amun kurupisiek che chang’ ko kitinye ketik tutuigin kityo cheimuche komin icheken. Kobaten kikites taa kesom ako en let kenyoru ketik che kimine. Kin kebesen ketik ko kiyaech kerutechin kurupisiek che terter en mbarenik che terchin. Kikonech inoni kenai akobo ortinwek che miach chebo boisieten misnetab ketik.kikinai kele keringet ne kararan keminchi ketik ko futisiek 2en koindo, futisiek 2 en tebesindo, ak futisiek 2 en loindo. Buruchen ng’ung’unyekab barak ak keturek/soroek ak ituch ak saratik che yomiotin. Kong’eteen ketik agenge akoi ketit age ko keldo 2 anaon ko keliek 4 en logoek che echeen. Minseet ne taa en echek ko kiwo komie.che chang’ en ketikiok ko kisobcho.Kikakinetgee kora ole kiripto en kiyagik. Kikicherage akoi kikitou betinyon nebo ketik.kikiritechi bikab kokwet asi kenai akobo ole kichoptoo betisiekab ketik.Kikinetgee che chang’ ak kinaam ketou betisiekiok. En raini, kemii barak en Pjeutikab Melekweek chebunu aldaetab koristo ne kikitabaan en ketikiok. En lipanet ne kosirto, ko kikinyorchigee KES 71,000. Angot ketesi aldaetab komek ak logoeken kenyini ko kikenyoru che sire KES 150,000. Angot ketes kora rabisiek che kikerib en kwenik, amitwakikab kiyagik ak amitwagik, ko rabisiek tuguk en kenyit che kikenyoru ko sire KES 500,000! Ako ichochu ko chebunu emeet ne yamaat ne kikokimween en taa ktomo kechut TIST! Mogornotoni tugul ko bunu ketik 2400 che kikemin akoi nguni en TIST. Pjeutikab melekweek ko bwonu koteteu kobun koristo ne kikitabaan en ketikyok. Kiketeregte mongonikab segemik en osnosiekiok ako toretech kenyorun komek. Kora, ko toreti en toptook amun ibe segemik tuguk/ buiywet che toreti kotapten minutik.Kitindoi ketikab logoek kou machungwek, avocado, mabreek, ako kimuche kialden olon kachang’a.ketikab sebesebe ko toretech en amitwakikab kiyagik ak kwenik.Ketik alak chemobo kipgaa kichoru asikialdechin bikab kokwet. Kesutikab mbarenikiok ko kikotesak amun en uronook ak saratik che kitugen minutik chebunu sogekuak. Kitete ketes ketik ak ketes moingonikab segemik olon kitese chametabgee nebo mbarenikiok.

Isasametab TIST nebo Muthangene: Mogutik che terchin chebunu ketik ko kiiga tesetabtaa en TIST. Koyob Dorcas Wanja, Kiboityotab Isasanetab TIST.

E n kenyisiek che chang’ ko kieigu kebeberiatab Isasametab Karheri, en Meru Ciunty. Isasametab Katheri ko kikinome en kenyitab 2006. Ichichu ko ki kenyisiek chebo taa en Tetutiatab TIST en Kenya. En kasaraton, ko kimi mokutik che chang en korenyon chebo tuguk chebunu ketik. Kin kocherech TIST kemin ketik chebo kasarta ne koi, ko kimi kompunit ne kimoche ketk asikoik kwenik ako kimi age ne kimoche ketik cheigu mugenik.Kiiyaech ichochu en mokutik che chang. Temik che chang ko kimiin ketik chebo mogutikab kasarta ne nwach cheu kwenik ak mugenik. Ketikab chepkogutgee ko kiik che chamat en temik che chang. En nematian, kowalak kampunit ne kiole ketik koik mugenik ak kocham chebo sementi. Inoni ko kiik asenet en temik. Kiinam temik koalda ketik che chang ak koyai noton konyo ng’qony olietab ketikchoton. En kasaraton, ko kikakobet kayanet TIST keboisien tugul. Kikibeet kanetik ak koitikamun kimakisibi kanetutikab TIST.Kikinyoru kityo Kiboitiotab Isasamet ne kimenye oleloo en ole kimenye. Kin koitote let nebo kenyitab 2021, kinam keng’ololchigee. Kikicherge kecheng’aten temik che kikakochut TIST asi kimuch kebwan tuiyosiekab Isasamet. Kin kinome kenyitab 2022, ko kikakesich temik che kimoche kong’et TIST en komostanyon. Temik alak che kikakobet komong’uneet en minseetab ketit agenge ko kinyor maget. Kin koite arawetab Ng’otioto (Oeng’) en kenyitab 2022, ko kikakong’eet Katheri en ruondo neo. En Kiptamo kenyitab 2022, ko echeek en Komostab Muthangene kesom kepjeitenge. En arawetab Kiptamo(somok) 2022, kepjeitegee en Isasametab Katheri koboto kurupisiek xhe mengechen 32. En arawek ang’wan cheisibu, ko kiketes kurupisiek alak 14 che lelach che mengechen. Nguni ko kii kurupisiek che mengechen 46ako kitesosei kora ak kechere kurupisiek che mengechen kochut TIST. Agngr rn tuguk che kikiyonchine ko kemin ketik che terterchin ako missing ko ketikab logoek ak ketoikab kipgaa. En Muthangene, ko kikinam ketau Kandoinatetab Isasamet. Kandoikiok che taa ko: Leader: John Kirera 0729791894 Co-Leader: John Mutembei 0728574345 Accountability Person: Martha Gacheri 0726758384 Ingobegu arawek 4, ko mondoo kandoindet ak kochut kandoindet nebo oeng’, Chitab walutik koigu kandoindet nebo oeng’ ak kelewen chitab walutik. Kiyoe tegetab gee kityo en John Kirera ne noton ko chito ne kikoyai boisiet nebo kwong’et missing’ en Isasamenyon ne leel koboto komut kurupisiek che lelach. Kimwae kongoi en kiboitiondenyon ne leel nebo isasamet, Dorcas Wanja.Kikobois en kokileltab gee kogeer kole koyochi boisiet kurupisiek che chang’ kou ole imukogse.Kikose kora takiyochi tegetabgee temik alak che kikokgogee kobarta membaek cheosen ak kou noton ko toreti Dorcas kosip koityi bichoton en nyumnyumindo. Choton ko boto: Peter Mbaabu, Julia Karoki ak Johana Kiambi. En nguni ketindoi kimnatet keboisien ak TIST. Kichobotin kinetgee ak keyai che miachen en TIST. Kibendi Taa En Kotugul!

Atindonitab Kurupit Ne Ming’in nebo Sertwet ak Mara Basin. Koyob Samson Taita Manyey, Temindetab Kurupit ne Ming’in nebo Sertwet.

A ne ko Samson Taita Manyey, temindetab TIST ako a membayatab Kurupit ne Ming;in nebo Sertwet nebo TIST, nambaitab TIST ko 2010KE227 kobun Isasametab Kapsigiryo, ne noton ko Isasamet ne lakwet nebo arawek 4 en Isasametab Chemaner en Mara Basin. Isasamenyon ko negitin ak Osnetab Mau en komostab kong’asis ak Oinetab Mara/Amalo en komostab murot-taa ne itendene kobendi murottaa-cherongo kolite Tanzania ak kochut Nyanchetab Victoria. Isasamok alak che mengechen che lagokab Isasametab Chemaner ne kamet ko Isasametab Tendwet ak Isasametab Atebwo. Kitindoi kora Isasamokab Kutete ak Kuto. Chemi kobwone kora ko Isasamokab Chambori en Kapsigiryo Bomet County ak Rongena en Narok County. Bik che siregee en nguni en komostanyon ko bute nambait nebo taa.Ako kora ko bichoton ko tesetai komine ketik en nguni en mbarenikwak, ako che chang ko ketikab kipgaa ak boisionik alak che tinyegee ak noton che boto baetab segemik ak alak. Che chang’ en ichek kora kobendi tuiyosiekab Isasamet ako kikonyor kanetisiet ne tinyegee ak ribetab itondab emeet. En mbarenyun ko kiates ketikyuk kong’eten 302 akoi 850 en kenyit agenge, ako omi atese kora. Ketik che chang’ kobo kipgaa – chesire 80 che terterchin kou tarakwetab kipgaa, saptet, tendwet, aonet, emitiot, ket-ororwo, ket-tegan, kipisarwet, chepnyalilyet, tebeswet, ararwet, kogoindet, sagawaita, chepkowet, mangoita, kuryot, moobet, sawerweriet ak alak che chang’ che chang’ – ako atese alak en wikit age tugul. Ketik che amine anyoru en mbarenyun orit amun mi taritik che chang’ che ame logoekab timin chebo ketik che echen ako soroekuak ko konu ndenderek ak logoechoton ako rutu ak koik ketik chekimine. Anganda che chang’ en taritichoton ko weche minutik cheu kahawek, ng’endek, bandek ak ingwek kou cabbages, ko tagu kokorone en soroek che tindo ndenderek che konu ketik che amine. Anyoru ketik alak che amine kbun Osnetab Mau ne ma loo ak alak anyorchin Oinetab Amalo che rutu en ngekutab oinet.Atindoi kora ketik che tutigin chebo logoek en mbarenyun cheu avocado, paipai, pawpaw, laquat, maembe, sabibuk, maberek, machungwa ak ndimo. En kasarta ne yamat emet, ayumoti ketik che mengechen ak aminchi muturaisiek, kibobook cheu chon kirong’unen mwanikab ngwek, machanik, kerichekab mbar ak alak ak ande kabeti ne toror sit un amin tun karobon. Kianyor kelchinoik en TIST amun, en kenyisiek che chang’, ko kianai ale miten kit ne kureenge ketik ak itondab emet, beek ak sobet en oret ne kiratak ne oranoton ko u netienge gee. Noton amune, en komostanyoon, ko kikwo barak akng’eteetab osnosiek en minsetab ketik en oret neo en kenyisiek 10 che kokosirto. Kikochang’a ketik en komostanyoon en oert neo ako inigeer ko negot koweek ropta kou kit ne kiu en kenyisiekab 1970 ak 1980. Kou noton, ko kondametusiekab beek che kikakobetyo ko kokonaam koweek nguni. Kikobal biik kora keringoikab beek en mbarenikuak ako che chang’ ko tindo beek en kenyit tugul. En mbarenyun, Atindonitab Kurupit Ne Ming’in nebo Sertwet ak Mara Basin. Koyob Samson Taita Manyey, Temindetab Kurupit ne Ming’in nebo Sertwet. 

 atindoi aka ne keringetab beek ne noton ko ole kinyorchini beek en konyun ak biik alak chebo kokwet. Pichiat ne mi ng’wony yu kobotu keringenyun nebo beek: Keringetab beek en mbarenyun Keringonoton bob eek ko konech beek en kenyit komugul, koboto alak en bikab kokwet. En pichaini, ko ketit neo ne mi batai ko mogoiwet ako kikimine en kenyitab 2007. Ketoton ko naiyat en ribetab oinosiek ak beek ak kondametusiekab beek. Tigitikyik ko bendi keldo 6.5 in komoswek tugul en ng’wony ako bendi ng’wony mitaisiek che chang’.Imuche koguul beek ak konam beek che chang’ missing.Enkeringet orit, ko tindo tigitichoton cheu butek ako choton kotilile beek ak kogulu kora kobwa keringet orit.Kiamin kora tegek en tabanutan keringet ako ribe beek kora.Miten kora tuguk che kilany ketichuiton ako toreti beek en usonet neo asimbetyo beek en keringet. Toreti kora en asista neo ne lole ako en noton ko mi beek en kenyit tugul.chu tugul ko Atindoi kora moingoniakb segemik ako choton ko konech komek en kenyit tugul. Moingonik che mi oichait ne mi ng’wony yuk o alak en moingonichoton ako kikinde urwet. Moingonikab segemik en Sertwet TIST group Bo komonutiet keng’op moingonik en uronokab ketik amun segemik ko momoche asista neo en moingonikuak. Bo komonut keng’op em ole chang’ ketik ako ole momi polet neo nebo bik ak banda neo. Noton ko toreti segemik ak kotoreti ketik amun ribe segemik ketik komakilul amun ute chi tugul ne kayom kolul ketichoton mi ole negit.En Komostab Mara/ Mara Basin, toreti kora segemik bik, minutik ak ketik en beleek che en kasarta age komuche komong’ en osnetab Mau nemi kong’asis ak kaptiong’ik nebo Mara National Game Reserve nemi murot-taa-cherongo.