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Mazingira Bora TIST is an innovative, time - tested, afforestation program led by the participants.

Regional Teams make their Reports: First Report of 40 Day Action Plan.

B eginning May 30, 2022, after a successful seminar in Meru, Kenya, Cluster Servants grouped themselves into 14 Regional Teams. Each Team Developed a 40 Day Action Plan that ran from May 30 – July 8, 2022. On July 18,2022 each of the Teams, together with 10 Regional Teams from Uganda, got a chance to report their results / accomplishment via a Zoom meeting that involved participants from Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and the United States of America. TEAM ACCOMPLISHMENTS. Destiny Team: Mary Gitonga Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified 162 groups. - Expansion: 1 new Cluster with 54 Small Groups. - New Small Groups: Registered 69 Small Groups. - Meetings: Held meetings & Zoom meetings to discuss their Action Plan progress and how they are going to achieve it . - Trained on how to go through the mobile website. - Best Practices: o Beehives, farmers put beehives in their trees – benefits of both trees and honey. o Met with farmers who have improved stoves, most farmers reported that they use them and do not have to use as much firewood. o Encouraging to see vegetable gardens with cabbage, onions, and more. o Met farmers with nurseries, which encouraged farmers to get the seedlings they need to plant to accomplish more. o Groups are organized, spoke with organized groups as a team – we accomplish more as a team because we can quantify the groups to be eligible for Profit Share. o Practiced quantifying groups as a team. Emmanuel Team: Faith Ntinyari Reporting . - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified 175. - Expansion: Expansion of 2 new Clusters. - New Small Groups: Registered 80 groups, 55 groups still waiting for registration. - Meetings: Held face-to-face meetings. Best Practices: o Visited other Cluster meetings (new Clusters where they trained people about TIST, importance of planting trees). o New trainee in their region. o Worked as a team, it helps us because we are managing to do many things. o For the new Quantifiers, we trained them how to use Zoom and had a Zoom meeting that was successful. o Farmers have beehives, jiko stoves, and nurseries, and are practicing CF. Imani Team: Stephen Mutwiri Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified 125 groups. 20 nurseries, 34 baselines, 6 stoves, 2 beehives. - Meetings: Had 6 meetings (face-to-face) each Saturday that were very helpful, discussed how many groups to do before the next Saturday meeting, and helped keep everyone accountable. - Cluster Meetings: Had 21 trainings. - Profit Share:All our Clusters have Profit Share vouchers, although not all groves. For those that do not, for the next Action Plan we have decided how to work for them – want to make the whole region eligible for Profit Share. - Best Practices: o Beehives – many farmers have beehives, especially in dry regions. o Water purification. o How to eradicate insects & moles without chemicals. o Working as a team, knowing how each person in the region works. o Teamwork increased productivity and encouraged daily work. o Visiting other Clusters so they can help each other train farmers. - Next 40 days: going to work on the groups that are not yet eligible for Profit Share

Lake Basin Team: Joseph Njoroge Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified108 groups. - New Cluster Servants:Trained 4 trainees. - Expansion: Created 7 New Clusters. - Meetings: Had 2 face-to-face meetings1 Zoom meeting. - Cluster Meetings: 13 Cluster meetings. - Profit Share: Group corrections so they can receive vouchers – 40 groups done so far. - Best Practices: o Beekeeping. o Conservation Farming. o Planting avocado for export. o Establishing tree nurseries o In teams, the work becomes easier, improves quantifications, CS now fully committed in TIST work. o Advanced payment increased commitment to the work. o Small Group and Cluster meetings increased in number after getting their voucher. o Requested our government to support farmers with avocado seedlings and indigenous trees. o Farmers got 30,000 seedlings from our government. Matinka Team: Japhet Meme Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified 217. 4 Clusters quantified to 100% (Chungari, Ngiine, Mworoga, Njotene). - Expansion: Added one more Cluster. - New Small Groups: Registered 35 new Small Groups. - New Cluster Servants: Trained 4 New Cluster Servants. - Cluster Meetings: Held 66 Cluster meetings. - Meetings: 3 face-to-face meetings. - Best Practices: o Farmers establishing energy-saving jiko stoves. o Beekeeping as a source of income. o Making money from fruit trees (macadamia, avocado). o Farmers are raising kitchen gardens (providing them with vegetables, nutrition). o Established that working as a team is a very good idea. We are able to share ideas and identify points and fix problems. Mkulima Kwanza Team: Festus Mutegi Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified 123 groups. Quantified 14 tree nurseries. - Cluster Meetings: Attended 25 Cluster Meetings. - New Small Groups: Registered 23 new Small Groups. - Expansion: Started 5 new Clusters. - Meetings: Managed to hold 4 face-to-face meetings in our region. During face-to-face meetings, we were able to help with refresher courses for those who are newly trained – to help others catch up so they can do more work. In our next Action Plan, we aim to capture the groups that are being left out. - Best Practices: o Farmers are able to start beehives. o Attending Cluster meetings on time. o Nursery management. o Inviting agricultural officer to Cluster Meetings. o Inviting media in Cluster Meetings. Mt. Olive Team: Joseph Gituma Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified166. - Cluster Meetings:Attended all Cluster Meetings. - New Small Groups: Registered 114 Small Groups.Cluster Leaders helped us to have more groups that are already in place for registration. - Best Practices: o By sharing the vouchers, it has increased the number of Small Groups. Registration of Small Groups was much easier when they see others receive vouchers. o Working as a team is most beneficial. o Learned that having a simple achievable work plan enables us to go to work. o Having a budget enables us to serve the whole region, instead of just making it to one Cluster (helped us to reach many different new places). o Prioritizing Small Groups that have not been quantified for more than 13 months. o Time management. o Small Group payments improved Cluster meeting attendance

Ngema Team: Henry Mungaru Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified90 Small Groups. - Profit Share:No group is qualified yet, we need verification. - Expansion: We formed 4 new Clusters. - Best Practices: o With teamwork, we accomplish what we promised in our 40-day Action Plan. o The Action Plan motivated the team to do much better than before. o We managed to reach more farmers to join TIST. o TIST finances help us to expand TIST Program. o What we learned to do differently in our next 40-day Action Plan: o Training new Cluster Servants and Small Groups. o More expansion to new areas. o Establish new Clusters and new group centers. o All CS to attend new expansion areas as a team. o Consideration of Cluster Leaders financially to achieve our goals. o Consideration of Cluster budget. - Best Practices from Small Groups in our area: o Improved stoves. o Water pans. o Beehives. o Kitchen gardens. o Tree nurseries. o Organic fertilizer. o Seed collection. o Education beneficiaries. Nyawila Team: Peter Mithiru Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified174 Small Groups. - Cluster Meetings: 60 Cluster Meetings. - Expansion: Expanded in three Clusters. - New Small Groups: Registered 47 Small Groups. - New Cluster Servant: Identified two new CS to be trained. - Meetings: Held 2 face-to-face meetings. - Best Practices: o Groups with beehives, nurseries (9 nurseries), kitchen gardens. o Cluster Servants joined with others to help the Cluster be quantified 100%. Tana Team: Moses Nduva Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified179 Small Groups. - Cluster Meetings: 38 Cluster meetings. - Expansion: We have 6 Clusters for expansion. - New Small Groups: 36 new Small Groups were registered, more than 100 groups are ready for registration. - New Cluster Servant: 1 new CS trainee. - Meetings: 2 face-to-face meetings. - Best Practices: o We learned what needs to change for the next Action Plan: o More face-to-face team meetings. o Dedicate more time to fulfilling what we intend in our Action Plan. - Best Practices from our Small Groups: o Kitchen gardens. o Beekeeping. o Energy-saving cooking stoves. o Tree nurseries are common. o Water harvesting. Team Nithi: Clifford Kimathi Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: 127Quantfied. - Profit Share: 127 groups eligible for 2021 Profit Share. - Expansion of new areas: Kware, Igangara, Mukui, Magenka, Kiamucii. - New Small Groups: Recruited and registered 132 groups. - New Cluster Servants:Identified 3 CS and have started training them in expansion areas. - What we learned to do differently in our next 40-day Action Plan: o Important to check the status of the group before going there to work. o Important to prepare an Action Plan that you will accomplish. o Important to share the Action Plan with SG members. o Important to prepare a budget that will help travel in the whole region. o Important to have SG phone contact.

Best Practices: o Working as a team developed more skills in quantification and Cluster training. o Regular team meetings motivate SGs and teamwork. o As a team we are able to do mass quantification for abandoned Clusters like Kirubia. Tumaini Region: Jessie Kathurima Reporting: - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified 153 Small Groups. - Cluster Meetings: Held 66 Cluster meetings. - Profit Share: Distribution of 2021 Profit Share has been done to most of the Clusters. We have 21 Small Groups we are planning to get corrected so that they will be eligible for 2021 Profit Share. - Meetings: Had 2 face-to-face meetings. - New Cluster Servants: 8 trainees under training. - Expansion: Established 10 new Clusters with 472 new Small Groups registered, and 42 new Small Groups registered in the existing Clusters. - What we learned that we want to do differently in our next 40-days: o Achieving at least 15 Small Group quantifications every month, previously we have been achieving less than 10. o Engaging Cluster Leaders to assist in creating awareness about TIST, and in registering more new Small Groups. - Small Group Best Practices: o Clusters in semi-arid areas where they are unable to raise seedlings due to lack of rainfall and other challenges. o Clusters in favorable weather conditions, we will be creating nurseries and raising seedlings – species that will do well in the semi-arid areas so they can be productive in increasing the number of trees. The Contenders: Julius Manga Reporting. - Small Groups Quantifications: Quantified116 groups. Quantified 4 Clusters to 100%. - Profit Share:106 groups qualified for profit share. - New Small Groups: Registered 14 new Groups. - What we learned to include in our next Action Plan: o Working as a team helped us to quantify faster and qualify more groups for payment. o Pair Cluster meetings have helped us to train and increase the quality of training in Cluster meetings. o Quantifying Small Group members state of quantification. o Regular regional meetings to evaluate the progress of our work. o Identifying all possible reasons why groups are not qualifying for payment and rectifying them during Cluster meetings and quantification. - Best Practices: o Conservation Farming increased productivity and minimized soil disturbance. o Organic farming without using chemical fertilizers. o Water harvesting for use during dry season. o Sharing new ideas. o Weekly SG meetings that have increased training and sharing new ideas. Mt. Kenya Team Block A: They had no representative to the meeting. All the Teams are now working on the second 40 Days Action Plan.

TIST: Leadership and Governance in your Cluster.

T oday, TIST has more than 400 Clusters. In each Cluster, Servant Leaders support our success and share their strengths. Each Cluster has governance and leadership as follows: Elected Cluster Leadership

 • Cluster Leader

 • Cluster Co-leader 

• Cluster Accountability Person Cluster Leaders, Co-leaders, and Accountability Person serve in each position for a period of four months.After four months of service, the Cluster leader rotates out. The Co-leader becomes the Leader, while the Accountability person becomes the Co-leader. Women and men alternate in the elections. If the Accountability Person is a man, the next one elected will be a woman. Your Cluster should democratically elect a new Accountability Person. Cluster elections are important and mandatory for all TIST Clusters. Role of Cluster Leadership Role of a Leader 1) Should be a servant to the whole Cluster and exemplify TIST Values. 2) Leads/facilitates Cluster activities: coordinates Cluster meeting, quantification and training schedules with other servant leaders. 3) Motivates groups to achieve big results, especially planting trees and practicing CF. 4) Helps the Cluster to remain strong and united. 5) Helps plan for well-organized Cluster meetings with other servant leaders and making sure the meetings are properly led and trained. 6) Works with Accountability Person to ensure that Cluster Meeting and Accounting records are kept properly. 7) Works with Accountability Person and Cluster Servant to ensure monthly Cluster reports and Account reports are accurate and sent. 8) Helps recruit and train more Small Groups to be registered. 9) Helps Small Groups have their Greenhouse Gas contracts signed, scanned and uploaded, if necessary. 10) Welcomes and introduces any new visitor who might attend the meeting. 11) For payments, they get vouchers and other materials ready before Cluster meetings. Works with Accountability Person to make sure the proper payment process is followed, and communicates any questions or problems to TIST leaders and Cluster Servants. They remind Small Group members of the next meeting. Role of an Accountability Person 1) Receives Cluster Budget and announces amount received and spent at each Cluster meeting. 2) Works with the Cluster to plan how to use the Cluster Budget to achieve big results. 3) Keeps and maintains Cluster records in an organized Cluster record book, accurately and in proper condition. 4) Allows inspection of Cluster records by Cluster members and TIST leaders. 5) Organizes with Cluster Servant to send both Monthly Cluster meeting and Accounting reports every month. 6) Trains the next accountability person. 7) Helps and supports other servants to serve the Small Groups. 8) During payments, they hand out vouchers to groups with at least two members present, review vouchers, communicate with payment support coordinators, and follow the payment process accurately and honestly. 9) Evaluates Quality of Cluster Trainings and reports to GOCC. 10) Attend GOCC meetings as Cluster Council Representative. Role of a Co-leader 1) Takes over when the leader is not there, while the Co-leader is to serve both the Cluster members and the Cluster leader. 2) Helps keep time during Cluster meetings. 3) Takes records during the Cluster meetings. 4) Read the previous minutes to the meeting and keep record of the minutes and discussion held in the Cluster. 5) Helps train newly elected Accountability People. 6) Evaluate quality of Cluster Trainings and report to GOCC. 7) Attend GOCC meetings as Cluster Council Representative. Role of Group of Clusters Council Representatives 1) Discover and share Best Practices from Clusters. 2) Assure high quality training for the Clusters following TIST Values. 3) Assure high quality quantification following TIST Values. 4) Maintain working equipment for training and quantification. 5) Report concerns and make recommendations for policies to Leadership Council. 6) Expand TIST through present Clusters. 7) Hold Administrative Hearings if a Cluster Servant is suspended, to investigate facts and make recommendations on suspension. 8) Hold Administrative Hearings if a Cluster Leader is not following TIST Values. 9) Recommend people from the Group of Clusters for additional TIST responsibilities such as Auditor, TSE, or Master Trainer and other responsibilities. 10) Receive Quality of Training Evaluation reports and send them to the Leadership Council.

Timu cia region kuejana ripoti: Iji ni ripoti ya mbere yegie ngugi ya ntuku 40.

K uuma May 30,2022nyuma ya semina ya yari na mpumi I nene Meru aja Kenya Cluster Servant nibebangire gi tukundi 14 twa ki region. O timu niya giire na mubango wa gwita ngugi wa ntuku 40 kuuma May 30- July 8, 2022. Tariki 18 July 2022 o timu,amwe na timu ingi 10 kuuma Uganda nibagiire na kanya ga kuejana ripoti ya ngugi iria yariti gukurukira mutandao wa Zoom uria wari na antu kuuma Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania na America. NGUGI YA TIMU IRIA YARITI. Destiny Team: Mary Gitonga akiejana. - Utari wa ikundi: Nibatariire ikundi 162. - Gutambia TIST: Clasta imwe injeru iri na ikundi 54. - Ikundi injeru: Nibandikithitie ikundi 69 injeru. - micemanio: Nibathithirie micemanio nkinya ya zoom na witi na mbere na ngugi na uria bakoomba gukinyaniria mubango wao wa ngugi. - Nibathomire uria omba gwita ngugi Kiri mobile website. - Mantu ja bata: o Miatu ya njuki gwikwa ni arimi Kiri miti yao,baita ya miti na uki. o Bacemania na arimi bari na Mariko ja kumenyeera nku,arimi baingi nibaugire ni batumagira Mariko jaja na bagatumira nku inkai. o Nibagiire na inya kwona miunda iri na itunguru,mapoga na ingi. o Bacemania na arimi bari na nasari,iria jiikire arimi inya ya kuanda miti na gukinyaniria mworonto wao. o Ikundi kwibanga,kuumba Kwaraniria na ikundi iria jiibangite bari timu-nitugwita ngugi muno turi timu niuntu nitugutarira ikundi ikona mbeca cia baita. o Nitwageririe gutarira ikundi turi timu. Emmanuel Team: Faith Ntinyari akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 175. - Batambia tist bagia na clasta 2 injeru. - Bandikithia ikundi injeru 80 na ikundi ingi 55 jieterete kwandikithua. - Bathithia micemanio bari amwe. - Mantu ja bata: o Beta gucerera micemanio ingi ya Clasta (injeru naria bathomithirie antu mantu ja TIST na bata ya kuanda miti). o Bari na muritwa u mweru Kiri region yao. o Baritire ngugi bari timu,bubu ni bwagutethia niuntu nitukuumba gwita ngugi inyingi. o Atari miti baberu nitwabathomithirie uria Zoom meeting ithithagua na tukithithia. o Arimi bari na miatu ya njuki, Mariko,nasari jia miti na nibakuthithia CF. Imani Team: Stephen Mutwiri akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 125,nasari 20, Baselines 34,Mariko 6 na miatu 2. - Micemanio bari na 6 bari amwe o Saturday iria yari na gitumi muno,bakaririe ikundi iria o muntu akaritira nguge mbere ya mucemanio jou jungi na bubu bugituma muntu wonthe aite ngugi. - Micemanio ya Clasta nibathithirie 21. - Ugai wa baita: Clasta ciothe iri na vocha cia kugaa baita,onakethira ti miunda yonthe.Baria batina vocha tukabeka mubangone jou jungi nikenda region yonthe yuumba kwona baita iji. - Mantu ja bata: o Miatu ya njuki-arimi baingi bari na miatu ya njuki muno guntu kuria kuumo. o Kutheria nduuji. o Njira jia kunyia mpuko na tung’inyo utigutumira dawa

Gwita ngugi ja timu,na kumenya o uria muntu Kiri region aguita ngugi. o Timu kwongera ngugi na gutigiira ngugi ni igwitua o ntuku. o Kiri mubango jou jungi jwa ntuko 40:bageta gwitira ngugi ikundi iria itikwona mbeca cia baita. Lake Basin Team: Joseph Njoroge akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 108. - Bathomithia atarii miti 4 baberu. - Bathondeka Clasta 7 injeru. - Bathomithia clasta 13 Kiri micemanio. - Kugaa baita: Bategeera ngugi ikundi 40 nikenda jiumba kwona vocha. - Mantu ja bata: o Urithi wa njuki. o Urimi wa CF. o Kuanda mabokando makwendia nthiguru jia oome. o Kuthithia nasari jia miti. o Kiri timu ngugi itari na inya,twongerera utari wa miti,CS nandi niberutaniritie Kiri ngugi ya TIST. o Marihi ma alubanji gwikira Atari miti inya ya gwita ngugi. o Kuongereka gwa ikundi na clasta niuntu bwa kwona vocha. o Kuromba thirikari itetherie arimi na miti ya mabokando na ya kinduire. o Arimi kwona miti 30,000 kuuma Kiri thirikari. Matinka Team: Japhet Meme akiejana ripoti. - Batarira ikundi 217 na Clasta 4 gukin yia100%(Chungari,Ngiine , Mworoga,Njotene). - Kwongera clasta imwe injeru. - Kwandikithia ikundi injeru 35. - Kuthomithia clasta servant 4 baberu. - Kugia na micemanio ya clasta 66. - Kugia micemanio ya timu 3 bari amwe. - Mantu ja bata: o Arimi kugia na Mariko ja kumenyeera nku. o Urithi wa njuki iri njira ya kureta mbeca. o Kuthondeka mbeca na miti ya matunda(makandamia na mivokando). o Arimi kuthithia tumiunda twa kitchen (bakoona manyani na muriire umwega). o Kwona gwita ngugi bari timu ni ithuganio rithongi.Bakoomba kugaana mathuganio,kwona mantu ja bata na kuthirie mathina. Mkulima kwanza Team: Festus Mutegi akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 123 na nasari 14. - Gwita micemanio ya Clasta 25. - kuandikithia ikundi injeru 23. - Gutambia TIST na kuambiriria clasta 5 injeru - Micemanio: Kugia na micemanio 4 bari amwe ja timu Kiri region yao.Kagita ka mucemanio kugia na kanya ga kuthomithania muno baria beeru mantu jegie ngugi. - Gutetheria bangi boomba gwita ngugi nikenda timu ita ngugi inyingi.kiri mubango jou jungi tugategeera ikundi iria itigiiri nyuma. - Mantu ja bata: o Arimi kuumba kwambiria urithi wa njuki. o Gukinya micemanio thaa Jiongwa. o Kumenyeera nasari. o Gwitaga arimi begie urimi Kiri micemanio ya Clasta. o Gwita media Kiri micemanio ya Clasta. Mt. Olive Team: Joseph Gituma akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 166. - Nibetiite micemanio yonthe ya Clasta. - Kuandikithia ikundi injeru 114.Atongeria ba Clasta gutetheria kumenya ikundi iria jiebangite kwandikithua. - Mantu ja bata: o Kiri kunenkanira vocha,ikundi inyingi kwongereka na wandikithia wa injeru riria bakwona vocha. o Gwita ngugi ja timu kuri na baita. o Kumenya ati kwithirua uri na mubango jukumbika jwa gwita ngugi nijugutuma tugaita ngugi. KIMERU VERSION 4 o Kwithirua turi na budget ni untu bwa gitumi na kuumba gwita ngugi Kiri region yonthe na ti Kiri Clasta imwe aki(gutetheria gukinya guntu nkinya kujeru). o Kuejaga kaanya ka mbere Kiri ikundi iria na nkuruki mieri 13. o Kubanga mathaa bweega. o Marihi ma ikundi kwongerera amemba Kiri micemanio ya Clasta. Ngema Team: Henry Mungaru akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 90. - Guti gikundi gikwona baita niuntu beterete verification. - Gutambia TIST na kugia na Clasta 4 injeru. - Mantu ja bata: o Tugitaga ngugi ja timu ni tukuumba gukinyaniria mubango jwetu jwa ntuku 40. o Mubango uju wa ntuku 40 nijwekiire amemba inya gwita ngugi ukiringithania na au mbere. o Nitwombire gukinyira arimi baingi kuthungira Kiri TIST. o Mbeca cia Tist ni igutumbithia gutambia TIST. o Mantu jaria twathomire kurutha mwanya Kiri mubango jungi jwa ntuku 40. o Kuthomithia atari miti ba beru na ikundi. o Gutambia TIST Kiri guntu ku jeru. o kuambiria clasta injeru na ikundi. o clasta servant bonthe gwita micemanio Kiri guntu kujeru kwa gutambia TIST. o Gutegeera atongeria ki mbeca nikenda gukinyaniria mworonto. o Gutegeera clasta budget. - Mantu ja bata kuuma kiri ikundi ntuura jietu: o Mariko ja kumenyeera nku. o Nduuji. o Miatu ya njuki. o Tumiunda twa kitchen. o Nasari jia miti. o Mboleo ya kienyeji. o Kwithirania mbeu cia miti. o Utethio wa ithomo Kiri amemba. Nyawila Team: Peter Mithiru akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 174. - Micemanio ya Clasta 60. - Gutambia TIST Kiri Clasta 3. - Kuandikithia ikundi 47 injeru. - Kuona atari miti ba beru 2 bakuthomithia. - Kuthothia micemanio 2 bari amwe ja timu. - Mantu ja bata: o Ikundi kwithirua bari na miatu ya njuki,nasari jia miti 9, tumiunda twa kitchen. o Clasta servant kugwatanira amwe gutigiira Clasta igutarirua miti na gukinya 100%. Tana Team: Moses Nduva akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 179. - Micemanio ya Clasta 38. - GutambiaTIST turi na Clasta 6 jia kwambiria. - Kuandikithia ikundi 36 injeru na ikundi ingi nkuruki ya 100 iri tayari kwiandikithia. - Turi na mutari miti 1 wa kuthomithia. - Kuthothia micemanio 2 bari amwe ja timu. - Mantu ja bata: o Kumenya jaria tugacinjia Kiri ntuku ingi 40 jia mubango wa ngugi. o Micemanio ya timu bari amwe I mingi. o Kugia na mathaa ja kugana Kiri gutigiira bakuingia mubango jwao jwa ngugi. - Mantu ja bata kuuma Kiri tukundi tunini: o Tumiunda twa kitchen. o Urithi wa njuki. o Mariko ja kumenyeera nku. o Nasari jia miti. o Guketha ruuji. Team Nithi: Clifford Kimathi akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 127. - Ikundi 127 Nandi bari tayari kwona baita ya 2021. - Gutambia TIST Kiri Kware,Igangara,Mukui, Magenka,Kiamucii. KIMERU VERSION 5 - Kuandikithia ikundi injeru 132. - Kugwata Atari miti baberu 3 na kuambiriria kubathomithia ngugi Kiri ntuura injeru. - Mantu jaria twathomire kurutha mwanya Kiri mubango jou jungi jwa ntuku 40. o Gutega Kiri website mantu ma gikundi mbere ya gwita gwita ngugi. o Kuthithia mubango wa gwita ngugi uria ukaumba. o Kumenyithia ikundi I nini mubango wa ngugi. o Kubanga budget iria igakumbithia gwita Kiri region yonthe. o Ni untu bwa bata Kwithirua uri na namba cia thimu jia gakundi Kanini. - Mantu ja bata: o Gwita ngugi ja timu nikwongerete uume bwa gutara miti na nkinya kuthomithia Clasta. o Micemanio ya o kagita ya timu gwikanira inya Kiri timu na ikundi. o Ja timu kuumba kuthithia utari miti na inya muno Kiri Clasta iria ciatiganiritue ja kirubia. Tumaini Region: Jessie Kathurima akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 153. - Micemanio ya Clasta 66. - Kuejana vocha jia kugaa baita jia 2021 kuthithia Kiri Clasta akuhi cionthe.Turi na ikundi 21 tugacerera nikenda jiumba kuona baita ya 2021. - Micemanio ya timu 2 bari amwe. - Turi na Atari miti 8 baria tukuthomithia. - Gutambia TIST Kiri Clasta 10 injeru iri na ikundi 472 injeru na kuandikithia ikundi 42 injeru Kiri Clasta inkuru. - Mantu jaria twathomire kurutha mwanya Kiri mubango jou jungi jwa ntuku 40: o Gukinyagia ikundi 15 o mweru niuntu au mbere turathithagia iri nthi ya 10. o Kugwatanagira na atongeria ba Clasta kiri kuthomithia mantu ja TIST na Kiri kuandikithia ikundi injeru. - Mantu ja bata kuuma Kiri tukundi tunini: o Ikundi kuuma guntu kuumo kuremwa kuthithia nasari nikwaaga mbura na mathina jangi. o Clasta iria iri guntu kuria na mbura kuthithia nasari ya miti iria ikoomba kumiria guntu gu kuumo nikenda tuumba kuongeera miti. The Contenders: Julius Manga akiejana ripoti. - Nibataririte ikundi 116 na gukinyithia 100% Clasta 4. - Ikundi 106 kuumba kugwata vocha cia baita. - Kuandikithia ikundi 14 injeru. - Mantu jaria tuthomite ja kwongerera Kiri mubango jou jungi jwa ntuku 40: o Gwita ngugi ja timu kuboombothia gwita ngugi na mpui na na ikundi iria ikagwata baita kwongereka. o Gwita buri bairi Kiri micemanio gutethia Kiri kuthomithia kiri Clasta. o Gutarira gikundi I kagita karia giakinyithia kagita ka gutarirwa. o Gutegagiira rionthe itumi iria jinkigirieia gikundi kwona baita na kuthondeka kagita ka mucemanio na ka gutarira miti. - Mantu ja bata o Urimi bubwega kuongeera maciaro na kunyihia gucumbura muthetu. o Kurima utigutumira mboleo iri na dawa o Guketha ruuji na gutumira kagita gakaumu. o Kugaana mathuganio ja meega. o Micemanio ya o kiumia iria to gagiira kithomo na kugaana mathuganio. Mt. Kenya Team Block A: Batari na wa kubarungamira kiri mucemanio. Timu cionthe nandi ni igwitira ngugi mubango jungi jwa ntuku 40.

Utongeria na witi na mbere ndene ya Cluster.

N arua, TIST irina cluser nkuruki ya igana mirong inana 180. O kiri Cluster atongeria, ibagwatagwa mbaru witi na mbere na inya yetu.Witi na mbere na utongeria bwa Cluster ita uju: Kuthurwa kwa mutongeria wa cluster. 

• Mutongeria wa Cluster.

 • Munini wa mutongeria. 

• Mwitithia na mbere Cluster. Atongeria ba Cluster, anini bao, na etithia mbere barungamaira o giti kagita ka mieri ina (4 months). Mieri ina ya ngugi ya thira, bakagaruranua. Munini wa mutongeria akaethua munene, nawe mwitithia mantu na mbere akaethua munini wa mutongeria.Aka na arume kaba garukanaga kagita ka ihuranu. Kethira mwitithia mbere wa gikundi arari ntomurume,uria ungi akathurwa akethirwa ari muntu muka. Ithurano bia Cluster I bia bata na bi bati kuthithwa ni clusters cionthe cia TIST. Ngugi ya utongeria bwa cluster. Ngugi ya mutongeria. 1. Ethirwe agitungataira Cluster yonthe na kwonania mikarire ya TIST. 2. Gwitithia mbere manto ja Clusters, kubanga micemanio, gutaara na gwitana amwe na aiti ngugi bangi. 3. Gwikira inya ikundi kenda biona uumithio nkuruki ta, kuanda miti, na kuthithia CF. Guteetheria Cluster igia na inya na ngwataniro. 4. Guteetheria kubanga na witi na mbere bwa micemanio ya Cluster na atongeria bangi. 5. Gwitanira ngugi na mwitithia mbere wa mibango kenda ripoti na mathabu ja cluster o mweri jagutumwa jaticereri. 6. Gutetheria kuthurwa na kuandikithua kwa tukundi tunini. 7. Guteetheria Green House Gas cia tukundi tunini ciitikirua. 8. Kugwata ugeni muntu umweru uria umba kuriungira gikundi mucemanione. 9. Marii: Kuthuranira into bionthe biria bikwendekana mbere ya mucemanio. Gwitanira ngugi na muntu wa accountability kenda amenya njira yonthe ya marii nithingati bwega, kwaraniria mobatu na mathiina kiri anene ba TIST na atongeria ba Cluster. 10. Kurikania amemba ba tukundi tunini mucemanio juu jungi. Ngugi ya muntu wa witi na mbere. 1. Kujukia na kuuga bajeti ya Cluster na uria itumirikite kiri o mucemanio jwa cluster. 2. Gwitaniria ngugi na Cluster kubanga uria bajeti igaita maciara. 3. Gwika na kumenyera mauku na recondi cionthe cia Cluster. 4. Gwitikiria gutegwa kwa recondi cia cluster ni amemba ba Cluster na anene ba TIST. 5. Gutuma ripoti cionthe cia micemanio ya o mweri na mathabu. Utongeria na witi na mbere ndene ya Cluster. 6. Kuritana muntu uu ungi wa akaunti. 7. Gutetheria na guikira inya ariti bangi ba ngugi gutetheria tukundi tunini. 8. Igita ria marii: kunenkanira vucha kiri gikundi kiria amemba bairi bariku, gutega vucha, kwaraniria na antu ba marii na kuthingatiria njira ya marii nierekene. 9. Gutalama moritani ja Cluster na ripoti cia GOCC. 10. Gwita micemanio ya GOCC ja Murungamiri wa Council wa Cluster. Ngugi cia munini wa mutongeria. 1. Gutongeria riria mutongeria atiku. Gutungatira amemba ba cluster na mutongeria wa cluster. 2. Gutetheria igita ria micemanio ya Cluster kiri gwika mathaa. 3. Kuandika mibango igita ria micemanio ya Cluster. 4. Kuthoma miniti cia mucemanio juria jwathirire. 5. Gwika mantu ja gikundi na ndwaria iria ciaragua kiri mucemanio. 6. Gutetheria kuritana muntu umweru kiri ngugi cia mathabu. 7) Gwita micemania ya GOCC ja murungamiri wa Council wa Cluster. Arungamiiri ba kanju ya gikundi kia cluster. Munini wa mutongeria na muntu wa mathabu agaita ngugi na GOCC. O muntu agaita ngugi kiri GOCC mieri inana na batwika anene ba cluster ngugi yao kiri GOCC gekathira. Gikundi kia GOCC kithithitue ni arungamiiri ba cluster ijiri kana ithano baria bari ba cluster igukuianiria. Atongeeria ba gikundi GOC (bagatirimanaga o kiumia kia mbere kia mweri kenda baikia ripoti ya mweri kiri OLC. Ngugi Ya Atoongeria Ba Kanju ya Ikundi bia Cluster. 1. Kumenya na kugaa mantu jaria mega ja o Cluster. 2. Kurikithia kwina kuritana kwa njira ee iguru kiri clusters kuthingata utungata bwa TIST. 3. Kurikithia umenyeeri bwa iguru buria bukuthingata mantu ja TIST. 4. Kumenyeera into bia ngugi bia kurita 5. Kuuga na kwariria mantu jaria jabatere niuntu bwa urungamiri bwa Council. 6. Kwaramia TIST gukuriira cluster iria iri o. 7. Gwika micemanio ya kuthikiira mantu mwiti o ngugi o cluster na kuthingatiira kenda arungikwa. 8. Gwika micemanio ya mutongeeria uria utikuthingatiira mathithia ja TIST. 9. Gwikiira antu ba ikundi bia clusters ngugi ingi cia TIST ja auditor, TSE, Master Trainer na ingi inyingi. 10. Kwamukira uritani bwa gutalama riboti na gutuma kiri utongeria bwa council.

U muthi, TIST iri na makiria ma cluster 

160 thiini wa o cluster, atungata nimateithagiriria na magekirana hinya. O cluster iri na wathani na utongoria ta uu. Aria mathuraguo ni; 

• Mutongoria wa Cluster 

• munini wa mutungoria. 

• Muigi mabathu. Mutongoria, munini wake na muigi mathabu matungataga mieri 4 o giti na magathiururukana. Munini wa mutongoria agatuika mutongoria na ke muigi mathabu agatuika munini wa mutongoria. Athuri na atumia nimacenjanagia hari utongoriaangikorwo muigi mathabu ni muthuri, uria ungi uguthurwo thutha wake agukorwo ari mutumia. Clustyer yanyu yagiriirwo gukorwo na githurano kiri na utheri na uigananu riria murathura atongoria. Ithurano cia cluster nicia bata na cia muhak kuri cluster ciothe. Mawira ma utongoria wa cluster. Mawira ma mutongoria wa cluster. 1. Agiriirwo gukorwo ari ndungata kuri cluster yothe na akorwo na values cia TIST. 2. Gutongoria mawira ma cluster: kubanga micemanio ya cluster, utari wa miti na ithomo na atongoria aria angi. 3. Gwikira ikundi hinya niguo cigie namaciaro mingi hamwe na uhandi wa miti na Kilimo Hai. Guteithiriria cluster kunyitanan na kugia hinya. 4. Guteithiriria mibango ya micemanio ya cluster hmwe na atongoria angi na gutigirira micemanio niyathii n-mbere wega. 5. Kurutithania wira na muigi mathabu gutigirira ripoti cia mathabu ninginyaniru na niciatumwo. 6. Guteithiriria kwandikithia ikundi njeru. 7. Guteithiriria ikundu kugia na uiguithanio wa Green Gas Contract, gwikira kirore na gutumwo. 8. Kwamukira na kumenyithania geni aria mangikorwo mari mucemanio-ini. 9. Hari marihi: kuoya vouchers na indo ingi nbere ya micemanio. Kurutithania wira na muigi mathabu gutigirira marihi nimarihwo na gukinyi ciuria kana mathina kuri atongoria a TIST na cluster 10. Kuririkania ikundi muthenya wa mucemanio. Mawira ma muigi mathabu. 1. Kwamukira budget ya cluster na kumenyithnia muigana na uria cihuthiritwo o mucemanio. 2. Kurutithania wira na cluster kubanga uria budget ikuhuthirwo niguo kuongerera maciaro. 3. Kuiga nma kumenyerera rekodi cia cluster na njira njega ya nabuku. 4. Gwitikiria uthuthuria wa rekodi cia cluster kuri memba a cluster na atongoria a TIST. 5. Gutuma ripoti cia micemanio namathabu ma cluster o mweri. Utongoria na wathani thiini wa Cluster. 6. Guthomithia muigi mathabu uria ukumucoka. 7. Guteithiriria atungati angi gutungatira ikundi. 8. Mahinda ma marihi: kuheana voucher kuri ikundi riri kuri na amemba 2 kana makiri, kurora vouchers, kwaraniria na atabariri a marihi na kurumirira mitaratara yothe na njira ya utheri na nginyaniru. 9. Gwikira githimi kia ithomo hindi ya micemanio ya Cluster na kuheana ripti kuuri GOCC 10. Guthii micemanio ya GOCC ta Cluster Council Representative Mawira ma munini wa mutongoria. 1. Kunyitirira riria mutongoria atari kuo. Agiriirwo ni gutungata ari mumemba hamwe na mutongoria. 2. Guteithiriria kuiga mathaa micemanio-ini. 3. Kuoya rekoti thiini wa micemanio. 4. Guthoma minutes cia mucemanio ucio ungi. 5. Kuiga mathaa maria mahuthirwo mucemanioini. 6. Guthomithia muingi mathabu mweru. 7) Gwikira githimi kia ithomo hindi ya micemanio ya Cluster na kuheana ripti kuuri GOCC. 8) Guthii micemanio ya GOCC ta Cluster Council Representative. Arugamiriri a ikundi thiini wa kanju ya utongoria (GOCC). Munini wa mutongoria na muigi mathabu nimatungataga thiini wa GOCC. O umwe agatungata gwa kahinda ka mieri 8 na agatuika mutongoria na agatiga gutungata kanju-ini ino. GOCC ithondekagwo ni arugamiriri 2-5 a cluster aria mataraihaniriirie. GOC iricemangia o mweri na muno kiumia kia mbere kia mweri na igatuma ripoti cia omweri kuri OLC. Mawira ma GOCC. 1. Guthundura na kurumirira mitaratra ya cluster. 2. Gutigirira githomo kia iguru nikiaheanwo kuri cikirumirira values cia TIST. 3. gutigira utari wa miti muega kuringana na values cia TIST. 4. kumenyerera indo cia wira cia uthomithania na utari wa miti. 5. kumenyithania mathina na kuheana utaari kuri OLC. 6. gutheremia TIST kuhitukira cluster; 7. gutabania ciira wa kurugamio kwa atungati niundu wa ungumania. 8. gutabania ciira angikorwo mutongoria ndararumirira values cia TIST. 9. kuheana andu makiria kuma kuri GOC kuri mawira ta Auditor, TSE kana athomithania anenena mangi maingi. 10. Kwamukira ripoti kuuma GOCC na gutuma kuri Leadership Council.

Timu za Mikoa hutoa Ripoti zao: Ripoti ya Kwanza ya Mpango Kazi wa Siku 40.

K uanzia Mei 30, 2022, baada ya semina yenye mafanikio huko Meru, Kenya, Watumishi wa Cluster walijipanga katika Timu 14 za Mikoa. Kila Timu Iliunda Mpango Kazi wa Siku 40 ambao ulianza Mei 30 - Julai 8, 2022. Mnamo Julai 18,2022 kila Timu, pamoja na Timu 10 za Mikoa kutoka Uganda, walipata nafasi ya kuripoti matokeo/mafanikio yao kupitia mkutano wa Zoom ulioshirikisha washiriki kutoka Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania na Marekani. MAFANIKIO YA TIMU. Timu ya Hatima: Mary Gitonga Akiripoti. - Nambari za Vikundi Vidogo: Vikundi 162 vilivyothibitishwa. - Upanuzi:Kundi 1 jipya lenye Vikundi Vidogo 54. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vidogo: Vilivyosajiliwa Vikundi Vidogo 69. - Mikutano:Mikutano iliyofanyika na mikutano ya Zoom ili kujadili maendeleo ya Mpango Kazi wao na jinsi watakavyoufanikisha. - Kufunzwa jinsi ya kupitia tovuti ya simu. - Mbinu Bora: o Mizinga ya nyuki, wakulima huweka mizinga kwenye miti yao – faida za miti na asali. o Kukutana na wakulima ambao wameboresha majiko, wakulima wengi waliripoti kwamba wanayatumia na hawahitaji kutumia kuni nyingi. o Kuhimiza kuona bustani za mboga na kabichi, vitunguu, na zaidi. o Kutana na wakulima wenye vitalu, jambo ambalo liliwahimiza wakulima kupata miche wanayohitaji kupanda ili kutimiza zaidi. o Vikundi vinapangwa, vinazungumzwa na vikundi vilivyopangwa kama timu - tunatimiza mengi zaidi kama timu kwa sababu tunaweza kutathmini vikundi ili vistahiki Kugawana Faida. o Vikundi vilivyojizoeza vya kuhesabu kama timu. Emmanuel Team: Faith Ntinyari Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: Vilivyothibitishwa 175. - Upanuzi: Upanuzi wa Nguzo 2 mpya. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vidogo: Vilisajili vikundi 80, vikundi 55 bado vinasubiri kusajiliwa. - Mikutano:Ilifanya mikutano ya ana kwa ana. - Mbinu Bora: o Alitembelea mikutano mingine ya Nguzo (Vikundi vipya ambapo waliwafunza watu kuhusu TIST, umuhimu wa kupanda miti). o Mfunzwa mpya katika eneo lao. o Ilifanya kazi kama timu, inatusaidia kwa sababu tunasimamia kufanya mambo mengi. o Kwa Quantifiers mpya, tuliwafunza jinsi ya kutumia Zoom na tukawa na mkutano wa Zoom ambao ulifaulu. o Wakulima wana mizinga ya nyuki, majiko ya jiko, na vitalu, na wanafanya mazoezi ya CF. Timu ya Imani: Stephen Mutwiri Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: Vikundi 125 vilivyothibitishwa.Vitalu 20, msingi 34, majiko 6, mizinga 2 ya nyuki. - Mikutano:Kulikuwa na mikutano 6 (ana kwa ana) kila Jumamosi ambayo ilisaidia sana, ilijadili ni vikundi ngapi vya kufanya kabla ya mkutano wa Jumamosi ijayo, na kusaidia kila mtu kuwajibika. - Mikutano ya Nguzo: Ilikuwa na mafunzo 21. - Kushiriki Faida: Vikundi vyetu vyote vina vocha za Kushiriki Faida, ingawa si mashamba yote. Kwa wale ambao hawafanyi hivyo, kwa Mpango Kazi unaofuata tumeamua jinsi ya kuwafanyia kazi - tunataka kufanya eneo zima kustahiki Mgao wa Faida. - Mbinu Bora: o Mizinga ya nyuki – wakulima wengi wana mizinga ya nyuki, hasa katika maeneo kavu. o Kusafisha maji. o Jinsi ya kutokomeza wadudu na fuko bila kemikali. o Kufanya kazi kama timu, kujua jinsi kila mtu katika eneo anafanya kazi. o Kazi ya pamoja iliongeza tija na kuhimiza kazi ya kila siku. o Kutembelea Vikundi vingine ili waweze kusaidiana kutoa mafunzo kwa wakulima. Timu za Mikoa hutoa Ripoti zao: Ripoti ya Kwanza ya Mpango Kazi wa Siku 40. KISWAHILI VERSION 3 - Siku 40 zijazo: kwenda kufanyia kazi vikundi ambavyo bado havijastahiki Kugawana Faida. Timu ya Bonde la Ziwa: Joseph Njoroge Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: Vikundi vilivyothibitishwa108. - Watumishi wapya wa Nguzo: Wamefunzwa wafunzwa 4. - Upanuzi: Iliunda Vikundi 7 Mpya. - Mikutano: Ilikuwa na mikutano 2 ya ana kwa ana1 Mkutano wa Zoom. - Mikutano ya Nguzo: Mikutano 13 ya Nguzo. - Kushiriki Faida: Marekebisho ya kikundi ili waweze kupokea vocha -vikundi 40 vimekamilika hadi sasa. - Mbinu Bora: o Ufugaji nyuki. o Kilimo Hifadhi. o Kupanda parachichi kwa ajili ya kuuza nje ya nchi. o Kuanzisha vitalu vya miti o Katika timu, kazi inakuwa rahisi, inaboresha ukadiriaji, CS sasa inajitolea kikamilifu katika kazi ya TIST. o Malipo ya juu yaliongeza kujitolea kwa kazi. o Mikutano ya Vikundi Vidogo na Nguzo iliongezeka kwa idadi baada ya kupata vocha zao. o Tuliiomba serikali yetu kuwasaidia wakulima kwa miche ya parachichi na miti asilia. o Wakulima walipata miche 30,000 kutoka kwa serikali yetu. Timu ya Matinka: Japhet Meme Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: Vilivyothibitishwa 217. Nguzo 4 zilizohesabiwa hadi 100% (Chungari, Ngiine, Mworoga, Njotene). - Upanuzi: Aliongeza Nguzo moja zaidi. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vidogo: Vilisajiliwa Vikundi Vidogo 35 vipya. - Watumishi Wapya wa Nguzo: Wamefunzwa Watumishi 4 wa Kundi Mpya. - Mikutano ya Nguzo: Ilifanya mikutano 66 ya Nguzo. - Mikutano: Mikutano 3 ya ana kwa ana. - Mbinu Bora: o Wakulima kuanzisha majiko ya jiko ya kuokoa nishati. o Ufugaji nyuki kama chanzo cha mapato. o Kupata pesa kwa miti ya matunda (makadamia, parachichi). o Wakulima wanakuza bustani za jikoni (kuwapa mboga, lishe). o Imethibitishwa kuwa kufanya kazi kama timu ni wazo zuri sana. Tunaweza kubadilishana mawazo na kutambua pointi na kurekebisha matatizo. Timu ya Mkulima Kwanza: Festus Mutegi Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: Vikundi vilivyothibitishwa123. Vitalu 14 vya miti vilivyokadiriwa. - Mikutano ya Nguzo: Kuhudhuria Mikutano 25 ya Nguzo. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vidogo: Vilisajiliwa Vikundi Vidogo 23 vipya. - Upanuzi: Ilianza Vikundi 5 vipya. - Mikutano: Imesimamiwa kufanya mikutano 4 ya ana kwa ana katika eneo letu. Wakati wa mikutano ya ana kwa ana, tuliweza kusaidia na kozi za kuwafufua wale waliopata mafunzo mapya - kusaidia wengine kupata ili waweze kufanya kazi zaidi. Katika Mpango Kazi wetu ujao, tunalenga kukamata makundi ambayo yanaachwa. - Mbinu Bora: o Wakulima wanaweza kuanzisha mizinga ya nyuki. o Kuhudhuria mikutano ya Nguzo kwa wakati. o Usimamizi wa kitalu. o Kualika afisa kilimo kwenye Mikutano ya Nguzo. o Kualika midia katika Mikutano ya Nguzo. Timu ya Mlima Olive: Joseph Gituma Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: Vilivyothibitishwa 166. - Mikutano ya Nguzo: Walihudhuria Mikutano yote ya Nguzo. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vidogo: Vilivyosajiliwa Vikundi Vidogo 114. Viongozi wa Nguzo walitusaidia kuwa na vikundi vingi ambavyo tayari viko tayari kwa usajili. - Mbinu Bora: o Kwa kugawana vocha, imeongeza idadi ya Vikundi Vidogo. Usajili wa Vikundi Vidogo ulikuwa rahisi zaidi walipoona wengine wakipokea vocha. o Kufanya kazi kama timu kuna manufaa zaidi. o Kujifunza kwamba kuwa na mpango kazi rahisi unaoweza kufikiwa hutuwezesha kwenda kufanya kazi. KISWAHILI VERSION 4 o Kuwa na bajeti hutuwezesha kuhudumia mkoa mzima, badala ya kufika kwenye Nguzo moja tu (ilitusaidia kufika sehemu nyingi tofauti tofauti). o Kuweka kipaumbele kwa Vikundi Vidogo ambavyo havijahesabiwa kwa zaidi ya miezi 13. o Usimamizi wa wakati. o Malipo ya Vikundi Vidogo yaliboresha mahudhurio ya mikutano ya Cluster. Timu ya Ngema: Henry Mungaru Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo:Vikundi Vidogo Vilivyothibitishwa90. - Kushiriki Faida: Hakuna kikundi kilichohitimu bado, tunahitaji uthibitisho. - Upanuzi: Tumeunda Vikundi 4 vipya. - Mbinu Bora: o Kwa kazi ya pamoja, tunatimiza kile tulichoahidi katika Mpango Kazi wetu wa siku 40. o Mpango Kazi uliihamasisha timu kufanya vyema zaidi kuliko hapo awali. o Tulifanikiwa kuwafikia wakulima wengi zaidi kujiunga na TIST. o Fedha za TIST hutusaidia kupanua Mpango wa TIST. o Tulichojifunza kufanya tofauti katika Mpango Kazi wetu ujao wa siku 40: o Kutoa mafunzo kwa Watumishi wapya wa Nguzo na Vikundi Vidogo. o Upanuzi zaidi wa maeneo mapya. o Anzisha Makundi mapya na vituo vipya vya vikundi. o Wabunge wote kuhudhuria maeneo mapya ya upanuzi kama timu. o Kuzingatia Viongozi wa Nguzo kifedha ili kufikia malengo yetu. o Kuzingatia bajeti ya Nguzo. - Mbinu Bora kutoka kwa Vikundi Vidogo katika eneo letu: o Majiko yaliyoboreshwa. o Vipu vya maji. o Mizinga ya nyuki. o Bustani za jikoni. o Vitalu vya miti. o Mbolea hai. o Ukusanyaji wa mbegu. o Wanufaika wa elimu. Timu ya Nyawila: Peter Mithiru Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo:Vikundi Vidogo Vilivyothibitishwa174. - Mikutano ya Nguzo: Mikutano 60 ya Nguzo. - Upanuzi: Imepanuliwa katika Makundi matatu. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vidogo: Vilivyosajiliwa Vikundi Vidogo 47. - Mtumishi Mpya wa Nguzo: Alitambua watumishi wawili wapya watakaofunzwa. - Mikutano: Ilifanya mikutano 2 ya ana kwa ana. - Mbinu Bora: o Vikundi vyenye mizinga ya nyuki, vitalu (vitalu 9), bustani za jikoni. o Watumishi wa Nguzo waliungana na wengine kusaidia Nguzo kuhesabiwa kwa 100%. Timu ya Tana: Moses Nduva Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo:Vikundi Vidogo Vilivyothibitishwa179. - Mikutano ya Nguzo: Mikutano 38 ya Nguzo. - Upanuzi: Tuna Nguzo 6 za upanuzi. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vidogo: Vikundi Vidogo Vidogo 36 vilisajiliwa, zaidi ya vikundi 100 viko tayari kwa usajili. - Mtumishi Mpya wa Kundi: Mwanafunzi 1 mpya wa CS. - Mikutano: Mikutano 2 ya ana kwa ana. - Mbinu Bora: o Tulijifunza nini kinahitaji kubadilishwa kwa Mpango Kazi unaofuata: o Mikutano zaidi ya ana kwa ana ya timu. o Kutenga muda zaidi wa kutimiza kile tunachokusudia katika Mpango Kazi wetu. - Mbinu Bora kutoka kwa Vikundi vyetu Vidogo: o Bustani za jikoni. o Ufugaji nyuki. o Majiko ya kupikia yanayookoa nishati. o Vitalu vya miti ni vya kawaida. o Kuvuna maji. Timu Nithi: Clifford Kimathi Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: 127 Quantfied. - Mgao wa Faida:Vikundi 127 vinavyostahiki Mgao wa Faida 2021. - Upanuzi wa maeneo mapya: Kware, Igangara, Mukui, Magenka, Kiamucii. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vidogo: Viliajiri na kusajili vikundi 132. - Watumishi wapya wa Nguzo: Walitambuliwa 3 CS na wameanza kuwafunza katika maeneo ya upanuzi. KISWAHILI VERSION 5 - Tulichojifunza kufanya tofauti katika Mpango Kazi wetu wa siku 40 ujao: o Muhimu kuangalia hali ya kikundi kabla ya kwenda huko kufanya kazi. o Muhimu kuandaa Mpango Kazi ambao utaukamilisha. o Muhimu kushiriki Mpango Kazi na wanachama wa SG. o Muhimu kuandaa bajeti itakayosaidia kusafiri katika eneo zima. o Muhimu kuwa na mawasiliano ya simu ya SG. - Mbinu Bora: o Kufanya kazi kama timu ilikuza ujuzi zaidi katika ukadiriaji na mafunzo ya Nguzo. o Mikutano ya mara kwa mara ya timu huhamasisha SG na kazi ya pamoja. o Kama timu tunaweza kufanya hesabu kubwa kwa Nguzo zilizoachwa kama Kirubia. Mkoa wa Tumaini: Jessie Kathurima Anaripoti: - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: Vilivyothibitishwa Vikundi 153 Vidogo. - Mikutano ya Nguzo: Ilifanya mikutano 66 ya Nguzo. - Mgao wa Faida: Usambazaji wa Hisa ya Faida ya 2021 umefanywa kwa Vikundi vingi. Tuna Vikundi Vidogo 21 ambavyo tunapanga kusahihishwa ili viweze kustahiki Mgao wa Faida wa 2021. - Mikutano: Tulikuwa na mikutano 2 ya ana kwa ana. - Watumishi wa Cluster Mpya:Wafunzwa 8 chini ya mafunzo. - Upanuzi: Imeanzisha Vikundi vipya 10 vilivyo na Vikundi Vidogo vipya 472 vilivyosajiliwa, na Vikundi Vidogo vipya 42 vilivyosajiliwa katika Vikundi vilivyopo. - Tulichojifunza kwamba tunataka kufanya tofauti katika siku zetu 40 zijazo: o Kufikia angalau viwango 15 vya Vikundi Vidogo kila mwezi, hapo awali tumekuwa tukipata chini ya 10. o Kuwashirikisha Viongozi wa Vikundi ili kusaidia katika kujenga uelewa kuhusu TIST, na kusajili Vikundi Vidogo zaidi vipya. - Mbinu Bora za Kikundi Kidogo: o Nguzo katika maeneo yenye ukame ambapo wanashindwa kuotesha miche kutokana na ukosefu wa mvua na changamoto nyinginezo. o Vikundi katika hali nzuri ya hewa, tutakuwa tunaunda vitalu na kukuza miche - aina ambazo zitafanya vizuri katika maeneo yenye ukame ili ziweze kuwa na tija katika kuongeza idadi ya miti. Washindani: Julius Manga Akiripoti. - Vipimo vya Vikundi Vidogo: Vikundi vilivyothibitishwa 116. Vikundi 4 vilivyokadiriwa hadi 100%. - Kushiriki Faida: Vikundi 106 vilivyohitimu kwa mgao wa faida. - Vikundi Vipya Vidogo Vipya: Vilisajili Vikundi 14 vipya. - Tulichojifunza kujumuisha katika Mpango Kazi wetu unaofuata: o Kufanya kazi kama timu kulitusaidia kuhesabu haraka na kufuzu makundi zaidi kwa malipo. o Mikutano ya Jozi ya Nguzo imetusaidia kufunza na kuongeza ubora wa mafunzo katika mikutano ya Nguzo. o Kukadiria washiriki wa Kikundi Kidogo hali ya kuhesabiwa. o Mikutano ya mara kwa mara ya kikanda ili kutathmini maendeleo ya kazi yetu. o Kubainisha sababu zote zinazowezekana kwa nini vikundi havistahili malipo na kuzirekebisha wakati wa mikutano ya Kikundi na ukadiriaji. - Mbinu Bora: o Kilimo Hifadhi kiliongeza tija na kupunguza usumbufu wa udongo. o Kilimo hai bila kutumia mbolea za kemikali. o Kuvuna maji kwa ajili ya matumizi wakati wa kiangazi. o Kushiriki mawazo mapya. o Mikutano ya SG ya kila wiki ambayo imeongeza mafunzo na kubadilishana mawazo mapya. Kitalu A cha Timu ya Mlima Kenya: Hawakuwa na mwakilishi kwenye mkutano huo. Timu zote sasa zinafanyia kazi Mpango Kazi wa pili wa Siku 40.